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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Manny MUA Skin Frost 15g

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Manny MUA Skin Frost Zoom
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4 Lorin
So the product itself is very chunky, but the color is gooorgeous !! The color is kind of holographic, and unique. But the formula isn't as good as the other skin frosts from Jeffree. When I swatch the product, it looks amazing, but when I apply the product on my face, it barely shows any pigment. Therefore I recommend you to use fix plus or any other setting spray. When I do that, it looks booomb!
1 Tara
After owning Ice Cold since christmas, I was very excited to use Eclipse as the colour looks absolutely gorgeous. Recieving it though, the highlighter was very rough and gritty, picks up okay on the fingers but had to dig my brush into it and use fix plus to find only chunks of glitter coming off on my face. Very disappointed in this item and can't believe I spent $37 AUD on it.
5 samantha
The BEST highlighter I've tried. It's so pigmented and you don't need to put much of the product on the brush to get a strong pigment. Also, it has a huge mirror which is great because I can take it with me wherever I go.
5 Neve
Absolutely love this highlighter even though it is limited edition i'm obsessed and definitely the best highlighter I have ever tried
5 Katie McAllister
Such a lovely packaging and the product is large compared to previous highlights I have purchased! Great pigmentation and gives off a really nice glow
5 Alicekay
AMAZING!! Jeffree and Manny haven't failed to impress, the formula is one of my favourites, so creamy and smooth, the beam off the highlight is incredible and so buildable! I love love love!
4 Macy
This product is amazing, I ordered on the Saturday and got it on the Sunday. It's a great highlighter that is easily built, the colour is beautiful. It is a bit powdery but once you've swatches a few times its fine. Will definitely be recommending to friends.
1 Natalie
Really, really bad. The product I received doesn't look or swatch anything like the pictures they have on here. Thick and waxy with huge chunks of glitter and no pigment. Not the quality I expect from a Jeffree Star Skin Frost.
1 Daisy
I bought this highlight around 2 weeks ago expecting it to be good as I've heard good things about Jeffree star highlighters and I liked the colour. It swatches chalky and has bits of chunky glitter in. It doesn't seem to have a very good payoff on the skin, all that's visible is the glitter no glow or anything. I tried to make some use of it on my eyelids, still no colour payoff or pigment just chunky glitter. I follow both youtubers in this collaboration and expected a lot more. I have used dozens of highlighters from the Balm, Becca, ABH etc and have never encountered this. The size of the product is great but is of no use when the highlight is thoroughly disappointing. I hope there will be a reformulated version coming out, I won't be repurchasing though.
5 Sophie
This product is amazing! I have light skin and I was worried it would be too dark for me. But NO! I was so happy when I searched it because it flowed like the gods like it says it should do and it was not too dark for me at all!! The pigment is amazing and and so pleased I purchased it! Also delivery was fast! X
1 Katie
For the price of this I was really disappointed. This was my first Jeffree Star product and it'll be my last - it took me about 6/7 goes to get any product at all on my face and for a highlighter, it's hardly blinding, as J* and Manny MUA described it. Save your money.
1 fes
I expected this to be a smooth, very metallic highlighter. The truth is that this highlighter is extremely glittery and gritty. It comes of in chunks and flakes and covers the skin totally uneven. It has also major fall out... All in all I am very disappointed. I had high hopes for the JS Skin Frosts but if all the other ones are like this: No, Thank you.
5 Jessica
Sooooooooooooooo guys I got next day delivery on my makeup which came perfect condition and didn't take too long. I've swatched it on my hand looks as beautiful in person as on the screen!! You do get a lot for you money as the size of the product is fairly big and it didn't need a lot for that beautiful highlight to show off! Defiantly would reccomend as my makeup looks beautiful with it will be forever in my makeup bag now!
2 Chloe
Disappointed by this product. It is extremely chalky and has very little pigment, just a lot of glitter that tends to fall on the rest of your face when applying. It is buildable but it takes a lot of layers to achieve any kind of 'glow'.
