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bareMinerals Prime Time Oil Control 30ml

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bareMinerals Prime Time Oil Control Zoom
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4 Mart
This primer does absorb the oily really well, but I still shine like a disco ball. So sad that it is not matte. But like I said, it absorbs the oil really really good!
2 Holly
Maybe my oily skin is just stubborn, but this didn't really do anything for me. I had hoped for even a little bit of help but I didn't notice my skin less oily than using my regular primer (cover fx ant-acne which doesn't do much either). Rating it a 2 because it is still an Ok primer.
5 Agni
Really good primer, especialy for my oily skin
3 Kim
This primer didn't really work for me. My skin isn't very oil at all but by the end of the day it gets just a little bit shiny, which is why I bought this. I used a few times to decide how much I liked it and the result was not what I expected from BM, which is a good brand. First time I wore it I had no shiny nose or forehead but after all the makeup I used my BM mineral Veil and I think this is what kept me shineless, as the other times I wore this primer alone I was SUPER shiny after a few hours, and like I said I'm not even a very oily person at all. So It fails in it's main purpose. PROS: Dries faster than the normal primer, which is great for school/work days you want to have your makeup done as soon as possible. CONS: Does not control oil (on me, at least), and even using the smallest amount of it it will flake off when applying your foundation and it will look like if you're peeling, which makes the blending process even harder (and doesn't look very pretty either). I think I should go back to their normal primer since what made the difference was the mineral veil, at least the other one made my skin really soft and made the foundation glides on smoothly, and didn't make me an oil slick. BeautyBay was good to buy tho
5 Emily
I love this primer! My skin is very oily, and when I tried this primer, my foundation looked so matte the whole day! SO MUCH IN LOVE !!!
1 Nina
Disappointed by this primer...makes foundation to peel down and skin with many flaws
5 Josefine
The most amazing foundation i've ever tried! My skin is oily and i tend to get breakouts often, especially when i get stressed. I've tried a lot of different foundations but all fluid and high coverage foundations that i want to use clogs my skin and gives me even more beakouts. This foundation covers all and my skin's condition get's better every day!
5 gingerblonde
Just did write ups for 2 other BE primers. Another one, great for HOT days when your face decides to melt! Love the product and the site...delivery almost exocet speed and value too...

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