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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Palette

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5 Dena
So pigmented and perfect!
5 Lauren
I love this pallet! The size is amazing, the colours are so pigmented and they blend so well!
5 Holly
Had to save up for this but soooooo worth it!!! Shadows are like butter amazing xx
5 Agustina
I'm in love with this palette!!! Sooo pigmented, colours are amazing and it blends so good. !!!
5 Matthew
One of the most creamy and beautifully pigmented palettes iv ever used they blend out like butter love !!!!
5 Kinga
Best eyeshadow palette ever. Super highly pigmented and huge pans.
5 martina
I recived it only 2 days ago and I looooove it! so pigmented and great colours.. buy it now
5 Aimee
Unreal! The pigmentation, the design, weight, everything! Jeffree really out did himself, they are so buttery and blendable.. in love! Plus it arrived a lot sooner than I'd thought :)
4 reina
this palette is so pigmented, smooth nd buttery. the most buttery are of course deja vu and frosting because they are shimmers, and for some reason in my palette the shade swallow is REALLY chalky and it feels really rough on my finger when i put my finger in the pan, other than that all is great!!!
5 Mia
This palette is amazing! I'm so glad I purchased it!! The colors are very pigmented and they work together perfectly. It is food for the imagination :)
5 Paris
This is absolutely worth every single penny! This palette has not left my eyes since I ordered this...nothing compares! The pigmentation, the way they blend and the colour scheme is so inspiring. You should definitely get your hands on it if you can! The pan size is huge and you get alot of product for your money.
5 Célina
I love it! The shadows are super pigmented and blendable and the pan size is huuuuuge! In my opinion, this is worth every single penny!
5 Isabel sutton
Love this palette so much, it's incredibly pigmented and blendable 100% worth the money plus shipping was really fast!
5 Nishat
This is my first high end palette so I was really worried about purchasing it just incase it wasn't that good, but the colours were too tempting to pass and boy am I glad I ordered it. I got it the net day and couldn't be more happy, the colours are so pigmented and rich and I barely have to touch the brush to the pan to get the product. I love it so much, so worth the money!!!!
5 Julia
The Androgyny palette is one of the best palettes on the market. The packaging is absolutely stunning, and the bright pink stands out. The inside mirror is big and good quality so you can definitely do your whole makeup using it.The eyeshadow pan size is really big, so you know you'r paying for a lot of product.The pigmentation is outstanding and it's really easy to work with/blend or pack on. You can create a lot of different and unique looks with is, matte or frosty/shimmery.I think the palette is worth investing in! You can have 10 affordable and cheap eye shadow pallets, but in my opinion is better to invest in quality rather than in quantity.An amazing factor is that JSC do not test on animals so it's cruelty-free and vegan.
5 Emma
Fab colours r gorgeous and really pigmented and blend easy
5 Cynthia
Absolutly worth the money thay are verry pigmented and blend like a dream this is my new go to and favorite palette
5 Catarina Madeira
I love this pallet , it is worth every penny. The colour payoff is amazing, the shadows are very easy to blend,they are also very silky to the touch.I haven't experience any fallout.The pans are huge, the formula is amazing. Overall it is a very well made product and I would recommend to everyone.
5 Martine
I live for this palette, amazing for soft neutral looks, or bold eyecatching stunners. Blends perfect with other palettes and little/no fallout !!
5 Nai
Beautiful everything!!!
5 Rachel
Such a nice palette! Able too use all the colours with each other, and you can do looks for day time and night! The shadows themselves are really nice and buttery and blend like a dream!
5 Jenn
I love this palette, the colours are gorgeous and super pigmented. The pans are fairly large and you only need a small amount to get really good coverage. Very happy :)
5 Ya
the best eyeshadow palette I have own (UD, TF, MR) this is suitable for every skin tone and for people who do not mind stepping out of their comfort zone. my favourite 2017 go to
5 Tammy Strong
I got this at the meet and greet with Jeffree and Manny, so I could swatch it and it was so creamy and pigmented omg!! It was amazing hence why I bought it, so worth the money, but if there was a brush it would've really put the icing on the cake!! Still love it though!
