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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost Zoom
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  • Dark Horse
  • Deep Freeze
  • Ice Cold
  • King Tut
  • Lavender Snow
  • Mint Condition
  • Onyx Ice
  • Peach Goddess
  • Princess Cut
  • Regina George
  • Siberian Gold
  • So F***ing Gold
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5 Tahiba
5 Kyla
After my first ever skin frost order went missing I ordered Princess Cut to my Grandmas house and when it came I was AMAZED. Not only how pigmented it is but the SIZE of the product is the best I have ever seen! I immediately ordered Eclipse once I'd swatched Princess Cut on my face and after wearing it to work and all the girls asking me what it is, I took it in for them to see the size and quality, and now they've all ordered one too! I will never use another cosmetics brand for my highlights I am beyond blown away with Jeffree Star and I'm now starting my collection of every skin frost shade. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that if you are googling beauty bay every day to look at his cosmetics and are still debating on whether to order, DO IT you will not be disappointed one of the best investments I have ever made Thankyou Beauty Bay for stocking his cosmetics!!!!
5 Millie
In love with this highlight, it's so pigmented! With the amount of product you get as well, it will last me ages! I bought Sieberian Gold as I was looking for a warm pinky gold colour and this is perfect! Definitely will be buying again!:-)
3 Licy
I purchased this product 1-2 months ago for a birthday present I hadn't touched or looked at it until my friend opened it about a week ago and it was in hundreds of pieces.such a shame as it looked so pigmented
5 Holly
Lavender Snow- Looked like the tin man with this, it's so so pigmented! Once I'm less broke I'll definitely be hitting up peach goddess.
5 Arle
Bought this amazing highlighter in the colour Ice Cold and could not be happier. You could see this highlight from space and the amount of product you get for this price and quality is unbelievable.The shipping took a bit longer than ecpected but shoutout to the awesome customer service people who were very helpful and fast with their reply. Will definitely be buying other shades in the future.
5 Gemma
Been using the shade 'peach goddess' for a few months now and had so many comments on it. It's so pigmented and makes my face glow.
3 Poppy
Princess cut is a lovely colour, looks really great on my incredibly pale skin. I think it's the perfect highlighter for those with pale/pink tones like me. My criticism is that I don't think it swatches as well as other colours as it can be slightly patchy and it doesn't last all day. Still good but for such a high price i'd be looking for anastasia quality.
5 Maria
I got the shade Peach Goddess and it is a really beautiful peachy pink. I think it's perfect for light and medium skin tones. It lasts all day and it's just blinding!
3 Valtteri
I got the shade siberian gold and I have light to medium skin. The picture on here is so misleading, it was definitely ALOT darker and I was shocked to find out how dark it was. It is still a beautiful highlight tho, might rock it this summer or as an eyeshadow
1 Chloe
Smashed in seconds
5 Alana
Bought Siberian gold and the Manny MUA collab skin frosts, both beautiful on their own but so perfect mixed! Definitely would buy more of jeffrees highlighters, best pigment and formula!!
5 Steph
I have peach goddess, have never used another highlight since I bought it it is amazing, one of my favourite products ever and will buy more shades and more Jeffrey make up as I think it is one of the best brands.
5 Julia
I bought the Ice Cold highlighter because I am a pale princess, and I can not express how stunning it is.It shows amazingly on your cheek when you apply it with a more dense brush, but also looks wonderful when dusted lightly with a fan brush.The only problem that I have encountered has nothing to do with the product but with your skin, so if you have quite large pores on the area you put highlighter on, it definite;y will make them stand out more. So just make sure you fill them in with Porefessional or some sort of a pore filling primer. If you are lucky and have a newborn-baby-soft-skin you can shine brighter than the Sun with this Ice Cold highlighter!An amazing factor is that JSC does not test on animals so it's cruelty-free and vegan. All in all I strongly recommend it!
5 Jenny
I'm in love with these highlighters! So far I've got ice cold and princess cut and both are blinding and gorgeous. Love love love!! Xx
2 Danai
I bought this highlighter about two weeks ago ,in particular I bought the shade 'Siberian Gold'.My skin tone is medium fair white.I watched and read many positive reviews before my purchase, but my review won't be that positive!First of all the highlighter is really dry on my skin.Secondly the product doesn't really 'stick' to my face, I definitely need a setting spray so the highlighter stays put.Thirdly it could be more intense, I have to put A LOT in order to glow properly!It gives more of an everyday natural glow.HOWEVER the good thing is the price in connection with the quantity.The product is really big!Briefly I don't see myself buying any highlighter again from Jeffree Star Cosmetics because I want more of an intense glow and I don't want to end up with glitter all over my face, hands and hair in the end of the day - I want it on the place I firstly put it!Kind of disappointed!
