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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette

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2 Ell Jay
I was really looking forward to finally getting this and to be honest I think it is overrated. Yes they blend ok but nothing out of the ordinary the colours are a bit of a let down
3 Nicole Moore
Amazing palette, wonderful shades. However i wish i ordered this directly from Jeffree Star Cosmetics as my palette is broken and they are offering me a partial refund of 12 and no replacement. Not impressed with beauty bay's service.
5 Emma
Great product, very pigmented and easy to blend. You can create so many different makeup looks with just this one palette ?? there is a good amount of mattes and shimmers. I would highly recommend to anyone :)
5 Lucy
This palette is amazing value for money! The pan sizes are big and the formula is so stunning, the amount of looks you can get from these colours is insane, you won't regret it!
5 Charley
unbelievably pigmented, no fallout, long lasting, would recommend 100%
5 Alana
Gorgeous pallette, colours blend well and it is really big!
5 Jean
First thing that I noticed- this palette is HUGE. The pan size are way bigger than average so you get a lot for your money, also the mirror is very good and I've sometimes used it to apply other make when travelling.The colours are beautiful, all very bold and bright, but I found the gold colour (rich bitch) didn't go on as well as the others, though its good to add that extra bit of sparkle to your look. Rest of the shades are very pigmented- you honestly don't need much on the brush, and I found it applied well without getting into the creases. It also looked bright and fresh after a long night out but be aware- make sure you have good eye make up remover, this was a pain to remove with just your basic wet wipe (suppose that's a good thing- it defiantly lasts!)
5 Nicola
Amazing palette ... Good size pans .. good colour pay off and very bendable and creamy
3 Christina
Absolutely beautiful palette and amazing colours. It came so quick but my favourite colour 'star power' is broken and I haven't got a respond yet cause I asked for a replace.
4 Cheryl
I love this. Only downfall is the gold colour 'Rich Bitch' isnt that pigmented. I was disappointed, because I was looking forward to using this colour. 'Frosting' from the androgyny palette is much better!
5 nofar podgayevski
the best eyeshadow pallette ever!!!!!
5 Lauren
Absolute stunner this palette. Managed to get use out of every shade and the pigmentation is perfect. Can't wait to purchase the Androgyny palette too. My fave shade out of the whole palette has to be Courtney !!
3 Chloe
I was super unsure about getting this palette when it first came out because the shades are really bright and not incredibly wearable. I don't use many of the cool toned shades but I do love the shades Star Power and Courtney. The pan sizes are incredible.
5 Hollie
I love this palette. The only colour I had a problem with was Rich Bitch, I feel like it was too chunky and a bit harder to apply, however that hasn't stopped me using it at all! Would recommend anyone to buy Jeffree products. I am in love!
3 Kieran
The design of the palette is stunning, however, some of the formulas are awful. The shade Rich Bitch doesn't even go onto the eye, even if using Fix Plus. The shade Black rainbow is also so very difficult the blend out. However, the spotlight shade in the palette is Star Power. I use that every time I want a bold, dramatic look and it really serves.
5 shannon moonie
Amazing, long lasting its smooth, bendable and the pigment is amazing its almost to much pigment. I wear this every day and I get so many complements. Worth every penny.
5 Iona
This palete is the is the single greatest purchase I've made in my entire life! The colours are perfect !!! love, love LOVE!
5 Heather
Very pigmented pretty palette, lots of eye looks can be created using this and my only slight problem would be trouble with blending the 2 darkest shades
4 Jade
Amazing palette, amazing colors! Anything jeffre star comes out with is amazing! Only problem i had was the packaging, the jeffree star sign on the front was worn away and had a few dints in, apart from that its unreal, definitely worth the money
5 Lynsey Jayne
This palette is so pigmented and beautiful i love all the shades it's so versitile you can create alot of different looks with just this one palette A for effort jeffree you better work gurl
5 Amy
YES YES YES YES YES AND MORE YES. This palette is A-MA-ZING. Even if you don't like bold makeup looks you can still use the BRIGHT FREAKING PINK to make gorgeous subtle eye looks. If you're unsure about buying this palette let me help you.... BUY IT NOW
4 Victor
It's a test paletteHowever:-the pink one is a tiny bit chalky if used without a sprayed brush -the gold one is not the best formula-there IS some fallout imoOverall still a GREAT paletteGreat colours, great payoff, huge pans, and you can make every single shade work for every single skin tone which is rare! With some gimmicks like spraying a brush or using special Primers I actually think this has the potential to be THE PERFECT palette when combined with maybe a dark brown matte single shadow for the crease and maybe one more matte transition shade. This palette is, apart from that, all you need!
