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Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray

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Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray Zoom
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  • Coconut
  • Cucumber
  • Grapefruit
  • Green Tea
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Watermelon
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5 Fiona
I really love this setting spray! I purchased the coconut scented one and it smells divine. I usually swear by my urban decay all nighter, as I have very oily skin and has been the only setting spray that has kept my makeup in place all day. However I wanted to find something I little more budget friendly,and this works soooooo well! Keeps me matte all day, but not super drying matte and costs a bit less than the ud spray. If your in doubt,give it a won't be disappointed!
5 Madelin
Brought the cucumber spray as I have sensitive skin and was looking for something refreshing, and fist impressions I think it's great, the smell is almost herbal cucumber but still it doesn't irritate my skin at all
2 K
The setting spray is so good but I can't bare to use it again because the jasmine scent is awful and the smell lasts all day
5 Ilse
I LOVE this setting spray! It keeps my makeup on all day and makes it look les powdery. I got the cucumber one and it smells really nice. I do think it is not good for sensitive skin because it can feel a bit tingly on the skin. Definitely repurchasing tho :)
5 Estefany
Buy this spray 6 months ago and it's my favorite. The best setting spray I've ever had. It leaves the skin very fresh and prolongs the time of the makeup.
4 Nicole
I bought this in the peach scent and it definitely works! It keeps my makeup in place and like I've just put it on until around the 8 hour mark when I start to look a little shiny. The only reason I couldn't go for 5 stars is that it stings my face and eyes a bit when I spray it on for about a minute and then that feeling goes away, so I would be wary if you have super sensitive skin. Otherwise it's perfect!
5 Chloe
I ordered the 'cucumber' one, firstly the smell was amazing and I'm almost certain it has a hint of mint in it too. Compared to the Urban Decay 'All Nighter' this triumphs every time which I didn't expect at all. 100% recommend
1 Anna
I ordered the Jasmine one and it STINKS. I have not even tried it on my face simply because the smell is so disgusting. The smell does not go away and you will smell horrible for the entire day. I might try another kind simply because I heard it is so good. Just don't try Jasmine!
1 Avah
I got the peach and cucumber, they smell amazing! However they burn my face and eyes when I use them (yes, I close my eyes when I spray my face), my face feels like it's on fire when I use them it's so disappointing. I've got normal skin and have never really had a problem with any settings spray. bottom line, won't buy again
5 Drilona
I bought Watermelon and it's smell so nice,I love it.I sprayed it straight away to try it and o my god the smell is so unbelievable ,now my room smells nice as well.Im so happy.The next one will be coconut and peach.The shipping was quick .
5 Sonia
SLAY ALL DAY SPRAY IS LIT FAM. It's worth the hype and every penny. The reason I settled for peach is because my clients seriously love the smell and feeling. This is the most refreshing and relaxing product yet to be discovered. The makeup seriously sits in place and feels much more lightweight and smooth. Makeup is much more easily blended with the spray on the face. The coverage is also buildable and packed on the skin. Your makeup will last for hours from your morning to the night as you dance the night away with a couple sprays and your good to go. Hope this helps all you dolls and makeup artists.
1 Rikki-lee
Ordered two, never recieved them or even a despatch email but they took them money from my account. Have tried contacting them, never got any response.
4 Laura
I bought this setting spray in 'Jasmine', and I actually love how it makes my make up look fresh and keeps it in place. But the smell is way too strong and I wouldn't reccomend to buy this scent.
5 Robyn
Generally amazing product however it's very harsh on the eyes if you're not careful. The spray gives you a light, dewy look but keeps the product in lace like a matte would. The (peach) smell is gorgeous to me but a couple of friends have mentioned that it's a little overpowering when I spray it near them. I've had it for a little over three weeks now and can say that I will be buying again very soon. I also spray it on even if I'm not wearing foundation and just have my brows and lashes done because it feels so refreshing to the skin. My breakouts have also calmed down since using this product so I can happily say I'll be recommending it to many people!
4 Jolanda
Really love this setting spray. It does what it says, it makes your makeup stay on all day long. Just be aware of the smell. I bought the peach and grapefruit one and they smell very strong and chemically. Don't worry though, you won't smell it all day long.
3 Emely
My makeup lasts all day long but the smell is so strong. I have Peach and I feel so uncomfortable when I spray it in my face
5 Kathryn
Best setting spray out there! A million times better than Urban Decay All-Nighter. Love the peach scent. The lavender is definitely too herbal/medicinal for my liking. Looking forward to trying the grapefruit and jasmine.
4 Flavia
I have it in Green Tea.It sets my makeup perfectly,making it last all day and I don't get as oily as I usually do.The only thing that bothers me is the scent and that after I spray it on my face it still smells very strong for a few minutes,it also kinda stings the eyes even if I leave them closed some time after I spray feels like the eyes,but the thing is the spray really works so if u can deal with all that u should definitely go for it.
4 Amy
I have oily skin, and although this setting spray does make mattify my face it doesn't really effect the longetivy of my makeup. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this for people with sensitive skin, as it does burn when you spray it and it also makes your eyes sting. However, the smell is amazing( I got the grapefruit one) , and I will purchase this again, but probably in a different scent!
2 Emma
I got the Peach setting spray as part of a set and this was the thing to dissapoint me the most... I try use it sparingly or try a lot and either way my makeup just won't stay put for longer than an hour or two. Ontop of that, it burns the life out of my lips and eyes...
4 Lyn
I have the peach one and lavender and would definitely recommend. They smell AMAZING. And considering they are so fragranced don't irritate my skin (which is sensitive) though I will say that I only spray onto my face once I've done my foundation but before I do my eyes as I find the strong scent does irritate my eyes and on occasion (though not always) makes them water. So I save myself the hassle and just set my face before i do my eyes. Still love it though! Leaves a semi Matt finish.