5 Elaina
I was SO excited to get this from beauty Bay. Here one of those would cost like 70 bucks and I paid just about half that or two thirds. Whatever. Anyways. So pigmented! You can either build it up or go all out and shine! The compact is huge and sooooo pretty! Def worth the money. I got the skin frost ice cold. Perfection! Very blendabke and the products doesn't chunk up like some do. Buy it. You won't regret it!
3 Katie
I have Peach Goddess and I really like the colour, but I found the pigmentation to be disappointing. It's good to use with your finger, but on a brush it's hard to pick up. I find the Anastasia Glow Kits so much more pigmented and better to use. I still use it, but find it pretty disappointing if I'm honest.
5 Dimitra
Due to the promotion of BB with JS along with the Androgyny palette i took the Dark Horse Frost Skin. Its my first one and beside the fact its a bit dark for my skin tone, the texture, the pigment and the glow its more than amazing! Its literally huge and so beautiful. Super happy about and I'm more happy cause i got it for free! Beauty Bay thank you and please continue with these promotions cause you gave me the opportunity to try new products xx
2 Olivia
I bought the shade ice cold and there is noooooo pigment. Just glitter. Are they fake?
5 Ava
Bought Siberian Gold. Once you get through the first layer its blinding, gorgeous glow, very easy to go over the top a little goes a long way. I dont need more highlighters but they're so beautiful i might have to add peach goddess to my collection...
5 Elaine
I got the shade Ice Cold, I love it!! It's so nice to find a highlighter for very pale skin, that glows so much. Such a large quantity of highlighter, in high quality packaging. Fantastic pigmentation and so long lasting, like all of Jeffree Star's products I've tried. I will definitely be purchasing this again!
5 Grace
Got the shade 'lavender snow' and it's absolutely beautiful! I'm extremely pale and it shows up sooooo pigmented! The powder is so finely milled as well. If you want something that can be subtle but built up to GLOW then this is for you! Amazing value as well, it's huge!
5 Lid
I bought peach goddess and princess cut. Such pretty colours and the highlight is blinding! Not at all glittery or chunky. I did find that I had to sort of rub the top off of them to get more product on the brush but I haven't heard anyone else with that problem so maybe it's just me? Very build able and if you don't get too much product on your brush the highlight can be very subtle yet glowy and pretty. One of my favourite highlighters especially as I love intense highlight and glowy skin!
5 Toni Marie
omg! these highlighters are amazing... i bought peach goddess and princess cut and they are so so pretty and pigmented!!
5 Bethany
I was a little thrown off by the price but after beauty bay did 'free skin frost when you spend 30' I couldn't help myself. Dark horse is absolutely beautiful and so buttery, I use a tiny amount on a soft fan brush and it gives the most insane highlight. You definitely don't need a lot. I'll definitely be ordering peach goddess next.
5 Trinity
I got Deep Freeze (and am now waiting on Eclipse!! how exciting) and it's amazing, I love to colour coordinate so whenever I wear blue it's a great pop of colour to my whole outfit! so pigmented and creamy I strongly recommend!!
5 Carina
Bought peach goddess and got Dark Horse with the purchase. Peach goddess doesn't show the popping highlight pigmentation I was expecting but I still love it for that subtle glow. Dark horse is beautiful! Not really my skin tone at the moment but for summer I think I will use it a lot when I have a tan. The pigment on that is amazing and I love to use it as an eyeshadow.
5 Beatriz
They are amazing! Huge pan and highly pigmented!
5 Kamila
I bought this highlighter in the shade of 'ice cold' and I absolutely love it! a little really does go a long way and you can amp up the intensity as well so I definitely recommend it!
5 Liv
I bought the shade Ice Cold from Beauty Bay and arrived within 3 days. The pan is huge and the highlighter itself is stunning. It is a gorgeous white shade which at first looked to light for my skin tone as I am pale but not too pale but the Skin Frost was perfect. It blends easily and I love how buildable it is so you can either achieve a natural looking glow or shine like Jeffree himself. I really can't wait to get my hands on Princess Cut! Would highly recommend.
