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bareMinerals SPF15 Foundation

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bareMinerals SPF15 Foundation Zoom
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5 Camille
This product and their liquid foundation serum is what I always turn back too, I love these products and lasts ages for me.I think you're best with a starter kit first though so you have everything you need in a smaller size then as and when you run out just replace with the bigger one as things like the warmer and mineral veil doesn't run out as quick as the foundation and even the foundation takes ages to use up lol.
5 Lisa
Nice product
5 Helena
Lovely foundation! Blends so well that it looks like your own skin. But if you have a tendency to dry flaky skin you will have to exfoliate/scrub it away. And don't forget the primer it's very important!
5 Gemma
I have quite oily skin and my mistake was always wearing liquid foundation. By the end of the day my makeup was a mess and I couldn't wait to wipe it off when I was finally home. I've always boo booed bareminerals because the loose powder is quite intimidating, but after receiving the starter kit as a present, I can honestly say it's the best thing that's ever happened to my skin! Not only does it stay on all day without needing a top up, but my face remains shine free too which is a miracle and it's so light on the skin. I love that it gives you a healthy glow as well, especially teamed with the mineral veil. I was concerned that it wouldn't give much coverage but you can use as much or as little as you like. Love it!!
5 Betty Stroud
Love bare minerals daughters & granddaughters use it used it for years have tried lot of other foundation but always go back to bare minerals it is so natural and good for young & not so young skin.
5 Anne
I love this light powder foundation and find that I can achieve the exact colour I desire by sometimes mixing a combination of fairly light underneath and a dusting of light foundation powder on top.I suffer from broken veins and have tried many different types of make up foundations over the years. I can say I have found this mineral foundation to be one of my favourite products. Give yourself time to get used to using this product .I found it took time to apply at first but stick with it and you will be pleasantly pleased with the result.
5 Leah
Amazing!! Best one I've ever used!
5 Marieke
I have very sensitive, light toned skin and also Rosacea, no ideal combination for make-up.. But the BareMinerals foundation is an amazing product! The red blemishes and sometimes swelling on my cheeks and forehead are easily covered by the powder and give a lovely and healthy glow to my face. No irritation to my skin what so ever and, by using a sheet of blotting paper, I'm able to keep the tone perfect throughout the day. I'm a big fan!
5 Anna
Favourite powder foundation! I can go for a very light coverage for an everyday look or if Im going out I can build up the coverage with it still looking natural and not too cakey. It gives my skin a lovely glow without it looking oily, and best of all it has SPF in it so its helping protect your skin! It lasts pretty much all day but if I wear BB cream underneath it it tends to slide off, it doesn't become cakey at all though! Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to find a natural looking foundation with buildable coverage and nice glowy finish.
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4 Michelle
I love how this foundation looks on my skin. I have an oily t-zone and my cheecks are normal type of skin. After a few hours this foundation litterally melts of my nose and chin.. Didn't expected this. The first like 4 hours i look flawless but it doesn't last that longer for my skin! Maybe the matte version fits me better!
5 Any
I've discovered the Bareminerals Foundation on my first trip to New York 5 years ago and haven't been using anything else ever since. This is by far the BEST foundation and people are asking me all the time about my foundation, mainly because they see that healthy glow it gives your skin. Having extremely sensitive skin, I could never use a liquid foundation as they're just irritating my skin, so this mineral Foundation is my Holy Grail and I am recommending this to anyone, regardless of the skin-type. I love that it comes with SPF and it doesn't clog pores (i have naturally clear skin, but my sister got rid of her acne after starting to use this foundation). One word: AMAZING!
3 Caitlin
It looks a bit cakey and the colour is a bit orange on me (i have the lightest shade), I might try again if I need a foundation but at the moment it's not for me
4 Anna
I really like the product, it is light and covers great!
5 Oana
Love Love. I have through two of these foundations. Light coverage, evens out a bit the skintone. Lasts well throughout the day and does not settle into fine lines.
5 Sylvia
Love this foundation! I do break out sometimes but the minerals helps the healing better than many other products.
