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Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Paints

4.5 51 Reviews
Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Paints Zoom
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  • 24Seven
  • Brick House
  • Classy
  • Frances
  • Marshmallow
  • Pink Panther
  • Satin Creme
  • Spiked Punch
  • Suite Raine
  • Swerve
  • Tootsie
  • Whatever
  • WWW
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5 Sethina
Coloured raine is the first ever liquid lipstick I have tried and I must say I am hooked.The colours are so vibrant and suit even my darker skin tone. The colour bachelorette is the perfect nude for ebony skin. Not to mention Roulette, tootsie, raine fever, boss babe, oh! the list goes on . If you are a first timer like me try these and you will not regret it. If you find it too drying just put a tiny bit of Vaseline before applying it. Thanks beauty bay for bringing this amazing product to our shores.
2 Naomi
I bought roulette, I didn't like the formula it was super patchy and I got that weird layer on your lips you have to scrap away after an hour or two.
3 Sabrina
I was overwhelmed by all the reviews on this product so immediately bought 24/7, Mars, Whatever and Classy whilst in the sale. However after looking at swatches on youtube etc and the images on this website (both the UK one and USA) I have to say the colours were slightly off (except Classy). 24/7 turned out a quite dark heavy pink, Mars is a deep nude brown (no hint of the pink/purple on the picture shown) and whatever is very very deep brown similar to the image of the Toosie shade. Luckily all these colours are wearable and long lasting throughout the day however they are not the colours I imagined at all. Would still buy, just be wary of how accurate the images shown are.
4 Ellie
I bought Mars and I'm very happy with it. I have some other liquid lipsticks and this is one of my favourite shades. It's not drying and lasts quite a long time. I really want to buy some more shades!
5 Marina
I bought Tootsie and I'm very satisfied with the formula. It dries matte without drying out my lips. I will definitely buy more colours.
5 Kaidi
The shade Marshmallow has become my absolute favourite, wearing it nearly every day. I cannot describe how much I love it. The formula is amazing, one coat is enough to cover and stays on for ages. Maybe slightly dry on the lips but I am not bothered whatsoever. Have ordered more colours.
5 Tace
Amazingggggg. Was sceptical when it arrived as looked too nude but as soon as I put it on and it dried I fell in love! Really good product. Easy application, lovely colour!
5 Tahera
I've only used drugstore liquid lipsticks (Sleek) and i've always had a bad experience using them as they're really drying but these coloured raine lipsticks are very comfortable to wear. They are long lasting too. I bought the colours 'whatever' and '24Seven'.
5 Alisia Doyle
Recently bought two of theese and there now my favourite lipsticks ever prefer them to the kylie jenner lip kits defo purchasing more !!!
5 Victoria
Absolutely love these liquid lipsticks: the formula is so comfortable, pigmented and lasts for over 8 hours but they're not drying and the colours are so beautiful
5 ooh
Ordered Mars on Black Friday, shipped on the day and it arrived the day after! I had a tracking number too. I absolutely love the product it's a little drying but that's expected. The colour is also darker once it dries down but I have no problem because it's comfortable, affordable and super pigmented. It's also cruetly free which is a major plus and it's a BOMB so I know who I'm supporting!! Will be ordering more soon!!
4 Alexandra
I have this in both 24Seven and Tootsie and it is such an amazing formula! Lasts really well and I get complimented a lot when wearing it. My only criticism is that Tootsie is not as dark in real life as it is in the photo by itself, you have to use a dark lip liner with it (if you like really dark things like me)
1 Shay
By far, the worst liquid lipstick formula, I might have as well gotten some cheap ones, I am deeply disappointed.
5 Sabina
I would definitely recommend these liquid lipsticks, really pigmented, glides on, long lasting and doesn't smudge! Great products.
5 TS
Texture is nniiiceee! Dries fast and only one layer covers, not sticky. Lasts well for four hours and okay for six hours. I bought the 24seven and it's a little more red than in the picture. Still very nice.
5 Annie
I absolutely Love this lipstick. Cherry blossom has just replaced my Ruby woo...its amazing. I also have Roulette and Tootsie. Now I just NEED BeautyBay to stock Boss babe and Raine fever.
5 Jenny Jackman
Recently bought 3 more shades..roulette, 24SEVEN and sorbet and my god..they are just gorgeous! Favourite formula ever, i even prefer them to my beloved Jeffree star! NEED THEM ALL!
