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Eyeko Brow Gel 8ml

4.5 17 Reviews
Eyeko Brow Gel Zoom
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5 Shak
I love this brow gel! My ride or die. Perfect color, not too dark/ red.. Its just right. The brush comb is really nice too. Texture is wonderful. Its does not harden yr hairs bt it makes it more define and bushy and it stays as it is! Hands down!
5 Ana
Amazing product, keeps brows in place and after dry you can still brush through them to restyle.
5 farah
I use this on top after filling in my brows with ABH dipbrow pomade and it holds my brows all day! I even wore it to a waterpark with ABH dipbrow and my brows stayed put, they did not smudge at all!!
1 Lise Brown
The tinted colour does not appear subtle at all on my brows and I am very disappointed. Far too dark and the colour transfers to my skin not just the hairs. Really disappointed as I was expecting a brow gel and not a mascara for my brows.
5 Ana
My absolute favourite brow gel! Sets brows in place perfectly without leaving them crunchy. It also gives a very natural finish so the brows don't look super dark and matte or shiny.
5 Ellie
I love this brow gel so so much! It isn't that tinted, so don';t be worried about mega-pigmentation! It holds brows all day, whilst also being really natural. I think my brows have grown back a little bit as well since I've been using this product! It really isn't a lot for such a good product, and it lasts a really long time!
5 Alice
Best eyebrow gel I've ever tried! Good brush and a thin formula make it very comfortable to use and put as many layers as you want. What I like best about this product is a glowy finish that makes my brows very natural. Although, because of its formula, this gel may be not suitable for thick-haired brows (I've tried it on my friend's brows and it looked pretty awkward).
5 Keira
LOVE This!! I accidentally ordered the tinted version but I'm so happy I did, the tint is a great universal colour. The brush is perfect size for any brows certainly not like the Maybelline brow drama. The formula sets my brows all day but in no way is it crispy, it's natural. I love how you can get every last bit of product out of the packaging so I really have no reason to think twice about the price.
5 Sarah
I have waited for a couple of weeks before submitting a review on this item, as I wanted to give myself adequate time to put it to the test. As a lady of a certain age (47 to be precise), I have been using an extremely old spit on mascara in a tin to set my eyebrows after filling them in with a brown pencil. Not any more I hasten to add, this product is amazing. It is a great colour (I have brown hair with gold lowlights) and the colour of this product is perfect. I still fill my brows in with a pencil, but then use this gel to set them, which it does perfectly, without feeling crunchy. Being 47, I have lost the tails from my brows and I am sure this product has helped the hair grow back somewhat, because for the first time in a very long time, I do appear to have much better eyebrows. I am so glad I purchase this product and it will now be my go to product for great looking eyebrows. Sorry, spit on mascara in tin, you might just have been made redundant after being a faithful friend for donkeys years.
5 Tova
Really like this gel! perfect color for me with brown hair and ashy brows, don't look orange at all. The hold is good but it doesnt feel hard on your brows.
4 Louise
Perfect colour for blonde eyebrows, holds them in place without feeling crunchy but unfortunately I found it has subtle shimmers in it which can make my eyebrows look a little sparkly in the sun
5 Tamara
I absolutely love this eyebrow gel! After defining your eyebrows with a pencil or powder and applying this just makes the eyebrows look more groomed and they hold in place without the crunchy feel!
5 Ivana
I had quite high expectations for this product and it did not disappoint me. I have fine/very thin hair-brows, but at the same time - SO unruly brows and this gel fits me like a glove!
5 Marissa
I love this products, creates a really naturally looking brow. The tint is just the right colour for me and it holds the shape in place all day, its is quite a light hold, doesn't make eye brows stiff. I use this on its own for a more natural look but it can also be used over an eyebrow pencil or pomade for a more dramatic look.
4 Wilma Noorduin
5 Ruth
Great product, applies evenly with just the right amount of colour and hold! last until washed off. This is now my go to eyebrow product!
5 victoria
Excellent buy, great really impressed, will definitely buy more when it runs out, also impressed with their eye lash curler.

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