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Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner Black 1.4ml

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Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner Zoom
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5 Grace
Such a good eyeliner, now my new favourite. Easy to apply and lasts ALL day. 10/10
1 Ashley
I'm so disappointed! I hate to be that one negative review but it dried up SO FAST! It barely lastedtwo weeks after opening and the tip was bone dry. I tried to get it going again, and some pigment came through the bottom of the felt tip, but it applied patchy, dry and in a really thick line, as the end of the felt tip wore off. So disappointed. I have to say, Beauty Bay shipping was fast and it came packaged beautifully, I will be ordering again.
1 Shavit
I bought this because of all the good reviews but I'm sorry to say that this is the worst eyeliner I have ever used! Yes, it gives you the most precised line and all, but it crease and smudge especially in the water line. is not long lasting. At least compare to the ones I used before. As a make up artist and even for personal use I do not recommend it.
5 Ffion
This helped me get the most precise, neat and sharp cat eye I've ever had. I'm in love with it!
1 Laura
I've been looking for a new eyeliner since the last one I was using changed the formula. I've used this for almost 2 months and I hate it! The tip bends out of shape after a few uses and yes, I know you are able to swap it around but that one doesn't last long either! The formula on this is awful! If you go over the line you've made again to build up the colour (as it doesn't go on as a smooth black line) it forms little bumps and it just makes a mess and the clumps come off and fall on your face! Will not be purchasing again doesn't even deserve the 1 star.
4 Melissa
The first day I used this I almost submitted a review because it worked amazingly. However, since the first few uses I have found my opinion to drastically change. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but despite my biggest efforts in trying to apply this eyeliner, the tip gets blunted and then the ink wont flow, so I am not able to make a crisp line. I have even tried applying with the lightest pressure possible, and at an angle to avoid this issue, and I have tried pushing the sides of the felt tip to get ink flowing, but no matter what I do, problems continue. I will say that it's nice that you can remove the tip and flip it over, which is why I was able to get about 3 weeks of minimal use out of this eyeliner, but that's not enough for me. The ink itself is beautiful and goes on beautifully the first few times, its very black too, and with no smudging. The packaging is gorgeous with this brand, as always, so that's something as well. Also, the finish of this liner is a bit too shiny for my liking (but that's just me, I like matte eye liners). I might buy one more of these liners to see if I can get it right the second time, but honestly for the price I'm a little disappointed. If only the tip was a bit more sturdy... I give it a 4 star for 'potential'.
1 Maria
I was really excited about this product based on the reviews it has got and really wanted to like it. Sadly it dried out in about a week or two, and i had to start cutting the tip with scissors to actually get some product out of it. Super disappointed, never ordering anything from this brand ever again.
3 Ellen
I don't know if I got a bad one, but my liner wasn't really that pigmented, it felt more like a marker pen than a liquid liner, and the lines get kind of grey and uneven. I find that the Stila liner is more pigmented and works better on me.
5 Jenny
loved it, best eyeliner I have had
3 Alice
Really gutted was expecting a quality product, but find it not a true black and cumbly. Honestly feel people are reviewing a totally different product. I expected more from an eyeliner!!! I will experiment with different shadows and primer...and hope that's all it is??
5 Amy griffiths
I don't usually use a liquid liner but I wanted a more dramatic eye with definition, this was lovely to apply and lasted all evening. I would reccomend it for a bold look.
5 Daisy
Wow! After trying loads of different brands of eyeliner, this one really is the best. Easy to apply and long lasting!
5 Sara Zaben
I use the goddess pencil when looking for a less dramatic effect but this liquid liner is so easy to apply (i'm not so great at applying liquid liner and this one I can work with!) It lasts really well too. I love this product.
5 Courtney Beattie
The Eye Of Horus liquid liner is perfect for me. I find it easy to apply, the fine tip means I have lots of control. It doesn't smudge or run and really opens up my eyes. Love it!
5 edwina
This is so clever! Love the nib - perfect for getting a really fine precision line and has great staying power. Also brilliant the way that the nib reverses so gives you a much longer life that other felt tip liners. Another staple in my make up bag, I'd definitely recommend this too.
5 Lara
I wear liquid liner almost every single day and Eye of Horus offering is my go-to. It's super easy to use and very pigmented too. The reversible nib is also a plus, as it allows you to keep a sharp tip for longer (and it allows you to finish all of the ink!). Genious stuff.
5 Amanda
This is by far the BEST eye liner I have ever used. Infact it's the only one I will use. I love how easy it is to apply and that it stands by its word that it won't leave imprint on your eyelids which is something that use to frustrate me with all of the others out there on the market. I also love the it is Paraben free and doesn't contain any nasty ingredients. It truly is a brilliant product and I'd be lost without it!
5 Kimberly
The liquid define liner is definitely one of my favourite items in my make up case. It glides on and the tip allows me to create the perfect line on my eyelid. I honestly couldn't live without it!
5 Di
Now this is so easy to apply and no smudging! Love this product! I don't use any other products now that I have found Eye of Horus - amazing makeup!
5 Lauren
Beautifully perfect liquid eyeliner. Foolproof and fabulous!

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