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Blinc Mascara Dark Blue 6g

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1 Amy Sproule
Can't understand why people are raving about this. It coated my lashes but you could hardly notice them. Not thickening or lengthening and no jntsnsity of colour. Expensive. Waste of money.
3 Emily
A bit of a non event. Best for those who like a very natural look.
4 Anne Sopel
Is it tear proof? Absolutely. Better than any other mascara and I have very bad hay fever and my eyes water constantly. But it is very thick and not easy to apply.
5 Susan
This is simply the best. Having spent many many years trying to find a mascara that does not smudge, even waterproof ones still smudged under my eyes, I can't believe I have actually found the perfect mascara. I have previously tried cheap and expensive mascaras but nothing compares to this. It does not budge, leaves my lashes looking full and long, yet is easy to remove. It is on the pricey side, but I have spent a fortune on mascaras then went in the bin anyway!
5 Pamela
it is packaged in a tin and it does exactly what it says on the tin! Excellent product. For those people who loved and miss revlon colour stay lash tint-this is the product for you. For the first time in years I am able to wear mascara on my bottom lashes and it does not budge. Do not hesitate to buy
5 Eiri
No wonder why Oprah recommended this mascara! Absolutely in love with this mascara. Have tried all and always have smudging, flakes etc but not with this one. As mentioned before it does not add volume but I think I will try Amplified-mascara next. Nevertheless this mascara is a keeper :)
5 Ebba
Best mascara I have ever had! It does everything - long, thick, lashes. That last for AGES! It works best after a few weeks when it has dried a bit (sounds disgusting I know... But yeah). And you can also tell that it is really good for your lashes, my lashes are longer and MORE of them since I have stopped using high-street mascaras that damaged them. When it is getting bad though, it gets really crumbly - but before that it is lovely
5 Julie M
I love this mascara. I received it as a gift, and at first I wasn't too sure about it, because I have stick straight eyelashes. I always curl them before I apply my mascara, and this one weighed them back down after curling them, because the formula is so wet. I was bummed because I really liked the glossy look of it and the non-smudging part. I then bought Dior Iconic Mascara, and these two mascaras work amazingly when combined! I curl my lashes, apply a thin coat of the Dior mascara, leave that to dry while I do the rest of my makeup, and then I curl my lashes gently again, before running a lash comb through them and then applying the blinc mascara. This sounds like a lot of effort but it only takes a few extra seconds for me and is WORTH IT! I get the curled lash look from my light-weight Dior mascara, and the smudgeproof, glossy finish from blinc. Awesome!
3 Greta
Not bad, but not the best either. + bevause you can wash of it easily.
5 lynn
Good, glossy, makes my lashes longer. Love that it does not flake off, easy removal with no need for extra products - my go to mascara.
5 SS
The only mascara for me that does not budge! Have used for years. Perfect for daily use though does not add volume
4 Gazza
Pros: it doesn't smudge or flake, and stays put all day, and it's the only mascara that works for me, from this point of view. Also, it leaves the lashes well separated and it's super easy to wash off. Cons (sorta): doesn't add volume. Also it is a bit pricey IMHO.
2 Maddi
The novelty of this mascara did not work for me. It clumped my lashes together and made them look very spidery. Would be an excellent product if could give soft and fluttery lashes with the benefit of no smudging and easy removal.
5 Pernilla
I love it! My eyes are very very sensitive and finally i have found a product that works!
5 catherine
as a busy mum with sensitive eyes who likes to swim, this is brilliant. not only does it withstand being splashed by my toddler but it comes totally off at the end of the day, leaving no panda eyes in the morning. I'm back for my second lot now. The only totally waterproof, completely removable mascara i've ever had.
5 K from DK
I love this! Used to get smudge eyes, but not with this - it stays ON the lashes. Only it's not waterproof. A tip; Apply mascara as normal, let it dry and then use the Heated Eyelashcurler!!! Works beautifully. K
1 Lill
Very disapointed over this mascara. I curl my lashes and this mascara says it will not drag them down. But it does. Within seconds my lashes were no longer curled.
1 Cat
Don't like it at all. No volume, no length, difficult to get of. And the lashes become very hard and inflexible. The only truth is, that it doesn't smudge at all.
3 Me, Myself and I
I dont really think it gives me that OUMPF im looking for. Good for an every day mascara, but not somthing i would wear at night.
5 Nayoung
Great mascara, the only mascara I have ever tried that does not smudge at all! Gives length to lashes and I also like how it gives your lashes a bit of a shiny colour. Comes off easy and completely at the end of the day. It may not give the most volume, but the advantages definitely outweigh this.
5 Sonya
I have been looking for ages for a mascara that does not smudge under my eyes after a few hours wear and this is it, fantastic product and really simple to remove at the end of the day, love it!
5 Maria
I have been using this mascara for 8 years now - it is the only one I have ever found that doesn't leave me with black smudges under my eyes after an hour or two. I recently ran out so resorted to a Dior mascara that I'd had as a free gift - great lashes but terrible smudging. Needless to say, I have just ordered some more Blinc!
5 Shanice Donachie
I had the trial sample of this mascara and i have to admit its absolutely brilliant! im going to buy the twin pack now!
5 r southern
fantastic product. It does what ir says on the tin !!!!!!!!! it really does not come off till u use youe cleanser. I have gone from a non mascara wearer to a cant live without it. Great 4 contact wearing eye rubbers!

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