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1 03 June 2014 Louise
I had such high hopes for this palette... But It's not a good palette. I was very disapointed! The pallet itself is in hard cheap plastic with the shadows set in foam like material (the pictures here does not show that!). The shadows themselfs are not picmented, They are dry and dusty and I will probaly never use it...
4 26 May 2014 Anna
A fantastic everyday palette for a very good price. Good combo of shades, especially love the bronzy browns and rosy pinks. The quality overall is pretty good, not the best, but with a good primer you'll really get the best of this palette. Oh, and this really is a big palette! You'll surely get your money's worth.
3 20 May 2014 Elkay
Hmmm. I have to say it's not brilliant, however, the price is cheap enough that if you do buy this and aren't impressed, then you haven't wasted a fortune.... The colour range is good as the previous reviewer said, however, I have to say that the quality of the powder isn't great: the very bottom left colour in my palette is practically solid - even the sponge applicator had trouble lifting colour from it. I also don't think that we're talking all day wear here, as I put the majority of colours on my wrist to test them, and they had disappeared not long after. Ultimately, it was a tenner, so it's worth it if you want to play around with them, and follow tutorials as the previous reviewer said - I doubt I'll order the other palettes as I'm not sold on this one just yet.
1 18 April 2014 Lana
I love beauty Bay however I'm disappointed with this palette - sadly the Eyeshadows are not pigmented at all. I was going this would be my go to palette for work only but looks as though I'm going to have to purchase something else.
5 28 March 2014 Dawn
I bought this about a month ago and it has very rapidly become my go to eye shadow pallets. The colours are gorgeous ranging from barely there to the deepest dramatic black gray and several shades of nude/brown in between. I have used this to follow tutorials for a certain well known palett of nude colours and have had all the shades I needed. The palette comes with a good sized mirror which I do use when applying make up & even the applicator is of good quality (usually I throw away the applicators that come with eye shadows & use my brushes- this is an addition to my collection). The colours are lovely and apply well leaving a good finish and they last well. All in all this feels much more expensive than it is and is excellent value for money.

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