4 Petra Baast
Fine mineral foundation, continues throughout the day in place. The color is absolutely superb!
5 pernille
I started using bare minerals this spring. I`m 36 and soft wrinkles are starting to show. At the same time the skin have become more dry - but with a nice texture. I love the bare minerals because of the bare look. The skin looks healthy. The Challenge is to put the right amount on - and a primer is necessary to make the powder blend nice. I buy at BB because the price is much lower than in my country. The shipping is free - and I have recieved a good and secure service the two times I have ordered.
5 Nuala Moore
5 Lennart Pettersson
5 Nicole
Used this for years and I love it! Blemishes are concealed, you get a nice glow skin and it doesn't flake. It also doesn't cause me to break out like other mineral powders. Only one downside: the latest one I bought (first one via beautybay) broke. When I opened the case for the third time or so, the bottom fell out with almost al the powder :( apart from that, a great product, would recommend to everyone!
5 Kristina Henriksson
5 Christel Van De Rijke
5 Viktoria Mã¥Rtensson
5 Patricia Turbayne
Would not use anything else
5 Carina Friberg
Excellent.Good coverage and natural aparience
5 Nina Anderson
5 Karin Wesstrã¶M
Love this product, flawless skin i no time
5 Rosangela Frita
4 Nicola Hare
5 Michelle Everson
This is the best make up ever ! If u haven't already tried it u must ,I started at christmas 2013 and have never seen my 39 year old skin look so dam good ,x
5 Karen Taylor
Have used this foundation for years and would not be without it, looks natural but gives good coverage and does not clog or ruin my skin, even if i forget to take it off at night!
5 Anna Laaksonen
The shade is perfect for my skin tone and it covers blemishes well and stays on my face for the whole day.
4 Lalita
This is a very good product if you have good skin already. It does make your skin look good, however, there is very little coverage no matter how much I apply! I was thinking about switching to a different foundation, but this colour matches my skin perfectly (which is a rarity for me!) so I will probably end up sticking to it. If you've got clear skin already its brilliant, but if you are like me and your skin does have quite a few blemishes, then I would recommend getting a foundation with more coverage, or putting lots of concealer before.
1 Ebba
It is nice on the skin - but for people with sensitive skin - STAY AWAY! The bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163) in it makes your face all itchy when you get warm (google it!). It is not dangerous, but annoying as hell! So I would go for a different foundation, like Lily Lolo or Neal Yards remedies - they do not contain Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163). The BeautyBays own brand, Collection, does not contain it either, I have not tried it but it is probably better than this one.
5 Jessica
Best make-up product ever made. 5 STARS!
4 Ziyada Gafarova
I like this... My face is so oily but when I am wearing my face doesn't get oily, just a bit on my T zone. And I am also having a problem with finding my right color! In total I can say it's really nice
2 Alicia Bailey
After hearing great reviews about this product I thought I would try it out. But unfortunately this product was not for me. The coverage is very light and the colour was much too pale. I would recommend anyone to test this out before buying as there are so many shades to choose from.
5 Petra
After trying sóóó many different liquid foundations and hating them all. i've now found the perfect one!I,m 51 and i don't have any wrinkles but i do have fine lines and all foundations no matter wich brand look horrible on mij face because they make these linse show like crazy .This ond does not!! I absolutely love this stuff.I use the Bare"Full Flawless Application Face Brush"with it and together they are the perfect combination.You can build up very easely or choose a lighter coverage.either way it does look very good on my skin and i will never buy enything else! Beautybay for me is such a great online store because in The Netherlands a lot of these great cosmetic brands are not available or very expensive and the service is great!
5 Ellinor
This foundation is perfect! I have dry and sensitive skin and this one works very good for me. It covers great and last all day long!
5 Stephanie
AMAZING. I can't even describ how happy I am that a finally bought one of these to try out. I've always been a girl that has ups and down in my skin. The times when my skin was really bad I had to cover it up with a lots of foundation. These foundation wasn't good at all for my skin and it didn't have the time to heal. With BareMinerals my skin can breathe and i don't have to worry that my skin won't become better again. I will always use this as my foundation.