4 Lizzie
Really good at keeping makeup on, wore it all day in the sun and only got a little bit oily. If you have sensitive eyes cover your eyes when spraying!!! Smells very strongly of alcohol which may be why it stings my eyes. Other than that it's great
2 Otto
I bought the Jasmine one - the smell is way too strong, and the worst part is it sticks to your clothes for days and to anything that is near the area where you spray. Besides the smell, I have oily skin and the product doesn't do pretty much anything, so would not recommend it.
2 Sarah
I brought the one peach scent. Did my full face of makeup and sprayed it, eyes closed but it felt like minty feeling in my eyes and it ruined my F**** makeup. I would not recommend at all specially if u have sensitive eyes
5 Elizabeth
Amazing! I got the peach one and it smells amazing, so refreshing as well. I was skeptical as first as I thought misting my face would run my make up but it sets your powder and mattifies your face. I no longer carry powder in my bag, just this and it does the job perfectly!
5 hanifa
Ordered peach yesterday and arrived today,such great service from beauty bay and such a good product,smells so good and long lasting
5 Jenna
Amazing! The scents of these are just amazing. I've already gone through the peach and green tea scent. Next on my list is lemongrass. A little goes a long way with this setting spray
5 Bia K
Absolutly Love this setting Spray
3 Alice
Smells amazing and reduces cakeyness of makeup but I haven't found that it prolonged the wear of my makeup.
5 Rebecca-Mae
Honestly I wasn't expecting much when I got this, I has been using urban Decay De-slick for a long time and it suddenly stopped working for me. I can officially say I will never go back to it, I love this product, not so much a fan of the smell but you get use to it. I keeps me mat all day and I barely need touch ups and I have really oily skin.
5 Elizabeth
Cucumber is amazing !!!
5 Jess S
I have the peach scent and love it!!! It smells great and I notice a difference in my makeup lasting time when I use it! Definitely want to try the other scents
5 Tayla
This is setting spray is the best thing thats happened to me. I have a massive problem with my makeup melting off after a few hours because of my oily skin type, but this setting spray is a miracle. Its been 8 hours since i've done my make up and everything is still in place. It smells amazing too (Peach)
1 Alina
Hate this spray so much because it stings my eyes sooo much and makes them water. It has a really strong scent (I got the jasmine one) and my face still gets oily throughout the day even thought it's supposed to keep it matte.
3 Sarah
I bought the cucumber and peach because these are supposed to be the best for normal/oily skin, and I would say they do keep my make up in place compared to not using a spray at all, however I have NEVER used a setting spray that has burned my eyes and bought me to tears, destroying my 'just laid' make up for the day! It doesn't matter about distance, I can literally drench my face in he Mario badescu Setting spray and my eyes stay perfect!I could recommend better setting sprays.I won't be buying this again for that reason.
4 Alex
I'm obsessed with this setting spray - i use it every single day, over full faces of makeup or even over just concealer and powder, because it gives such a lovely, natural, fresh feeling and look to your skin, and makes your makeup stay on all day! Only let down is it can sometimes sting around eyes/lips, but then again i do have very sensitive skin. Regardless, will be purchasing again!
5 Kelly
Bought the peach and cucumber and they are both amazing smelling I love these products so fresh will definitely be buying more fragrances
5 Rachel
I love this setting spray. It keeps my makeup looking fresh and flawless for a lot longer than without using it. It helps to keep my makeup on my oily all day long. Definitely going to repurchase.
5 Ffion
Absolutely amazing product to use!! My all time fave by far!! And the smell is so pleasant rather than a regular setting spray, plus, it brightens up my desk with its vibrant colour. Definitely getting again!!!
2 Lucianne
This really isn't a bad product at all, it doesn't move my make up in any way the only issue I had with it was that it doesn't control my oily skin whatsoever and I like a setting spray that keeps everything in tact the way it was when you first sprayed. This product was deffo over hyped and I probably won't repurchase it. If you don't suffer from oily skin it would probably work really well for you but for me it just didn't cut it - really gutted!
5 Maria
I'm in LOVE with this setting spray, it keeps the makeup in place and has a semi-matte effect, though the smell isn't my favourite (jasmine).
4 Hanna
Keeps my makeup looking good all day long! I ordered the 'Green tea' one. Although, the smell is soooo strong it hurts my eyes. My eyes tear up and my makeup around my eyes is ruined. Because of that reason, I will not buy again :(
5 Jamila
I purchased Green tea because I originally wanted grapefruit but they didn't have it! Green tea smells refreshing, it smelt more like lemongrass to me but less lemony, anyway it kept my makeup on all day. When I came back to the site last week, Grapefruit and Cucumber appeared, I had to get Grapefruit because I love that scent, it kinda smells similar to the green tea once settled but i can definitely smell the Grapefruit. I want cucumber and peach aswell but i don't think I need 4 of them lol. The packaging is great, the smell is great, you smell it for a while then it fades, so the smell isn't too strong to annoy you all day, it sprays out like a mist so it is GREAT, I brought one from Loreal and I regret it left powder everywhere on my clothes and everything, had to start my makeup again, but this is SLAYED, I don't see enough reviews on this!!! I probably will get the other two lol
5 P
Very good product, perfect for setting AND priming (although if you have dry skin you'd need to prime with something hydrating too) Great to damp your beauty blender and brushes for more pigment. I have the peach scented spray and it does seem to smell quite strongly of alcohol.
3 Melissa
For those who have sensitive eyes then you may want to be careful with this product. I can say that although yes, it does do a good job of keeping on your makeup it does sting my eyes and I have never had this issue before. The smell is okay? I got the peach one because of all the hype but it smells very strong and chemically with a slight peach smell. ( I am not someone who is sensitive with scents.)
2 Hanbag
I bought the peach setting spray and it stings my face so bad!! It makes me cry and I ruin my makeup:( the scent is so strong it could be a body spray.
