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  • Remix Edition The Next Big Thing
  • Remix Edition The Wild Thing
  • The A List
  • The Afterparty
  • The Happy Place
  • The Rare Find
  • The Soundtrack
  • The Truth
  • True Romantic
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4 16 June 2014 Anette Johansson
5 19 February 2014 Melli
I have "the truth" and "the a list" and I totally love these palettes. Beautiful colors and it really blends in, so natural! You can wear it daily or as a evening makeup, just put some more eyeshadow. I also have sensitive eyes and cant wear "regular" eyeshadows, but BareMineral eyeshadow is perfect for my sensitive eyes. I recommend it to everybody and especially for people with sensitive eyes.
5 17 August 2013 Hanna
I tried this eye shadow today in one make-up store in Finland, and totally fell in love!!! I've used eye-shadows since 14-years-old, and it belongs my every-day-make-up. The top of my eyeshadow favourites is Dior, the 'one and only', but right now I really think that I've found a rival for Dior ;) I ordered this almost immediately when I came home, it is much more cheaper here in beautybay than in Finland. Totally love your online store!
5 27 July 2013 Cleo
I Love the ready eyeshadows!! So smooth and creamy, and very pigmentet in great colours as well. I bought the rare find. These are gonna be great colours for fall/winter!!
3 20 May 2013 Catherine
I have The Happy Place. When applied, the colours somehow end up looking exactly the same. I use a primer and halfway through the day it looks like I'm just wearing one shade of brown eyeshadow - there's no contrast between the colours.
5 26 March 2013 Christina
Very very beautyful colour and so easy to put on. I will recommend it to everybody :-)
5 26 March 2013 Christina
Very very beautyful colour and so easy to put on. I will recommend it to everybody :-)
5 01 November 2012 Defunkalite
Love this palette - esp the colour combination. So good for daily wear and fits really well to a yellow skin tone! Goes on so smoothly and really worth the price.
5 10 September 2012 caterina
I LOVE, LOVE this palette!! blends like butter, so silky an smooth wonderful love the textur, highly recommended!!

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