4 Mila Muller
Some.colours are more blendable than others. Can't fault the pan sizes though.
4 Emily
Excellent product, although when it arrived, the pink shade had fallen apart a little and cause a bit of a mess. I love the size of the eye shadows and the variety.
5 shannon
This pallet is absolutely beautiful! The packaging is amazing, the colors are so pigmented and buttery. It is 100% worth the price tag the pans are huge! I've had mine for almost a year and it still has so much product.
5 erika
Androgyny palette: This is my first time buying Jeffree's Star shadows. They are rich saturated colours. They are a buttery creamy formula. Most importantly, they doesn't have huge glitter peices, and they will be great for smokey eye looks. Amazing!
5 Megan
Amazing colours so pigmented!! Only problem I had was the gold one didn't go on too well but apart from that it's definitely worth the buy.
5 Anjum
I love these colours, my friend ordered it and wore a couple of the shades and I was so impressed with the look I bought one too! Love!
5 Kelly morgan
Love love love
4 Aiesha
This palette is fantastic, I pondered over whether I should take the plunge and purchase this product. I thought everyone was exaggerating over the pan size and I just wasn't sold on the colour story. However, seeing it in person I see I was smitten. The pan sizes are 1.75x that of a normal single. The formula isn't consistent across the palette, but I don't think it's a bad thing. Rich Bitch might a divisive shade because although it's gorgeous and the colour payoff is great, it's a bit gritty in texture. You can also use the shade Princess as a cheekbone highlight.
1 Mariana
Worst palette I've laid my hands on. I was so excited because the colours are beautiful, and when you swatch it on your fingers it does look pigmented, but believe me, it's not. That's coming from a make up artist. The quality is awful, chalky, dry, and the rich bitch is *barely there* on your eyes. Save your money.
5 Sunniva
one of the best eyeshadow palettes i own. Beautiful colours and amazing pigment!
5 Jessica
I bought this pallete when it first come out, love the colours. Blends well, the pans are a nice size, and I like packaging. I had to buy another because it was so well loved.
5 Jordan
Absolutely love this eyeshadown palette so much!The colour Rich Bitch is such an amazing colour to stick in your inner corner of your eyes which brightens your eyes up a lot more than any white eyeshadow!
5 maddie
In love with this palette!The colours are so much more pigmented than i ever imagined. i have created so many different looks with these amazing colours. i would recommend this palette for sure! and is defo worth the money!
5 Giada
Sono semplicemente fantastici! Super soddisfatta!
5 Imogen
Love this palette! I can't wait for his next one to come out. They colours are so pigmented and pick up so well on the brush. So easy to blend. And I love all the different colour you have to work with! Love Jeffree!!
5 Ellie
One of my favourite go-to palette's right now. So many diverse looks can be made up with this palette! It's perfect for whatever kind of occassion or mood i'm in
4 Heather
First of all the size!! Amazing... the colours are so different but complement each other. I have created so many different/favourite looks out of this pallet. I've also used princess as a highlight such great pigment! My only problem would be that Rich B**** is my favourite colour but the pigment is very dry, and pigment just isn't there for me its quite sheer. Which is a shame because I've brought numerous things my Jeffrey Star Cosmetics (highlighter and liquid lipsticks) which I've been so happy with. The two shades which I will give props to Courtney and Vanity! Great crease colours and blend beautifully. Don't know if I received a faulty palette with the shade Rich B****. I shall still be buying from Jeffrey Star Cosmetics.
5 Adriana
Amazing palette!! Very pigmented and beautiful colors!! 5 *****
5 Abbie
Actually love this palette, so happy I bought it!! Colours are so pigmented and I find that they blend out very nicely
5 Natalie
I waited a while after this palette came out before I took the plunge and purchased it because of the price. However, this is such an incredible palette - the pigmentation is stunning and it is so versatile. I love all of Jeffree's makeup and this palette is no exception. I just wish I had bought it sooner!
5 Charis Smith
This is just a FAB! Pallet! I have a huge collection of pallets from Marc Jacobs to ABH but this pallet really is something special and you will not find another one like it. You will not be disappointed :D amazing pigment smooth shadows and just mind blowing shades
5 Giedre
Very pigmented. Colours are actually all very wearable . The longevity is amazing.
