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Blinc Mascara Amplified

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Worst mascsra ever.
2 Amy
Yes it does tubes that are easy to wash off. But it won't thicken or extend your lashes. Not impressed, especially given what I paid for it. Disappointed.
1 Amanda Tregarthen
I was really hoping this mascara was as good as the hype but I'm really disappointed. I usually use Bobby Brown No Smudge in Black, or an YSL Volume Effect in purple - I have green eyes. Both provide really great fullness and length without clumpiness. The No Smudge stays put unless I've worn it to the gym and had a particularly sweaty workout, and the YSL is best for evenings as it does smudge if you get hot. I was hoping the Blinc would do the job, but my lashes looked short and thin. Almost as if there was no mascara on them at all. It has a kind of rubbery texture. I'll stick with the Bobby Brown as its fab!
5 Ladyrose
Wouldn't be without this mascara. I have sensitive eyes, only when it come to removing mascara. So when I found a mascara that I could remove with water, I thought it was too good to be true! But it isn't, Blinc Amplified is amazing. Gives fantastic coverage, and is long lasting! Love it
5 Andrea
I am so happy I have found this mascara. Every single mascara I have used before smudges and I had given up using them. I saw this on a beauty youtube video and thought I would give it a try. It just does not smudge, even when you rub your eyes. It looks natural and yet glam. I love it and would 100% recommend it.
5 Monica
Bästa mascara tillgänglig och lätt att ta bort. Har väldigt känsliga ögon och denna mascara jag kan klara mig utan problem.
5 Triin
It's not the best mascara for my lashes, but it's better than the rest. This mascara is the best amongst the tube mascaras, removal is the easiest. Amplified has better consistency and brush, than the classic Blinc, which is too wet. Even the waterproof mascaras smudge on my lashes, but not Blinc mascaras.
5 Vyjayanthi Raghavan
BESTEST MASCARA EVER ! I suggest you to use it for special occasions or night outs. It is simply a WOW ! It doesn't smudge or ruin anything even on your hardest day ! Being expensive, you wouldn't prefer to use it on a daily basis. It is truly what it says. DONT MISS THIS. Gives long and bright lashes. You dont need false lashes after using this. IT DRIES LIKE SUPER SUPER SUPER FAST. One coating is enough for a fuller look. Makes bottom lashes also look bright
5 Jenny
The best mascara ever!
4 Gaia
I was a big fan of the classic Blinc, and this is even better. I still think it performs better with a thickening base, though, that's why I'm only giving 4 out 5. Other than that, I love it and will buy it again and again.
5 Maria
Love it. Stay put all day long...untill I say so..not the weather or anything else! :)
4 Francesca Felici
5 Jaime
This is the only mascara for me - I will never buy another. It's voluminous and provides buildable length without looking cakey or speckly. Just like false eyelashes without the discomfort! It survives tears, rain and eye-rubbing, yet still comes off easily with warm water and no black smudgey panda-eyes. I love it, can't recommend it highly enough.
5 Sally Farlow
I never wear anything except Blinc - it stays on all day and is so easy to remove.
4 Melanie Curr
5 Paula
I've been using regular Blinc mascara for some time and wanted to try the Blinc Amplified. It's really great, just like the regular one, no panda eyes and so easy to remove it with warm water only. The only niggle would be a little too big brush so it's just a bit difficult to apply it to the bottom lashes. But you get to use to it after a few times. And on the other hand the big brush is great for the volume so it's actually not a big complain. Would definitely recommend it.
5 Gemma
Best Mascara I've used in a long while. Super length and volume and no smudging! Even better, only need water to remove! A must buy!
4 Heather Bury
This is a good mascara, which is easier to apply than the original Blinc, because it is drier. Although it is long-lasting and smudge -free, I have found that it does flake after a while, so I think that I will return to the original.
3 Beverley Nichols
Bought this as I like the idea of a traditional mascara being able to add more than one coat but although the mascara itself is a similar formula that washes off with water and doesn't leave any residue the brush is far too big, it's like trying to coat your lashes with a bottle brush! Makes it difficult to apply and messy. Sorry Blinc, I'm afraid I didn't notice any difference to the original and the brush needs to be smaller.

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