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Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit Zoom
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2 Phoebe
I was so exited about this but was so disappointed!It's not pigmented at all, and it's just so flaky. You can never get enough product for that pop if your one of those who like highlighting. If I'm gonna highlight I wanna see it! And I wanna look like a disco ball! But this just isn't that good. I may give it a go on top of a cream highlighter but on it's own just nope !!
5 Umaira
I am in love with best highlight going to stock up on it more that how much I love it
5 Paige
Just WOW!!!!!!
2 Christine
The colors are gorgeous, but it's not creamy and all the nice things I've heard about the other glow kits. It has a lot of fall out in the pan, it's so dry and 'glittery.' Would not buy this again and go for one of the old ones instead.
5 -A
So so so nice! Got it for ,y bday from a close friend and it's insane! Even though I'm very pale, the darker looking highlighters didn't look stupid because it blends really nicely. Hope this helps!
5 amy
gorgeous highlighters!! must have
5 suz
Amazing! Best gift ever!
1 A
Not pigmented at all. all you get is glitter specs no colour.
5 Chantelle
Love love love my glow kit! So sparkley and pretty!
2 Nadia
Wasn't what I expected. It was so glittery, it's was like putting glitter on your face. Had to add some bio oil into it to look like a natural highlight than blatantly smearing my face with glitter! Helped a little. I personally wouldn't buy it again.
3 Nina
In the beginning I did not like this at all, but after spraying a bit of setting spray on my brush before dipping into the highlighter, it works just fine. Although a bit too glittery for my liking. x
5 Amelie
Best glow kit. Definitely my go to!
1 Randa
This could have been an amazing highlighting pallet BUT the powder it's milled from has such large particles in it that it looks like you have added glitter everywhere. Not a sophisticated finish at all, very disappointing.
5 Marie-Sophie
Great colors that have amazing wear
2 Rebecca
Sorry to say I was disapointed in these highlighters. They don't sit on my skin well and its actually quite hard to apply. Instead the larger pigments end up sticking out on my face rather than an all over highlighter. Have used much better highlighters for nowhere near the cost.
4 kt
Beautiful range of shades and great pigment. However, some of the highlighters have glitter in them so it doesn't look as natural, but I still love it and use it every day!
5 Catia
Amazing ! It really complements tan to deep skin tones however the fact the it has a really light shade (Snow) makes it very suitable for lighter completions as well because you can always mix a bit of that to make it lighter or just wear snow on his own.I really really really love this product, a must have... worth every penny !
1 Julie
Very glittery and chunky, some colours are almost identical. Would recommend the other glow kits instead like the sun dipped.
5 Ruby
OMG this is the BOMB!
1 Heini
Way too glittery and chunky.. very disappointing
5 Aisha
Love this!! recommend this to all highlight lovers!
4 shania
This highlight pallet is absolutely stunning! Just not as pigmented as I would have hoped
2 Victor
Chunky glitter messI do morning understand the hypeThe price point is ridiculous if you think about what the product is... a chunky glitter mess
5 Tyler
Love love love!
5 Phoebe
Best highlight ever!
5 Kelly
Omg i so this this so pretty and sparkly!!! A*
5 Jodie
Loved this pigment is amazing!
2 Kat
Very chunky and not the quality of the other glow kits
5 Emma
This was delivered to me quick and easy, packaging was extremely good. Product was not damaged or anything in the slightest. The product was in very great condition. Im very happy with my purchase and will order again soon
2 Jessica
The colours are lovely and look good on medium to deep skin tones, however, the formulation is not the same as the previous ones. This one is extremely glittery. Not what I was expecting at all, not the same quality as the previous glow kits. Not worth the money, in my opinion.
1 Conor
Got for Christmas,liked it the first time I used it,but now I don't like it at have to use loads to get a decent glow.would not recommend
2 Dylan
To be honest I absolutely hate this product. Now hates a strong word and I don't Muse it often. Now let me say I live for Anastasia cosmetics. her brow wiz, brow definer, diprow pomade, modern renaissace palette and the normal glow kits slaymy life it these LITTERALLY remind me of chunky glitter. The formula is different to the others. It is not a highliter it's PRESSED GLITTER. I'm sorry but this product is not a slay it's a nay. The only reason I'm giving it a 2 is because they are mediocre as eyeshadow glitter. I hope you found this useful. I'm sorry Anastasia but this is not your best work. As a matter of fact it's half assed and you could have done so much better rather than pressing glitter into pans.
5 caciulan
5 Anonymous2568
My highlight was POPPIN after I used this magical potion!
3 Courtney
Too glittery!
4 Harleigh
Lovely palette with great creamy formula, however you get a fair bit of fall out with it. Lovely pigmentation and all colours are completely wearable.
5 Natasha
This is gorgeous! Such beautiful metallic highlighters in this pack which is definately worth the splurge as you get a lot for your money !
