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Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick

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  • Bare With Me
  • Kiss Of Fire
  • Sand
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5 Amra
I have the shade Bare With Me and I love it. Its a perfect nude with pink undertones. The texture is a bit moussey, thicker, but the lipstick applies perfectly and is really opaque. It is longlasting, fades equally, but if you want to reapply it, dont do it over a layer of lipstick, because you will feel the dryness and thickness. Overall, I love the lipstick and will hopefully order some other shades...
5 Emily
Merlot; such a beautiful colour and lasted me all day without touching up or drying my lips. **adds every other shade to cart**
5 nofar podgayevski
i love this liquid lipstick, the formula is very good and it easy to apply, i bought the color berry me 2 and i will buy another colors in the future.
5 Poorti
I bought the shade 'Cork' and I absolutely and irrevocably in love with the colour, the way the liquid lipstick applies, the finish. It is not tacky, smooth finish and very easy to apply, it does not dry instantly, therefore, easier to maneuver
3 Christine
This lipstick is ok. I have two colors and find them both to accentuate the lines in my lips (the lightest one is the worst). The positive part is that it doesn't transfer that much, wich i appreciate. So if you do not struggle with lines in your lips I think you might like it.
1 Ella
Desert suede: I was so so so looking forward to this lipstick but unfortunately it's so thick and goopy it doesn't stick to the doe foot applicator :( I barely managed to apply it and it was extremely clumpy and all transferred as soon as I had a drink. It's also super dark and nothing like the picture. I really hope it's just a one off because all the other reviews are so good. I can't even order another because it's sold out :(
5 Maja
I have bare with me, truffle and brick - absolutly happy with my I'm stalking two more shades !!
5 Brianna
I absolutely love these liquid lipsticks!! Best formula ever and ive purchased over 8, please can we get Stone and Truffle in again. I need those shades to complete my collection!!!! Please beautybay restock stone and truffle!!
5 Rea
I bought Berry me and I think it is one of the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried but the color was very different from the one in the picture. I get how every color is different when you put it on but Berry me was more similar to the color of the Berry me 2 picture. Still love it though!
5 Tereza
Best liquid lipstick ever! Please restock Stone :)
5 Yu
I LOVE THESE! Please can you get in truffle, stone and desert suede ASAP because I NEED THOSE COLOURS IN MY LIFE BEAUTYBAY!!!!!
5 Susana
I love this product, the formulation is very good, is easy to apply, durable and non-drying, it is very easy to carry on the lips, it is my favorite, and the beautiful corlor !! the merlot tone is spectacular
5 Nina O'Donnell
The most comfortable liquid lipstick I have ever used, the colour brick is just perfect for autumn, gotta catch em all
5 Suki
I love these liquid lipsticks. They are really pigmented and honestly do last all day. I'm so happy there are lots of colours in stock I can't wait for my order to arrive !!!
5 Po
ABSOLUTELY love these matte liquid lipsticks! By far the best there is! Please bring back stone, truffle and desert sand because I need these in my collection!!!!!!
3 Giselle
I ordered Truffle and Bare with me. It was so unexpected because I was just stalking everyday if they would miraculously restock them and they did! I do hope they would restock more but the main website of doseofcolor doesn't restock in MONTHS so & patience is a virtuefor this brand sadly. Back to the lipstick. It is very moussy! But I find the applicator not so handy unlike from other brand that I have. I prefer thinner applicator than this. It is not transfer and kiss proof hence the 3 rating. It transfers and leaves a mark if I drink and eat. But it would not be a problem retouching it. It will still look beautiful no matter how many times I reapply it throughout the day. Truffle is my fave! Got compliments from wearing it at work. Bare with me is streaky and looks weird on me. It doesn't fit my skintone unfortunately. I will look for a lip liner that would hopefully make it better. I just had high hopes because of the amazing reviews I've read and thought maybe this would be my HG matte liquid lipstick but sadly it's not. I love the packaging though! So chic! I still would love to try Stone, Berry Me, Mood and Brick.
5 Hayley
I bought bare with me and merlot and both are gorgeous! I want to buy more from beauty bay but they don't stock the colours I want atm. Best formula of liquid lipstick ever in my opinion!