5 nida
I recieved an order today in which i am not happy about, how do it return this product? Thanks
4 Anna
This makeup setting spray definitely leaves my makeup looking fresh and like it did when I first put it on when it comes to me taking it off, however, my only complaint is the smell. I bought the jasmine one and it had an amazing fresh scent when first opened and sprayed, but once it's been on a while the smell doesn't seem to fade and makes me feel nauseous. I loved this setting spray but won't be repurchasing for this reason... If you don't feel like the smell will bother you, then I recommend this product as it did work at keeping my makeup from transferring or becoming patchy
3 Alejandra
Ok so i have mixed feelings. I got the Green Tea BUT they do NOT say that it also has Ginger in it. I have very sensitive skin around my eyes so it burnt A LITTLE BIT at first. And the smell: it claims 'Subtle herbal notes'. Umm no. Not subtle at all. The smell is very strong but it does fade away quick. The spray feels nice on the face so it's not a bad setting spray- but i do have an oily nose area and this spray didn't help with that. However the rest of my face was looking good for longer than usual.
5 Viviana
Love this setting spray. I bought the lemongrass scent. Can't wait to try them all!
3 Harriet
Don't get me wrong, the reviews are correct, this is an amazing setting spray! but, I have the peach one and it smells horrible. Smells nothing like peaches but if anything smells like a bottle of archers. Smells very alcoholic which is horrible to spray on your face if you're hungover - if you can look past the smell, then it is a good spray
5 Tracey
Bought it for my daughter as she's a makeup fanatic and before her makeup used to go all weird around the areas she went oily and now since she's been using this her face hasn't looked like a side of McDonald's chips! She looks beautiful all day long. She loves this and says her face smells amazing afterwards am going to but for her again
2 Francesca Fell
Oh no, I have to say this isn't good for my dry sensitive skin and just makes it more so. Such a shame as it smells so good!
5 Paris
Absolutely love these! They are by far one of the best setting a sprays I have ever bought
4 Melissa O'Neill
This setting spray is so good; keeps my makeup on all day, however, my brother came into my room and asked me why it smelt like piss, and then I realized it was the setting spray. So don't get the jasmine one.
2 Lucia
Unfortunately, I don't like this product not because of the feel on my skin but because of the smell. I ordered Jasmin (the pink one) and it smell like an old lady perfume. The smell is too strong and it also contains alcohol so it burned my eyes.
4 Heather
I got the peach scented one in a gift set, it smells beautiful and makes your makeup last but it really irritates my eyes, wouldn't recommend for anyone with sensitive skin as I feel like it could cause a reaction!
5 Hayley Donald
Amazing product, works well and leaves skin feeling really refreshed too. Love all the different fragrances aswell as they smell so fresh and lovely on the skin! My make-up stays in place all day. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a setting spray!
4 Debbie
Very refreshing, toning face spray. I use this to settle my powdered face (looks more natural) - not much fragrance to the green tea spray however the menthol and alcohol content is quite high so my face feels minty and ever so slightly stingy - however I LOVE this sensation. Does it keep my makeup on longer? Not too sure about this. I live in a very humid, hot climate - my face is still oily in the T-Zone however I do feel that my makeup doesn't 'melt' off my face. I love this face mist. On a hot day its soooo refreshing to spray this on. I love it just for this fact. I think its worth the price but Im inclined to think it makes my skin slightly MORE oily from the alcohol content in the spray. But super refreshing as a body mist or face refresher. Jury is still out on this!
5 Laura
Such an amazing setting spray. Have cried, spent a whole sweaty night clubbing and slept with my makeup on and this just kept it all in place! Such good quality for the price
5 Amanda
When I got ready for the day I decided to wear my new setting sprey and it smelled really good but I wanted to see how it wore through the day so I went to maccys and got food (bacon and egg wrap) I was in a rush and I slipped and I had mcfallen and it went all over my mcface but it was no worries cause I had my setting sprey 10/10 would buy again
3 Jennifer
Ive bought two of these, Peach and Jasmine.I have combination skin which is sensitive.Peach one has a lovely delicate smell and feels lovely on the skin and drys super fast. It is fine on my skin and keeps my make up in place. I love the peach and wish I had gotten this one again.Jasmine one is very highly purfumed and the smell stays for quiet sometime. I honestly dont think I could put it on my face as I sprayed it on my arm and I became itchy and sore. Which is a shame as I loved the peach so much so I thought this one would be just as good for me.I would recommend the peach but if you have sensitive skin or dont like highly strong perfume/smells I would stay away from the Jasmine one.
5 Rachael
I have my spray in Grapefruit and it's the best scent ever! So refreshing to put on before makeup but sets my face makeup for the whole day. Love it!
5 Alis
This is probably the best setting spray I've used so far, last night I went out with the girls for a few drink and by the time I got home I was so tired I fell asleep before takin my makeup off (bad I know but we've all been there right?) when I woke up this morning my eyeliner was still sharp, eyeshadow still blended, I wasn't all panda eyes and my pillow wasn't all covered in makeup, it's amazing, can't recommend more!
5 Maisie
I love this product, it actually keeps my makeup on all day while I'm at college, I have dry and oily skin and my makeup stays on in both areas !
2 Gee
I had heard SOOOO many good things about this product and was so excited to discover that Beautybay sold it, so I was quick to order a bottle in Cucumber.I used it the very day it arrived and OMG... I have never been so disappointed! I first used it after my primer (I'm very oily so I usually use setting sprays as an extra barrier to prevent my oils coming through) but it gave my skin a very uncomfortable burning sensation and I broke out almost immediately! I then tried using it again a week or two after- but this time after applying my makeup- and again, I had a burning sensation but it was not ass bad as before. After applying the setting spray I looked really oily (as if I had been wearing my makeup for 8hours+) and my face also felt heavy. I don't have sensitive skin so I'm not sure why my skin reacted to it. It's a shame because I was really excited about this product and thought it would end my oily makeup days, but it only added to it! Only gave it 2* because the cucumber smell was really nice and also the packaging is sleek but aside from that, I wish I never bought it.