1 Beth
This highlighter was such a disappointment! I have recently owned the peach goddess highlight which was very pigmented smooth and had such a beautiful colour whereas this one was very chunky/glittery and had no pigmentation whatsoever. I was expecting amazing things from this considering how good the peach goddess skin frost was. Do NOT buy this, save your money!!
3 June
The colour is a lovely peach champagne hybrid and finger swatch is intense but using a brush for application, it seems quite course and I get some chunky bits of glitter which I'm not too impressed by.
1 Lucy
Really disappointed chalky and not pigmented as ice cold
5 Emily
5 Keira Cobban
New fav highlighter! Beautiful and blinding. I would fully recommend!
5 xena monsoon
I was shocked to see that when i placed upon my zygomatic bone, I was rather gagged as the fall out stained my carpet.
5 Terriann
I have two of these skinfrosts, dark horse & eclipse. They are amazing! They apply smoothly and give an amazing, gorgeous glow!! I now want to purchase a few more, such pretty colours to choose from!!!
4 Savannah Bowman
I got this the other week and honestly I thought it would of been as good as all the reviews and youtubers are giving it but honestly im sticking to Anastasia Beverly Hills . The glow isn't as intense as I would of liked and I applied loads
3 Hannah
Alot of fallout, but it's pretty so I'll let it slide
3 Layla Cornfield
It's a beautiful colour at first glance and a nice neutral light peachy shade. As soon as my order arrived (which was fast btw!) I immediately went in with a finger-swipe across the pan, the colour transfer seemed intense but when I tried swiping the same finger over my wrist, the product didn't transfer so well. I then tried applying in the usual facial zones with a brush, which again, didn't give me that signature Jeffree Star glow! not one to be deterred, I went in again with a damp beauty blender over the same regions which finally seemed to transfer more product and achieve the look I wanted. It's good - slightly more glittery than I was hoping for - however, I'm not sure I'd pay £25.50 for another, even though the pan is huge.TLDR; Nice product, best used with a damp beauty blender for better colour transfer, slightly more glittery than I was expecting.
5 Austin
So pigmented!!! very glittery and high shine. love love love
5 Aimee
Jeffree star highlighters are the best and this has to be by far the best one! The colour is so nice and it the formula is perfect it looks so nice on the skin! My new holy grail!!
5 Abby
Absolutely beautiful, came perfectly intact, very happy girly
5 Grace Marchant
I absolutely love this highlighter, it's so pigmented that such a small amount is need to create a stunning glow. It's definitely my favourite of all my jeffree highlighters and would recommend to everyone.
1 Danielle McMahon
Absolutely awful
1 Victoria McCormack
Awful! So disappointed it's got nothing on the other Jeffrey star highlighters. So chalky, impossible to pick up on brush and its clumpy and chunky. Can't believe I wasted money on it
5 Danielle
The pigmentation is amazing as the other skin frosts. Love the colour, can eve have this as a subtle highlighter or build it to glow. I'm in love??! Also I have quite fair skin and this looked amazing!
5 Chelsea
Absolutely stunning
2 Ellen
I've never tried a skin frost before, and was really excited to try this one. Whilst the colour is great, even for the palest of skin, the texture is extremely strange. In the pan, it feels soft, yet dry, and clumps when swatched. When applied on the face, the formula highlights texture so badly (I have hardly any texture, and it even does it on the skin of my inner arm), that even though there is no glitter present, it looks like glitter on the face. Very unnatural, pretty unwearable, and the lighter the amount of product used, the more it looks like specks of glitter. Would return if I could.
3 Brandon Virani
Love Jeffree Star skin frosts. I have the originals and they are really smooth, easy to apply and pigmented. However this colab one is different. The formula must of changed as it isn't as pigmented, needed scratching as had a film on top and isn't as smooth as the originals. After scratching the top off it has a nice colour and applying a more than normal amounts it does look good.