5 Kimberley
I absolutely love Jeffree and his make up has always been on top of my wish list i finally got my hands on this beautiful palette and i am very impressed the shadows are buttery soft and the colours are very neutral and mixed i love how you can play around with various tones. The amount of product within the shadow pans is impressive defiantly worth the money and i was honestly SHOOK and impressed with the packaging and overall pigmentation and colours i recommend this to anyone
5 Tanya
This palette is my everything. The colours are super pigmented and smooth. In love with Fetish and Deja Vu. 100% recommend. Q
5 Lauren
Best pallette ive ever had?? cant put it down!
5 Daisy
Obsessed with this palette. It is crazy pigmented without loads of fall out and it doesn't just crumble the second you put your brush into it so you don't get a tonne of waste. The possibilities with this palette are endless. So many looks you could achieve. I am living and breathing for Military it is stunning!!!! JSC is fast becoming one of my favourite brands to use. The products are so workable and versatile. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It doesn't just 'work' it comes in on bank holidays too.
5 Emma
Not only am I impressed with the palette but also with BeautyBay's service! This palette is amazing! Highly Pigmented and so easy to blend! A must have in a makeup lover's collection!
5 Andreea iulia
This palette is so good. The eyeshadows are creamy, easy to blend etc.
5 Nina
This palette is so pigmented and huge. You get a lot for the price, definitely recommend it! x
5 Nicola
Great colours bendable creamy ... love this
5 Wendy
Such a great palette with amazing pigmentation! Definitely recommend for anyone who loves bright and daring colours! Worth the money!
5 Alice
This is the best eyeshaddow ive ever used. The colours are more beautiful in person. The packaging is fancy. Deja vu is the most beautiful colour ive ever had on my eyelids xxxx
5 Johanne
Love It!
5 Laura
Absolutely love this palette and everything about it! So highly pigmented, the smallest bit goes such a long way and the pans are huge so it should last forever! Worth every penny
5 Eleonora
I just got it in the mail and I absolutely love it !! must have
5 Trinity
This pallet is SICKENING !!!! The colours are absolutely stunning , pigmented to the gods and holy sh*** the blend ! Would buy 100 times
5 Bambam
Beautiful palette ,very very reminiscent of Viseart too,the pigment is brilliant with or without primer, very smooth application and minimal fallout ,it's not as loud and busy as the Beauty Killer palette but it does have quite loud colours if that's the look your after, pans are huge ,only disappointment is the teal and blue shadows ,as he covered these in his BK and this could've been so much nicer and neutral if he'd changed these to maybe a peach or peanut butter type ,although he does include a good transitional colour in Safe Word ,the rest of the palette is superb ,he's earned his high end stars , Charm and Fetish are everything,surprisingly easy to wear together too , I don't think anyone will be disappointed with this palette if they buy it , I'm not a fan of the owner of this brand but truth being told he's topped everything out there with this , Superb Love it
5 Jade
Beautiful palette! Colours are so pigmented and you can create so many looks using this colour scheme. Definitely worth the money. Thank you beauty Bay and Jeffree star!
5 Dayana Bako
LOVE LOVE LOVE This palette!! Very pigmented, blends like a dream, the colours are even more stunning in person than in pictures. I fully recommend this palette! Also the pans are huge so you get allot for your hard earned cash. Big thumbs up for this one!
5 Karen daughter loves this palette and was over the moon with the skin frost free gift! didn't expect it to be full size being a free gift !!
5 Courtney-aj
The Pigment On This Palette Is Out Of This World, And The Colours Are So Different I Love This Palette!!
5 Nikita Patel
This palette is absolutely stunning! All the colours have such insane amounts of pigment! Highly recommend and I also did a first impression on my YouTube channel.
