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CARGO Essential Lip Color

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CARGO Essential Lip Color Zoom
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4 Georgia tara Jones
Very moisturising lipstick, nice coverage. But not overly long lasting
5 Mariela
I have this in Bermuda. I'm very satisfied
5 Kate
I have this in Dubai and Paris. The colours areare nothing like on this siste. Dubai is an orangy brick colour. Paris is a red, leaning slighly cool on the lips, but still a true red (though it looks like a darker, slightly brown in the buller). I love how moisturizing these are - you can wear them without balm under! The formula is very hydrating, closer to matte, non-sticky, non-greasy. Could be tried with the Cargo swimmables lip liners - they would probably increase the wear-time :]
5 Meri
I have the lipstick in Palm Beach and omg it's really awesome! So pigmented, so smooth and feels really nice on my lips. It's a creamy lipstick and looks really natural, no glitter on it. Next purchase will be Sedona for sure!
5 Eevee
Very pigmented lipstick, you get your monies worth, these will last for ages. I need a lip balm under them, not so moisturising but the colour pay off makes up for that. Beautiful true colours, on my computer monitor they were close to in real life. The colours look darker in the stick because they are so pigmented, they go on a shade lighter than in the stick, tried mixing two, the new colour stayed bright it did not go a muddy brown messy colour. Very pleased will purchase again, nice neat compact container, small and easily portable.
5 Katties
I'm an NC25. The colour of the lipstick is pretty much he same intensity as my lips, but it's light brick red colour, kinda orangy-browny-nude, or dark coral, or burnt nude, if you want. It has no pink to it. I think many skin tones could pull off this colour. This looks good with my very yellow skin tone if I apply lightly. This would probably look good as a nude colour for those with tan or dark skin. Could definitely look good also on light skins, it just depend if you like dark corals. Some colours of this lipstick are shimmery, while others are matte. Dubai is a matte one, no shimmer, but you might get a slightly glossy effect if you apply this heavily. What I really like about this lipstick: 1) I'm not allergic to it - I'm allergic to a lot of lipsticks and get small bumps all over my lips, but not this one :) 2) it has no smell or taste! 3) the way the texture looks on the lips: it doesn't sink into the creases of my lips and doesn't look like a thick layer of lipstick, even if applied heavily. This is partly because of the texture, which isn't very slippery and it's quite dense 4) this is the most moisturizing lipstick I've ever tried! It doesn't make my lips feel moist, greasy or other things I associate with moisture, but somehow it prevents my lips from drying out while having a pretty matte look. It's easy to put a gloss or something else over this though, if you want. I actually end up using this instead of a regular lip balm... because this is more moisturizing than some of my lip balms :P This lasts on me for about 3 hours, I would say, but I definitely do have the tendency to both, chat and smile a lot, so nothing lasts for a long time, not even a lip stain. The lasting power is definitely not bad though.

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