5 Linn
Im giving this a top five - what a surprise...not. I love all BM products, and the foundation is not an exeption. Back in my teenage years when I had break outs and stuff, I actually washed my face at night and than putted on this before I went to sleep, only because I saw an improvement when I woke up in the morning. I think that says alot about this product! It works boath as a foundation and concealer for me. If you need extra covarage, you just add a little more and it's sorted out! Happy to have found this!
5 Ida
This one has been my favorite for several years now. Gives a very natural result and feels good on the skin. There's no trouble sleeping with this foundation, but a coin is that the results doesn't last all day if you have dry skin. Will continue using this for sure. And a big thumb up for beautybay for their cheep prises, more than half prise of compared to Sweden.
3 Iryna
It is quite difficult to find the right shade and it is totally not good on dry skin, but if you have oily skin it is quite good.
5 Lili
Love the natural finish of it, matches my skin tone perfectly, though I didn't know for sure if 'fair' was the right shade to choose.. Lucky try!
5 Hedda
The best foundation ever and the prices are amazing! 50% of what you normally have to pay in the store! Fast delivery and great products - gotta love beautybay :)
5 Marte Olsen
I love bareMinerals!! Easy to apply, long lasting and a perfect look. I have used it for several years now and im still in love!
4 Jennifer
Works very well with my oily skin! you can decide how much coverage you want with this product, love it! Im on my third jar :)
5 Amanda
The best product ever! The one and only foundation I use, it doesn't feel like you have makeup on! And so easy to put on and Wash off, and it makes the skin happy.
4 Kimberly Schneider
I've got this foundation in Fairly Light and it is a perfecet match! I always had problems in choosing shades because I have both green and bluish/purple veins showing through and never knew if my undertone was pink or yellow but not anymore! A little goes a long way and looks very natural as long as you let the primer dry and don't put too much of it. I give 4 stars because I still think there should be something that looks more natural and still gives good coverage but it is a great option ;)
5 Mary Paz
This product, as well as all the Bare Minerals range, is extra.. Gives the feeling of being naturally tan.. Improves the quality of the skin and is just very nice!
5 Sarah
So easy to apply, blends well, lasts all day long and more! I feel sad that I didnt start using this as my staple make-up product earlier!
5 Jill
I am not the kind of person to go and write a review but I am so so so happy with Bare Minerals that I want to recommend it to everyone with acne or blemish prone skin. Normal foundation makes my face shiny and oily after a few hours. I was afraid that the minerals might not provide enough coverage but I couldn't have been more wrong. It its buildable and I use the concealer brush to cover blemishes before applying the foundation. I do not have to touch up one time in the office ladies room! It doesn't irritate and I could swear my skin is actually improving! Big fat five stars from this Dutch girl.
5 Joanna
I really like it! I have oily skin and have been tired of many different foundations that felt rather heavy on my face and didn't really help me. This is a nice product. Feels light and soft. It may be not that very much covering but it is doing its job well! If you don't need a covering make-up for stage or wedding you may really use every day :) Wide range of colour that you can blend as you want.
5 Bridget
I have lots of allergies and very sensitive skin. I have been using this product for over a year now and it's perfect for me. No irritation and lovely natural coverage.
5 kelly hennessey
I absolutely LOVE this foundation! It is a absolute must have (in my opinion) I would definitely rate this as 5 stars :-))
5 Amanda
I love Bare Minerals foundation and swear by it. I've been using only mineral foundation for two years now and have never looked back. I no longer get that horrible clogged feeling I used to get from liquid foundation. A total winner. Love!
5 Sara
Double trouble? Not this time. In this case it's a double blessing. Swirl, tap and buff and see how you skin over time gets healthier and firmer. A must have for all of you that care about your face!
5 Ams
MY FAVORITE MAKEUP!!! I've been using it for 5 years or more! I can't live without it!! Thank you beautybay for the awesome price. I used to pay 50€ before I found this site!