5 Chelsey
I adore this palette! It's ridiculously pigmented and blends out so so easily. The colours are all my favourite colours to wear on my eyes as I like quite 'out there' looks. Whether you're into more neutral looks or bright colourful looks you should get this palette!
5 Claudia
So freaking GORGEOUS!The pigmentation is unreal! Especially 'deja vu', I've never see such a beautiful bronze color.So thankful that Beauty Bay exists, I live in Italy, and for me it would have been impossible to put my hands on this beauty.
5 Nora
Oh boy, oh boy! I was hesitant at first since I have SO much eyeshadow, many in similar shades... but eventually decided to give it a shot, telling myself how one can never have too many pretty eyeshadows and telling myself the price per eyeshadow is really cheap.I have absolutely no regrets! Worth every single penny; the colours are downright gorgeous, the formula and texture is creamy and super easy to work with. Great pigmentation. Love, love, love!
4 Ruby
I am a huge fan of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but had never tried his eyeshadows. I got this and I love it, but shades you wouldn't expect to be so pigmented such as safe word are, which is great, but darker shades like swallow and poison were not as pigmented as I had hoped. I find I have to apply these darker shades with my finger rather than a brush. Good all round palette though!
5 Tessa
Overall great quality , great colour selection !!
I was very curious about this palette, I'm very satisfied with it. Blends perfectly, all colors can be used in combination. My husband knows nothing about what I'm doing with my face, but he said my makeup was better this way, better how?, more natural. :D Hah, with a military-poison underline... yeah sure. The thing is he likes it, I like it. Yaaay!
5 Samantha
Jesus, this palette is my new favourite! After debating whether to get it or not since its release I finally ordered it and everything is perfect. The shadows are creamy and are a dream to blend, so delighted with it.
5 Gemma
Super fast delivery ?? stunning products
5 Karen
I got this a couple of days ago and so surprised at how big the palette actually is. Decent size pans and the mirror is cute. I swatched all of the shades and there's very good colour payoff without any fallout. The one shade which is the nude colour doesn't really do anything for my skin tone but can be good for a transition shade or base. I'm loving the choice of colours and so excited to start experimenting with this. Definitely worth the money!
1 Harriet harasha
Awful so chalky
5 Heidi
These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and blend very nicely and the pallette has a beautiful colour range If you want to explore different eye looks. However, some of the shadows don't last for long without a primer which is frustrating, for example when I wore the purple shade androgyny it only lasted on my eye lid for around 2 hours or so without a primer. However, I would definitely still recommend this pallette as the shades are creamy and have an excellent formula.
5 Rose
Beauty killer was my favourite pallet but oh my god this is sooo much better. It doesn't fade away when blending it out and it is literally soooo pigmented. The shimmery shades Come out amazingly
4 MUA Sunny
The eyeshadows are sickening af. Neutral tones and the pigmentation is to the point. These eyeshadows blend so perfectly and they do not have any fallout even using tones which are really hard to be produced as eyeshadows. I have created a tutorial on my youtube channel using these eye shadows. Many people would find some dupes from the viseart but that palette is expensive
3 imo
good quality shadows however i do notice that a i get a medium amount of fall out when i use the shimmers. the matte shades are very pigmented but i find that fetish(red) lacks the pigment the others have. i wont lie the packaging is quite deciving the pans may be large but they are extremly thin so i dont reccomend travelling with it
5 Aine
So SHOOK with this palete. As a makeup artist I really lack color on myself rather than clients as I don't have much time to do my makeup all the time. I really got stuck in a rut. But when this palete came out I was iffy about buying it, so I went ahead and made the purchase the day it came out and I'm so glad I did. The color pay off is sickening, the pigmentation is unreal and the size of the pans £40 is a total bargain for this palete, I'm now creating a lot more creative looks on myself more now. EVERYONE needs this palete.