2 louise
highly unimpressed with my purchase as i expected a product of much higher quality. compared to the oroginal jeffree star highlighters, this item was chalky and the pigment wasn't there, will definitely order a highlighter from his original collection next time
1 m
Bought this highlighter when it came out, after hearing great reviews on YouTube etc. First thing I noticed was the packaging, which I really liked, however didn't like the highlighter. Although it's a nice colour, the formula is really poor. the pigmentation isn't great and on the face it looked chunky, glittery and didn't blend well leaving a streak on my face which was impossible to blend. great customer service by beauty bay as always but the product didn't perform well.
5 Emily
AMAZING! I have 3 of these skin frosts, (now four) and this one is definetly my favourite! The pigmentation is exactly the same as the rest and it's so buttery! I don't understand why people are finding faults with the product because I love it and cannot fault it! I would recommend this for a first time buyer or a collector 100%! It's a very versatile colour that would work and compliment any skin tone! THANK YOU BEAUTY BAY, JSC AND MANNY MUA FOR PRODUCING SUCH A FINE PIECE OF ART!?
5 Alana
Beautiful highlighter! Very buildable,can look natural or blinding,gorgeous colour and formula!!!
4 Gabby
Really nice colour, however feels a bit chalky and you do need to press quite hard if using a dense brush.
5 Emiliexoxo
I love this highlighter and it is so pigmented and the colour is really nice.Would definitely recommend this product!!!
3 J
brilliant size packaging was nice but not too impressed, have to use a lot for it to show up on skin.
1 Lucy
AWFUL quality, shame because his other highlighters are amazing.
1 Shannon
I've been a fan of Jeffree and manny for a long time so was so excited for this highlight and the swatches looked stunning so when I recieved this and swatched it was so confused as the pigment vanished, literally nothing. Even tried it with setting spray on the brush applied to my cheek bone and you literally couldn't see it, dissapointed and annoyed.
5 ellie
Loooove this it's exactly what I've been after, apply one layer lightly and it's very day to day wearable but if you put on a couple the glow is crazy ! gives a pretty silvery reflect but not too cool toned
4 matylda
I absolutely love the colour but..the highlight is super dry and has practically no pay off but works just fine when i dip my brush in it a couple of times. When i do manage to get it,it loks amazing,feels super lightweight almost as if i have nothing on my face yet its still blinding yeah. Even though it might not be the easiest to get on because of the dryness,once you do its amazing.
1 Hollie
Do not waste your money! This highlighter is nothing but a dull shimmer. Watch the YouTube reviews. I thought I'd buy it anyway! The packaging is beautiful but the highlighter is shocking. It's hard and gritty, lots of fall out, and even wit the flash it's awful. Really dissapointed.
1 ...
Dry and considerably less pigmented compared to other skin frosts
1 olivia1234
Terrible and doesn't live up to the creamy pigmented standards of the other highlight, would not buy! Total waste of money after many layers of swatching it's still barely there. The images shown here do not represent the true colour payoff of the product.
1 Maria
Cero pigmentacion, me he llevado una grqn desilusion!!
5 Lucy
Absolutely love it, bought daddy an it arrived today. It's so lovely a lot darker than on picture but that's what I love about it. Amazing quality just like all of his product. Makes it even better that manny made it too
5 Ellie
Love it !!
3 Sidney Whitfield-Browne
I really wanted to like this highlighter. The shade is so pretty but I found the texture really disappointing. It's really glittery and not very pigmented. After wearing this just a few hours I felt like it had disappeared and left traces of glitter all over my face.
1 Rachel Slocombe
This is my favourite highlighter colour ever, a dupe for Anastasia crushed pearl which was limited edition, however th formula on skin frost has got progressively worse, with any brush you get hardly any pigment at all! Don't know how I'm going to apply the stuff it's almost like it's too thick and stuck together should be a bit more powdery, ice cold was perfect, v dissapointing, as they are meant to be Queens of the Highlight
5 Kelly
Such an amazing highlight if you get the chance I would definitely purchase! So highly pigmented and worth every penny
5 Leah
I was looking forward to getting this the minute Manny and Jeffree announced it and i am not disappointed at all is is a stunning champagne shade. It can be light highlight but layered it is 'blinding' it blends beautifully and the packaging is everthing. So happy with my purchase and will be getting more of Jeffrees highlights soon
5 Charlotte
A bit more powdery then his normal formula but the glow is out of this world! Use this for a natural nude glow
5 jazz
Im in love with this highlighter collab!! The packaging is incredible , holographic detail and such a large pan of product . The highlighter is so pigmented and such a unique yet flattering shade. Makes me want to try more skin frosts!
