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CARGO Better Than Waterproof Mascara 10ml

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CARGO Better Than Waterproof Mascara Zoom
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5 Therese
Brilliant mascara! I live in Singapore where the humidity makes short work of any other mascara I've worn. This mascara behaves like a non-waterproof mascara so holds a curl, doesn't clump etc but also doesn't smudge or run. I've tried quite a few waterproof mascaras and they never perform as well as a regular mascara - this one does!
1 Caroline
I'm afraid to say I was really disappointed with this mascara. I bought it to go to Florida and New Orleans with, hoping that it was going to be able to deal with the humidity and the pool. Not only did it smudge terribly and make my eyes sting, but literally fell off my lashes when ever I got near water. I ended up having to buy another mascara whilst away, which whilst not perfect, was hell of a lot better than this mascara.

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