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Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow Glow Kit

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Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow Glow Kit Zoom
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1 lola
when will this item be back in stock. i hope it does soon.
3 Sashax
Nice glow kit, but after a while it makes your face very oily. I already have oily skin and this just makes it even worse. On a good side it gives you a very lovely glow with my lancome foundation. :)
5 Lucy
I am a huge fan of all the glow kits, my highlight looks amazing and you hardly need any product to get a good effect
5 soso
In love with this highlighter specially with the golden bronze color!!
5 Aiesha
I absolutely love this highlighting palette. Sunburst is my holy grail highlighter, and golden bronze is the most beautiful shimmery bronzer :)
5 Mariam
I purchased this product after wanting it for some time and it is 100% worth the money. I received it with no problems and no damage. The product gives you a wonderful glow, I recommend you wet your brush slightly and that intensifies the glow. You only need a little bit of product to get a good glow.
5 Sara
Highly pigmented always get complimented when wearing
5 Elisa
Beautiful product and delivery was one day after I ordered it. I have to say I am really impressed with beauty bays delivery service. Unfortunately someone else also liked my palette and decided to steal it from me but no need to worry I'll order again from beauty bay when it's back in stock.
5 Jennifer
Amazing! Very well pigmented and the best highlighter I've ever tried !!!
1 Gulsen
It arrived very fast but not what i expected very poor
5 Katja
this is the best highlighter I ever found. I am from Germany and I never find here such a product. It is amazing, I love it. Yes my skin glows :) sorry my english is not god.
5 lauren
This product is amazing!The colours work really well on EVERY skin tone and the sizes of each colour make it so worth paying for
5 Kelly
What an amaziiiing product! I am in love with it! God bless BeautyBay for stocking all these good stuff!!!
5 Maria
Very nice! Love the brand and I would recommend purchasing the Glow Kit - must have for all make-up lovers!
5 Monica
Absolutely in love with this product!!! Especially the highlighter! The whole platte is amazing and you are literally glowing all day long!! Must buy for everyone
5 Zoe
love this palette ! so buttery and the colors are very unique
5 Natalie
Just AMAZING!! Gives a pretty glow like no other. Purchase with the ABH Illuminating brush and you won't be disappointed.
5 Molly
Absolutely in love. Definitely lives up to all the hype!
5 Arihana
I absolutely love ABH!! This is by far the best investment I barely use any of my other make up!! Xxx
5 Stacy
A must have in every makeup bag! Amazing, Love the glow this gives
5 Rachel
So pigmented and a bit goes a long way! Each pan is really big and the packaging is amazing. I bought both of them i loved it that much. I would definitely recommend.
5 Amy
im so in love with this product, amazing pigment, colours and the sizing is amazing for the price. If you are thinking about buying the glow kit don't hesitate, best purchase in a long while.
5 Laura
I can't believe this only has one previous review! I am totally in love with the ABH Glow Kit, the pigment is unreal! I am a huge lover of Anastasia Beverley Hills anyway but even more so now... Literally been waiting for months for beauty bay to stock this. The best brush to apply the highlighter is a fan brush (the Zoeva one is good). So happy with this product & I was really surprised at how big each of them are. I would 110% recommend this to somebody who's looking for a flawless highlighter. LOVE :)
5 Georgia
Haven't tried it on my face yet but these swatched so beautifully. The texture is smooth and velvety and blends perfectly. Such a good variety of colours for different skin types. Definitely recommend!
5 eliza
By far the best highlighting product I own. The pigment is amazing, the colours are gorgeous and the way they apply is perfect! Can not fault this product, 10/10. Constantly reaching for the palette now, need to buy the gleam kit as well! It's a must have.
5 Betija
I know that this palette is mostly made for deeper skin tones, but I still bought it even though I am quite pale. I love it! On skin they show up lighter than in the pan. The best highlighters I own!
5 Aysha
This is an amazing highlighter,beautiful shades also they last all day wit a glow on the face.I would recommend this to everyone amazing product.
5 Amie
Omfg received this in the mail today and holy wow its one of the most prettiest highlighters I've ever seen. Its bloody amazing, worth the splurge! All the colours are amazing and I'll be glowing all day everyday, even outer space can see me haha
5 Eve
Gorgeous, get your hands on it while you can :)
5 Esme
Beautiful range of shades with a buttery texture and great pigmentation. Can be used lightly for a subtle glow or layered for a more intense highlight. I love mixing the shades to create custom shades. My order also came the next morning and arrived in tact, love beauty bay!