5 Ekaterina
This is a gorgeous pallete! The texture, pigmentation and the colors are great! Large pans make it so much easier to use.
3 Elaine
Unfortunately one of the shadows were broken when it came, I love the colours in the pallet but im unsure about the formula because when I put it in my inner corner it stun my eye a bit, other than that it's a gorgeous pallet
5 Caitlin
So so pigmented, can create so many different looks! Xx
5 BenjyDoll
This palette is perfect to start a true collection of good makeup. All the colors are different. They are very pigmented, easy to use, to blend. We have matte, shimmery and glittery colors. Infinite combinations of makeup looks. Ready for hours and hours of fun ! LOVE IT, LIVE IT, EVERYDAY !!!
1 Emma
Really disappointed, the pigment is not what I expected. Would not recommend considering the price.
5 Siobhan
The colour Courtney in this palette is go gorgeous. I can't believe the colour pigmentation of these eyeshadows. I would definitely recommend this palette as there's lots of looks you can do ranging from neutral to really colourful. I love it.
5 N Z
This has got to be a star palette! I recently purchased this and it has bold and pigmented shades, great for party looks and some dazzling shades, can be used as a highlighter. So amazing and worth the price, don't miss out!
5 Amanda
Gorgeous palette. As someone who usually sticks to browns and more neutral shades I was a bit apprehensive about some of the shades but once you swatch then you can see there not as intimidating as they look. Subtle and dramatic looks can be achieved using this palette.
5 Rubee
I love this palette! It is so much bigger than I thought it would be. Courtney, Princess and China White are great for everyday colours and the rest are awesome for evening wear or if you're feeling bold. The colour stays all day. So glad I managed to get this during the sale!
5 Melissa
Amazing palette, shades are stunning and pigmentation is crazy can't wait to order the androgyny palette when it's being sold on here :)
5 Aleksandra
Love this eyeshadow palette! It's definitely worth the money. Pigmentation is amazing and the large pans will last you for a really long time.
5 Claire
I took the plunge and ordered this in the sale. I'm not a person who's very good at eyeshadow. Never really bothered with it. I fell in love with the colours. When it arrived I was so excited considering I don't do eyeshades. I've played around with it and the colours are beautiful!! So pigmented and they stay on the eye well. I'm pleased I brought this and look forward to practicing with it.
5 Ellie
Love this palette so much!! Absolutely beautiful! Love the shades especially the gold. Jeffree Star never fails to amaze with his products.
5 Mellonie Yasmina
This palette is life.. the colours are gorgeous, this is my new number 1 palette. So vibrant and pigment is really great
2 Mia
so UNIMPRESSED!!! there is no pigment what so ever in this palette! Completely the opposite to all the reviews, but there is no pigment and it made me super disappointed. Star Power and Rich Bitch were by far the twos worst, absolutely nothing comes off, even with a hefty finger swatch. Super upset because i love this brand, however it just didn't meet standards
5 JemimaWhite
Amazing colors! Sooooo worth the money! Jeffree is the best! ??
5 Margarida
Makeup killer! Bought it according to all the other reviews and sure didn't regret it!
5 Chelsea
Best Palette I own! I use it every single day the eyeshadow pans are huge so more for your money and so buttery. Amazing
4 maddie
very pigmented as to be expected from Jeffree! colours blend really nicely, however there are not as many transition shades to work with as there are in other pallets, but that would be the only flaw!
5 Natasha
Perfect eyeshadow palette, Can use it for an everyday make up look and spice it up with the more 'extreme' colours. So pigmented and creamy, easily belendible and don't need to use a lot to make it work. For sure worth the money.
5 Vanessa
This palette is magnificent, very pigmented and so versatile.I can just choose four colors and have the perfect quad to work with, may it be for a crazy colored smoky to a nice neutral elegant lift.Also, this palette's pan have really a lot of product.Totally worth the purchase!
5 Duran
Love this palette! I was a bit iffy at the start as I thought it wasn't going to be colours that I would use all the time but it is by far one of my favourite palettes I own! The pigmentation on it is brilliant and they blend like a dream! Really rate this palette!!
5 Grace
Love this palette there's so many options so you don't always have to go out with a bright pink lid (not that that's a bad thing)!!!!
5 Sarah
The palette was bigger and heavier than expected! Love the colours, definitely worth the money!
5 Maisyn
I got this palette for Christmas and I'm so glad to have gotten it! So pigmented, easy to blend, I even use the shade 'Princess' as a highlighter and it looks great! Best investment!
