Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray

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Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray

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  • Cucumber
  • Grapefruit
  • Green Tea
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Peach
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5 Maria
I'm in LOVE with this setting spray, it keeps the makeup in place and has a semi-matte effect, though the smell isn't my favourite (jasmine).
4 Hanna
Keeps my makeup looking good all day long! I ordered the 'Green tea' one. Although, the smell is soooo strong it hurts my eyes. My eyes tear up and my makeup around my eyes is ruined. Because of that reason, I will not buy again :(
5 Holly
Absolutely adore this setting spray,as I was in work one day I was arguing with a co worker and to get back at me he threw a slice of pepperoni in my direction,as he did this it went straight in my eye and it started to water uncontrollably BUT my Gerard Cosmetics peach setting spray did not let me down and it kept my makeup perfectly in place! Already have spares just in case:)
5 Megan
Very good I ordered this a day ago and it came today and I didn't even choose next day delivery so very happy with that and I also love this product this is my third time ordering and it is amazing it makes your face feel refreshed even though you have make up on and he fruity smells are amazing I love it! It also keeps your make up on all day and your makeup won't transfer while your wearing this
5 Celine
Literally this setting spray is amazing! Opened the top just to smell the scent and wow, it smells soooo nice. I actually did try to lick it, wouldn't recommend licking it but would definitely recommend using it to set your makeup! This stuff is flawless
5 Evan
I love this spray! My make up usually never stays on because of my oily and dry patches but this has changed my everyday make up routine! Wasn't keen on the Lavender scent but the Grapefruit is so fresh.
Love it.
5 Ellie
This setting spray is amazing! I have an oily skin and this makes my makeup last all day. I bought the lemongrass and I don't really like the scent. It reminds me of some cleaning product. However, the scent doesn't last on skin so I'm fine with it.
5 Alima
I love this setting spray.. I originally bought it after I saw it on insta and the design of the bottle and name of it was what really caught my eye regardless of whether it was good or not but it deffo met my expectations. I use it whilst applying foundation and then after. It leaves a nice semi-matte finish but doesn't look dry. It sets the makeup and lasts all day.. I got this in green tea months ago and it's really fresh. It hits you with a strong earthy scent and instantly wakes you up. I can't wait to try the other scents.. I'm gonna be committed to this product for a while.
5 Stacey
Bought as present so unsure if it's good all day! But the peach smell is amazing! Waiting for it to stock back up to buy for myself :)
5 Lauren
Worth the money. Stays all day but the scent is very strong!
5 Natalia
The product is very good as it makes your make up last all day. I bought the Lavender and the smell is amazing even though it is very light. I would really recommend this one.
5 Charlotte
I love this setting spray. I purchased the green tea and it smells really good, first time I used it I felt like it stung a little but after then no problems at all. Keeps my makeup in place in the day and on nights out. I am purchasing a different scent today so hopefully its just as good.
4 Emelie
Good setting spray, does the job well. However, I got the scent in Jasmine and am not a fan, the scent is too strong and smells like old lady.
5 AK
I love this setting spray. I brought the jasmine one. It has a strong scent but once you get passed that, make up stays put and I have oily skin. This is good for refreshing yourself if you do notice some oily parts on your face. Would recommend.
3 Chloe
I ordered the Lavender setting spray, it does keep your makeup in place all day long and feels like it had menthol notes to it which cools the skin. The big negative i have is the scent was awful, it genuinely smells of a public restroom. Unfortunately i cannot get past this smell and have stopped using it, i would although repurchase a different scented setting spray as they all have such great reviews.
4 Luisa
Personally love this product and love the smell but I do believe the smell could be enough to put many people off the product, all round a good setting spray
3 Lauren S
I like the product however the smell is very strong had some tingling on my face with first use, also strong smell of the alcohol, Probs wouldn't recommend to anyone with sensitive skin
5 Poppy
Great product, smells amazing and so refreshing :)
4 Natalie
I Have sensitive skin, and had a really bad reaction to this product :(! Which was a bummer cause I loved it! Smells beautiful and kept my make up looking fresh all day!
4 Cherelle
Love this, keeps your make up on and makes it look really fresh, I've got the peach one. Smells lovely.
5 Ola
I have the purple one (lavender) and I love the smell! Makes my makeup stay on for such a long time and makes my skin look nice and healthy, definitely recommend
5 Ivana
Love it! Absolutely great product.I have the peach one and it smell really good ;).
5 Smita Jalaf
I have the peach one. Keeps your makeup on all day and makes it nice and dewy, not cakey and you stay moisturised.
5 Savanna
I love theses sprays, I brought the peach and jasmine ones, the both smell lovely and all my friends use my spays as well, they make my highlighter look insane, my make up also stays on a lot longer, would definitely recommend these!
5 Lauren
This product has been an absolute life saver for me today and i cant recommend it enough!!! I woke up for work this morning with an awful break out, pustules on my cheeks and chin, now i have a foundation which is great and does well at covering them but as i work in a cafe my make up tends to melt away from the heat during the day so i wasn't looking forward to the day ahead!! I only brought this spray a few days ago and today has been the first day i've used it, i expected a slightly more sweet scent (i got jasmine) but nether the less it wasn't unpleasant gave a couple of sprays over my face and off i went. I'm now home after a full day at work cooking in the heat and my spots are still covered i kept checking through the day to see if i needed to grab my face powder and i didn't!! This product has been my life saver today i love it and will be recommending it to EVERYBODY
5 Laura
Love Love Love this product! I bought the peach spray, It smells amazing and makes your make up stay just how it was when you applied it, I definitely recommend.
5 Phoebe
LOVE this setting spray, it makes your make up noticeably stay on so much longer and gives you a nice fresh feeling after your make up is complete. I purchased the peach which smells delicious!
5 Eline
I have the scent Green Tea and all of my clients I used it on told me it smelled delicious! And refreshing, locked the makeup in ALL day through a hot summer day photoshoot. A big thumbs UP!
5 Ryan
An essential for any make up enthusiast! Keeps my make up in place all day with zero touch ups and no cakiness or shine, even cream contour and highlight stay in place and just as intense as when they were freshly applied! Also the scents are to die for.
5 Abby
I love this!! Nice subtle scent not too overpowering, the spray itself is good value a little goes a long way and it really does help your make up last longer. I also use it to wet my beauty blender.
5 Nia
I absolutely LOVE this setting spray it keeps my makeup on all day and gives it a nice matte finish, I got jasmine and the smell is amazing as well. It really does make you slay all day !
5 Hannah
Amazing! Got the lavender one, smells insane and really works too! Love it will buy again

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