5 Georgie T
This palette is beautiful! I'm rubbish at my eyeshadow but this has made it so easy as they blend lovely! The shades are so much more desirable when you see them in person. Safe word is the best crease colour! Amazing!!
5 Terriann
I absolutely love this palette!! The colours are stunning! They're pigmented,so easy to blend & I didn't get any fall out!! I would recommend this palette and I do! To everyone!!
5 Brogan Ballantyne
Amazing pigmentation and such unique colours, love it
5 Bill O'mahony
Got this today OMG its amazing im addicted to this Palette :) its a must buy the colours are beautiful.
5 Sophie
Just like all of Jeffree Stars products, this palette is amazing! Colours are so pigmented and there is such a variety. Love it!
5 Emily
Gorgeous colours, great colour payoff.
5 Bidoura Gulshan
Thank u so much beautybay n Jeffrey star cosmetics!!!!
5 Katie
Huge pan sizes (4x the size of the Modern Renaissance pans) So pigmented and long lasting
5 Aimee
This palette is everything! Colour selection is perfect you can create soo many looks! The formula is magic!!
5 Jane
Have just received this palette - as everyone says, the colours are really very pigmented, blend easily and adhere well. The colours also layer well and the pigmentation means that colours can be applied over the top of others when you change your mind! The actual colours in the palette are really beautiful and will work well with the majority of skin tones. Frosting (antique soft gold) and Deja Vu (warm copper bronze) are both frosted (not glittery) and all of the others are flat matte colours. Androgyny (my favourite) is a cross between Cadbury's Milk Chocolate brown and a cool mid plum. It's my favourite and looks brilliant with Safe Word (a true beige) and Fetish (red brown) for a daytime look that's neutral, but not boring. It's a deceptively clever palette that can be used do really understated, natural nude through to edgy, strong colour combinations. It's also amazing value as the pans of colour are really big. In short, I'd be having its babies if I wasn't too old!
5 Hollie
I bought this palette the day it came out. I am OBSESSED! I cannot leave the house without dipping into this guy. I absolutely love this and the Beauty Killer palette.
5 sophie
this palette is the best makeup product i own! I have 2 of his liquid lipsticks and now this palette and its completely worth the price! The pan sizes are huge and the eyeshadows are an amazing formula so they would last forever! If you want a high end palette this is the one to go for!
5 Sofia
Really pigmented but still they blend nicely together I love this shadows so much ?
5 Kieran
The Beauty Killer was a bit of a miss for me, especially with the formulas but Jeffree really went out and stepped up the quality for this palette. Each shadow blends like a dream and are so pigmented. From natural every day to a bold night glam look. This is a diverse revolution!
5 Destiny Deakin
OMG what can I say this is everything I wanted it to be beautiful pigmentation a various range of colours amazing packaging genorous amounts of product I LOVE IT!! Definitely recommend it to everyone can't wait to start some looks with these shades
5 Evie
so so stunning, blends easily and the pigmentation is amazing! If you love makeup, this palette is a must!!
5 d
lovely palette, the pans are massive and the shadows are so buttery and the shimmers are the most creamy. they blend and look nice
5 Kale
Luv this product! Sooooooo creamey and pigment! u better werk ! Jeffrey did so well with this androginy palet and he BLOW it out that park hunty. ME mammy got es it for me birthday. yes PLEASE hunny! Watch his vids anorl...So exited for the the northern part of his meet an greetz. just ordered a highlight from ali expres to see what that's like- have 2 say the prices are better on there on the dole and jeffrees highlight on ali expes was olny a quid... hope it gets here quick. Also love that many moo (his boyfrend) and there new makeup line reeeeely hope it cums on here quick. al have to save up and not feed e kids til then. (the bairnz) will have to stay off crack for a few days too. CHEW!
5 Jade Louise
Love this palette! Every colour is pigmented and so easy to blend. The pan size are massive so this palette will last me a long time.