5 Hazel
Love this!! So worth the money. Only fault is that it arrived later than expected but the palette is amazing
5 Molly
I have been playing about with this palette for a couple months now, and I'm so impressed! The pigmentation is amazing, and the colour selection is very unique and isn't like anything I own. The formula is awesome too and blends well. I would highly recommend this product.
5 kaya
WORTH THE MONEY! the colours on this are so pigmented and lovely I use this all the time! the shadows are so smooth and last all day xx
5 Hermi Merci
This palette is amazing quality, I have created so many looks with this! The pan size is exquisite and the pigmentation of the shadows are divine!!! Amazing palette, I would recommend this to anyone. The mattes are like butter, so to conclude this review, this palette is amazing so if you have a fair amount of money to spend and you cant decide on an eye shadow palette all I would say is GO FOR THIS ONE!!!!! Best palette EVER!!!!!
5 Elaine
I'm in love with this palette. I'm a bit of an eyeshadow addict and am always buying palettes but this is my new new favourite. Jeffree stars ever expanding range may seem pricey but is well worth it. So pigmented with great staying power.
4 Tay
I was hesitant to buy this palette as I didn't think I'd get use of most of the shades but I decided, why not? After swatching and using this palette on my eyes, I can tell that this palette is highly pigmented, super blendable and the shades look exactly the same. The cons of this palette are that some shades have a dryer texture, resulting in kickback ; also the shade 'Rich Bitch' could not be picked up by a brush no matter how hard i pressed.Overall is this palette worth its price? Yes, the pans are huge, the quality is great and of course, it's made by THE Jeffree Star!
5 Evie
This is the best palette I've ever owned! Such amazing quality, formulas, colours, pigment and the staying power is immense. Highly recommend!!!
5 Naomi
This eyeshadow palette is gorgeous to look at, with a generous amount of product and although the colours seem very bright it is extremely versatile you can do so many looks with it. The pigmentation is great and all the shades are very blendable, finely milled and buttery. I haven't stopped using it since it arrived.
5 Kate
It doesn't matter what skin tone you are or how much make up experience you have, YOU NEED THIS PALETTE. A nude smokey eye can easily be done using just Courtney and Vanity and maybe China White to blend. It's so amazing, only con is there is a fair amount of fall out and because of how pigmented the shadows are (Particularly Star Power and Vanity) it can stain your clothes, and if you don't use a good primer or base under the shadows they will stain the skin. They blend so beautifully and you really only need a touch of product to get a good colour payoff. Incredible value for money, I've been wearing it since i got it in November and I've hardly made a dent on the JS imprint on the shadows. It's really a great palette and a staple for anyone's collection.
5 Amy Singleton
5 Olivia
I bought this palette with low expectations, as even though Jeffree loves to perfect his formula, with such bright colours I wasn't expecting crazy pigment. BOY WAS I WRONG. The pigment is AMAZING, I absolutely love it. I can't wait for the Androgyny Palette he's bringing out in march??
5 Lucy
I bought this for myself after Christmas when it came back in stock and I've honestly never been happier with an eyeshadow palette. I was skeptical because of the price but for 10 shades THIS PIGMENTED and long lasting, it's well worth the money. Can't wait for his Androgyny palette to be released, will definitely be buying!!
5 Leonie
An amazing pallete! Completely in love with this pallete and I own a fair few, the shade Courtney is a beautiful warm transition although can be built up to form a more burnt orange sort of look and confession is such a beautiful cranberry eye look all over the lid, so amazing and deffinately worth the little bit of extra money because the pigmentation is just spectacular !xx
5 Abby
Honestly one of my favourite pallets! Admittedly I bought this to add to my collection, I was still very unsure about the pallet due to the vibrant colours. I was left in shock when I used the pallet for the first time, such a good formula eyeshadow! I can't fault it! Amazing pallet, don't be afraid of the bright colours as they can easily be toned down by the other colours in the pallet!
2 Seany
All the shadows are amazing apart from some reason the gold is hard and lumpy and I can't get any pigment off it at all - by the looks of it it's just my palette!
5 Erin Lloyd
My favourite palette. All the shades are stunning and unique, blendable and apply soo easily. Can't go wrong with it. Bought it as soon as it came out and the only downside is your expectations from other shadows are way higher after using this palette.
