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BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel 14 Colour Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

4.5 38 Reviews
BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel 14 Colour Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette Zoom
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2 Emma
I've got to be honest, I was so excited to get this palette and upon swatches I was really happy, the eyeshadows and highlighters looked amazing but as soon as I put them on my face it was barely visible. I have used this palette once since I bought it about a month ago, I'd save your money and invest in an ABH palette or morphe
5 Saima
Colours are so so pigmented, at such an amazing price.Delivery was very quick, will definitely be ordering again.
3 Ash
The highlighters in this palette are beautiful but I found some of the eye shadows not that pigmented.
4 Haj
Amazing. love the highlighters !!
5 Jamila
Great! The formula is so creamy and pigmented, and this palette is so affordable. I prefer the highlighter in this, to all my highlighters.
5 Stephanie
This is an amazing palette with really pretty colors for it's price. It's really pigmented too and it blends easily. Recommend!
5 Abi
I've never been more pleased about it, the product it self is amazing and highly pigmented highlighters and the eye shadows are amazing as well ,they are a buttery and soft but don't cause fall out . a little goes a long way with this palette and its one of the best that i have bought .
4 Ana
Really nice but has a lot of fall out.blinding highlight
5 Ash
Love this pallete!!! Colourshe's are fab and Great pigmentation for an even better price ! Xx
5 Jaclyn
Amazing palette! Gorgeous colours for day and night looks. Each colour is very pigmented and easy to blend. Amazing quality for an outstanding price!
5 Paige
This palette is absolutely stunning, beautiful shades and gorgeous highligthers! Perfect to buy! :) x
5 Linn
Strictly gorgeous. I love the highlighters and all the shades. If you don't have it buy it right away. The colors are very creamy and pigmented.
5 Emily
This palette has extremely pigmented highlighters along with rich and intense eyeshadows. It's the perfect go-to palette to create endless elegant day and night looks.
5 Ella
Amazing quality, eyeshadows are so versatile and feel just like butter! Highlighters are gorgeous however only two shades suit my skin tone. Overall amazing quality, especially for the price!
5 Christine
The best palette!!! The shadows are so pigmented... one of my favourites for sure
5 Sanja
This palette is everything! It goes with every eye colour, you can make either soft day time look or a more strong night time look. Highlighters are amazing too. And all shadows and highlighters also corresponds to brighter skin complexion. Absolutely love it!
5 Rikke Jensen
2 Tara
Really disappointing! Many of the shades are not pigmented, and not very easy to blend either. The highlighters are extremely chunky too. Also, do not ever travel with this or drop it as it will crack, powder will fly everywhere and there is no saving it...I learned the hard way.
5 Emma Dunn
AMAZING! Quility is phenomenal and is definitely worth way more that what you pay for!
1 Jamie-Leigh Brentnall
Terrible palette, the top four matte shadows have no pigment what so ever, even with a finger swatch it's a patchy colourless mess. really disappointed that I wasted my money on this palette.
5 Perla Garcia
It is so pigmented and swatches so beautifully!! You get so so so much for the money! I love this palett and use it almost everyday!
5 debbie
Excellent pigmentation and well packaged. Excellent service!!
5 Emily
My favourite pallette of all time I'm on my second one, but it's actually cheaper to go through the BH cosmetics website and order from there.
5 Rachel
Amazing colours, this pallet is a statement piece to my make up collection. It's so pigmented!
5 Natalie Hill
I bought this palette last year from BH cosmetics and I swear by it, I've never used anything like it, so pigmented and the coloured are perfect for any occasion!
5 Carmen
my go to palette, can create so many different looks and the pigment of all colours especially the highlighters are crazy good!
5 Mirren
The eyeshadows are so pigmented and the highlighter is unreal! Defintley recommend!
5 Stine Kolby
Super pigmented and creamy shadows, would definitely recommend!
5 Shemina
LOVE THIS PALETTE!!!! The colours are amazing!!! Wish I knew it was going to come on here.. wouldn't bought it on bhcosmetics coz I got charged customs!!
5 Aishwarya
Though I did not buy this from BB (bought it directly from the BH website before it was available on BB), I will definitely say that this is one of the best palettes that I own! The shimmers are beautiful, especially the highlighters. They last well with eye primer, but I find that to be the case for even the highest quality eyeshadows on me as I have very oily eyelids. The mattes are great- slight fallout but that just simply means doing eye makeup first (before foundation etc.)
5 Sørine
Such a great and beautiful palette, really pigmented and the best neutrals and purple tone colors!
5 Sophie
Beautiful Palette! All the colours are so pigmented. Its also multi-functional as the highlighters are also brilliant eye shadows and the darkest can be used as a bronzer! Great value for money!
5 Rikke
I looooove the highlighter to the left!!!! The other colours are 'okay' in pigmentation.
5 Nicole
This palette is not only very affordable but it is also pigmented and blendable to create subtle and out there looks. Not to mention that the highlighters are a dream !!
5 Henna
I would highly recommend this palatte it is so pigmented and the hightlighters are a dupe of ABH glow kits you will love it soon as you do your swatches. Best buy ever and perfect give. So creative
4 Chiara
This palette is Amazing! Especcially for the cost! The shimmer shadows are incredibly pigmented and stay in Place all day long! The highlighters are BOMB !! Especcially the First One and the second One !
4 Sophie
Great pallet, really strong pigments, a little colour goes a long way. Use this mainly for going out as it helps create dramatic looks. Was a little diaapointed that it crumbled as soon as I started to hit pan so goes everywhere now
1 Gaia
I bought this palette not so long ago and it just doesn't match the hype. I was really disappointed with the pigment; you get no colour from it, it's so powdery. Obviously it's ok for the price but you can get much better products for the same amount of money. I would much rather have one really good shadow than 12 crappy ones.

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