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Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara Black 8ml

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Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara Black Zoom
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5 Lauren
This mascara is amazing, I have tried many other mascaras in my time as i have short lashes. They'e Real and this mascara tops the lot, it is very easy to apply the size of the brush is amazing, it doesn't clump and it literally makes your lashes super long... i will defiantly purchase this mascara again ! :)
1 Oshedhe
I like this mascara but you have to bend you eyelashes and add 2-4 times to get the fill and volume. The most terrible thing is I get allergic if I accidently poke my eyes or when I cry.
5 Katherine
Brilliant! The brush is perfect for top lashes, but works just as great for bottom lashes (with care!). Lashes do not clump, do not flake, and are still soft a good 6 hours later. The black is dark, and ideal for subtle, everyday mascara. A new favourite!
4 April Shwe
5 Anastasia
The best I've ever had for especially sensitive eyes. 2 layers are ideal for long and voluminous lashes without clumps. Going to try other Eyeko products.
5 Jane Aitken
Love this mascara. Amazing impact.
5 Elaine Smith
Never found a better volume mascara for sensitive eyes.
2 Stephanie
I did not get on with this mascara and it has gone in the bin. Could not get used to the brush, applied more product on my eyelid that lashes! The tube design is good though.
4 Emma
This is a very good mascara. I usually layer it with another to get that extra ooomph, I find it necessary to use many layers if using alone. It's has good staying power, but can flake slightly in humidity. I like the fact that the tube allows me to use up way more than other mascaras. The brush is also quite good, the formula is not too liquid so it's easy to get sufficient amount on the brush - not too much, hence the need for layering. I'm going to try other Eyeko products because of the good impression this mascara left. It's easily enough removed, but I find it often leave some leftover smudges below the eye, might also be my remover behaving badly, no biggie.
4 Kerry
This is good mascara, it volumises and lifts lashes without clumping. However, I think you can find mascara that performs just as well for a little bit cheaper.
Amazing one! You should try it, and you will love it just like me!!
5 Helena Katarina
This mascara is great! Easy to put on and make my lashes just the way I want. Long and thick. My new favourite!
5 Jodie
I love this mascara!! It goes on so easily, makes my lashes look long and thick! It's has great staying power and doesn't run or flake! I bought it mainly because it didn't contain any parabens and I'm so glad I did. I'm on to my second one now. I alsouse Tweezerman Folding Lash Comb with any mascara I wear now to the perfect clump free lashes.

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