5 Marichu
I love love love it!!! ?? My first ever jeffree star highlighter and I must say, this beats my other high wnd highlighters like becca, abh. It has a subtle glow to it which I prefer as I only want natural glow look! PLUS you get a lot of product! The packaging is ginormous!!
5 Dinah
best highlitter
2 Chloe
I was really disappointed. I was so excited to try this product and hoped that it would be great quality considering the price. However I felt like this product is so chalky, so much so that it leaves flecks of glitter on your clothes that don't come off! You do get a lot of product I will say I just feel as though it has been made quite cheaply.
5 Erin Milner
So pigmented with a really nice shine, would highly recommend!
5 Holly
THIS HIGHLIGHT IS FIRE??You literally need the tiniest bit (although I use a lot bc I'm wild) and it gives your skin such a beautiful glow. I tried comparing this to some of my other highlights (i have too many) and it seems to be a very unique shade. Definitely recommend this product! Also the packaging is flawless and has a lovely weight to it. Feels expensive.
5 ellie
this is probably my new fave highlighter! its really pigmented and so cute! its worth the money tbh. but its quite glittery haha.
3 Marie
Its a bit weird. Kinda disappointed by it.. The color is gorgeous, but its patchy.. Possible to work with, but I expected more. Ice Cold is much better.
3 Em
Lovely colour and big pan!! But unfortunately it would not swatch or apply with a brush so I had to scrape the top layer of the product off for the pigment to come through
2 Abi
Pigment is almost none existent if when using different brushes both dry and sprayed with mac fix plus. Very chunky glitter.Very unhappy
2 Issey
This is the first Jeffree Star highlighter I've bought after months of longing to get one and I have to say I am seriously disappointed! From promo videos I've seen online was expecting a highly pigmented highlighter with a buttery texture but it feels grainy and crumbly and it just looks like cheap glitter on my skin! I've got a growing collection of his liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow pallets so I was expecting good things but I feel like I've seriously wasted my money on this one. My MUA highlighter from Superdrug does a better job! Also postage was supposed to be next day but turned up the day after. Sad times :'(
2 Ruth
It's not creamy and buttery as I would assume, its dry, rough and doesn't pick up on the brush at all, the only thing that transfers is glitter onto my face, worst highlighter i've used... 2 stars because that mirror is amazing.
5 Poppy
I love love loveeee this such a blinding highlight I definitely think you should buy
2 Mel
I love how it looks the packaging and the colour of the highlight BUT it has NO pigmentation or colour pay off. I am really upset About it. I thought it would be like his others highlighters :(
2 Sameera
I own peach goddess and ice cold by jeffree I they are my ride or die products. I was so excited for eclipse and the colour is gorgeous. But the formulae is dry as hell, usually I just do one swipe and there is obvious pigment, but with eclipse I'm having to swirl my brush several times just to get a decent highlight. I don't know if they changed the formula but I was so so dissapointed, you're better off buying a highlighter from his original line. 10/10 for packaging though
1 Leanne
This is shocking. Does not swatch onto anything and does not show up on your skin. No glow at all! Rubbish!
5 Caitlin
This product is absolutely amazing. I got mine delivered today and the glow is unreal. It is a very pigmented and looks amazing on the cheekbones and the inner eye corner. My brow bones looks so snatched when I was wearing it and I even got some compliments on how much I was glowing. This is definitely worth a buy if you love his other skin frosts. Plus the crescent moon and star stamp looks amazing when you open it.
