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Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel Zoom
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  • Auburn
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  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Granite
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5 Gemma woodcock
I use the shade 'Blonde' on top of the ABH dipbrow in the same shade and it is such a perfect combo! I usually only use matte products but I thought I'd give this a go and I surprisingly like the shimmer that's in the product, it adds dimension which I love, I've only used this once and for less than an hour so far so I don't know what the staying power is like but so far so good. If you like matte products then I don't think this is for you because you can see the shimmer but I tried it and liked it. So far I'd say this is a 10/10 I love it!
1 Lucy
I would definitely recomend doing research on the colours before purchasing, I ordered the brunette and it's more like a gold with glitter which just shows up as ginger so it's no use at all! If it's anything like the clear gel I can imagine it has a long lasting effect though.
2 Archie
Recently dyed my hair auburn and bought some new eyebrow products to replace my old ones, the auburn shade of this eyebrow gel is actually dark brown and doesn't even keep your eyebrows in place, it's gives an even tint however it's not the colour it's advertised to be, very disappointed a waste of money
5 Olia
Just received one in Granite which is a perfect shade for me and also so hard to get as it is always out of stock, but I was so surprised to discover an updated brush inside! It is now smaller and has both short and long bristles. It's not too bad, but I personally prefer the old version, so I am a little disappointed. The shade and the formula are same good.
1 katie
The blonde now is awful because when I used it, it was orange and glittery. In fact, it was so sparkly that my eyebrows just looked like crusty, orange glitter, and I would recommend the brow wiz far more than this.
5 Bláthnaid
Absolutely amazing! This is probably the best ABH product that i have ever purchased! Its so easy to put on and looks great. Its holds the dipbrow pomade in place for the whole day and doesn't even smudge! Its so easy to take off too at the end of the day!
5 Laura
Since I have it, my brows are flawless and PER-FECT.
5 Abigail
This is truly amazing talk about no movement of any eyebrow hairs!! they don't move one bit! by far this is the best tinted eyebrow gel so worth the money!
5 Diana
I love this product. Gel makes brows so fab and gives best look and also natural look.
5 Anastasia
i'm naturally brunette and went blonde. this product looks so natural on my brows. I use the shade Blonde, and it's making my brows look lighter and just a bit shimmery, like natural hair. and it doesn't fade quickly. love it.
5 Jen
Fab product. The gel sets your eyebrow hairs in place all day. Though the product has glitter in it, this is hardly noticeable as it sets. Quick, easy and flawless results!
5 Lily
I love this product I use the shade chocolate you can't see the slight shimmer when it's on your brows not sure if this could be said for the lighter shades. It keeps my brows in place all day, I use it on top of the dipbrow pomade.
5 Lily
I love this! I've got the shade brunette and it matches my brows perfect. I reach for it daily over my Brow definer as I find it quicker and easier to use with a more natural finish. I just brush through my brows a few times and I'm done! The only down side is the tube can be hard to open. I wish the packaging was square giving me more grip
3 JoJo
This product is OK - keeps the brow hairs in place yet the brush is too big for people with thin eyebrows for instance and it leaves glitter particles on your eyebrows which makes it obvious that you've done your eyebrows. Not recommended for someone who wants thick and natural eyebrows then.
5 Carys
I love this!! Definite must have for unruly brows
1 Ami
This product would not be that bad if the colours were better. I brought brunette & it makes my eyebrows look ginger for some reason... Really disappointed!!
2 Brikena
I don't know whether its just me but I feel like this product just becomes clumpy on your eyebrows and make them look dead ass ashy and dry. Like for the price its supposed to make you look good not like an ash tray.
1 Kathryn
I am really not a fan of this product, I was so excited to try it after reading all the good reviews but its not for me, the brush is far too big and product gets everywhere, I also don't feel like it really holds my brows in place. My real issue is the applicator and its just far too big and it doesnt put much product onto my brows and i always have to wipe the end because otherwise I end up with the product clumping from the end. For the price its just not very good, if the brush was smaller I may consider buying it again
1 Lilly
BEWARE - colors do not match the website.
5 Klara
The product is amazing. It covers the hairs fully and once the product dries it leaves the hairs looking natural. Perfect for girls with dyed hair who want to keep their brows natural but matching their hair. You have to be careful as it's easy to get in on the skin but apart from it the product is great.
3 Amirah
I initially bought this to save time in doing my brows. I don't tend to wear a lot of make up on a daily basis and thought this would be perfect for a natural, minimal look. I would say that a natural look is very achievable with this product and I like that you can build up on it as much as you wish. It's not time consuming at all and it really does keep your brows in place all day. I didn't find that this smudged either and I wear it all day. I even fell asleep without washing it off and my eyebrows were surprisingly still looking decent. I don't know if I would purchase this again though. I don't like the fact that once I've applied it and it's dried, it makes my eyebrows feel quite crunchy and hard. Also, the product seems like it will run out within a month (as do the ABH brow wiz and brow definer, annoyingly!) and I think I'll be sticking on the brow definer for now.
3 Holly
I'm not 100% what I think about this I do like it but I just find it strange that a brow product had glitter particles in it? It also seemed to dry out very fast.
5 Lydia
I've been using this incredible product for ages and ages now and I honestly cannot even express in words how good it is. This brow gel is not only quick, simple and easy to use but it gives the most flawless and natural boost to your brows without overdoing it. It doesn't even look like you have product in when you use this but it does look like you have perfect brows! Also since it's a gel, it sets all your brow hairs in place and keeps them there for the rest of the day. Love!
5 Brenna
This is a holy grail product!!! It's amazing. The colour is so natural and the product looks natural. It is easy to apply and doesn't make your eyebrows super hard. It has great lasting power and I will deffiently re purchase.
5 Caitlin
LOVE!!! I have the shade Brunette and I use it everyday that I wear makeup!! Perfect for school as it is so natural looking and very quick to use. Will definitely re-purchase!!!
5 Tonka
I love this lightweight gel and velvety feel! This Brow Gel helps to brush my eyebrows so easily into perfect shape while tinting lightly and it keeps them in place looking so natural. I picked Espresso and I'm very happy with it!
4 MissLili
I got the Auburn shade and I really liked it, even if in the picture looks WAY more red than the actual colour.
5 Snazbaz
Brilliant! I over plucked my eyebrows when I was younger, and this gel is so quick and easy to apply and makes them look thicker without looking unnatural, plus it doesn't smudge even on my oily skin.
5 Evgenia Orlenko
4 Abby
I ordered this in the shade caramel (which is lighter than my actual brow color). I like the way it has a subtle sheen to it and keeps my weird long brows in place. Next time i would opt for the brunette shade.I like this product more than my girlboy mac gel.
5 Olga Anufrijeva
Great product for completing the brow look! Good fixation and perfectly matching shades!
5 Neha
This was my first product from the brand and i absolutely love it! It is long lasting, is worth the price and does what it claims. My eyebrows have never looked better.
4 Tina Eldred
5 Rima

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