Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost

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  • Dark Horse
  • Deep Freeze
  • Ice Cold
  • King Tut
  • Lavender Snow
  • Mint Condition
  • Onyx Ice
  • Peach Goddess
  • Princess Cut
  • Regina George
  • Siberian Gold
  • So F***ing Gold
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5 Ellie
I got the shades Ice Cold And Siberian Gold These Highlights Are Soooo Pigmented And So Blinding Probably My New Two Favourite Highlights And The Colours Are Gorgeous.
5 Emily
This product is just perrrrrf!!!!
5 Ray
Beauty bay never fails to disappoint! Ordered on Saturday was here for Sunday! I brought this in shade Ice cold and it's gorgeous! I will never buy another highlighter again! Definitely my new favourite!
5 Hasd
I bought this in the shade lavender snow and it's beautiful a nice silver purple tone, I now want to buy ice cold also I was surprised at how big the pan is however it is thin so not sure if it's actually more product than the regular size pans. I have very pale skin and was worried it wouldn't look right in this shade but it does.
5 Alice
I have peach goddess and princess cut and I use nothing else! Absolutely adore these products and they are so big, so you definitely get your moneys worth. STUNNING highlighters!
5 Emily
Bought the shade Siberian gold; and as I first opened it I thought it would be to dark for me (I have fair skin but not super fair) I tried it on and wasn't keen it was really glittery and chunky. However after trying it a second time I really like it, it seemed to sink in to my skin a bit better and was not chunky. I don't really know what was wrong the first time I tried it but it might have been because the product was really cold (it had just been delivered). I love the colour and it's really buildable, you can have quite a subtle highlight or go full on just like jeffree ?? . Would highly recommend.
5 Danielle
I am in IN LOVE with ICE COLD definitely a must-have item for your makeup collection . pigmented to the max and long lasting... Not to mention how much product you get for the money!!
5 Olivia
I have Peach Goddess and Princess cut, they are great shades. Peach goddess is hard to get on any brush but princess cut applies really well. I can't wait to get Ice Cold and possibly Siberian Gold. What lovely shades and awesome formula.
5 Yazmin
I bought Princess Cut as I have Ivory skin and it looks so beautiful over my blush! I would recommend this product to the stars and back. Plus it's so much product for your money. It's just stunning.
5 Deborah Phillips
I love this highlighter! This has changed the game, I'm blinding everybody! It came super fast and it's an amazing product
5 Mary
The highlighter was amazing and cheap next day delivery which is awesome. I got princess cut and it's so pigmented and glowy! Love it!
4 Raluca
Got this in princess cut, the shade is perfect but I find that the product doesn't pick up easily at all. When it goes on its so pretty but I feel I have to really build it up to get that signature jeffree star blinding highlight. Get a lot for your money though and the product is beautiful.
5 Sofie nielsen
AMAZING!!!! I Bought lavender snow and it's so beautiful! I think I'm going to buy ice cold and princess cut!
5 Emily
I got Princess Cut and I love it so much! The pigmentation and the color are just amazing. Would recommend to anyone with fair skin.
5 Lucy
These are amazing I have never got such amazing quick delivery, I had ordered another thing as well so I got free next day delivery I ordered this on a Sunday and it came on Monday morning
5 Jordan
I brought this skin frost in the shade peach goddess and it's now my favourite highlighter ever! Gives you a super nice yet natural glow and is a makeup essential for me now! I have just ordered the ice cold skin frost which I look forward to trying out!
5 Helene
I LOVE THIS! I am quite pale and peach goddess looked amazing on my skintone, it wasn't too pink or too glittery - it was absolutely PERFECT!
5 Kelly
Literally the fastest service I have ever received! I'm so glad I found this website, now I don't need to buy anything on the Jeffree Star website (which has a $10 shipping fee)! I bought the peach goddess skin frost for my friend but ended up keeping it for myself lol. So pigmented, IN LOVE!!
5 Rubee
I bought skin frost in peach goddess and it's stunning I have very pale skin and looking at the pictures of it in the pan i was worried that it would be too pink but it's not. I find that with this colour u have to swatch it harder than other highlighters that iv tried but the pigment is defending still there. Hoping for ice cold and Lavender Snow asap!!! Thank you beauty bay. X
5 Syeda Akther
Jeffree Star Skin Frost - King Tut I just brought King Tut been dying to get it and absolutely love it, it's absolutely perfect on my skin tone plus there's no such thing as too much highlighter, it's either sold out or too expensive but with Beauty Bay you get the best.
5 Catherine
I have been waiting for the skin frosts for a while and was so happy when they came to beauty bay! I got king tut as I am more olive skin toned and it is amazing, so buttery and pigmented I also use it on my eyes as a lid colour which looks gorgeous, I highly recommend these to anyone!
5 Komal
I purchased King Tut around 3 weeks ago and have used it every single day since! It's the most gorgeous golden glow that is definitely very pigmented but blends like a dream and can be worn as a more subtle highlight. A lovely buttery formula with an absolutely stunning reflect! Highly recommended! Waiting on Ice cold and Lavender Snow!
5 Charlotte
Love my skin frost so much
5 Sarah
Beautiful highlighter and pretty packaging jeffree star is my make up God. I bought mint condition and I love it and it's not too in your face which is lovely, I'm waiting on ice cold and deep freeze now yes gawwwd x
5 Giorgia
I have King Tut and Peach Goddess. I'm a light skin tone (mac nc15), so the first one is a bit dark on me, but I love it anyway, because it blends easily, so I can wear it without any problems, even if leaves such a visible stripe, that is not so bad. These highlighters are extremely pigmented, colors are beautiful and they shine a lot. Highly recommended (sorry for my bad english)
5 Eesha
Absolutely beautiful! It's an amazing skin frost highlighter that I have used so far.
5 Ellie
Great product, delivery was very good! And product came in great condition, have wanted this product for so long and I was delighted when it appeared on beauty bay!
5 Maryam
So happy with this highlighter, it is the most pigmented highlighter I have ever used and will be my everyday highlight. Everyone needs this!!!!
5 Lucy
I can honestly say this product is incredible!
5 Alice
I'm absolutely in love with this product! Would highly recommend!
5 Hanan
The best highlighter ever Beauty bay once again u never let me down Ordered Sunday received Monday perfectly packaged as always
5 Flora Trapatseli
I love it so much ! I've been waiting for so long to try them
5 Courtney
So pigmented and beautiful! Such a big pan and I'm in love!!!
5 Morgan
Ordered peach goddess yesterday after wanting to try Jeffree's skin frost for months now! I can say it is incredible and such a big pan, extremely pigmented and I 100% recommend!
5 Natalie Whitley
I've been hoping you would do these!! Would be even better if you got ice cold.
5 Chloe
Just wondering when you will be restocking Ice Cold skin frost? Would love to buy it!
5 Hannah Moran
This product is amazing well worth the money extremely pigmented and you get a load of product for your money I got peach goddess it is gorgeous.
5 Emilie
5 Jess
Brilliant product! Great pigment and pan size

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