3 Kaisa
I bought this foundation after getting the starter kit. I have very light scandinavian skin and the lightest shade is very good colour. I was very pleased with the product until the summer, when it got very hot. I noticed that the product doesn't stay very well at least on my skin, and I use BM primer every time. If my face gets sweaty, the foundation comes off. This didn't happen with liquid foundations. So in the summer I had to change to other foundation but I think I'll get back to this for the winter. Great plus is that you don't need mirror to put this make up on, as it is so easy to apply.
5 Maria
The only product that has ever worked for me! I absolutely love this fondation. It has even solved my skin problems!
5 Merethe Bragstad
I am addicted... The best foundation in the world... So soft and smooth...
5 Ane
My favourite! Gives my skin a perfect glow.
4 Eve
Pro:Natural, invisable. Good for Acne Skin. Gives a subtle Glow on skin. Feels like nothing Con:Shiny on t zone(without primer)Low coverage.
5 Eve
Worth every cent! I love this product so much and its great at covering my acne scaring! The coverage can be as full or as sheer as you like! Its the BEST!
5 Shona
Amazing! Covers perfectly, is dewy and lasts all day! Wouldn't be without it
5 Bethan
Gives perfect coverage and hides any blemishes without me even applying concealer! Had many compliments that my skin is glowing after using BareMinerals :) Great stuff!
5 Kim
Love how this foundation feels so smooth when you apply it but be aware that it does highlight white heads and looks more visible but the problem can be solved if you treat it or put concealer or foundation over it first. Other from that I still love it and will continue to. :)
5 Fiona
I am a BareMinerals addict! I love this foundation as I've always preferred the natural look and this is perfect, my skin looks even and fresh without looking like I'm wearing anything. The best!!!
5 Lydia
Love this foundation. Works really well on my sensitive skin. Is really easy to apply(I use the ELF face kabuki brush) and gives a very natural finish. The only complaint I have with this foundation is that it doesn't have very good colors for us pale girls. I am fair with yellow undertones and I find that the only shade that is pale enough for me is the shade Fair, but it's a little bit too pink for me. Maybe I should try the Golden Fair next time?
5 Kath H
Soft and silky, this covers well, but I feel like I am not wearing make-up. Wonderful!
5 Ann-Sophie
This foundation is the best foundation I have ever tried!! It looks natural and doesn't clog your pores. Since many years I only use BareMinerals makeup. I'm hooked and will never use anything else :)!!
5 Grace
Love the texture, love the coverage, little goes a long way, melts into your skin beautifully!!Only one problem, make sure you double cleanse or you'll get breakouts!
5 Victoria Burman
Best ever! And I have rosacea so I know.Victoria
5 Milena
This is the best powder I've used so far I would recommend everyone with the problem of dry skin. I will not turn it on no other. Bare Minerals- I love YOUUUUU!
5 Emma
I would never use any other foundation now! Perfect for everyday and doesn't clog up your skin. I suffered from acne and this has improved my problem for sure :)
5 Julia Hållander
I absolutley love it! It makes make up in the morning quick and easy :)
5 Pernille
The best combo of a foundation and powder I ever tried. It gives you the same perfect result as a creamy foundation but it looks and feels as if you are practically not wearing anything. I would never buy anything else than this product. The Medium colour goes well for a pale skin.
5 Katie
LOVE this foundation. Will never use another foundation again. Has the smoothest finish, perfect coverage and doesn't feel like I'm even wearing makeup. Leaves my skin looking flawless, can't recommend enough!
5 Josefine Luiro
The most amazing foundation i've ever tried! I tend to get breakouts often but this foundation covers all without clogging my skin. My skin's condition get's better very day!
5 Sara
Is the only Mineral foundation I use. It is great and you could wear it for days without change it, it would remains always great on your face!! My fave!
5 Maja Sofie Hansen
I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION!!! I have been using this for over 1½ year, and it is so perfect! It looks so natrually! I have told all my girlfriend to buy this foundation, expecially my friends with acne and zits, and it has worked perfectly for them. BUY THIS FOUNDATION!!!
