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jane iredale PurePressed Base Foundation SPF20 Refill

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5 Eve
I'm very happy that I found this amazing product on Beauty Bay because the customer service here is fantastic! They let you know when the products are dispatched and answer to all questions. I recently got a damaged powder (it got damaged during transit, so it's not their fault, because it was packed safely!) and the customer service reacted to this very fast and offered me a replacement. Furthermore, I asked for a different shade of the same product for a replacement and in my surprise, they reacted to that and sent me the shade I asked for! This powder is great for my oily / combination skin, which gets dry when I use mineral makeup from other well known brands. I was skeptical about this one, because I have tried a lot, and every time threw them away because they dried out mu skin…so for me, it is mind blowing how perfect this powder is. It is not drying on my dry skin areas, and it is mattifying on my oily skin areas! It is nice to order amazing product from an amazing site. Thank you!
5 Catalina
This powder is simply amazing! Except special occasions, when I might use some foundation, this is the only thing I use. Great coverage, my skin is breathing. Delivery was a problem on most websites so I was extremly happy when I discovered this site, plus is cheaper!!
5 Ella
I absolutely love this foundation. After struggling with my skin for years (I have psoriasis on my forehead and scalp), I had just resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to wear foundation but Jane Iredale has actually given me confidence again.
5 Renata
I love this product. Color is perfect match for me.
5 Glamorous touch mua
I bought this foundation as I wanted to add extra coverage to my liquid foundation I was using. I used it over existing foundation and it is gorgeous, so much so that I don't really need to layer it, this is amazing on its own! The consistency is super fine and it makes you look truly flawless. The only problem I have had is I have got a slightly lighter colour than my skintone as I wasn't sure which colour to go for. I will definitely recommend this!!
5 Tine
I just can't imagine me using other powder foundations than this. It's the best powder i've ever tried, plus, i have porcelain skin, and it's very hard to find a powder that matches my skin-tone, luckily i found this one!
5 Lindy
Really good foundation which egalizes my skin. Very comfortable and i'm not feeling the foundation on my skin. It feels very natural. Much better product than all the other products that i have tried from the really known brands in the local stores. I got to know this product by my make up artist for my wedding and since that time i am addicted to the products of Jane Iredale! Can not miss them anymore!
5 Cat
Amazing product! Have been usin for a while now and will never be changing. Highly recommended.
Best product for problem skin, I've ever used. Don't forget to spray with spring water after to fix the foundation and to stay mat. For my skin with natural redness light beige tone turn to be more suitable than warm silk tone.
5 Shell
I work in the mining industry, spending a grt deal of my time working outdoors in the harsh sun, after a skin cancer scare on my nose, the plastic surgeon suggested I try Jane Iredales 20spf mineral powder, I was a little sceptical about the product and the price. I can honestly say it is the best powder I have ever use, it stays put for at least 12 hours a day, never greasy, I am a convert!!!!
5 Anya Lee
This is my first powder foundation and it is amazing in terms of quality, coverage, and skin sensitivity. A bit pricy for the amount you get and i'd definitely purchase again because skin is the best thing you could invest on your appearance. I have tried all sorts of low end to high end brand (Nars, Dior, Chanel, Clinique, Smashbox, YSL, Giorgio Armani, Benefit, Urban Decay) and now i am hooked on this powder.
4 caitlin
An incredible powder foundation. I was sceptical a first, thinking that a powder wouldn't give me nearly enough coverage. But I was very impressed! My skin is very prone to breakouts, I visit a dermatologist once a month and they recommended Jane Iredale. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the product I put on my skin won't contribute to causing a breakout. Just purchased my second refill - love this product.
5 Annika
It's perfect. Warm silk is a good shade for light, couperotic finnish skin.
I have been using Jane Iredales pure press foundation for over 10 years now, its the best foundation for my skin, its light ,protective and easy too apply, just perfect.
5 Anja
Love this Foundation! I will never go back to any other bands. It feels light on the skin og doesn't grease during the day. As it is easy to refresh in the evening without having to start all over.
5 Sandra
BEST powder foundating ever. It doesn't lay on your skin to create a mask, but it mixes with your skin, to make it just look way better. It also lasts forever. Gone are the times I have to buy a new one every 3 weeks!
5 Giulia
I absolutely love this foundation! Unlike cream foundations it's soft, light and doesn't leave your sking greasy. I have a very light, sensitive skin that's prone to rashes, pimples and weird allergies when subject to products that are not 100% natural: Jane Iredale's foundation has never even once given me problems! Totally recommended! :)
5 Christianne
THE perfect foundation.
5 Jacky Burkett
I love this product!
5 Katrien
Best powder foundation I've ever had. I use this one on top of the BB creme because I need a full coverage. It also gives a mat result, takes away the shine of the BB creme.
5 Elena Suni
Best foundation! Great shades
5 Maiya Keidan
I have spent 10 years searching for the perfect foundation that provides good coverage, matches my very pale skin and doesn't make my hyper-sensitive skin break out. This is it. I cannot applaud this foundation enough. All the other mineral powders I tried made my skin itch but this foundation is a pleasure to apply and wear.
5 Elena
Best foundation ever!!! Gives great coverage without making a mask!
5 Kairi
Truly one of the best foundations I have ever used. It covers very well but still lets skin breathe under the make-up. Suitable for every day use and for special occasions (for extra last try BB cream under it). Worth every penny!!

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