5 Danielle
Amazing palette, the only colour that id say is relatively difficult to work with is the gold, as it is quite grainy and takes a few swipes to pick up any significant colour, but once it is on it makes a great eyebrow highlight! All the colours are super pigmented and you can be as daring or as safe as you like. Definitely well worth the money!
5 Allison Camila
la paleta me llevo muy rapido, bien envuelta. No estaba segura si iba a llegar en buenas condiciones o si iban a tardar en la entrega por ser mi primera compra pero ha sido todo lo que me espera y m's!!
5 Bethany
shadow is very pigmented, blends with ease, striking colours and sooo nice. reccomend so much.
5 Laurie May
This Palette is gorgeous! I've used it for eye shadow, highlighter (princess is perfect for highlight) and on my lips. Well worth the money.
5 Laney
Just wow. I'm an eye palette addict and have so many it's ridiculous , but this is my new favourite you can achieve so many different looks and the pigment is unreal . Jeffree excelled himself with this , honestly if your unsure splash out and you won't regret it ! FYI beauty bay are the only uk stockists of this at the moment so grab one quick
5 Adamantia
One of the best palettes I have ever owned! The colours are amazing, insanely pigmented and so buttery I want to literally eat them (ok, I want). I live for Jeffree
5 DG
Incredible eyeshadow palette worth every penny! So versatile and so pigmented!
5 Babet
Highly recommand this palette! I was kinda dissapointed about the gold colour. It is very dry and chalky. If you wet your brush the gold colour works juist fine. This is the only down part about this palette, I really really love everything else about this palette. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous.
5 Hannah Z
5 kelly
Totally worth the buy! It's beautiful!!!
5 Niki
I just love the colours and the pigment is so great
5 Laura
This eyeshadow palette is a must for the collection. It's so versatile! From neutral looks to really put there is has it all... no regrets buying this even just before pay day meaning I have to live off beans for 2 weeks #jeffreeisbae
5 B
I was unsure when this first came out however i got it when it went live on beautybay and is now my fav palette! such gorgeous colours for a bright eye, so many different looks that can suit everyone! so pigmented and defo worth the money!
5 OJboyy
Looove this pallete, so happy with all of the colours. So pigmented, large pans and beautiful finish. Get yours while you can!
5 Lyndsey
This is by far one of the best palettes I have ever owned. Very pigmented and all the colours blend very well together. This palette is an investment! Jeffree Star came throuuuugh!
5 Katie
Gorgeous palette. Feels heavy and colour swatches highly pigmented. Worth every penny. Must have
5 Sarahanne
Love the colours, are a little hard to blend, but overall really good
5 Kathleen
5 Hollie
In love with this palette! Amazing colours and they blend so well! The pigment of these shades are insane, you can create so many different looks with this palette as well. If you don't have one I recommend you get one!
5 Sophie
Love this palette the colours blend really well together and are very pigmented. It's also a great introduction to colour as they blend so well but Also has great neutral shades to work with them. And don't be fooled you can create some really natural looks too! The packaging is also very pretty and sleek
5 Hannah
Absolutely love my beauty killer palette!! The pans of the eyeshadows are huge and the colours are gorgeous!!
4 Zara
I ordered this on the day it came out and it was delivered by Saturday so it came very quickly ! Overall the colours in the palette and pigmented and buttery however I found with the gold shade the eyeshadow wouldn't even swatch felt like chunks of glitter so I was kind of disappointed with that but the other shades are amazing !
5 Hannah Singer
I love this eye shadow palette. Nice colours but not for every day use for me. The shadows are creamy and very pigmented!
4 Anji
I wanted to buy this but was a bit put off by the bright colours and how wearable thay would be for me, as I'm no teenager.....but I thought oh why not! I used it this morning for the first time and really enjoyed using it. The colours are butter soft and blend beautifully. There is a bit of fallout however. Haven't used the blue or pink but the other colours are lovely and I may be brave and try the bright ones sometime! Huge amount of product too!
5 J
5 Jess
I have just received this palette and it is lovely! The pigment is gorgeous apart from the gold but I used a bit of prep and prime on a brush and it changes to a lovely creamy gold. Definitely worth the price as the amount of shadow you get in the pans is huge compared to most palettes
5 Jen
Love this palette! Beautiful colors and very pigmented.
5 Greta
yas, love it.
5 GemBeanz
This is such an amazing palette! Definitely worth the money as it's more expensive on Jeffree's website with shipping costs etc... all of the colours are so pigmented! BUY IT!

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