4 Sue
I brought the peach scent and it's really nice but very strong and kinda sickly when you first spray it but it's fine cause the smell goes away, it works well as a setting spray and does keep my make up in place all day.
5 Danielle
Cucumber smells so clean!
1 Jess
Ordered green tea and it isn't green tea at all, I ordered it hoping it was living and fresh but it's tea and ginger so it's really strong. Beauty bay then disregarded my query and I cannot return the item even though they advertised it wrong. I usually love beauty bay but this was dealt with terribly as they did not take on any of the blame.
5 Dionne
LOVE this setting spray! The peach scent is a bit strong for me but it does fade, great product
5 E.N
Previously had it in the scent 'Jasmine' but I didn't like it because it smelled like old lady perfume. But I just got a new scent that can't go wrong, peach!! It smells peach candy like and I love it! I use it before and after I do my makeup and I really feel like it gets away the powdered look and keeps the makeup looking fresh and nice all day.
5 Chloe
I love this setting spray so much! After applying powder I spray this on top and everything looks flawless! Only thing is I wish the bottle were bigger, 100% will repurchase.
3 Jess
Bought the green tea one however it isn't green tea it's is tea and ginger so it's a pretty strong smell!
5 Jasmine
This spray is so good! I got the tea tree one which smells amazing. I was so surprised at how good it worked. It made sure my make up stayed on for hours of dancing and drinking. Brilliant product!
5 Jenny
Gorgeous setting spray! I have the Jasmine one and OMG the smell! Heaven! I would like to collect each scent! Would recommend!& great service from Beauty Bay, my new one stop shop for all my makeup needs!! Quick delivery, good prices & great service!
4 Ellie
I've used ginger tea and jasmine. It keeps my face in tact, however it tingles which makes my eyes water that's the only downside other than that. Fantastic!
4 Liza
Makes your makeup last a lot longer, great for oily skin. However, the peach scent smells like rotten peach. Kind of lingers for a couple of hours after application
4 Heather
I work in a restaurant and can be running around for 12 hours at a time and this setting spray keeps my makeup absolutely locked in place with no worries! only thing is it does irritate my eyes when first applied so I have to keep them shut for a minute or two while it dries.
5 Millie may
I have tried many setting sprays and none have worked. My makeup doesn't usually last a full day, by the time I've come out of school it's normally off but I tried this and I've never been more impressed! I tried the mini to begin with and was so please I bought the big one. Works so well my foundation even stays on over my oily and dry patches!!!!!
5 Anonymous
It's amazing and smells great, just thought it would be bigger!
3 Nabilah
I really wished that this worked for me because of the great price point. It has a very strong menthol feeling once its on the skin that it is cooling but it just felt overwhelming and somehow painful especially on my lids. The scent is wonderful but it is also way too strong for my preference. Overall because of this I couldn't really enjoy the product.
5 Daisy
This setting spray is amazing! I have the grapefruit scented one and it smells so nice, but is also very refreshing on the face. This makes your makeup last for a very long amount of time, and you only need around 2 pumps. The bottle is very long lasting, as it holds a lot of product. A must buy for me :)
4 Aysha
This setting spray is a must have to ensure your makeup looks flawless all throughout the day without sliding off. My only issue is the strong perfumed scent of the setting spray which I have experienced with the peach scented setting spray. But overall, this spray is a godsend!!
Love this sprayHave been using it for a few months. Although, the smells aren't very appealing. The cucumber one is OK I guess. But the jasmine one does smell like old lady and it's not nice. But it does do a good job.
2 Kia
Kept my make up in place but I got the grape fruit wasn't too keen on the smell and also bought my face out in a massive rash I would not recommend if you have sensitive skin or exzma like myself.
5 Chloe
I own the peach flavour and it smells so lovely. I use it to set my makeup. Just be careful if you have sensitive skin as i used it to make my eyeshadow more pigemented and then my eye became very sore. I love this and can only use it as a face setting spray
3 Ellie
I bought this a while back in the scent green tea which is really nice and refreshing. but I found that it made my face really shiny even though my makeup did last all day. The prices have gone up massively from when i last bought mine which has really annoyed me (i only bought it due to i needing to spent more money to get free delivery so chose something cheap)
1 Elizabeth
Could be a good product but I just can't with the smell, it smells really bad, too synthetic. The one I ordered (green tea) almost smells like a cleaning product you should be using in your bathroom. The smell also lingers so for that reason I can't put it near my face. Maybe GC will eventually do a fragrance-free one or at least sort the fragrance out so it actually smells nice instead of synthetically overpowering. Back to Skindinavia.
3 Aimee Bowers
I have the Jasmine scented spray and although it does work well with holding your makeup in place, it does smell pretty grim. Reminds me slightly of air freshener in toilets.
5 Jaymii-Lee
I love this spray and will be buying more! I think it's such a wonderful idea with the different scents and let me just say once you set your face with this spray you will be able to smell it on your face all day! My boyfriend actually told me one day that my face smells nice so I think he approves too. Absolutely great product I was just let down by the one I chose because of the scent I chose Jasmine because I usually love the smell but wasn't overstruck on this. I will be getting another spray though in a different scent. Amazing!
4 Emma
I have the peach scent and I don't really like the scent, it smells like alcohol and the smell stays on my face for atleast 2 hours. The scent is so strong it makes my eyes water so I don't recommend it if you have sensitive eyes. The spray itself though is really nice and mattifying, i have oily skin and I spray this on my bare face, then I do my eyebrows and eyemakeup and then spray again as a primer, and then one last time when I'm done. if you're not sensitive to scents then you'll probably like this.
4 Holly
I went for the peach scent and it is really refreshing and sweet but the smell settles once it is on your face which is good. This product works almost as good as Mac Fix + and is a reasonable price. Personally I don't see the point in the smell.
5 Sarah
Absolutely love these setting sprays! I got peach and grapefruit and they are so fruity and fresh smelling. They are definately worth spending your money on!
5 Keely
I brought the peach spray and omg it smells so good! I love this spray and it keeps my make up on all day!