2 Anja
I purchased this palette a few days ago and have used different shades for a couple of days now. To be honest I'm quite disappointed. I was expecting a much better quality - especially considering the price! The pigmentation could be much better (it's literally nothing compared to becca's champagne pop but even my cheaper highlighters from sleek and the Mary lou manizer are way better) and it's really hard to apply with a normal highlighter brush (it works a bit better with a denser brush but it also didn't satisfy me). Positive about this palette is that you get a good variety of colours and fairly a lot of product, the packaging is also nice. But given the price and the unsatisfying quality I would not buy it again and also wouldn't recommend buying it!
5 carole manzon
Not the best product of ABH. I am very desappointed. The highlighters are not highlighters, there are only powder. You can't even used them as eyeshadows. I really don't know what happened to Anastasia she used to make so great products. Not happy at all with it. Spend 55 euros for it, go and by
1 Ebru
This is so bad! I'm normally a big fan and user of Anastasia, and I was looking forward to this palette. The packaging is great, and it's big. But the product... A lot of fall outs, I've tried it with fan brush, highlight brush, fingers, it sucks. Pretty much no pimentation. Waste of a lot of money.
5 Nikki
Bought this for my daughter for her birthday as she is an avid 'Anastasia' fan and this will certainly not disappoint. The colours and the textures are superior and just glide on seamlessly - a little pricey but you can certainly see the quality so its definitely worth it ! I was a little worried that the shades would be too 'glittery' (as some reviews said the colours were not as velvety as the other glow kits and quite shimmery), but my daughter is a very happy bunny and it looks stunning on. Big thank you to Beauty Bay too for the prompt delivery - would recommend to all :-)
3 Katy
Not as good as other glow kits! It's more chalky based and has glitter in rather than a powdery shimmer
1 Hollie
I love all Anastasia does but this high lighter pallete has let me down. Not very pigmented, have to scrub brush across the pan repeatedly to get any product onto it, and still doesn't seem to show on your face. When you finally get a bit of a glow it only lasts around an hour before it looks like you have no high lighter on. Very poor product, very disappointed.
5 Tiarna
Amazing!!! Very glittery and pigmented!!
1 Haneefa kausar Hussain
I was so disappointed in this product. Not very pigmented. What a waste of my money
2 Catie
I bought this palette in Hawaii, I didn't try the tester but I wish I had. When i used it I was a little disappointed in the pigmentation and how chunky half of the shades are. A couple of them are good but I wish I had tried the tester before I decided whether to buy it.
2 Makeeda
Honestly the worst highlighter palette on earth
5 Chole-Taille Mayson
Beautiful Palette.Incredibly pigmented shades.My favourite is 'Golden Dawn'. I do think it is a little bit over priced.?
5 Jade Dorrington
I brought my glow kit hoping for the best as every girl needs her perfect glow. I had high expectations of this product and I've got to say I really wasnt disappointed at all.I posted the product to a beauty site that has over a thousand members and some were unsure if the darker glow shades for light skin. I'm very white but after you've done your contour and baked this product is amazing as you have snow for your cheek bones and darker tones for the tip of your nose and Cupid bow as you don't want a white nose! The darkest shade was great for under my check bones and the top of my forehead. For those who like a matte finish with a shine I would definitely recommend. I've had compliments all day. ' I don't know what you've done today but you're glowing'Another was ' that's highlight goals right there'So glad I brought this !!
1 Katie Williams
Awful, don't buy. So chunky and glittery hardly any pigment all glitter. Not like any of their other glow palettes!
5 Megan
Love it!!
4 Sara
A complete must have!! This palette is so gorgeous! The right amount of shimmer combined with the perfect texture makes this my all time favourite!
5 cara
Bought this a while ago from the actual website and its worth every penny.
4 Jessica Fozard
The glow kit is more of a glitter, similar to the urban decay highlighters, the glow isn't the same as the other Anastasia glow kits, isn't for everyone, but so pigmented, using this with a damp application is amazing! 6 different shades that suit all skin types!
5 Kat Gower
Love this product ! Ordered yesterday and it came today. Absolutely Stunning! I am very pale and these are gorgeous on my skin tone and not too dark like I find with other highlighters. Defo recommend
5 Nidda
Absolutely brilliant product. I have 2 ultimate glow kits! Great for freelance because it has different colours for different skin tones !!!
5 tina fat lard
absolute fab xoxoxo
5 Danielle
Best thing ever, gives you a glittery golden glow. So many girls come up to me and ask me what highlight I'm wearing!
5 zahira
Gorgeous Kit! And perfect for all skin type .
1 Hannah Laura
For the price, this is so so so overrated. Obviously you expect the glow that you see on the pictures advertising the product but the pigmentation is just so poor, I am so disappointed with this product. Up against something like the Jeffree Star skin frosts there's just no comparison!

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