5 Selma
5 Karen clunies-ross
Love this foundation, works really well for oily/combination skin. Leaves a velvety smooth finish that I loved!
4 unni
once i found a shade that looked natural on me,and got hold of a good kabuki brush-i am satisfied. it keeps longer than regular no mineral foundation. the only sad thing is during winter when i need to wear a good cold cream to keep my skin healthy,it is not compatible with this foundadtion. you need a primer like moisturizer under bare ecentual foundation
5 Martine
This is probably the best foundation I've ever used!! Great coverage and you get a natural look! I can't live without it. I would recommend this to anyone!
1 Line Rakvåg Malones
This foundation contains bismuth oxychloride, which makes my skin itch, and build up this greyish color... It looks great at first, but after a while my skin get all itchy, and I also develop impurities. I do not recommend this for people with sensitive skin!
5 Helene
I have loved this product since I first started using it like 6 years ago. I got because I was in my teens and was having problems with pimples and such. It really helped me cover it up real good. And also my skin was very dry at that time, and my skin looked good with I.D on anyway! With liquid foundations you could always see that my skin was very dry.
5 Marita MN
The best foundation I've ever used! It looks really natural, and some people can't spot that I'm wearing make-up at all. It coveres everything and my skin is healthier than ever.
5 Isabell
This is a question, what do you guys use under this foundation? I have oily skin, but i can get dry spots in my face.. So if i dont use some light cream under, the spots will show. And i have oily skin, so after i put on my foundation i use a powder to set it, but this is just a powder, so what can i do to not get oily trough out the day? Sorry for my english
5 Cecilia
This is the only foundation that ive used that i keep coming back to. Ive tried sooo many different foundations but this one is the best! Love it!
5 Ivy
Love, love, love, love! Buy the twin pack, this stuff is unbelievable.
5 Beth
This was recommended to me by my sister and it's fantastic. I have dry, sensitive skin and all other foundations accentuate that. Bare minerals gives a great coverage without making you look over made up. Love it!
5 Hannah
This is brilliant! I have been converted to Bare Minerals and will never go back. Looks great and stays on well.
5 benedicte
I love this foundation because it covers the red areas I have on my cheaks. It also covers perfectly without feeling that I clog my pores. The Bare Escentuals foundation comes in so many shades as well. Makes it easier to find a shade that is more compatible with your skin. Thank you for a great product!
5 Linda
I sometimes stray and try other foundations but 5 years later, this foundation is still my go-to! It's light, doesn't break me out and looks very natural. Not to mention the foundation completely matches my complextion...
5 Anja
Super foundation - best ever. Easy to apply, great coverage and a natural look. BareMinerals is a girls best friend :-)
5 Marie
Perfect make up for the skin, it covers imperfections without being visible like other make up. Looks natural and perfect. stays on the whole day.
5 Mrs June Rhodes
cannot live without Bare Essentials foundation its so easy to use and gives an amazing coverage. i am a really mature lady and this foundation covers without sitting in my many lines :) will try there eye shaddows next plus Beauty Bay supply it cheaper than anyone else with my Pension every saveing means a lot to me,thank you beauty Bay and Bare Essentials
5 Lotte
The best foundation ever - I only use it and it´s simply the best in the world
5 Maddelurka
This foundation works magic. It covers up everything, but still look natural! Best foundation I ever used! :D
5 Lindsey
This is the best foundation I have ever used. I have used this for years as is my most essential cosmetic. It is easy to put on , you can never used too much, it doesn't come off and it is so natural and flawless looking and it is so good for your skin too, my acne cleared up thanks to this makeup, I love it. Thank you so much.
5 Julie Edwards
The foundation gives good, even coverage, doesn't dry out the skin, It fills in open pores and since I started using it 2 years ago, I haven't had either shine or a spot. It is expensive and I found that I had to use more than the video indicated, but I wouldn't want to go back to liquid foundation. Highly recommended.
5 Carole Ritchie
Before using Bare Minrals make up, I could only wear foundation for short periods of time. I never really found a make up which didn't make my skin react in some way. Now, I'm able to wear Bare MInerals all day at work with no negative reaction. It looks so natural too.