3 Lauren
The smell of this spray is quite strong and sometimes causes me to cough a little after spraying. I feel like I can sometimes get a hint of the smell during the day also which isn't too pleasant, but also is not a problem. I purchased the scent 'jasmine' so i am not aware of any of the other smells available. I have oily skin and did not really see a reduction in any of the oil produced on my skin although, it would be a miracle for any setting spray to fully remove oil. This spray does make my makeup look really nice but I did expect a little more from it.
5 Holly
Absolutely adore this setting spray,as I was in work one day I was arguing with a co worker and to get back at me he threw a slice of pepperoni in my direction,as he did this it went straight in my eye and it started to water uncontrollably BUT my Gerard Cosmetics peach setting spray did not let me down and it kept my makeup perfectly in place! Already have spares just in case:)
5 Megan
Very good I ordered this a day ago and it came today and I didn't even choose next day delivery so very happy with that and I also love this product this is my third time ordering and it is amazing it makes your face feel refreshed even though you have make up on and he fruity smells are amazing I love it! It also keeps your make up on all day and your makeup won't transfer while your wearing this
5 Celine
Literally this setting spray is amazing! Opened the top just to smell the scent and wow, it smells soooo nice. I actually did try to lick it, wouldn't recommend licking it but would definitely recommend using it to set your makeup! This stuff is flawless
5 Kate
I love this product, the setting spray works wonders and my makeup looks fresh all day! I have the peach scented spray and it smells amazing :)
3 Daniela
Love this spray. Got the cucumber scent and I love it.
5 Amy
This is amazing!! Makes my makeup last twice as long and doesn't break me out. The bottle also lasts for AGES, I bought mine months ago and use it everyday and there's still loads left. Would definitely recommend.
5 Louise
I normally use UD all-nighter spray but thought I would try a different spray, and because it is fairly cheaper. It is just as good as the UD spray. I got the grapefruit one and it smells so nice but the scent does not stay on your face. Will definitely buy again
5 Lorena
I have oily skin, and this spray makes my makeup stay all day. Really good product, except the smell. I bought jasmine, not very satisfied.
5 Jasmine
Bought the cucumber one and it smells so good, quick delivery and they put my packaging really neatly so nothing moved
5 Louise
absolutely fabulous for girls with oily skin I have tried lots of setting sprays finally one that works ! peach and jasmine are devine!!
5 Chiara
I love this spray gerard cosmetics, I took the scent lemongrass, once sprayed on the face both before and after the makeup helps last longer and also check the effect of oily skin, highly recommended, the scent is pleasant and after few minutes vanishes.
2 Pariss
Smells nice but strong alcohol presence kinda stings my face when I use it
5 Isobel
Tried this setting spray for the first time last night, applied it before and after my makeup and I'm amazed! It smells beautiful and my makeup didn't move at all after walking around in the rain all night. Delivery times was the fastest I've ever seen too.
5 Chloe
I purchased this setting spray in Lemongrass.The scent is really fresh - but it doesn't linger all day - which is really good as it isn't too powerful and strong. I think it works well with my make up, and there is a notable difference in my makeup; my makeup stays in place all day.
5 Jade
I have been wanting to try one of these sprays for a while and I am extremely impressed. I brought the LEMONGRASS one as I love lemon, zesty smells.This product is great for extreamly oily skin, I have had no breakouts with this spray.
5 Melissa
Absolutely loving Gerard cosmetics at the moment. These setting sprays are gorgeous and smell so lovely. Makes the skin smooth and sets makeup perfectly. Can also apply before the makeup as well as after. I have the peach one which is my favourite x (definitely keeps makeup on longer)
1 Eilidh
So disappointed with this product. I bought the peach scented one cause who doesn't love peach? And when I sprayed it, it was SO overpowering and gave me the boke! But I thought well if it works and does a decent job I'll keep it but... It was awful. The make up on my nose had pretty much all come off and there was little dots of it left where my blackhead were so it just looked all patchy. That has never happened before with any other make up spray and I did the same make up routine I always do. So upsetting cause I wanted to love this :(
5 Evan
I love this spray! My make up usually never stays on because of my oily and dry patches but this has changed my everyday make up routine! Wasn't keen on the Lavender scent but the Grapefruit is so fresh.
1 Lydia
Awful product, I got the scent jasmine and I walked past my mum and she thought my cat had .done his business. until we realised it was my setting spray! Also left me with a rash all over my skin. DO NOT GET JASMINE OR YOU WILL SMELL LIKE CAT DOO DOO
3 Ruth
Love the quality of the product, but unfortunately the alcohol in this spray makes my eyes burn. The product itself keeps the make up on all day, but the alcohol, and smell of this product isn't great. Maybe this is just with the peach scent, but it has put me off slightly.
2 becky
Ok setting spray have an oily T zone makeup still manages to come of but not as much. Although the smell is horrible which has really put me of using it. Would not recommend
1 Rachel
I really wish i could give this a better review. I got the jasmine scent. The smell is just terrible. It smells like cat pee. Its really a shame because i used it despite the smell hoping it would fade. It did not i kept smelling it all day. The spray itself is really nice. It doesnt make my face feel tight but it still controls my oily forehead really well. I might give it another chance with a different scent.
5 Ella
10/10! I have the peach scented one and whenever somebody uses it, they always admire the smell! Due to being a setting spray, my makeup is mattified in the places I want it to be ( T-zone ) however it really brings out the pop of highlight I love to put on! Fully recommend :)
5 Evie
This setting spray is DA BOMB! I got so white girl wasted last night and my woke up with my makeup still on! I needed two cotton pads to take it off. My makeup was on fleeeek all night! I got the peach one which smells really nice, its a surprisingly strong smell though kind of like peach double concentrated squash. Would deffo recoomend as I have tried a lot of setting sprays out and this one SLAAAAYS xoxox
5 Sarah
I purchased the peach scent and it's gorgeous. Also makes my make up stay on my entire night shift waitressing in a hot restaurant I love it!
