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ARTDECO Eye Brow Powder

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ARTDECO Eye Brow Powder Zoom
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5 Natasha
I almost have no eyebrows due to over plucking! This powder is perfect in giving you a natural looking brow, I apply the powder with the ABH angled brush to outline and a cheap thicker angled brush to fill in and it works perfect. Really no complaints for the price
5 Rebecca
I have very sparse eyebrows and have tried many different creams, powders and pencils. This is by far the best brow makeup I have ever used. It is just absolutely amazing. I have light to medium brown eyebrows and dirty blonde hair which I dye a very, very dark brown. The #3 is perfect for making my brows look natural and matching my dyed hair color. Stays on ALL DAY. I couldn't be happier.
4 Suvi
It really is true what people have said in their reviews about the size, it REALLY is about the size of a thumbnail but it also really lasts a loooong time. Excellent product, only disappointing thing is the lid of the box. I don't like to keep this product in my make-up bag because it won't stay closed! The lid slides to the sides and it is really loose.
5 Lucy
The first thing you're going no notice about this product is the size. It's about the size of your thumbnail and it's not at all shallow. But don't let that deter you, I have been using this for over a month now and I have barely made a dent. I usually use pencils on my eyebrows, but I was recommended to start powder, now I don't think I'll ever look back! Powder has a much more natural look to it, it makes my eyebrows appear naturally bushier, opposed to pencils which do look very drawn on. I would suggest using a fluffier brush to fill out your eyebrows, it really adds a natural thickness. Then refine it with a precision brush to get those sharp, angular edges. As a redhead, I use the Light Brown shade, it has a nice rusted tint to it but can sometimes appear very dark for my complexion. For anyone which fairer skin I would recommend using it sparingly. This powder will last you all day, you can touch it, blow it, sweat on it and your eyebrows will look exactly the same. The drawback to this being, it can become quite difficult to remove, so water works better than make-up wipes.
5 Eva
the best there is! been using it for a long time! makes my eyebrows look perfect!
5 Caterina
It's perfect ! When I first saw it I thought It was too small but the truth is that is a lot ! I really like it. I discovered a few days ago that I can use it with a wet brush and the eyebrows looks amazing ! Good perfume too. During the day, it last on the eyebrows: I put it at 6.30 in the morning before going to work and I go to bed usually around 11pm and it's always on my eyebrows ! Love it :)
5 Paige
So tiny! But I can't tell this is going to last a very very long time! I love this and is perfect to fill in my eyebrows , I will totally purchase this again!
5 Diana
Its a bit small but its very good
5 Margaryta
I love this product! Much better that any eye brow pencil. I would recommend it to everyone!
5 Silke
I have natural red hair so finding a powder to fill in my brows was pretty impossible, until now! The colour matches my hair perfectly :) The container is really tiny, but it lasts for a long time. Been using it for two months or so and it looks barely touched.
5 Evie
Great little brow powder! Sits nicely in a Z palette or an Art Deco palette. I was surprised at how small it was, but this lasted me ages and I loved it. I have dark brown hair and I got the brown shade which matched perfectly, but I like a darker brow.
4 Anne Linde
I really like this eye brow powder. I have the powder in number 6, which is the perfect color match for my red hair! The powder is pretty small though, and the packaging is not the best quality - but whatever, it's the best match I ever found for my hair. I apply it with a MAC brow brush and use a brow gel afterwards.

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