4 katherine
ice cold makes the foundation on my nose go weird, but this doesn't happen with mint condition nor peach goddess. Buildable so you can have a subtle glow, or blind people- love it. However my king tut broke really easily. Planning on buying either deep freeze or lavender snow next. I used a wet brush and used them for eyeshadow too.
3 Natasha Sidwell
Siberian gold looks pink on the website, so ordered it as thought it was a rosey gold colour and it's just gold. Disappointing. Some of the photos on the website do not match what the actually product colour is and it's quite infuriating.
3 Emely
I got siberian Gold and dark horse. Dark horse is sooo buttery and sooo shimmery , I'm totally in love with it but siberian gold has a weird formula and looks really weird, wouldn't but it again
5 Leah
I got the shades ice cold king tut and princess cut they are the most blinding highlighters I've personally tried and I've tried a lot worth every penny and I will continue to be purchasing many more of jeffrees products AMAZING PIGMENTATION??????
4 Caitlin
I purchased Princess Cut and within 2 days it came. The packaging was really great and the highlighter was very good quality.The highlighter was very pigmented but not as pigmented as everyone raves about but is buildable.
5 Kit
Love it! I bought it in the shade Lavender Snow. At first when I put it on it didn't seem very pigmented but it layers beautifully. I've noticed that it doesn't bring out my pores like most other highlighters do as well. The compact is massive and the mirror is huge! Definitely buying another
4 Sara
Whenever I wear the King Tut highlighter by Jeffree Star I get so many compliments, and questions about which hightlighter I am using. Definitely worth the money! The only downside is, that it breaks really easily; i dropped mine once from a 30 cm height, and some of the product got lose from the pan. Luckily the product is really creamy, so it was easy to press it back on the pan.
5 Wendy
I got the shade Dark Horse and it is gorgeous! I have medium/golden coloured skin and I was scared it would be too dark but it's perfect would definitely recommend for anyone who is about a mac nc45 or darker, lots of product too!
4 Evie
I got the highlighter 'dark horse' free because I spent over 30 on jeffree products- because lets be honest once you pop you can't stop!!! I cannot believe they were just handing this absolute beauty out for free! So so impressed I have literally shown everyone it is so pigmented and absolutely gorgeous on my skin. Definitely be purchasing more!!!
5 Elisa
I got the shade Siberian gold and I have been liking it a lot. I think that the formula is good and very pigmented. The shade was a little bit darker than I expected it to be, but I'm not mad about it. I really like that this highlighter is good for everyday use, but it is also buildable so you can make it really intense for more glamorous look. A little bit goes a long way and the product will last long, because the size of the highlighter is huge. I also like that it has a huge mirror. I can't wait to get ice cold next!
5 Eleonora
I got a shade that I'm afraid it's too dark for me but it rocks! So much pigment, it's unbelievable
5 Bethany
I love these so much that I now have the entire collection! would definitely recommend, I honestly think I could use it everyday and never run out of highlighter again in my life! such gorgeous colours and tones, look good with any skin tones, just need to ensure that the right amount of product is used for the tone of your skin..Can't honestly recommend enough!
5 Carmen
I got the shade 'Ice Cold' and yesterday it was my first time wearing this product and I got a lot of compliments about it! I really like it because it gives an amazing glow to the skin and you can easily biuld it up. You can go from a more natural-looking glow (if you just dip into it once) to a stunning Jennifer Lopez glowy look.
5 Brooke
I have two of these highlighters, I have 'Peach Goddess' and 'Dark Horse' and I love them! Peach Goddess is perfect my fair skin tone and adds not just highlight to my face but a slight touch of colour like blush, although Dark Horse is slightly too dark for my face it's a beauty for gold eyeshadow and goes amazing with the colours from the Androgony pallet! Also it's wonderful as body highlight across the shoulders and collarbone when I have tan on! The pan size is huge! So much bigger in person than in pictures so you do get quite a bit of product for your money. Definitely worth the money and will be buying more shades in the future.
5 Otto
The one and only highlighter, don't waste your time trying other highlighters that just don't do the job. I bought Peach Goddess and the shade is divine!