5 Labiba
Been wanting to get my hands on one of these and when I did receive the colour truffle lipstick I can definitely say I was not disappointed at all! :) So in love with the dose lipstick. Can you please bring in the darker shades such as cork or wasted chocolate in stock? Been eyeing that shade fro so long now.. please bring it in!! Thank you! :)
5 Ausra
Its a fantastic lipstick! Will purchase again!
5 I
Stays on like a dream, kiss of fire is the perfect red! Just remember to make sure your lips are moisturized before putting it on. Hope you restock truffle, stone and bare with me soon!
5 Margaret
Such great product. Hoping that soon there will be a bigger variety of nude shades.
5 Sian
Best lip product I've ever used but I recommend a lip liner for this shade! Tried it on even though my lips are very chapped and get dry easily but instead of soaking in like most lip products do, it covered it up and made them look nice and soft and also kept my lips hydrated so they didn't dry out
5 Farzana
Please will when you re stock dose of colours matte
5 Zahra
Got stone and it's amazing!! Great formula and delivery came the next day!
5 Precioussed
I love these and now have 4 of them 'Chocolate Wasted' 'Berry Me' 'Pinky Promise' 'Kiss of Fire'...but I'm a little frustrated for the past 2months or more, you've not updated your stock with new options, it's annoying - where are those nude rosy shades (Truffle, Stone, Bare with me, Sand) etc. Please update with immediate effect, tired of seeing berry me, berry me 2 shish!!!!!
5 Helen Shields
I purchased this lippy in the shade truffle. The formula is good, long wearing and not super drying on the lips. It doesnt crack and go all grainy as some other brands have a tendency to do esp when eating and drinking. Love the packaging it feels really luxurious and pretty. Overall super impressed. Will continue to stalk beautybay in hopes to catch a few more tones when they re stock:)
5 Zahra
I got the shade Merlot all I can say is it's a must have for anyone wanting that perfect red lip. It's so comfortable, non drying and stays put all day long, even after eating!!! Another thing I loved about it was that it didn't bleed, when I've worn red lipsticks in the past the colour tends to bleed even after blotting with powders. i love it girls you need this colour and liquid lipstick in your life.
5 Karima
The hype is real! One of the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried! Super opaque colour and comfortable on the lips! I really liked the applicator as well, it made it really easy to aply. I was lucky enough to get hands on Truffle - gorgeous colour and a perfect everyday nude. I'll definitely be trying more!
5 Helene
I absolutely love this. I usually don't suit red lipstick, but the one in merlot is absolutely lovely (even on me!) First time I applied it, I applied it to my dry, crunchy lips and layered it on my lips, then ofcourse it crumbeled a little. I removed it from my lips and my lips was actually smoother after wearing it than my lips were before. I applied it one layer on my softer lips and the lipstick stuck for the rest of the day. Even after a lot of iced coffee and after dinner (bacon, rice and sauce aka a lot of fat) The lipstick did not dry out my lips, therefore, I am really happy with this lip stick. Hope you will restock the colours soon!
5 Marcie
I bought 'Berry Me' and I was honestly quite worried that it would be too purple. But it is magnificent. The colour is sort of a purple with red undertones so it's not that daring. It isn't drying so it sits comfortably on the lips. It is long lasting but if you eat wet, oily or greasy foods it does come off slightly so you'd have to top up a bit. But I can honestly say that this is my favourite lipstick and it dries matte quickly. The price isn't that bad for what it is. It's vegan, cruelty free and isn't harsh on lips. It is a must have product for everyone and it comes it a lot of shades (on the website but BeautyBay needs to get more because I regularly come on this website. Thanks a lot BeautyBay!
1 Abida Merali
I love the formula for dose of colors and decided to order truffle when it was in stock. I did receive the delivery on time however, the imprint on the tube was inverted (which wasn't going to be a big deal) however, the formula is very dry and not at all similar to the other dose of colors matte liquid lipsticks that I own. It is very disappointing and makes me wonder if it's a fake one!
5 Milana
Please bring more shades! I love these!!! Need to buy more.
5 Elin
My absolute favorite brand of liquid lipsticks!