5 Ellie
This setting spray is amazing! I have an oily skin and this makes my makeup last all day. I bought the lemongrass and I don't really like the scent. It reminds me of some cleaning product. However, the scent doesn't last on skin so I'm fine with it.
Love it.
5 Alima
I love this setting spray.. I originally bought it after I saw it on insta and the design of the bottle and name of it was what really caught my eye regardless of whether it was good or not but it deffo met my expectations. I use it whilst applying foundation and then after. It leaves a nice semi-matte finish but doesn't look dry. It sets the makeup and lasts all day.. I got this in green tea months ago and it's really fresh. It hits you with a strong earthy scent and instantly wakes you up. I can't wait to try the other scents.. I'm gonna be committed to this product for a while.
3 Gab
Definitely not what it says to be. I bought this thinking ti was setting spray but in reality worked much better as a base/primer for my make up. It has a sticky feeling to it after you spray it, therefore it helps the foundation to stick to your actual face. I have only ordered the jasmine scented one, which to me seemed too strong and full of alcohol,however this barrier is easily passed (personally). Overall I wouldn't repurchase as there are better products on the market, but works pretty well as a primer.
5 Stacey
Bought as present so unsure if it's good all day! But the peach smell is amazing! Waiting for it to stock back up to buy for myself :)
5 Lauren
Worth the money. Stays all day but the scent is very strong!
5 Natalia
The product is very good as it makes your make up last all day. I bought the Lavender and the smell is amazing even though it is very light. I would really recommend this one.
4 Emelie
Good setting spray, does the job well. However, I got the scent in Jasmine and am not a fan, the scent is too strong and smells like old lady.
5 Charlotte
I love this setting spray. I purchased the green tea and it smells really good, first time I used it I felt like it stung a little but after then no problems at all. Keeps my makeup in place in the day and on nights out. I am purchasing a different scent today so hopefully its just as good.
4 Lizzie
I purchased the jasmine scented spray and I was a little off put by the smell and it does linger on your face for a few hours after spraying. Thankfully only you can smell it not everyone else so it isn't too strong. I have sensitive skin and this product does not effect me which I was a little worried about due to the strong chemical smell. For setting your makeup all day long, it definitely does that better than any other setting spray I've bought. I will be repurchasing but maybe trying I a different scent.
5 Lorna F
I bought this in the jasmine fragrance. Super fine spray that smells amazing and is not sticky at all. I have combination skin and this kept my makeup in place all day and kept it looking fresh. I have used many different setting sprays before and this is by far the best. Would definitely recommend and repurchase.
3 Ellie
Ordered the Jasmine setting spray and the scent is way too overpowering. When I first sprayed it onto my face, my eyes watered and they got very irritated and I couldn't stop sneezing! Not a fan of the smell at all but saying that, the spray itself is amazing and makes my make up stay on all day and really makes my highlight pop! Unsure about repurchasing purely because of the smell off it but would 100% buy it if the brought out a non scented one or even toned it down a lil.
5 AK
I love this setting spray. I brought the jasmine one. It has a strong scent but once you get passed that, make up stays put and I have oily skin. This is good for refreshing yourself if you do notice some oily parts on your face. Would recommend.
3 Sophie
I got the peach one, does tingle if u accidentally spray near your mouth. It's ok, I've had cheaper and better setting spray. I think the scent is a nice novelty so maybe use with another setting spray
2 Paulina
It is a decent spray, however it burns really bad if used to damp a brush and apply eyeshadow. I have noticed that I get a lot of breakouts after applying this spray. Not very impressive at all.
3 Lucy
I ordered the peach, smells so strong and fruity when applied. It made my skin oilier than i would have liked, after about a week my face broke out with spots due to the not controlling oil well. I have never had oily skin before trying this product. Smells insane but sadly doesn't work for me
5 Danai
I ordered this setting spray after regretting the MAC Prep and Prime Fix +. I do believe it's a much better fixing spray, holds my makeup in place for a longer period of time and my skin doesn't feel too 'covered' after use. I ordered the Peach scent, the smell is very pleasant to me and didn't have any breakouts. I purchased a second one to use as a shimmer body spray (I mix MAC loose pigment in 'Vanilla' in) and stays really well. I have normal to dry skin (late 20s).
1 Imogen Lucy
I bought the Jasmine setting spray and it smells so terrible I cannot even bring myself to put it on my face. When I first got it I sprayed it once in the kitchen and my friend who I live with legitimately thought the dog had had an accident. Not ideal! Very disappointed
5 Sofia
I ordered peach smell and it smells lovely! I think it's really works and the makeup stays all day. Love it!
3 Melissa
I bought the peach scent... it smells like peach schnapps. Like, literally pure alcohol with a peachy tinge to it. It's okay at keeping makeup on all day but I honestly struggle to use it simply because of the scent. I now use this (in another room) to spray eye brushes to pack on eye shadows. It works okay but honestly you can get just as good, if not better from more accessible, scent-free brands at the drugstore :-).
2 Belinda
Love the peach smell but found the quality disappointing. It definitely helped makeup to last, but my experience with cheaper versions have proven better.
5 Freyja
I ordered the green tea setting spray and I love it! My make up stays in place all day. Gerard Cosmetics have slayed with this...
5 Demi
I got the peach, smells amazing and does what it says on the tin. If your thinking about buying this, do it, you will not regret it.
4 Rebekah
I bought this setting spray in the Jasmine scent. It does help to keep my make-up in place quite nicely and I find it actually works nicer for me than the Urban Decay All Nighter . Unfortunately, even though I like the smell of Jasmine usually, I hate the scent of this setting spray. It's incredibly strong and makes me sneeze and cough if I don't hold my breath long enough for me to move away where I've sprayed it. If you can get past the strong scent (which usually I can) I would recommend but personally I won't repurchase as it's just too much for me.
