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1 20 October 2014 siti aminah
Does not give out a strong black kohl whenever I glide it on my eyelid. The tip is really dry but when I try gliding it on my hand, it works fine. Otherwise, it's just really dry as though the eyeliner has run out of ink. Overhyped product.
1 22 September 2014 Mary
terrible product! the pen feels as if there is no product inside and the felt tip is completely dry, does not draw onto skin even when pressure is applied. complete waste of money, have used pharmacy brand eyeliners that work better. would give it a zero if I could.
5 24 July 2014 julie
Best eyeliner I have ever had! It goes on smoothly and stays on all day without smudging I got a free sample but will continue to use this product.
5 15 July 2014 Corrine
The best, long lasting, and easiest eyliner I have ever used. I am not an expert at liquid eyeliner, I always get it crooked and am quite shakey. This eyeliner has helped with all of those things and I love it!
1 12 July 2014 Tillie
I'm really disappointed with this eyeliner, I read the reviews and all sounded fairly positive however from my experience this eyeliner did not glide on at all and the colour was definitely not black, it was more of a light grey. The tip of the eyeliner pen seemed to have dried up and wouldn't draw onto my skin, so this pen is essentially unusable as it is unable to create precise lines. After spending on this product I expected something of good quality but this was the complete opposite.
2 03 July 2014 Queena
Didn't like it at all. Doesn't glide on smoothly. Not sure I got the bad batch or what but it was all dry and stiff.
5 07 June 2014 Gaël
Great eyeliner. Easy to apply and results in a very clean black line. Didn't smudge and looked pretty great all day long. I've been using this since january and it's still going strong. Definitely recommend this product!
5 03 June 2014 Rochelle
I love this eyeliner. Its nice and thin and easy to use. Will definitely be buying this again!
4 12 May 2014 elisabeth
This is a great pen that is very, very easy to use and I don't think it is waterproof, which is why it can be prone to smudging. Sometimes this can be a good thing as you don't always want a hard line and it's good to have a bit of variety in your make-up bag. The colour is also very intense.
4 24 April 2014 Sharon Carvalho
Easy to draw
2 16 April 2014 Eva
Got the mini version with my previous order. I do not know if I did something wrong, but could only use it once. Put the cap back properly, still there was leakage around the head. The applicator dried out on me, did not even work when pulled it out and tried using the other end that is soaking in product. Will stay with gel liners...
1 11 March 2014 Nina
I don't know what I'm missing, but I think this eyeliner is a total waste of money! The color isn't black enough and the line is not smooth... It's almost like it's too dry. Disappointing.. :(
1 21 February 2014 Hayley
I recently purchased the black and brown versions having received a sample version of the black. The sample version was amazing however having received the 2 full sized versions I am not so impressed. I have used the brown once (if you can call it once) I tried to apply it and it hardly came out, when it did it was an awful red/brown so I gave it a shake but the same thing carried on. The black I find starts off well but dries out by the time I have even finished the first eye so you can't then use it.
3 19 February 2014 Barbara
A bit disappointing. Pros: Great colour Easy to work with Cons: Smudges Thin/dry consistency This eyeliner is like a less good version of Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner (Which in my opinion is the best eyeliner ever)
4 04 February 2014 flora
The easiest eyeliner I have ever used. It is very very black. It did smudged on me a bit during the day but as it is not waterproof, I can't really complain about it (for a non waterproof product, it is not doing too bad).
5 31 January 2014 Tiffany
i got this as a sample in black. it is easy to apply and long lasting. I am not sure if this is waterproof or not, ive tested it on my hand and run it under a tap and it comes off easily
3 16 January 2014 Anna Sofie
Found this to be dry and hard to apply, put it has a good staying-power
2 14 January 2014 Eliza
Nice color, easy to apply but smudges so badly during the day.
5 04 December 2013 Charrile
My favorite eye liner ever!!!
5 15 November 2013 Aline
Cheap, long lasting, very easy to apply whether you want a thin or thick line, I definitely recommend it! I've never been able to use any other eyeliner correctly before, but with this one I only need a minute to apply it and the result is always perfect at the first try and stays all day long even in belgian weather (which tells you a lot!).