5 Karen
Ordered the Androgyny palette and received the Dark Horse skin frost as a free gift, looks like a gorgeous fake tan! love it
5 Amalie Winther
The formular is so smooth and rich in pigment!! I got the color Dark Horse, and even though it is a bit to dark for me, a little goes a long way and it can be blended out to mach most skin colors xx I am definetly buying Princess Cut next
5 Courtney-aj
These Highlighers Are So Creamy And Pigmented And The Pans Are HUGE! We'll Worth The Money
1 Justyna
Never received mine !!!after one week of trying to contract customer service .. wich don't even have a phone line that on order !!!! they said they will give me a refund this Web is ridiculous
1 Georgia
Extremely disappointed with this product. Not at all pigmented and is definitely not a blinding highlight. It is very subtle and barely noticeable. I bought the shade peach goddess for me and another for my friend and we are both shocked at the poor quality of the product. However, it is extremely large and handy for the giant mirror! Would not reccomend
5 Becka
I got the shade Siberian Gold, and I love love love it! Super pigmented and can be applied lightly for a natural look, or heavily for a more extreme glowy look :)
5 Amy
My favourite brand Jeffree Star! the price is so good for how much product you get, its like the size of my face! Such a blinding highlight but also with a fair hand can be a light glow, i dont use any other highlighters since buying Jeffree's
5 Gabrielle
I have peach goddess and ice cold and they are both stunning. So pigmented and blinding! I have pretty pale skin and these two colours look brilliant with my skin tone, best highlighters I've ever tried!
5 Gemma
Fabulous products
5 La
I am a very fair complected girl and I have problems finding a highlight that's pale enough to show up as a highlight. My choice was Ice Cold and I am pleasantly surprised: You get a lot of product for your money and the product itself is of excellent quality. The colour matches me well! I recommend using it with a light hand though, the pigmentation is no joke!
3 ciara
bought the shade Siberian gold and if you are looking for a chunky gold highlighter with limited pigment this ones for u!!! looks nice when you're going for a no makeup look and just want a subtle glow but if you're looking for a blinding highlighter do not buy Siberian gold and also not for lighter skin tones like advertised but delivery is fab and everyone says other shades are good so will have to test them out.
5 Isabel
I have four shades of this product and love them all, in my opinion peach goddess has the best formula. I hope to buy more in the future.
5 Sonia
Amazing pigmentation and doesn't show any uneven skin texture or breakouts which you may have. Overall an amazing product!
5 Rose
Got dark horse free with an order, too dark for highlighter for me but amaze eyeshadow. So pigmented. Bought siberian gold after which is PERFECT best formula I've tried
3 Kim
I bought the shade Ice Cold and was a bit apprehensive it would be really white but it's actually a beautiful highlight. I do find it quite a chalky highlight though. A little goes a long way with this one.
5 Marianna
5 Derryn
WOW these highlighters are so so pigmented i ordered ice cold and am hoping to order princess cut next would definitely recommend this if you want to be glowing. Even if you dont want a lot of highlighter would definitely recommend putting the most smallest bit on but love these products!
1 Hifza
So sorry but. I am happy with the dark horse at all. I know it was a gift with purchase of lipsticks. And so big. It will never finish. I really that they can give a tone down highlight colour then this. Very unhappy.
5 Evie
I have ice cold and dark horse and theyre so beautiful! I wish i had them all
5 Ruby
Absolutely beautiful product packaging excellent colour pay off. Im so pleased with this product. Fast & free delivery service thank you!!
5 Leah
I got dark horse and live it so pigmented and I am very pale and it works a dream 10/10 love this formula slayyyyty
5 Alex
I bought the shade peach goddess and I love it! The packaging is gorgeous and it comes with a large mirror. You only need a very small amount of product on your brush so I know this is going to last me ages! You can get a subtle glow or build it up for a more blinding highlight. I would definitely recommend this.
3 Tia Fairweather
I recently purchased princess cut and it was not pigmented at all! It would transfer onto my brush and there was a lot of fall out. However I got the free dark horse and it was very pigmented and looked amazing. But I would like my money back for the princess cut !!
1 kelly
Horrified! I recently purchased Siberian gold and I am completely and utter shocked at the appalling quality.Chunky,thick,uneven and unpigmneted will not be purchasing another shade,save your money!!!
5 Elízabeth
I got Siberian Gold and So F***king Gold and from the add picture Siberian gold looks like a mixture of Peach Goddess, Princess Cut and So F***king Gold but when I got mine it looked almost identical in shade to So F***king Gold. I was hoping for a more peachy tone but it is just gold (i know that 'gold' is in the name but the picture looks peachy pink) maybe it's supposed to be like that but I wouldn't suggest getting the two together since they are so similar. Other than that the product is beautiful and highly pigmented and buttery just like Jeffree himself said they would be. Highlight is blinding and only one swipe with a brush is needed! Add gets 0/10 but products themselves get a 10/10!! :)
5 Chloè
Absolutely love these highlighters they are so pigmented and are so blinding would absolutely recommend to anyoneee!!!