5 Lucy Mackenzie
Absolutely brilliant foundation, full coverage and lasts all day, have been using it for few years - would definately not go back to liquid foundation. Also perfect service from Beautybaby many thanks
5 Benedicte
Love the easy application, full coverage and fabulous finish.
5 Kaia
This is the best foundation I´v ever used! it covers so well, and its so easy to apply! And the best off all it lookes so natural! I love it!
5 TS
The best mineral foundation I have ever used!!! so natural and doesn't break me out. Plus, a little goes a long way. Can't live without this!!!!
5 helene
I've tried a few other foundations but I always go back to this, it gives that glow that you want, I love it!
3 Petra
Just a warning for fellow Rosacea sufferers: Bismuth Oxychloride and Mica can cause major flare-ups, and I wasn't aware of it. It made my skin really sore and inflamed - the buffing technique probably doesn't help. Still 3 stars because it's certainly good for other skintypes, just not for Rosacea.
5 Cathrine
I don't use alot of make-up because I have quite sensitive skin and regular high-street foundations and powders tend to dry my skin or make me break out. However, after using bare minerals this has not happened. Also, I am asian and any foundations I have tried had either made me look pink or too 'brown', but I was able to find the perfect colour.
5 Karen Williams
At last I have finally found a foundation I can use that suites my pale skin without getting that dreaded tide mark look!. I use the fairly light foundation powder which I find is light on my skin, does not feel or look like I am wearing a mask and it also helps my skin to breath which prevents my skin breaking out. 5/5
5 Alexandra
A foundation that is very gentle to the skin and makes you look descreetly perfect without looking like a plastic doll. It is wonderful to be able to cover up imperfections in a way that does not irritate the skin furter. The little jar also lasts forever:)
5 PF
Excellent! Covers my rosacea perfectly.
5 carole
I have never had the best skin in the world, but this foundation makes it looks so much better without looking as though it's heaped on
5 Sofia
My favorite foundation. It even covers spots and look good all day. Feels natural. My best buy!
5 Silja P. Holm
Love this!
5 Elin
I love the foundation, I have used it for a long time and I can not find anything better! I'll recommend it to everbody :)
5 Pernille
This is the best foundation I have ever tried. I'm never going back to traditional cream foundations again
5 Angela Evans
I suffer with Rosacea so most foundations are not suitable for my skin ive tried other mineral foundations but they just made rosacea worse.Then i tried yours & i must say its fantastic not just does it cover rosacea i had no outbreaks at all.Its what it says it is natural
5 Sanja
The best foundation that I've ever used! Couldn't ask for more than this! :)
5 Marie
The foundation is easy to apply and blends in perfectly. It is very light and leaves you with a feeling of not wearing makeup. Also, it is easy to do shading and highlights with the colors. In the winter I for example use both Fairly light and Light to get the perfect natural look.
5 Helle
Great foundation, melts perfectly into the skin and easy to apply! Quick delivery!
5 Alex
The BEST foundation ever!
5 Malin Damgaard
This is the one and only fondation, that´s fits my skin. I haved tried so many diffrent typs and this is soo amazing.
5 Kaisa
Wonderful product. Doesn't feel like a mask in your face. Evens out perfectly. Does seem to fade a bit during the day, but looks even nicer if you puder some more on.
5 Anne
Best foundation ever. Easy to apply, great coverage with the result that it barely shows that you're wearing make up. I've been using it for years, both day time and when I go out dancing. My skin loves it!
5 Mia
5 Marja Nykänen
I found this product through a friend and just like her I will never go back. It's natural looking, easy to apply and stays on while being light weighted. I recommend this product to anyone, even though I have relatively dry skin this foundation works wonders!
5 Jennie
This is an excellent foundation and can be applied as heavily or as lightly as you like. If you have a less than perfect skin texture why not try it with a liquid foundation, you'll be amazed!
5 Vikky Wis
Great foundation! Covers redness on the skin and feels very natural. Recomend it!
