BEAUTY BAY the Collection Lip & Eye Primer 8ml

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BEAUTY BAY the Collection Lip & Eye Primer Zoom

BEAUTY BAY the Collection Lip & Eye Primer 8ml

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5 Worod
I love this as an eye primer but not as a lip primer, if you have super dry lips and you want it as a lip primer it's not the right choice, but as an eye primer it's amazing Love this I like to use it when I have a party or an occasion keeps my eye makeup locked in place all night long.
4 Prasanga
As far as lip primers go, this is a decent product. It actually keeps lipstick on for few hours.. but you do need to re apply through out the day. And yeah lips color getting better with this.. :-)
5 Shil
I mainly wanted to try this product as a lip primer and boy does it deliver! I am very impressed with the good quality tube as well as the product itself for the price. This primer makes my lips smooth and almost like a blank canvas to make any lipcolor pop with its true hue and vibrancy. It also gets rid of fine lines and somehow makes my mouth look fuller. It performs decently well with powder eyeshadows too but my reason to buy a couple more tubes will be for priming my lips. I had added it to my basket on an impulse given its excellent price and i am not disappointed. Also, my package was lost by the post and Beautybay promptly shipped a replacement as soon as i had completed the claim formalities.Very satisfied with the product as well as customer service.
4 Kristiane
This certainly isn't the most effective primer I've used on the eyes but it is a good product to wear on the lips. I liked that it blanked out lips and that the colour lasted longer.
5 Eva
this primer is amazing, i used it, on my lips then put lipstick on top and it literally stayed ALL DAY. Using it on my eyes also worked very well as my eyeshadow managed to stay on for the day:)
4 Liza
I added this to my bag out of curiosity while it was on sale and I must say I'm impressed! It might not compare to the more pricey primers, but it does the job quite well for a quarter of the price. It sets quickly and prevents creasing with most eyeshadows (had some trouble with cream shadows) and nicely brings out the colour. For the price it really is a steal!
5 Fatty
Love the product! Love beautybay! :)
4 Alexis
Decent primer. I found that the less you use the better. I made the mistake of putting too much on my eyelids the first few times I used this and found that my eyeshadows would crease so easily.
4 Gillian Brown
Good product and delivery.
4 Mariya
I rarely use eyeshadow but I wear lipstick every day so I thought I'd try out a primer. I'm glad I did. This feels light on the lips, sets quickly and creates an even, neutral base. I always struggled to get some lipsticks to look even as I have a few scars on my lips, which are quite pigmented themselves, but this helps to bring the actual colour of the lipstick out.
5 Caitlin
I love this product it was a steal at £4 really helps keep my eyeshadow on all day without it budging
4 lena
I think this product is quite good. I use it both on the lips and eyelids. After you paint it you have to waite a little before applying lipcolour or eyeshadows. Quite ok with a little amount.
3 Meri
This product is great for priming your lips. I tried on my lids and it wasn't as good used on there. It's probably because this is a silicone based primer. So if you have oily lids this probably won't work amazingly well. BUT used on lips I really like this.
5 silvana
This product is absolutely great! It's so sheer but does the job. The shade looked so light but seems to adapt to my skin tone. A very high quality product for such a great price. I recommend this product.

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