4 Kim
I brought this spray in peach. The spray does hold your makeup on for longer in my experience. The scent is strong at first and a little overpowering, you soon get used to the smell though and it is a lovely peach note that you pick up on through out the day. I would recommend this product as it works for me. Also if you purchase this product I would recommend you close your eyes when spraying on your face as the scent is strong at first.
3 Misba
I'm not too impressed with this product. Despite being scented, the do not smell as the scent at all. I have the Lavender one and I can only smell all the chemicals and alcohol, it's very strong and it tingles when applying. It to some extent does keep your mske up in place, but I have better and cheaper setting sprays that do a better job in keeping your make up on all day, don't smell as strong as this and are cheaper. I can say this feels light on your face and the packing is pretty but that's all the positives about this.
2 Pauliina
I ordered the Jasmine setting spray, and the moment i sprayed it in the air to smell it, I knew I wasn't gonna use it. It really smelled like a toilet freshener.
5 Chloeann
Despite hearing mixed reviews about this setting spray - especially from those with sensitive skin - I decided to try the 'Slay All Day' setting spray. I have quite sensitive skin, and tend to go quite red after applying some products; however, i found that this spray leaves skin feeling refreshed - keeping make up in place all day - without a sticky residue. I purchased the scent Lemongrass, which is lovely! Although the smell does fade after applying, and does not stay with you all day. I definitely recommend this product to anyone thinking of purchasing a good quality setting spray - regardless of skin type.
5 Serena
I brought this in peach which smells so beautiful! Makeup stays put all day and I get lots of compliments on the smell
4 shanakay
I have the peach spray, smells lovely quite a strong smell so I would advise if buying one make sure buy one with a fragrance that you can tolerate. I still get abit oily in my t-zone area but everywhere else stays put all day
2 Lizzie
The setting spray is fine. The design is amazing however. But the smell is so overpowering and horrible that I cant give this spray a high rating. My elf spray sets my makeup for longer without the scent.
4 Ally
I bought the peach spray, it smells devine and keeps my makeup looking fresh without clogging my skin up. Love it!
5 Lianne dunsford
This is amazing, makes your makeup last all day in warm weather!Also smells lovely
5 Chloe
Ordered the green tea one and it has became my beauty must have.I've never been able to wear powders and do all I can to avoid them.Put this on over my make up. Does not move. Even after 12 hours on a hot day where it's normally sliding down my face.Very subtle fragrance. Buying everyone I know one for Christmas. Best setting product ever.
5 Holly
Best setting spray I've ever used! I used to use the Urban Decay all nighter and although it kept my makeup on for ages I have combination skin which gets oily very quick so I tried the Jasmine GC spray and it controlled my oils so well I hardly even notice if I was oily, my makeup stays on for ages, the sent is actually nice I love it and spraying after I've done all my makeup makes my highlight so damn intense it's so good. This can't be replaced in my opinion one of the best.
1 Jesi
The setting spray is disgusting it has a horrible strong smell and it stings my face! Too over ratted, the only good this is the sprayer and packaging but the product is horrible!
3 michelle w
Ladies with oily skin pay attention!This will not work for you.I bought jasmine which has a really nice smell.Does this beat MAC fix + hmm...i don't know maybe the price.Make sure you close your eye's because this will sting like a MF!I apply my matte primer and moisturizer and concealer then set it with a powder and spray it on top.Then i used blue marble sealer setting spray after my foundation.This was at 12pm and my makeup lasted until 3 in the morning that's when it started to transfer.I did get just a little bit oily on the tip of my nose but it wasn't that bad like it was okWe had a heatwave in the uk that day and everything stayed in place but that wasn't because of the setting spray think of it as the mac one.You will still need to use a heavy duty setting spray like the blue marble one which works for sensitive skin.I will still use mine but not alone.I learnt that the hard way my makeup melted off it was transferring everywhere but had a nice smell avoid the eye areas.DON'T TRY THIS ALONE!
3 Chloe
I ordered the Lavender setting spray, it does keep your makeup in place all day long and feels like it had menthol notes to it which cools the skin. The big negative i have is the scent was awful, it genuinely smells of a public restroom. Unfortunately i cannot get past this smell and have stopped using it, i would although repurchase a different scented setting spray as they all have such great reviews.
4 Luisa
Personally love this product and love the smell but I do believe the smell could be enough to put many people off the product, all round a good setting spray
3 Lauren S
I like the product however the smell is very strong had some tingling on my face with first use, also strong smell of the alcohol, Probs wouldn't recommend to anyone with sensitive skin
5 Poppy
Great product, smells amazing and so refreshing :)
4 Natalie
I Have sensitive skin, and had a really bad reaction to this product :(! Which was a bummer cause I loved it! Smells beautiful and kept my make up looking fresh all day!
4 Cherelle
Love this, keeps your make up on and makes it look really fresh, I've got the peach one. Smells lovely.
5 Ola
I have the purple one (lavender) and I love the smell! Makes my makeup stay on for such a long time and makes my skin look nice and healthy, definitely recommend
5 Ivana
Love it! Absolutely great product.I have the peach one and it smell really good ;).
5 Smita Jalaf
I have the peach one. Keeps your makeup on all day and makes it nice and dewy, not cakey and you stay moisturised.
5 Savanna
I love theses sprays, I brought the peach and jasmine ones, the both smell lovely and all my friends use my spays as well, they make my highlighter look insane, my make up also stays on a lot longer, would definitely recommend these!
5 Lauren
This product has been an absolute life saver for me today and i cant recommend it enough!!! I woke up for work this morning with an awful break out, pustules on my cheeks and chin, now i have a foundation which is great and does well at covering them but as i work in a cafe my make up tends to melt away from the heat during the day so i wasn't looking forward to the day ahead!! I only brought this spray a few days ago and today has been the first day i've used it, i expected a slightly more sweet scent (i got jasmine) but nether the less it wasn't unpleasant gave a couple of sprays over my face and off i went. I'm now home after a full day at work cooking in the heat and my spots are still covered i kept checking through the day to see if i needed to grab my face powder and i didn't!! This product has been my life saver today i love it and will be recommending it to EVERYBODY
5 Laura
Love Love Love this product! I bought the peach spray, It smells amazing and makes your make up stay just how it was when you applied it, I definitely recommend.
