DuWop Lip Venom Pink Shimmer 3.5ml

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DuWop Lip Venom Pink Shimmer Zoom
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3 Simonne
Many have commented on the size and though I dismissed it when reading them, when I opened the package, I thought 'yeah, I see what they mean'... look at your little finger... this is roughly the size of the tube you're gonna get ! It had a lot to live up to... sadly, I don't think it delivers the wow factor promised... it's a delicious smell - it brought to mind Hubba Bubba original bubblegum - a childhood favourite.. so for that it gets 5 points... it's a very pretty shine, i'm not seeing a lot of pink shimmer but I do like it nonetheless.. it's a rather sticky consistency but I wouldn't mark it down for that.. that just comes down to personal opinion... i'm afraid what marks this down to a 3 out of 5 is the fact that I see no difference in my lip size at all... yes it tingles and perhaps that tingling reaction in some would cause a 'bee-stung' effect but if it is, it's not showing to a marked effect that's making me think wowsers..... I really think it's one of those products that if you keep finding yourself looking at it thinking 'hmm, I wonder'.. then buy it and satisfy your curiosity. I love the smell and think it's nice as subtle lipglosses go but it doesn't have a WOW factor.
5 Chiara
Love it! It lasts on the lips and gives a fabulous, glossy, pinkish hue! The scent is cool and nice! Excellent effect volume! Lo adoro! Dura molto sulle labbra e dona un favoloso, lucido, colorito rosato! Il profumo è fresco e piacevole! Ottimo effetto volume!
1 Christina
Definately not for me. It felt really uncomfortable and I had to wipe it off my lips within minuttes after applying.
5 cinderella
My first time using this lip venom. Wow!, it actually works!.So super excited! It has a tingling sensation like a menthol or peppermint which I love it. Since my lips now can look fuller & pout, I'm quite addicted to apply it often.I love the pink shimmer, glossy and wet effect. My only complain is that it's quite sticky.
5 Carol
Love it, love it as like all the others in this range, only one negative, wished it also came in a BIGGER size, although great for carrying in your handbag.
3 Emily
I'm disappointed.. I read all the comments, and was so excited for this lipgloss, but it didn't help my lips to get bigger... Looks like the same small lips. :-( But it's a beautiful color!
5 Sofie Jouatte
Oh my :) This one is my new Best friend . It's fantaboulous!
5 Leanna
Love this !!!!! It really makes my lips bigger and glossy and it is easy to put on and stays on (without being too sticky). It shimmers in the light and smells great as well.
5 Katherine
OK, so I've tried them all - THIS is UNBELIEVABLE! Beats every other product in its category! If you're seeking that gorgeous pout, seek no more! This certainly gives it, and at the same time, it's really like it makes your lips seem so much bigger overall -- in fact... my lips are pretty voluptuous to begin with, now, with this, they're huge :-D I LOVE IT

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