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Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

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Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops Zoom
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  • Blossom
  • Candlelight
  • Celestial
  • Halo
  • Moonlight
  • Rose Gold
  • Sunkissed
  • Sunlight
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5 Emily
This is amazing!! I saw so many beauty youtubers raving about them, I bought it in the shade moonlight, it is beautiful!!!! I now couldn't imagine doing my makeup without them, the glow is gorgeous! Beauty bay has fantastic delivery and service too! I always shop with them, highly recommend these enhancer drops to either mix with your foundation, or to layer on top of your foundation as a highlighter with a beauty blender, amazing product! My new holy grail!
5 Maddy carne
BOI. I bought halo and HOOOMYLORD ITS LITERALLY A BLESSING TO THIS WORLD! It's blue as hell but I wear it like everyday because I'm extra like that. I want to bathe in this, It's the best highlighter I've ever used and I'm defo gonna get more. 1000000/10 !!!!
5 India
absolutely AMAZING product, so pigmented and amazing range of colours, could not recommend this product enough. Buy buy buy!!!
5 joy
Bought this in celestial. Beautiful colour, ideal for paler skin. Fantastic staying power. It will last for ages as you don't need much.
5 sonja
I bought moonlight and is the best highlighter I ever had! Is use it for my eyes, cheeks and lips. Beautiful! I get a lot of compliments when using it.
5 Amie
These drops are amazing!!! I have sunlight and sunset. Sunset is perfect for adding a dewy bronzed glow - a little goes a long way. Sunlight is amazing for highlighting with a golden glow; I apply with my beauty blender. You can also add a couple of drops to foundation for an all over glow or before applying foundation. Love them! I am going to buy blossom next though I want them all!!!
5 Molly
Absolutely 100% the best liquid highlighter I've ever used! I have the shades Halo, Rose Gold and Sunlight and all 3 are absolutely stunning! A little goes a long way and it can be blended to be very subtle or built up to be blinding! Absolutely recommend to anybody who loves to glow!
5 Alexandra
Formula takes some getting used to and a bit of playing around but once figured it out it's amazing. Be careful not to use too much as a little goes a long way but if you're looking for a super intense highlight that glows from within I can't rave about these drops enough. Works on top of powder which is a plus for me.
5 MissyMisfit
These drops are so unique and amazing, it's literally like liquid metal! I like to add 2 drops to my foundation and it gives my skin this luminosity which creates a subtle healthy glow. I like that I've been converted from my usual matte look to glowing - perfect for the upcoming summer months!
5 Amana
Hi...can you tell me when your Product is back in stock. Cover fx, custom enhance drops ...? All of the colours . thank you . Had a problem with me card when I was placing my order !
5 Suzie
Great product. Kind of has an baby oil feel when you swatch it but so lightweight and dosn't mess or cake your foundation when you apply on top, even after powdering. Only thing is I bought moonlight and its a little dark for my skin tone. I'm the shade Chantilly in Nars concealer. I got it because I wanted a golden glow but the base of the drops is just a bit to dark when not in direct light to pick up the glow.
5 Ellie
This product is amazing!!! I don't think I'll be able to go back to an average highlighter again!
5 Maria Gordon
I have both sunlight & Halo. Sunlight is a bit too Dark, but it Will be great In the summer (and adds a great shine to my foundation!!)Halo is just amazing. Especially with my Winther skin! And perfect match to abh Moonchild! NOM! Go buy!
5 Amana
Hi, I like to place my first order with you,but don't I get a 25% off to place my goods ? There are diffrent company have speacil offers .
5 Liberty
Fabby, stays on the face all day, dosent smear, can be a little tricky to blend out if you leave it on the face before blending for too long
5 Miriam
This highlight is the booooooooooomb like the iconic one is kinda of a dupe but this has a better colour range, in the sun your highlight will pop pop. So you should get it
5 Becky
I have this in Sunlight and i can't praise it enough. I add a drop of it to my foundation before i apply it and it gives the 'glow from within' appearance but doesn't look glittery or like you have highlighter all over your face. It's stunning.
5 Rose
This highliter literally looks like liquid metal on the skin. The custom enhancer drops have literally zero sparkle or glitter, instead having a strong mirror-like metallic reflect. It is a very bold highlight that can be toned down by mixing it with a foundation instead. You only need a couple of drops to achieve
5 Candiece
Bought halo and absolutely love it I feel so pretty wearing this. Will go a long way as you don't need to use a lot
3 Naomi
If you're hella pale, go for halo! I bought celestial and even that was dark for me:( It makes my foundation go really weird when I mix it in, it bunches up and dries weird. I really wanted this to work but it doesn't. It works for some small detail highlight really well, and the pigment is unbelievable. It looks super pretty, but too expensive for what it is.
5 Sarah
I've the shade celestial and dear lord it's stunning. A little goes a long way as the pigmentation is crazy good. Gives the best glow and lasts ages too!
5 shannon
Such an amazing product and so pigmented! blends so easily onto any base foundation!! would definitely buy another one :)
5 ra
Omg best highlighter Everrr. If u r that cat eyeliner person who wants a gentle highlighter but pigmented this is the one to buy.Btw i love BTS
5 Line
This highlighter is the best, it's amazing! I have moonlight.
5 m
this is the real deal!!
5 Kb
This highlighter is AMAZING! I bought it at recommendation from some youtubers... omg... my favorite ever!!
5 M
the best!!!
5 Regn
This is amazing the colour pigmentation is absolutely off the charts!! 1000% recommend. I bought moonlight and it's the best light golden highlight with silver reflex.
5 Mich

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