5 Anna Wallin
This palette became my ride or die in just one use! Love the shades and the formula. I'm used to Morphe, Make up geek and BH cosmetics shadows and this one tops them!
5 Paula
I got the beautykiller palette and probably because I have tried so many different eyeshadows the quality was just not all there some colours where very pigmented other were a bit sheer so I was let down by it and it made my eyelids sting very badly. But since he said he had improved the formula I decided to try it and OH MY GOD this palette speaks to my soul!!! Its literally everything I wanted the other to be, SUPER buttery smooth pigmented!! And the colour range its amazing!! The red the dark brown and the purpley mauve are my fave but they are all very consistent and amazing AND it didnt sting my eyelids!!!
3 Ellin
I am a bit dissapointed do be honest. I absolutely love all his lipsitcks and highliters but this shadows are not good at all. The glitter ones are beautiful and buttery, but the matte ones are not so good. They are not easy to blend, especially both blue and green eyeshadow. They don't last all day, even not with a primer. It's true that they are really pigmented but thats all positive about this pallete. I also want to mention that the pallete is not well made as well, because the pots doesnt fit nice to the holes.
5 Raluca
Ahhhhmaziiingggg palette!!! Sooo worth I'm obsessed though I waited a little long than usually to receive it in Romania but I get it. Love Beauty Bay also
5 Lili
This palette is absolutely stunning. The pans are huge, and the formula is extremely pigmented, buttery and can easily be blended. Definitely recommend. it's worth the money!!
5 Yolie
A fantastic investment, I adore this palette and use it everyday. The colours blend beautifully. Generous sized pans and in my opinion good value.
5 shannon
I literally haven't stopped playing with this pallet! Its so versatile and pigmented. Frosting makes a beautiful highlight and also looks ace over the top of any of the other colors.If your unsure about this pallet... seriously just buy it!
5 Gemma
Amazing palette! Highly pigmented colors that blend with ease. The spectrum of colors means so many looks can be created! Totally worth every penny.
5 Emma Parsons
I brought this palette when it was first released and it is stunning. The top row of colours are perfect for every day use and then the bottom ones are perfect for a pop of colour when you want it! The shadows are the most pigmented shadows I have ever used in camparison with mac, bobby brown, morphe etc (I own a LOT of makeup) and it is really worth a buy!!!
4 Daniella
This is my first palette by Jeffree and i must say it is beyond my expectations. The colors are gorgeous and VERY pigmented. However, the only thing that stops me from giving this 5 instead of 4 is that the blue shade Shallow needs more work than the others, it is slightly patchy compared to the other shades which has this soft and smooth feel. Otherwise a great palette, worth the money!
5 Gaelle from France
Amazing palette with a beautiful mirror!! Eyeshadows are very pigmented and buttery, easy to blend...Colors are stunning and spciales. very very good job Jeffree stars and Thank u so much beautybay to delivered in France
5 Verena
Blown away by this palette! Love the colours and the quality is impeccable.
5 Elina
Best palette! I have been waiting for this palette so long and it is so good. The blend beautifully and they are extremely pigmented. Love it!
5 Sarah
I love this palette! I haven't used all of the colours yet but most of them and they're so easy to work with. This palette is great if you want to break away from warm browns and begin using colour. I'm obsessed with military, charm and frosting in particular ??
5 Sonia
Best palette ever! So pigmented & blend like butter. The pan sizes are twice the size of any other makeup palette iv got
5 Natalya
Best. Palette. Ever.
5 Sarah
I just Love it!Better than the Beauty Killer Palette, that I Love too.Perfect Quality, perfect colours. Just buy it!
5 Sarah
I have a lot of JS liquid lippies and a few skin frost but this is my first eye shadow palette. I was a little iffy about the colour selection at first but not long after I fell in love and I had to order it the day it was available. It's honestly my favourite palette. And because I'm fair I can use frosting as a highlighter and safe word as a contour shade, how perfect is that.