5 Billie
I've been dying to buy this product since it came out and I absolutely love it. Great service from Beauty Bay overall. Love that I can pick what I receive as a free gift, as well as receiving an additional free gift when it arrived. Fast and quick delivery. Just needs a few more brands on here and this website would be perfect. Would recommend this product and website to anyone.
5 Sundas
Bought this Glow Kit as a gift, absolutely love it, bigger than I had imagined, and amazing highlighters! Delivery was prompt! Im so happy I'll definitely order from here again!
5 Rebecca
Amazing! Such a nice highlight will be getting the gleam one.
5 sophia
best highlighter i have ever used!! would recomend to anyone. worth the money 100%!!!!
5 Bee
Best highlighter ever, looks so natural on the skin!! Would definitely purchase again.
5 Annmarie
Absolutely loveee this glow kit! It's great for a darker complexion! Altough now I really want the gleam kit now!
5 Klee
This palette is amazing I love it all 4 shades are stunning on, my new favourite make up item!
5 Faith
AHHHHHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Defs buying the Other one. So pigmented and pretty.
5 Michaela
Ordered this and I love it! The warmness of this kit really does give that lit from within in glow from the highlighters! All of the shades in here look lovely on dark skin and even better when mixed together! Definitely recommend!
5 Becky
I would 100% recommend this to anyone
5 Daria
It is truly amazing. Smth about this highlighter. Totally different. I couldn't believe my eyes how preety it looked on photos wgen i went out. So natural not like other highlighters. Soon it will be sold out everywhere
5 elsa
Beautiful highlight palette for any skin tone
5 katie
the best highlighter you can get! glides on to skin so easily and give you a shimmer all day!
5 Iida
Just amazing! This product takes my higlight game to the next level!
5 kelly
i absolutely love this product. it's so beautiful! i recommend it to everyone , it's you're money worth it!
5 Alisha
Loveeeeeeeeee this stuff... Oh my god its the best.. All the colours are sooo perfect
5 Lily
Love this palette I am ridiculously pale so can only use sunburst to highlight but I love using the other colours for blush and bronzer. So pigmented as all abh products are.
5 Ayesha
LOVE LOVE LOVE! Lasts literally forever an the best thing is you can go for a subtle look or a mega intense look its so nice and build-able.
5 IG - @makeuphorny
Probably the most beautiful highlighter palette ever! This palette is such a great investment. You get 4 beautiful shadows that you can use as eyeshadow too. My favorite is definitely 'Dripping In Gold' and 'Bubbly'
5 emelia
As someone who's absolutely obsessed with golden highlighters, this glow kit provides such amazing value for the amount of product in the kit! The product isn't extremely glittery and chunky, rather it provides a gorgeous sheen that is buildable. Absolutely love it.
5 Catherine
Amazing product. Gives more of a glow from within than sparkle highlight. Mac fix plus also intensifies the look.
5 Anna
This is such an amazing highlighter kit!!!! Would most definitely recommend it. Everything about it is such good quality from the packaging to the product. It applies so evenly and can either be used for a subtle glow or can be built up to a major highlight.
5 Sarah Jones
Amazing service by beauty bay highly recommend. This kit is amazing well worth the price and the hype if your considering buying then go for it you will not be disappointed
4 lucyg
A lot of great highlighters out there for smaller price so if your lacking in the savings department i would give this a miss as there are really pretty inexpensive highlighters everywherealthough i would recommend this product as it is beautiful, really handy and 4 amazing highlighters all in the same place. The four each give a beautiful shine and look great on the skin. I am a highlight freakk and obsessed with this product. If you are a junkie like me, why is this not already in your basket?only used 2 of them on my face but swatched all of the 4 colours, the darkest one im a little scared to use because it may be a bit to dark for my skin but at least I have a pretty highlighter if I ever go on holiday. Sunburst is my favourite as i am in LOVEE with gold colours and I like the bottom two very much as well.
5 Charlotte
Such perfection in a palette! I absolutely love these highlighters, so affordable. Im so happy I could finally buy one from the UK without having to pay for ridiculous amounts of shipping fees too get it from America! So in love!!!
5 Rebecca Conlon
Best highlight kit I own, colours are amazing!
5 Amy
This is officially my holy grail! It creates a beautiful sheen on the areas you want to highlight and the colour choices are immaculate! I recommend using this pallette if you have a sort of warm and darker skin tone and the gleam kit if you have a cooler lighter skin tone! Thank you beauty bay.