5 Kelly Wood
Hello beautiful face! This foundation is simply amazing. I use it everyday because it gives my skin such a lovely finish and it lasts all day! I really love how natural it feels when you're wearing it too as it makes you feel like you're actually going bare! If you want to look fabulous but natural too, this is 100% the product for you! xxxx
5 Elaine Slye
started using this foundation last year and love it would never go back to liquid foundation, recommend it to everyone.
5 Julie
I LOVE it!! I blends in perfect and makes my skin look perfect!
5 Paula
A great light foundation which looks and feels better then other foundations I have used. Nice to use for daytime and holidays when you want to look good without the use of heavy make-up. It's also convenient for travelling (no spills or cake foundation breaking) Best of all no build up spots after all day wear or if you forget to take it off.
5 Tanja
Great product! Love it, love it, love it! :D
4 Maria
This is the best mineral foundation I've tried. It looks really good I think and "melts" onto the skin in the right way.
5 Mels
The best foundation I have ever used. Even after a day at work the foundation still looks perfect. Would highly recommend to anyone.
5 Kayleigh Evans
I have really pale skin and have struggled to find a foundation that doesn't make me look orange! This is the best foundation I've ever used though I found the fair one tends to clump and go into a liquid/cream towards the end of the day whereas fairly light doesnt!? Great product though, would highly recommend
5 Hanne
Fast delivery,great product! (Norway)
5 By Fang
Great prodcut. It makes your skin look so beautiful and pure.Simly wonfderful, and I would like to recommend it to everyone who likes mineral make up.
5 Fran
I bought the starter pack and now wouldn't be without it. I hadn't used powder form make-up for years so it took a little getting used to initially but within a couple of uses I had the hang of how much to use and now it is a quick make-up routine in the morning. Great stuff for covering all blemishes too!
5 petrina
Fantastic product-like the new sifter pots but be careful they do spill a little. Practice with the starter kit and you will love it-feels very light on the skin.
5 Sue
Fantastic product been using it for over 5 years had lots of people commenting on my skin, if only they could see it without bare minerals! Excellent delivery etc from beauty bay so glad to find somewhere local to buy without having to wait weeks for the product
5 Julie Walker
Ladies buy this product and throw out all your old foundations because this is amazing. Beauty Bay is the cheapest place that I have found to buy as well and they deliver it really fast.
5 Alessia
thanks great product!!!
5 Kristin
i have always had problems with my skin. if i was wearing normal make up on my skin blemishes would appear after some hours. about one year ago i started with Bare Escentuals, and i cant like without it! i can put on as mush as i want and it dousnt affect my skin. i have also noticed it has netrulized my redness in my cheeks!!! BUY IT!!!
5 Kristen
This product has unbelievable coverage considering its a loose powder, and when it goes on gives you a creamy translucent look. Use the concealer brush with the foundation and if you have any blemishes, it hides everything. Very fast and easy to apply, and one pot lasts me 8-10 weeks. I've been using it for 2 years now and I wont wear anything else.
5 Tirion White
This product is god send i have finally found make up that suits my pale complextion and covers up redness and imperfections and keeps oiliness at bay. This is one product i cannot live without
5 debra hughes
the first time i used the foudation i felt i looked 10yrs younger i wont stop using it.
5 Lyn Boardman
I've been using this product for over 12 months and couldn't do with out it. Triedother minerals but no contest it has to be bare escentials. Make sure you use the brushes recomended and buff, buff, buff for a flawless finish.
5 Betty
thank you, best i ever had
5 Ruth
I have always hated putting on liquid foundation (so messy). Bare Minerals is easy to apply and you get to keep your hands and clothes free from streaks and the dreaded make up tide line. If your new to Bare Minerals start with the starter kit (very good value) and then progress like me to buying just what Bare Minerals you choose to use.
5 June Rhodes
have used bare essentials for just over 12 mths now. wont use any other now its so easy to put on and gives a good coverage, but the big plus is to me the price its so much cheaper to buy on Beauty Bay than where i first purchaced it first time and a fast delivery thanks Beauty Bay

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