5 Dan
I absolutely adore this palette for many reasons. The formula is very smooth and creamy so it applies well even without an eye primer. The colours are rich and vibrant and you can change the saturation with the amount of product you put on your brush. I also think that the shade 'Frosting' is perfect for a blinding golden highlight on the nose and cheeks. The packaging itself is very beautiful with its snake like texture on the front and back and inside the palette includes a clear high quality mirror that perfectly fits the frame of your eyes. The baroque/versace esque embellishments around the mirror makes it a must have palette. The pan sizes are so big and will definitely last me a long time. Overall, I couldn't recommend a better palette than this one to anyone whether you have any other products of his or not. Totally worth the wait and the price.
5 Charli
Such an amazing palette! Really pigmented but not patchy at all! 100% worth the money
5 Hasna Begun
Love this palette!! I felt like Charlie opening his chocolate bar and finding a golden ticket with the Androgony palette in m hand!! Pigementation and longevitity of shadows is best I've ever used!!
1 sarah
I ordered this palette the day it was realeased and when it arrived most of the eyeshadow pans were wonky.,I had to return it
5 Kat
I love this palette; I've reached for it every day since it arrived. I'm not used to working with mattes (usually I lean towards shimmers) however I used 'Safe Word', 'Charm', and 'Military' on my eyes for my first look, and I was converted. They took a little more work than the shimmers I usually go for, but the mattes are pigmented and smooth, and the shadows didn't budge all day. I used 'Frosting', 'Deja Vu', and 'Fetish' today, and the metallics are insanely pigmented and buttery, and blend like a dream. The massive pans and leatherette covering are just the icing on the cake.
5 Kaylah
I have the beauty kller palette and the loved that but wow this palette has definitely become my holy grail palette Jeffree has slayed it again!
5 Chloe
'YOU BETTER WORK ANDROGYNY' and work it does! Wow. I'm in love. This is my first purchase from Jeffree star cosmetics and I am not disappointed! Pigment, pigment, piment! They feel and apply amazing! And thank you beauty bay for the next day delivery! Overall, so happy!
5 Alan
I absolutely love it! The eyeshadows are really pigmented and very blendable, 'swallow' feels chalky compared to the others but the colour is still very intense and easy to work with.
5 Shay
It blends like a dream. Every colour is highly pigmented. Jeffree star in his video says they're creamy and buttery, it's true! It was worth the wait and every penny! Just buy it, you won't regret it!
5 Sophia
I ordered this palette on Sunday morning and it arrived Monday morning!! Amazing service from Beauty Bay. The palette is great. Beautiful colours and so pigmented. The colours blend effortlessly. The foil colours are amazing when used with a wet brush (fixing spray) and they last all day. If you're thinking about buying this palette, I would highly recommend it. The colours can be used for simple everyday or dramatic evening looks. Plus you get so much product. The pans are larger than your average eyeshadow pan. I love this palette xxx
5 Alicia Jane
Love this eyeshadow palette! Beautiful range of colours. Pigmentation is brilliant and very easy to blend, can create lots of looks with this, 100% worth the money!
4 Rachael Dallyn
This palette is beautiful, the colours are amazing. But military has arrived smashed which i am so gutted about!! Waiting to hear back from beauty bay as to what they can do for me. ??
5 Rebecca
One word for this 'AMAZING' I thought about buying this for a while and finally caved in and I totally recommend this and you won't regret it!!!
