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ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base

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5 Jessica Johnson
Would highly recommend this eyeshadow primer. So creamy and keeps eyeshadow from creasing! My eyeshadow stays on all day, so impressed.
5 E
Best primer i've ever used. Eyeshadow looks the same when i come home from a night out, helps blend too.
5 Julia K
Best eye shadow primer I've ever used! Creamy and easy to apply, doesn't get cakey like many other (high end) primers. The product lasts forever. I've used it every day for a while now and I can't barely see that anything is missing in the pot. Eye shadow stays perfect the whole day!
5 Jenna
This is a fantastic product! Only a tiny amount is needed to ensure that your eyeshadow, eyeliner and concealer stays all day, great and fast service from BeautyBay too, very impressed.
5 Tadeja
Best eye shadow primer I ever used. Works very well even if you have oily eyelids like me.
5 Elise Tetlie Trangen
5 Rebekah Canavan
Excellent performs very well
5 A.
Works very well! Lasts long, even though it's a small container. Has a pretty mild colour that brightens the eyes nicely. I haven't had any troubles with my makeup smudging or fading.
5 silvana
What a fantastic primer/base shadow! I love the texture which makes it easy to apply. And it's got a beautiful shimmering colour which makes me want to use italone as an ever so light shade with an eyeliner and some mascara. I certainly recommend this product. I wish I had bought the twin pack!
3 Nina
I love the look of this eye primer even the slight shimmer but I find it creases after a long day which hasn't happened with other primers. I wouldn't purchase it again, but I'll keep using it for night time!
4 Kat
This is the first eye primer I have used and I'm really impressed. It does make my eyeshadow lasts a lot longer. The only negative thing is that it is quite shimmery and so doesn't work quite as well when using matte eyeshadows.
5 Sashka
This is a really good eye shadow primer. I tend to have very oily eye lids, so this one does perfect job. Mattifies the lids and makes eye shadows vivid and long lasting. They would no longer get into the crease and stay the same way for the whole day (12+ hours). It can be used with all kinds of eye shadows, even inexpensive ones. The packaging looks really small, it is only 5 ml, but the product is quite economical and one pot lasts me for about a year. Really recommend this product, it is worth investing into.
5 Charrile
It's definitely a great base cream.Just a little,the shadow will last all day!I'm so glad I bought the twin pack!
5 Fabiana Lima
Este primer é o primeiro que usei e não pretendo trocar pois é muito bom,a sombra dura o dia todo, impecável com a cor intensa.E tem um cheiro ótimo!! Translation: This primer is the first I used and do not intend to change it is very good, the shadow lasts all day, with impeccable color intensity. Smells great!
3 Virna
I do not agree with the other reviews.Taken from the comments that praised it, I purchased this product, but this primer does not last more than four hours, as well as other cheaper primers I've tried.I'm not satisfied. :(
5 Veronika
ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base was the first one I ever used and I was amazed at the results! Truth be told, I use cheap eyeshadows which tended to crease after a while and thus I decided to try this base to see if there would be any difference. And there actually is a HUGE difference as I apply the eyeshadow in the morning and when I come home late at night it still looks great as if I had just applied it. Amazing product!
4 Gail
This is amazing!!! I have use Urban Decay and Too face. I think this one is just as good but I like Too face the most.
5 Ellen
Really like this eyeshadow base. Keeps eyeshadows on all day and if your like me and they tend to crease, this will completely eliminate this on my sometimes oily eyelids. A must have product.
5 Lucie
Best primer I have ever used. Really used to like UD Primer Potion, but this primer applies really smoothly, the eyeshadows lasts all day. Love it
5 Moniqa
Really good products, keep eye shadow all day (even the cheap ones). Just finished first jar and i just purchesed a new one. A little bit pricy but well worth it! :)
4 Carley V
I have never used a eyeshadow primer previously so I was happy that this did the job of keeping the shadow on all day. I liked that it made the pigments of my cheaper shadows stand out. I'm only giving it 4 stars as I think it is quite expensive for the little amount that you get in the pot.
5 Alina
I'm one of those people whose eyeshadow becomes a gross, creasy mess until the end of the day. Summer, winter, it doesn't matter. At one point, I was seriously considering skipping eyeshadow altogether and going with the bare, mascara only look. Enter ARTDECO. I lurked the site for weeks weighing all the primer options and I decided on this one. And I was SO not dissapointed. It's soft, it applies easily, it has a discrete scent which I love and it keeps my eyeshadow absolutely crease free until I'm ready to take it off. Try it, you won't regret it.
3 Tram
Contains a bit of shimmer, so it really enhance the colour, the shadow keeps it all day. But it still creases unlike some other primer.
4 Sacha
I haven't used a primer previously but have found this to be excellent. Holds eyeshadow on my lids where it's supposed to be. Didn't notice any unpleasent smell. Only reduction in 1 star is due to price. Seems reasonable but then it's only a 5ml pot vs some of the other brands 11ml (which are less than half the price). Works well though so would buy again.
4 Sari M.
pleasant, soft and light texture. Smell is not so pleasant.
3 Martha Tsiatsiou
Ensures eyeshadow stays in place BUT does not prevent crease.
3 cespri
actually, this product is not as effective in preventing the formation of pigment deposits in the crease of the eyelid as other eye shadow primers i've tried. Also, it has a spicy smell that i suspect might irritate the eye.
5 Clare
I am more than obsessed with this product. Honestly, one of the best products full stop I have ever bought and definitely the best eye primer. A must have. Fairly priced and lasts for ages. Have repurchased and bought for little presents too! Would advise it for anyone, even if you don't wear eyeshadow!
5 Nan LV
magic pot~so eye-catching.lasts ages~keep a eye color staying in any wheather.
5 Shiokee
I had done so many research, and I found this. Excellent value, used it many times, even in dancing my eyeshadow last all night
5 Christine
Excellent product; ensures my eyeshadow stays in place all day. Will definitely purchase again.
5 make up crazy
great product! does all the right things and makes my eye shadow last all day! i will wear and use this base as long as i use make up. LOVE IT!!!
5 Maite
Works very well, you don't need to use a lot so you won't need to repurchase often. I also like the packaging, easier to use than a tube. I wouldn't change anything about this product and if I eventualy run out I will definately purchase this primer again.
5 Tyler
This really is a great little pot of magic! It has a light, almost mousse like texture and smell really nice too which was a nice surprise. Leaves a slight shimmer and great base for make up.
5 Jordan
I have tried EVERYTHING, and this primer takes the cake. It makes eyeshadow stick like no one's business. It even allows for great looking blending. I will use this stuff as long as I still wear makeup.
5 Sara
One jar of this will last ages! It's a perfect base for eyeshadows! No more to say! Five stars!
5 Milusa
5 I love makeup
This product is the best primer out there.It keeps my shadow in place all day and also makes the colour really pop which is something that for me UD potion does not.It does not crease in the slightest and the colour stays bright all day. However you really do not need a lot of product on your eye as it is slightly thick so will last ages :)10x better than UD
5 Julia
This eyeshadow base does what it promises. All shadows stay in place all day and the shadows don't deposit in the crease. I wear contact lenses and this base works just fine.

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