5 Elaine
Love these!!!! Managed to get Truffle Bare with me and Chocilate wasted ?? They are beautiful colours! Beauty bay is the best beauty site around! I always recommend BB to my makeup college class xx
5 Sarah Alexander
I'm a huge fan of liquid lipstick, which means I've tried a hell of a lot of formulas but the Dose of Colors matte lipsticks are my absolute favourite. They don't budge or transfer, they're highly pigmented, comfortable to wear and non-drying. I have Bare with Me and Truffle and they're both stunning, I've not worn anything else since purchasing them.
5 IG - Makeuphorny
I bought 'Bare With Me' which is very gorgeous but is little to pale for me. I'm a NC25/30. But i can make it work, I also bought 'Truffle' which is the most beautiful color I've ever seen. It's the perfect every day color! Please restock 'Stone', I want it so bad. Btw. The formula of these liquid lipstick is amazballs! One of the best I've ever tried.
5 Nancy
AMAZING! I'm absolutely hooked on these, started with Truffle and Kiss of fire, now i have 8 of these shades in my collection! LOVE it!
5 hellen
its beautiful color..nice finishing and water proof. love it
5 Bianca
I purchased Berry Me 2 and I haven't stopped wearing it. Beautiful creamy texture, long lasting and doesn't cracking your lips. Ordering another three.
5 Hayley
Such a gorgeous colour! I adore nudes/brown and this is ideal for an everyday look. Lovely easy to apply formula and lasts for a long time :)
5 Farah
Best quality matte liquid lipstick I've tried!! This is long lasting and stays on the longest out of my lip collection. I managed to get my hands on the shade truffle and it is STUNNING!
5 Klara
This liquid lipstick is amazing. It's one of my definite favourites. It stays on for a long time and when it fades (my colour is truffle) it blends well with the lip colour.
5 Farzana
I just can't get over how good these are, please bring back all the colours I need them in my life :)
5 Roshni
Excellent comfortable liquid lipsticks. I prefer the darker colours as I have found the lighter to crack on me but the formula is excellent in general. I look forward to getting more of the colours.
5 Neda
I ordered the shade Stone and ohhhhh its just AMAZING!it is the most long lasting lipstick I own and is not over drying on the lips either.Since then I ordered from another brand of liquid lipsticks but they do not live up to these. I managed to order Bare with me so I am waiting on that to arrive. I'm dying to get my hands on Truffle. The only down side is that all the popular shades sell out please stock more PLEASE!!!!
5 Bella
Love these! Really want to try truffle and Cork
5 Jillian
I have purchased the colour stone; and awaiting on truffle'. Can honestly say these are the nicest formula of liquid lipsticks I have tried! Even in comparison to my colour pop liquid lipsticks which I find to be very drying! These stay on all day without touch ups, don't transfer, creamy and come in a range of beautiful shades. Hope to buy more soon!
5 Saima
I've ordered berry me, merlot and brick. As soon I saw brick I did order it cause I knew if I leave it I won't get it lol and today there's no more brick left. I need truffle but can't order until 23rd March so please stock back truffle again on 23rd so I can get one. I love the delivery of beautybay I mean love love. Thanks Beautybay
5 Anna Machado
ABSOLUTELY ADORE!!! bought brick and merlot and cannot recommend enough! super fast delivery and brilliant lipsticks! thank you beauty bay!
5 tamara
Truffle is my absolute favourite! such a lovely colour and the formula is spot on! will be purchasing more when stone is restocked.
5 RC19X
Please bring Cork!!! :)
5 Rebecca
LOVE these matte lipsticks! I have truffle , stone , bare with me all amazingly creamy when first applied and when they dry they stay all day!! Without touch up .. I wish their was the new colours here as I'd buy all of them too!! Got to try ..
4 Gresa
Love these! Please bring back Bare With Me back in stock!!
5 Sofi
I have purchased this in the color Truffle. This is the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried. Its so easy to apply and then it dries matte, but it does not cake. Also the pigmentation is crazy. I'm in love, will get other colours too.