5 Thomas Noir
Where to start...This palette is worth getting if you like the warm shades in it.Frosting is an absolutely gorgeous inner corner highlight, it's a champagne gold. Excellent pigmentation.Safe word - is a lovely transitional colour. I used this this morning for an every day kind of look. Looks nice on the lower lash line. Pay off good too!Charm - a vibrant orange, brilliant to diffuse and blend Fetish! I love this colour! Deja Vu - This shade is probably my least favourite of the palette, the pigmentation is still okay. However I have a one similar from ABH which I prefer.Dominatrix - perfect for an alternative to dark brown or black. This looks beautiful blended in with fetish! Amazing pigment.Androgyny - Do I even have to explain how amazing this shade is? I've been hunting for a shade similar to this, so I'm pleased this is one of the one that performs the best in the palette.Fetish - Probably my favourite of the palette, reds are my go to shade. Fetish doesn't disappoint.Military - At first I was a bit apprehensive if I would actually use this colour as it is a khaki like green shade. However this is stunning when applied, nice blended in with poison and safe word.Poison - Nice teal - no complaints, amazing pigmentation. Doesn't swatch as well as it applies, but who cares we don't walk around with eyeshadows on our arms...Swallow - Lovely blue, good pigmentation.Overall I think this palette is well worth it, even if you don't use the last three shades.
5 Karma ??
I ordered this palette on Saturday night and it arrived today. I'm so exited to use all the colours as I have swatched them and the texture is so buttery. Thank you beauty bay and Jeffree Star Cosmetics.
5 Evie Ballance
Sooooo beautiful worth the money
5 Katie
5 Caitlin Woodley
Got it and LOVE IT! Beautiful colours and blend nicely.
5 Becca
This palette is everything! every single colour is so pigmented and beautiful, this palette is perfect for someone who is into more neutral or earthy tones and is wanted to expanded their colour collection. The palette and pans are huge and this formula is amazing so creamy and buttery, would definitely recommend!
5 Joanne
i have lots of jeffree star make-up. Been waiting for Androgyny pallet, got to say defo worth the wait love it A*****
5 Natasha
SO HAPPY!! Next day delivery is great as every other order has been! These shadows are so pigmented and creamy. They blend out really well and there are so many looks you can create, even if you are afraid to use the brighter colours! Jeffree did an awesome job and I'm so glad I got it and was able to with it being on the beauty bay website! x
3 Ash Taylor
Honestly, the concept is there but the eyeshadows are far too pigmented to even do anything with. No matter how much you tap off the excess, they are a nightmare to blend. It's a shame because I'm a huge Jeffree fan. The Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette is way better. I just say though, the metallic formula is flawless.
5 Jade
It's amazing well worth the money was soo happy with it
5 Harry
I AM IN LOVE! Jefree, you really blew it out of the park! This Palette is absolutely amazing. It does exactly what it says It should, rough and tough, long wearing and EXTREMELY PIGMENTED!!!!!! The metallics can work well on all skin tones and the Mattes are SUPER MATTE!!! I am in Love and awe by this product! THE BEST, eyeshadow Palette I have ever tried so far! Does this mean I have to now purchase the Beauty killer Palette? ??????????????
5 Louise
Amazing pigmentation and 100% worth your money! Best adventurous palette on the market today
5 Sammie
Got this a day after it was released thanks to AMAZING next day delivery, and it was so worth the wait. It's so well made, and the colours are so pigmented! Definitely worth the money, cant wait to use this along with his other products!!
5 Ellie
I ordered this product and it came the next day, very impressed with the pigmentation and the size of the pans, overall I love this palette and can't wait to play around with the colours. Worth the money.
5 Anna
Very pigmented eyeshadows, great quality, little to almost none fall out. Highly recommended !!!!!
5 Ella
I am very impressed with this product. The shadows are buttery and extremely pigmented. It is just as I hoped it would be and I wouldn't expect anything less from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.
5 Laura Smith
Jefrees brand keeps getting better and better. This product truely lived up to the rest of the products, the eye shadows are super pigmented and blendable! With large pans, you defiantly get a good amount of product and the mirror is top quality! Another amazing product!
5 Lauren
Beautiful, highly pigmented eyeshadows. Very happy with them, can't believe the size of the pans!!
5 Zoe
5 X_BlackSheep
I don't even need this to turn up to know it's going to be a 5* from me.

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