3 Sara
I bought .whatever. and .bachelorette. from this brand, I really love the shade and the pigment is perfect, but these two products dryes my lips a lot (at least on me) and unfortunally .bachelorette. is a little bit streaky and after a while it comes off in little pieces, not a pleasure thing.
3 Kornelija
Flakes after a couple of hours of wear, sometimes even during application if applied too thickly whilst trying to fix the uneven coverage. It flakes and sticks to your teeth a lot.. Having Tootsie in between your teeth doesn't really say glam. It does have good days but the flaking really irritates me.
5 Annalisa Pantaloni
The best liquid lipsticks ever tried. They're amazing!
5 Melissa
Was skeptical at first because the price of these are similar to other renowned cult products like the Jeffree Star Lipsticks, but after trying it, I have found them to be nearly the same quality. I purchased one of these in the color 'Roulette', it's a beautiful deep berry color. Goes on smooth, dries matte, stays put, doesn't smudge - my favourite part. It's a little thinner than the Jeffree line of lipsticks, but that might just be the color I chose. Gives a bold crisp line with the doe-foot applicator, and after two swipes of color you're done and ready to go. Definitely love it! Will be buying more for sure. Only wish the price was knocked down by a bit. Thumbs up overall. Excellent product.
5 Maria
My favourite ever liquid lipsticks, along with Gerard Cosmetics and Kat Von D. They are so pigmented and do not dry out your lips. I currently have Cherry Blossom and Raine Fever. These are definite must-buys!
5 Tola
I love these lipstick, coloured raine has a wide range of colour and love their formula .. I am currently building a personal collection and thus far Satin Creme is my best nude ever for every skin tone, lip liner needed for deeper skin tones. Thank you beauty bay for stocking these, you have saved me plenty custom charges! Thank you.
5 Siobhan
I bought these in the shades 2am and ooh la la, and I'm so impress!! They're not sticky, long lasting and very highly pigmented! I'll definitely be buying more colours!
5 Sana
I bought it, due to so many good reviews. But not a formula that worked on me, I would rather recommend Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks, Milani ones are also really good, along with Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks. I got the shade Tootsie and Roulette, and I'm between MAC NC35-37. I didn't like the formula it crumbles neither the colors on my skin tone.
5 Yiota
I got mars,marshmallow and whatever!!! They are perfect!! I love them!! Very good quality and so easy to apply!! Highly recommended!!!xxx
5 Mara
Just purchased Roulette and Tootsie. What can I say? Both colours have given me life - they can resurrect a dead person!! The colours are so rich and gorgeous. The formula is slightly thinner than I'm used to. With Roulette, you have to put on a couple of coats before it's truly opaque. The staying power is incredible and it's very comfortable. I would thoroughly recommend.
5 Sharday
The colour and pigmentation of this lipstick is amazing and I love that it lasts a long time throughout the day with only a minimal touch up. I have colours Tootsie and Whatever and I love them. Amazing!
5 orla
bought cherry blossom and fame and they are stunning colours. Complimented my fair skin really well and ill definitely purchase some more. favourite liquid lipstick I have ever purchased.
5 Serena
So amazing! I got whatever, sorbet and Mars which all suit me perfect! (Nc40) they would look lovely on all skin colours too! Once dried they don't smudge at all or wipe of its great as it lasts so long once you've applied it and don't need to keep looking in a mirror to see if it's smudged or come off
5 Louise
Absolutely love the formula! I got the colour Mars and it's a amazing dusty rose colour will deffo be purchasing more!!
5 chi
Best liquid matte ever bought! I bought Whatever and Mars... I ate a big mac and colour did not transfer to my food or chin and do you know how excited that got me?? one coat is enough and I don't even need to wear lip liner with it because it doesn't bleed. I usually apply once coat in the morning and a top up in the evening if I am going out. Also like to say it comes out as a different shade if you'e darker, Mars is more of a nude on me and I am lightskin so if you can get to a store to swatch and buy that would be the best idea, but if you're desperate JUST BUY IT COS ITS AMAZING
5 Sinead
I purchased Fame, Mary, Cherry Blossom and Rockstar. They are all stunning and so long lasting. Rockstar can be patchy but if you're patient it applies beautifully and looks amazing.
5 Damilola
Amazing colour and stays for ages!!