5 tamara
absolutely love this! the colours are soo pigmented and shimmery, so worth the money if youre thinking of purchasing :)
5 Leah
I've got both kits and they are amazing, the powders are so finely milled so they are not chunky and glittery, they are so soft and buttery and melt into the skin like a dream. They really do make you look like you are glowing from within. 5*
5 Gloria
Such a cute packaging. And I love that the pans are magnetic therefore is the packaging reusable and you can rebuy any color you like. I love the colors, but don't like the glitter particles within. At first I thought that the Glow Kit is not that pigmented, but than I tried it with Mac Fix Plus and my face shined bright like a diamond ;P. I love the pricing, only 40$ for 4 pans, if you think about the Mary Lou Manizer that costs you 20$ for only one pan, it's a great deal and offering. I totally recommend it! LOVE IT
5 Chloe
Amazing! Definitely lives up to the hype, sunburst is so intense!
5 Ashley
If you can only buy one glow kit, make it this one! I am really pale so bought both so I could mix all the colours together. Gleam is stunning and I'm glad I got it but this one is amazing. I thought this would be for darker skin tones but only one of the colours won't work as a highlight and that's the bronze in the top right corner. But I can use that as an eyeshadow or bronzer. Sunburst and Dripping in Gold are out of this world glowy! I am not about a natural look and need a strong highlight and contour. These kits provide that and more! I highly recommend and if you use them damp the glow is almost radioactive! These are the best things j have ever purchased and totally worth the hype and cost! I have loads and loads of highlights but these 2 kits are so unlike anything I have. If you only buy one highlighter buy this one!
5 Shivani
This highlighter is so beautiful, cannot fault it one bit! Glides on smoothly with a flawless finish. Love love love!!
5 kate
best highlighter i've ever brought!!!!!1
5 Georgia
Gorgeous palette, very pigmented and perfect shades for my medium skin. ABH have done outstanding with this product! Would recommend to anyone who desires a lovely glow to the skin.
5 Alana
Great product. I love how it has 4 different shades of glow - can be used on any shade of skin. I use the lightest (sunburst) when I am at my palest and bubbly & dripping in gold when i've got some nice tan on. Golden bronze is good if you want a super bronzey glam look. Overly happy with the product, great pigment when it's applied wet and dry. Super fast delivery, 10/10 beauty bay!
5 Mobeen
Amazing glow kit! Love every shade.
5 Ayasha Kamali
This is simply amazing I bought 2 one for me and my sister. We love it.
5 Linea
Absolutely Amazing ..
5 Christianna
Love love! Most used are sunburst & dripping in gold, but love all shades. Nice blendable texture...
5 Marie
This is the most amazing product ever!!!!! Perfectly highlights your face with a golden shimmer. So many people have complimented me so far when I'm wearing the glow kit.
5 Kara
The powders have a smooth texture and just glide over the skin. They really do create a gorgeous glow. So happy x
5 emma
My name is Emma and I am a highlight-a-holic. And I am even more so now! These baby's are buttery and glide on the skin and stay put all day too. This particular palette I think leans more towards us warm/neutral toned people and may look a bit too golden and fake on pale skin...but honestly it's one of the best purchases I've made in a while. It's pricey but if you compare with other high end highlighters you are actually getting 4 colours for roughly just over one becca etc. Go on, you know you want to.....come over to the highlight side!
5 Carly
Fabulous. I have an excessive amount of highlighters in my makeuo collection, but this one has pretty much become the one I reach for almost every time now. I was slightly put off buying this before I took the plunge as I'm fair skinned, and was concerned I was only going to be able to use Sunburst, but I was very, very wrong. the bottom two shades look equally as beautiful without making my skin look 'dirty or ashy' which are problems I've had in the past. they give a 'glow from within' look, and aren't glittery. They just make you look radiant in the best way possible. I wear only a tiny bit for every day, and its so buildable that I swear some days you can see my glow from the moon. Fabulous.
5 Candiece
Amazing, I've been wanting this for a while so as soon as I saw it was available on beauty bay I had to pre order it! Colours are beautiful and really pigmented. Goes on so lovely! Package arrived from beauty bay the next day before 10:30 am and packaged really well! Wish I had never found beauty bay it's started an addiction! Xx
5 Mollie
Absolutely amazingly stunning! Highly pigmented and really does give you that glow. I use it especially with my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit as they go great together. It's a dream to work with and the colours are so gorgeous it's unreal - and such a bonus there's four different highlighters to choose from! They're also good to use over the body too to give you an all round summer glow - as that is just around the corner. Would definitely recommend to anyone!??
5 Meena
These highlights are the bomb!!! Literally the texture is soo creamy and glides on perfectly. It is priced soo good too considering you get 4 highlight shades. So impressed with these products. Anastasia never fails xxx
5 lily
this is the greatest makeup item i've ever bought and i've been collecting makeup for 5 years. I would recommend to anyone.

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