5 Pilar
OMG!! These are the best formula I have ever found on matte liquid lipsticks. Y mean, I have tried it all: OFRA cosmetics, sephora lip creams, coloured raine (which is awesome), nyx, too faced, name it. But this is another concept: they run creamy, but then, once it is dry, they become totally velvety, which actually makes your lips look bigger and fuller. You don't even notice you're wearing lipstick, because it's not sticky when you talk/eat. The colour range it is awesome. For some reason, everybody likes stone, but I recommend, if you are brunette, PINKY PROMISE. It is the most gorgeous electric-ish blue based fuchsia. Absolutely beautiful. Also, let me recommend, if you are looking for a special kind of burgundy/dark red, but not too bright, something a little grey-ish, SORBET, from Coloured Raine, available here at Beautybay, which is simply the best cosmetics UK store ever. Please, stock up CHERRY BLOSSOM, from Coloured Raine, and don't stop bringing new on-site economic brands.
5 Kristine
This liquid matte lipstick is much better than Gerard Cosmetics hydra matte lipstick. First of all, I used this during winter and it did not dry my lips at all. The formula applies very light and creamy, but has an amazing color payoff. With Gerard cosmetics hydra matte my lips dried after a few minutes outside the winter season and it felt dusty as it was crumbling on my lips. I wish Dose of Colors have a dupe for serenity because it's an amazing shade.
I recently purchased the shade Truffle, it is a beautiful color and applies really easy on to the lips. I find this liquid lipstick really easy to work with and the best thing is is that is very comfortable on the lips and DOES NOT flake off! Superb service beauty bay!
5 Jacqueline Lawrance
Please bring the limited edition black rose. I am really crazy about this shade. Thanks
5 Georgia
In LOVE!!!!! I have bare with me and OMG! Creamy long lasting and not overly drying. Please stock more nude colours beauty bay! Please listen to us! WE WANT MORE!
5 Mandy
I am obsessed with these lipsticks. Purchased Bare with me and Merlot. The only lipstick that stays in place for hours. Need to get Stone so please restock. Also friends have asked where I bought Bare with Me from and they immediately come to your site, but you are out of stock. Please restock all colours they are FANTASTIC
5 Katie
Love these matte lipsticks. Non- drying, amazing formula! please restock stone :)
5 saima
done my 2nd order and I've ordered merlot which is an absolute amazing colour. I just love it and well the delivery timing is super will always shop from this website. waiting for stone shade. Thanks a lot Beautybay
5 Tenisha
Brilliant quality lipsticks please stock sand!
5 Pinar
The formula in this is amazing, really fast delivery- only downside is they don't have all the colours
Truffle is a beaut shade! Delivery within 24 hours too thank you so much Beauty Bay x
5 saima
I did order berry me cause at that moment was available only that and I got next day which is awsome. Love that colour berry me!! please bring more of truffle, stone and brick please! please xx Thanks Beautybay
5 Paige
Love these as they are so creamy, amazing formula, beautiful pay off! I have stone and dying to get my hands on more! X
5 Aleya
Please bring back Stone! I'm in love with all the colours! Just need Stone in my life.
5 Esha
Amazing quality. Received them less than 24 hours after placing the order!! Incredible service. Please restock Stone, desert suede, sand and chocolate wasted! Highly recommend!!!
5 Sabah
So amazed with how fast the delivery was and finally got my hands on truffle. I just wish stone was available.
5 Chiara
Please restock stone!!
5 Exoxo
Absolutely in love with these liquid lipsticks! I got bare with me and truffle and they are STUNNING! Also, Beauty Bay's service is incredible! I got my order in less than 24 hours! PLEASE PLEASE RESTOCK MORE COLOURS BEAUTY BAY like Stone, Desert Suede, Brick and Chocolate Wasted. I need these in my collection!!!!!
5 Aleya
I have got 2 of Berry me love the colour! I hope they get more shades in stock!
5 Mieke
I love this formula, they don't crumble or feel dry on the lips & it's longwear. Wish Beauty Bay would bring out the new colours. I love Beauty Bay in general, provide us with the best Beauty brands and a great service. Great site!
5 Iida
The best liquid lipstick ever! I bought this lippie in berry me and it's just amazing. Stays flawless for hours, no matter what you eat or drink! Beauty Bay we need more colors! (Stone, brick)
5 Aisling
Just received Stone and I'm in love with this shade. I've bought so many liquid lipsticks and this formula is by far the best. Thank you Beauty Bay for bringing these fantastic products to us. Please get more shades. LOVE THEM.
