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DuWop IcedTeas Lip Treatment

3.5 11 Reviews
DuWop IcedTeas Lip Treatment Zoom
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4 Courtney
Quite pricey for a lip balm, but it was worth it for me. It was very moisturizing, smooth and had a nice faint scent to it. Made my lips feel so smooth and luscious. So many other lip balms do the same thing though, and for a fraction of the cost. Has a very luxurious feel to it. Not totally necessary but if you have the money for it, it is a nice purchase.
1 Shannon
I bought the pink grapefruit - it doesnt smell at all and the flavour is horrible! And just feels like vasoline. I dont know if mine is just off or what but im disspointed!
1 Laura
Not worth the money at all, the balm itself marks on the twist mechanism so it looks nasty. The taste is ok im glad its not overly tingly. I have used this a hand full of times and its marked so bad and now snapped. Its practically the full size still.
2 Adina
I am so sad that this product didn't work for me..The idea of a lip product like this is quite unique and the product looks so good when you open it but the formulation wasn't what I was expecting. I have the one in Mint Mojito but it smells like plastic and it wasn't hydrating at all, I couldn't keep it on my lips for more than 5 sec. Maybe I got a bad one and the rest of them are really good, I might try another one in the future
5 Charlene
I have this in White Peach and have just ordered another in Mint Mojito! It glides on so smoothly and locks in moisture for up to a few hours! The taste of it is so delicious I have to stop myself from licking it off my lips every so often =P My next flavour to target is the Strawberry Kiwi one!!
5 alison
omg! i love everything about this!! the formula itself is so smooth and moisturizing! Another thing i love about it is the quality of the packaging, the case is has a good weigh to it and has the nice click sound when yo close it, the way expensive lipsticks does! and i love how its transparent! like those barbie toy lipsticks! I get some many compliments about the lipstick whenever i take it out! I cant wait to buy other colors!
1 Danielle
Good looking product, but that's as far as it goes for me. It didn't nourish my lips one bit, it even dried them out a little more! Moreover, there is a faint synthetic scent to it that is most unappealing.
3 Lisa
Hmm, not as impressed as I thought having read the previous reviews. Overall its okay, smells pretty good.
5 Kirsty
OMG I am in love I buy a new lipstick or lipgloss every week and this is by far one of my favs defo on the present list stunning colour flawless sheer shine. I love it I love it alot
5 Ivanda Klepere
HOLLY GRAIL lip moisturiser! The tint has no matter, but...the formulation does!!!!! No more chapped lips, ever.....
5 vleemakeup
I just received my order, ripped it open & laid on the DuWop Pink Grapefruit IcedTeas Lip Treatment - what a gorgeous invention. This has a multitude of rainbow glitter (tiny) in a transparent, natural pink "gloss". It swept onto my lips smoothly, left the faintist hint of colour & made my lips twinkle & sparkle with the tiny glitter bits.

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