5 Amy
Absolutely amazing! I ordered 24seven and it's such a nice colour. Lasts all day, and beautybay are the best. Always order with them and the service is perfect. Extremely fast shipping and great customer services. 100% recommend these liquid lipsticks and 10000% recommend ordering with beautybay!
5 Rae
love this
5 C
I had always wanted to try a liquid lipstick and when I heard these were back in stock I had to grab some! I couldn't have them all, so I picked FAME and MARS. and I am delighted!! They are such beautiful colours, look exactly how they do on the website. The liquid itself feels thin and soo easy to apply - and the pigmentation is amazing!! They feel quite strange on my lips but probably because I've never used a liquid lipstick before so I'll have to get used to that! Overall, so happy with this this order will deffinately be buying more!
2 Jessica
Ordered Tootsie, Roulette, Mars, Marshmallow and Whatever. I found they dryed quickly and were non sticky. My only down fall is the formula was watery and after a few hours they bled, I thought this was just the dark shades but the others did it too. I wasn't eating/drinking in that time period. For me, these are totally unwerable.
5 Sarah-Jane
I've made my mind up! These are officially the best liquid lipstick brand I've tried. The colours are amazing and they feel so lightweight on the lips. I've ordered 3 days in s row that's how bad the addiction is. I need help! I now have soul, roulette, tootsie, cherry blossom, Mars, Mary and fame and I love them but cherry blossom isn't gave red everrr!
5 Kirsten
Love this range of liquid lipsticks. Have cherry blossom, 24/7 and vanity raine and they are all equally amazing. They apply on the lips like a dream, and look beautiful on - rich colours and they last along time on the lips! Cant wait to buy some more shades...
5 Jo
I bought Satin Creme, it says on here it is a pale nude where it's actually really quite a dark brown but it's exactly what I wanted. I've also tried the NYX Lingerie nude range and it doesn't even compare to Coloured Raine. I absolutely love that you can't feel it on your lips and it stays well. Definitely wanting more shades, they need to be stocked more often!!
5 Jay
MUST HAVE!!! one of the best high-street liquid lipsticks I have EVER bought! it does not crubble and it isn't dry, it stay ALL day long. Whenever I wear it, everyone is like 'damn I love your lipstick what is it'.. I just really wish that Beauty Bay would put more of the colours on, I would buy from Coloured Raine but shipping is expensive from the USA and can take up to 30 days! COME ON BEAUTY BAY RESTOCK PLS PLS PLS xxxxxxxxx
5 Kerry
I just love these. I started with one and now I have about eight. There a very pigmented and last. I would advise anyone wearing the matte colours to make sure you exfoliate your lips and the matte colour will highlight the dry skin on your lips if you have any. Simply use olive oil mixed with sugar, give your lips a rub, wash it off and you're ready to apply this amazing lipstick. Beauty Bay have said they'll be getting more courses in a few weeks so watch this space.
5 Anika
Recently purchased Tootsie, Roulette and Mary. As a liquid lipstick junkie, the Coloured Raine formula did not disappoint! The formula is a bit more on the thinner/liquid side but still very comfortable on the lips and staying power is super long-lasting. Can't wait to get my hands on more colours once they're restocked!
5 Pilar
These lipsticks are truly amazing. They last, they are comfortable to wear, they make your lip voluminous, they are not drying, and the color range its beautiful. Love beauty Bay and how they manage to bring on spot make up brands, making them accessible for us European citizens. I was about to buy Cherry Blossom when it run out. Please, Beautybay, re-stock that color. Everyone seems to love it.
5 Caitlin
Ok ladies listen up, these are straight up amazing. I wore Satin Creme for 9+ hours and didn't have to reapply and in that time frame I had consumed two McDonalds and drank a lot of coffee (not something I'm extremely proud of) but seriously the formula is fantastic, not drying at all. We all know how everyone was jumping on the Lime Crime band wagon for matte liquid lipsticks but we also know why everyone started boycotting them so if you're searching for a new liquid lover then you've found it. Can't rate high enough!
5 Nazish
Quick delivery I did order 20 four seven just loved it so smooth application and did not dry your lips.
3 Maisha
The colour range is great. Consistency is rather watery and you can defo feel them on the lips. Slightly drying.
5 Shenelva
YES FINALLY:D but i really want cherry blossom and tootsie :(
5 Paigd
Love these and the formula and plus amazing selection of colours! X

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