5 Kerry
I love these matte lipsticks. They stay in really well and don't dry the lips. Can't wait for Beauty Bay to get more colours in. X
5 Lauren
I purchased Bare With Me and I am in love! Absolutely outstanding formula and quality! Please restock more colours Beauty Bay!
5 Liliana
Finally, I can now call myself proud mom of two precious babies! The best liquid lipsticks belong to Dose of Colors! Highly impressed! So smooth, so comfortable, so creamy, even for women who have super dry lips like I have, this is a dream formula. Dear Beauty Bay, I love you, but PLEASE, my family wants to expand, MORE COLOURS (Brick and Bare With Me), I BEG YOU!
5 Lasya
These are by far the best liquid lipsticks I have tried! And the color Berry me is sooo gorgeous, especially on my dusky skin! Thank you Beauty Bay for making these type of amazing products available to us! Hope you stock more shades very soon :D
5 Kate
I love these so much! These are the best liquid lipstick formula you can find! They don't dry out your lips, they don't transfer, they stay all day without cracking and they are just so comfortable to wear! Please Beauty Bay- get more colours!!
5 Ruthie
Super pigmented and non dying whilst still being ultra matte, these have a lovely finish and dry down completely matte with no sticky or tacky feeling. They wear throughout the day beautifully, definitely recommend.
5 Adriana
I was lucky to get my hands on the shade Stone. I've tried so many liquid lipsticks so far but this one is hands down best matte liquid lipstick I ever used in my life. So creamy, so hydrating, never leaves your lips dry and doesn't feel uncomfortable whatsoever. Love love love this lipstick!! Thank you Beauty Bay for bringing these awesome products to us :)
5 Ashra Shaikh
I have the shades berry me and berry me 2 which I purchased from the U.S so happy Beauty Bay are stocking them now !!!!!. I purchased stone from beauty bay stunning shade I love it !.. I am really excited to purchase truffle and brick now . I can't wait till these arrive !!!. Amazing liquid lipsticks, so pigmented and are so long lasting!!!!!. Deffo a must buy!!!!. X
5 Joanna
Brilliant lipstick, glides on perfectly and stays on all day! Absolutely love these!
5 Leanne
I have 11 of these colours 6 from the states and rest from Beauty Bay and absolutely love all of them. Don't budge at all still look as amazing from the moment you put it on, wear them In the day as a casual look re touch up for an evening out and still as amazing Would deffo recommend.
5 Emily
Ordered Stone just before it went out of stock and I love it, beauty bay is 100% the best place to get hard to reach makeup that has previously only been released in the US, definitely recommend and will be purchasing more colours in the future!
5 Suhana
I bought the shade stone its AMAZING! Love it. Cant wait till Truffle comes out.
5 Moumita Ganguly
Dose of Colors is My FAVORITE since last year!! I bought Merlot from the United States and ever since then I have been in loveeeeeee with the product. I recently got my hands on the shade PINKY PROMISE from the same Matte range from Beauty Bay and the color is more than what I want. It's BOOM !!! The perfect pop of color for anytime. Texture: Perfect Non-Chappy Matte, does not dry-out to give you chapped lips! It is Hydrating but at the same time perfect matte. Color: Blue Based Pop Pink! Completely Opaque! One glide and you are done Stay: Approximately 16 hours or more! I applied it around 11 o' clock in the morning and till i came back home (maybe 10:15-ish at Night) I needed COMPLETELY NO TOUCH-UP's. Bang-on even after Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner. Packing: The bottle is Beautiful and elite, white cap and matte body. Value Proposition: Its a value for money! Good to go for quantity of 4.5g Such Wonderful Color ..... Goes on LIQUID and turns to MATTE! Love Dose of Colors Matte Lipsticks...... Join the Color Revolution
5 Braziliangirl
I have so many liquid lipsticks, I love ABH liquid lipsticks but DOC is really amazing. I'm a MUA and I find this is much better especially on clients with drier lips, it glides on beautifully and colour is very pigmented. Very happy, need some more colours on here please :)
5 Charlotte
Love how smooth it glides on and the vibrancy of the colour lasts for hours without fading 100% recommend.
5 Zahra
I have no words to describe how amazing these are!! Prefer them way more than Mac lipsticks and any other lipsticks.

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