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Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner Abyss 1.8ml

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Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner Zoom
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2 Columbia
I love this liner so much, and bought it to replace my last one which is nearly empty. The new one has .06fl oz, the old one had .10fl oz. So they've nearly cut the product size in half. Also, the applicator is not as flexible, and I can't use my old applicator because it doesn't fit into the new smaller container. Very dissapointing and greedy in my opinion. The product itself is still good, but I doubt I will repurchase again.
3 Stephanie Small
I absolutely love this eyeliner bc it goes on so easy and stays!! BUT it makes my eyes so itchy and red and puffy after I wear it. Major bummer bc it works so well otherwise. Wanted to comment though bc although it works great my eyes hurt for a full day after. Tried it twice now. So unfortunately I will not be using it again.
5 jazmine H
This eyeliner is amazing! This eyeliner came in a birch box and I have been in love with it every since! I rub my eyes all the time and it still last all day!
5 Antoinette Joyce
I bought this recently and am delighted with it. After spending a fortune on so many other eyeliners over time, which didn't hit the mark, I am glad I have finally found one which is easy to use and has remarkable staying power.
5 Christian Christaldi
One of the best eyeliners I've used. It stays on through everything!
5 Rhiannon
By far the most amazing eyeliner I've ever tried, it just doesn't budge! Well worth the money. Trust me, you can sleep in this stuff and it won't move. I have quite watery eyes as well and nothing moves, totally brilliant. This will be my eyeliner for life!
5 Emma Downie
Just amazing. I've tried most Eyeliners around and the staying power on this is immense. I can cry and this doesn't budge! A godsend
This is little thing is a bottle of goodness! Its non smudge once it dries so means no panda eyes if i rub them. I use this before my dance shows and have to say - they help keep my lashes on, doesnt run and is super easy to apply and create a beautiful winged liner! Down side - you need to use a fair amount to ensure you've filled all the gaps and the liners smooth
5 sash
the best liquid eye liner I have yet to try. it isn't waterproof which is good for me because I am not a big fan of water proof products. it stays on all day long yet extremely easy to come off when removing make up which is great. the applicator is great for application, no mess, skinny tip, just lovely. I need to buy another because I already ran out.
1 Erin
If i could give this a lower rating I could. It is almost crispy and flakes off after an hour. Not to mention the brush is so harsh and the strangest type ive ever used, with it being so hard it is incredibly difficult to put on. Would not recommend
1 emalee
I'm not certain what this eyeliner has done, but it's possible that the eyeliner clogged my eyelash follicles, causing my eyelashes to fall out. I now have bald spots on my eyes.
5 Tjaša Gale
The most amazing liquid eyeliner I tried and believe me - I tried them a LOT. It's perfect, nothing else to add. Highly recommend!

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