4 06 November 2013 Pippa
This eyeliner is one of the best I have used and I stays ALL day. Once you get the hang of it, you will stick with this one. Keep a few cotton buds dipped in eye make-up remover handy when you first use in case you make a mistake as it dries quickly. I love that it doesn't smudge.
5 18 October 2013 Maria, Italia
Fantastic waterproof eyeliner. Riga perfect and durable all day! Love it! Fantastico eyeliner waterproof. Riga perfetta e resistente tutto il giorno! Lo adoro!
4 01 October 2013 natasha
very easy to use. gives both thin and thick strokes. nice solid black, great for a bold cats eye. only down fall is that the tip can dry up quite fast. but just swirl it on the back of your hand and your good to go again
5 28 August 2013 Alice
This eyeliner is the best I've tried so far, I'm not a huge fan of make up but I use few but good products because of my sensitive skin. This eyeliner is easy to use, doesn't smudge easily and it does not give any irritation to me although I use it everyday!
5 31 July 2013 Viviane
O delineador líquido da Eyeko é simplesmente fantástico! Já experimentei muitas marcas, mas nenhuma se compara a esta. Risca fácil, não borra, não escorre e seca super rápido. Simplesmente o melhor! Vale a pena a espera de 35 dias para receber o produto. Translation: The liquid liner Eyeko's is simply fantastic! I've tried many brands, but none compares to this. Risca easy, does not smudge, does not drip and dry super fast. Simply the best! It's worth the wait 35 days to receive the product.
5 26 July 2013 Tanya
I was super excited to receive this eyeliner! It's smudge-proof and has a really nice opaque slightly wet look which I love. The only thing is, it is very unforgiving to mistakes as it dries so quickly! (which is a good thing). I think its just one of those products you need to use until you get used to it if you've never used a felt tip liner before.
5 20 July 2013 Andrea
Amo este delineador ! Es el mejor delineador de ojos que he probado en mi vida. Es muy fácil de aplicarlo y tiene una excelente durabilidad... Actualmente sólo tengo los colores black y purple, pero planeo comprar otros tonos más pronto. Translation: I love this eyeliner! It is the best eyeliner I've had in my life. It is very easy to apply and has excellent durability ... Currently I have only the colors black and purple, but I plan to buy other colors soon.
5 17 July 2013 ceylan
Lasts long, easy to apply and create cat eyes better than most eyeliners I've ever tried.
5 12 July 2013 Charlotte Eghiz
Bought this in black and love how slim it is. I have small eyes but this lines great and doesn't budge all day. Will try purple and navy next!
4 12 July 2013 Evian
Super easy to draw a cat eyeline with this eyeliner. No technique required at all!
3 20 June 2013 Tess
A bit disappointed with this product, as it is not as long lasting or smudgeproof as it claims. It took ~2hrs before some of the pigment ended up under my eyes. On a positive note, it went on smoothly and easily. It was easy to make a cats eye.
3 23 May 2013 Sanna
Easy to apply, very precise, clean line. However, the colour bleaches somehow after a couple of hours and thus goes over in an uneven line. Little of the colour falls on the lower lid making a kind of puffy effect. Btw, I bought a Purple one.
3 23 May 2013 Sanna
Easy to apply, very precise, clean line. However, the colour bleaches somehow after a couple of hours and thus goes over in an uneven line. Little of the colour falls on the lower lid making a kind of puffy effect. Btw, I bought a Purple one.
5 20 February 2013 Deb Village
At 49 I have tried most make up from the early days with Miners and Rimmel through to the more grown-up (aka mature) Chanel and Lancome. Until I tried this product I believed Lancome Artliner to be the best. I was wrong. This product is professional with an ease of application second to none.
5 12 February 2013 Sarah Axcell
This is magic! Goes on so easily and stays there! Makes a really 'clean' line. Looks very professional. A must for your make-up collection.
5 01 February 2013 Carri
I was the worst at doing the perfect wing or even getting a straight line above my lashline. I'm saying "was" because ever since buying this I've officially mastered the cat eye art. I highly recommend this. Its really easy to use, the color remains intense throughout the days and never smudges!
5 31 August 2012 mandip kaur

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