5 Phoebe
LOVE this setting spray, it makes your make up noticeably stay on so much longer and gives you a nice fresh feeling after your make up is complete. I purchased the peach which smells delicious!
5 Eline
I have the scent Green Tea and all of my clients I used it on told me it smelled delicious! And refreshing, locked the makeup in ALL day through a hot summer day photoshoot. A big thumbs UP!
5 Ryan
An essential for any make up enthusiast! Keeps my make up in place all day with zero touch ups and no cakiness or shine, even cream contour and highlight stay in place and just as intense as when they were freshly applied! Also the scents are to die for.
5 Abby
I love this!! Nice subtle scent not too overpowering, the spray itself is good value a little goes a long way and it really does help your make up last longer. I also use it to wet my beauty blender.
5 Nia
I absolutely LOVE this setting spray it keeps my makeup on all day and gives it a nice matte finish, I got jasmine and the smell is amazing as well. It really does make you slay all day !
5 Hannah
Amazing! Got the lavender one, smells insane and really works too! Love it will buy again
4 Catherine
Finally got my hands on this amazing spray sets my foundation and all that to absolute perfection but it stings my eyes so bad :( smells so beautiful too!
4 henna
the setting spray is good but the fragrance of the jasmine spray is horrible. it is too strong
5 Emma
I love this setting spray! i bought the peach and tbh it is more of a minty smell, i was just expecting peach but i quite like it! my skin feels refreshed and my makeup looks really natural and not cakey and lasts a lot longer, i want to try out the green tea one aswell so when this runs out i will be buying another one. Thanks beautybay for the super fast shipping! I was so excited when the box arrived at my door!
5 Shakila
This is a great settings spray, I have the one in green tea I love the citrus smell and makes my make up last all day.
5 Natalija
This does help the make up stay longer on my combination skin in comparison with Urban Decay All Nighter make up setting spray. Now, the product smells rather strong (Green Tea) which gives me the sneezy nose as I have allergies but not to say that the product would smell unpleasant, just strong. I personally like the cooling effect it gives after spraying it on my face. Speedy delivery to Switzerland, thanks Beauty Bay! :)
5 Soso
They smell so good! as soon as i spray it after my make up i feel i get a nicer glow over my face and it actually keeps my make up longer on with out retouching it!
5 Procopie Gabriela
5 chinniah
I ordered this not sure what to expect. I chose the lavender scent and wow, it smells gorgeous. The spray comes out evenly, spreading across your face with ease - only 1/2 pumps necessary. It's extremely refreshing.
3 ria siddaway
This is a really good product to help your makeup last, it tingles when you spray it on your face and smells amazing HOWEVER since using it i have noticed my skin becoming really dry. i Put it down to the cleanser i was using which i then changed and wasn't seeing a difference. I realised it was this, since not using it my skin has returned to normal. This is really disappointing because i love this product.
5 Isobel
Brought this to see what the hype was about, and it is amazing! I have Green Tea and not only does it keep my make up looking flawless for longer, but it smells incredible!! Love it and definitely recommend it.
4 Leanne
Peach setting spray - fixes makeup, strong smelling but found it was a little tacky for a while
5 Fatima
This is such a good setting spray, it makes your makeup stay put all day! I bought the lemongrass one and it smells heaven! I have Oily skin so makeup usullay fades away after few hours, but this really helps! This is definetly a summer must have :)
5 Khadija Miah
this is amazing i love it so much !!!
5 Tabassum
I love this setting spray! It smells beautiful and really holds your makeup together all day! It doesn't feel sticky and dries almost straight away. I have the jasmine one and love the scent!
1 Aeya
I didn't close my eyes while spraying. It is shockingly strong and stink badly... I ordered the green tea one. Very disappointed!
2 Sara
The smell of jasmine is not that good, reminds me of diaper and baby wipe smell don't know why haha. Its very intense and if you are sensitive to scents i do not recommend jasmine, dont know how the other scents are. I also dont know how well it works because of the smell
5 Sara
I bought green tea and is super refreshing. It makes my makeup lasts all day and helps control the oiliness of the skin. Super recommend , I'll buy the other to try
5 T
Great product
4 Nicola
Was really looking forward receiving this - Smells absolutely gorgeous and gives such a nice dewy finish to my make-up. Makes my skin feel really refreshed and soft.
2 Sasha
I bought the jasmine and lemongrass sprays. The jasmine smells awful and the lemongrass smells amazing, really nice and refreshing. However these only really work if you have normal/dry skin, it states to work on oily skin but does nothing. My skin is extremely oily and nothing works, not even Mac. I had high hopes for the price but sadly is just like scented water.
1 Bunnery
I ordered the Green Tea spray and was so excited about this product, but I have to say that I'm pretty dissapointed. The fragrance is quite unpleasant and on application it makes my skin feel icy cold, so much so that it kind of stings! As if that wasn't enough it doesn't even do it's job of 'fixing' my make-up properly. At the end of the day I noticed my foundation seperating and creasing in places! This has never happened before.
1 xxx
Ordered the jasmine one and it smells disturbingly like cats urine / old ladies. Even my mum could smell it on my face ! Was very excited but this is a massive thumbs down !
5 Hannah
Let me just say this is heaven/perfection in a bottle it smells ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! And the fact it actually keeps my makeup in place and still looks matt after a long day it's jus perfection!
2 Rhiannon
Was too looking forward to this and chose my favourite scent jasmine but when I tried it the smell is too overpowering when its sprayed on your face, i feel like it should be more diluted down, i think it has put me off jasmine scents:( really disappointed
5 Sam
Absolutely brilliant I have jasmine as peach..smell lovely and make your make up last all day

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