5 Kimberley
This highlighter is definitely worth the hype it is BEAUTIFUL! and i have very pale skin and this shade looks stunning still and blinding even on more tanned skin its beautiful i love this highlighter so much its worth being added to my collection.
5 Shannon
AMAZING! The first skin frost I've bought and it didn't disappoint. Firstly the size of the pan I mean that's gonna last me forever unless I decide to bathe in it which is highly likely with this product! The colour is flawless and the pigment is unbelievable it's so fab?? Also I ordered at 1pm on Wednesday and it arrived by 12pm the next day even though it said delivery was 2-3 days which meant I got to play with it wayyyy quicker than I expected!
3 Molli
First highlighter from Jeffree Star, I love his lipsticks and I've heard good things about his highlighters being super creamy and pigmented, so I thought getting the limited edition would be a good idea for a trying out this product. Sadly, I was disappointed. The product feels quite dense when trying to get it on the brush and when I swatch it on my arm , it doesn't look as pigmented (or creamy) as his other highlights that I've seen online. And half of the product doesn't even come off my finger. It's weird, it's like the powder starts clumping together and becomes chunky? All in all, if you're someone like me who wants to try out the Skin Frost, I'd recommend other shades than this as the formula in them is so much better than this. Super sad because this highlighter is such a beautiful peachy colour. :(
2 Ricky
not as pigmented as the make out, the highlight is a bit chalky, i like the liquid lipstick but the highlight no!
1 Chelsea
Absolutely awful, colour doesn't transfer onto skin no matter what i use, so so bad
5 Maria
Amazing blinding highlighter! Will never run out as the pan is massive! Well worth the money, looks gorgeous on the skin! Recommend.
5 Mandy
This like the other skin frosts is simply beautiful! Eclipse is much more softer and subtle compared to King Tut and Peach Goddess which are far more intense colour with just one swipe of my powder brush. Eclipse is perfect for day time and can be layered for a more intense glow in the evenings. If you're thinking of buying a skin frost but are wary of lots of colour or shimmer then this is the one to buy! Simply fabulous!
5 Emily Havenhand
Purchased this on the release date and it is honestly the best highlighter I have ever purchased. Brilliant formula and super blinding! It truly is amazing.
1 Stefan
So bad, nothing like the other skin frost!!
5 Kyla
This highlighter is absolutly amazing and is so blinding!!! Everyone should buy it, it is worth every penny!!!!!
5 Katie
5 Laura
Honestly one of the best highlighters i've ever used. The colour is a lot lighter than it looks in the pan & a little goes a long way..amazing!
5 Molly
Such a stunning highlighter!! I love Jeffree's formula and I own a couple of his other highlighters, and this one is just as amazing!! Such a beautiful shade that works for so many skin tones, so happy to get my hands on this and would totally recommend!!
5 Dee'Anne
Love this highlighter it works well on my pale skin and when I have some fake tan on absolutely blinding! Even my male friends notice it and that is saying something.
4 Liv
The highlighter is very pigmented and goes on the skin nicely. But the formulae seems to be different to his other highlighters as in a way it's very chalky. The pigment in the swatch is poor because the product only seems to be picked up by a brush. The colour is beautiful it's a bit like peach goddess but more lighter. Would recommend for all skin tones and all skin types.
3 Natasha
I love Jeffree Star as a brand. But to me this highlighter was no where near as pigmented or as creamy as his other highlighters. It had a lot more fall out than my other highlighter in the shade king tut. I felt it was over hyped and I didn't find it to be as good as some other high brand highlighters such as the Nicole Guerriero collab with Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you want to get it for the hype then do it, but personally I think there are much better highlighters, including jeffrees other highlighters. Sad to say this, but just being honest.
3 Mia
This is nice when you build it up it takes a while it doesn't really have a good formula it's quit crubaly but it is blinding would recommend if you have patients!!
5 Anna
Best highlighter I have ever bought, made by the best beauty gurus. Thank you xxxx
5 Holly
When will the next available time be to buy this!!!!!
5 Abbie Mclaughlin

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