3 Jessica
I received Dark Horse for free as I ordered 2 products of his over 30. It's a lovely burnt gold colour, it super pigmented and is super soft. But I can't seem to get it to blend well enough on to my face, no matter what brush I use, or how light I apply. It just ends up looking like a burnt gold stripe.
5 Kathryn
I love this product. It kicks back a little when i dip my brush in, but it's so pigmented i don't mind. You get a lot of product for your money. It's worth it :)
5 Rachel
I bought the product in the color Ice Cold and it had brilliant pigment, it was easy to apply and blend, was easily picked up on the brush and looked stunning on my pale skin. An impressive product. I think I'll have to buy Siberian Gold and Lavender Snow now!
5 Izzy
Amazing! Got dark horse and was worried it would be too dark but looks amazing and will be a staple in the summer! So happy! They're absolutely huge and the glow is incredible! Will be buying more!!!!
5 Sadie
You can see me from space!! Bought a skin frost and a liquid lipstick and got a free skin frost woo! Bought Siberian gold and got dark horse free. Much more impressed with dark horse it's creamier,very buttery. Siberian gold seems very chunky but I'll give it the go
5 Hollie
I currently have 3 skin frosts in shade, Ice Cold, Regina George, and Princess Cut. Regina was a bit of a flop for me, as the pigment isn't great, but can build into a blush. Ice Cold & Princess are to die for! Cannot leave the house without them!
1 Grammar
I don't think that's what you meant Ray... 1 star for grammar
5 Rebecca
Ordered Ice Cold and I love it, so excited to purchase more in the future!
5 Steph
With so many highlighters available it's often hard to know what's good but I have been super impressed with this product! I ordered princess cut and it's perfect for a paler skin tone. I wasn't expecting the highlighter to come in such a big compact and makes it well worth the 25.50. You can have a subtle highlighter or this is perfect for the strobe effect! Will definitely be getting the ice cold & king tut for summer!
5 Stephanie Harris
I brought two of the skin frosts so far in Regina George and Princess Cut and I absolutely love them!! OMG they are so amazing!! Fantastic size too! I will defiantly be buying more shades!! I was really pleased that they arrived really quickly and in perfect order! I really recommend Beauty Bay!!
5 Aura
I got the Princess Cut and it's to die for!!! There's so much product for the price and it's safe in the case. It's very pigmented but definitely able to create a natural highlight as well if you are lighter skintoned like myself. I die a little every time I open the case, it's absolutely stunning
5 leoni oldbury
bought jeffree star velour liquid lipstick dreamhouse and I absolutely love it so glad I bought this liquid lipstick from beauty bay fast delivery bought Saturday came Monday absolutely amazed would definitely buy from beauty bay again .
5 Alice
I recently got King Tut and it's the best highlighter I've ever used! I highly recommend it!
1 Ellie
It wasn't that good , to chunky glitter, would not replace
5 Autumn
Some of the best highlights going. The pan size's huge, they don't look or feel chalky. Perfect pigmentation. Highly recommend!
5 Karen Hughes
I have always said I'd never buy Jeffree Star products but I was really curious to see what the skin frosts were like and decided to bite the bullet and try it and I'm glad I did. The first thing that wowed me was the size of the compact, it's huge!! I thought the packaging was a little cheap looking considering it's 25.50 but I can put up with that because the quality of the product itself outweighed the negative. I got this in the shade 'Ice Cold' and boy does it look like ice?! It was literally blinding me. I have a ridiculous amount of highend highlighters but there's only a couple that really live up to my standards as I have fair skin and struggle to find a highlighter that actually pops on my cheekbones and this one definitely does! I'm tempted to get another shade now but somehow I don't think the others will be as good as Ice Cold. If like me your unsure about buying it trust me you won't be disappointed just get it because you won't regret it!
5 Georgia
This product is amazing I have 2 princess cut and ice cold they are highly pigmented and I definitely recommend them if your looking for a good highlighter I think it's a great price considering how big the actual pan is,I want them all agh??!!
3 Hannah
I ordered Siberian Gold and I was so excited I've hard so much about these highlighter being intense but when it came the JEFREE star box was open and the actual compact is hard to open so it's annoying to that eevery time you want to use it that's a bit annoying and it takes a long time to build up and is very glittery and transfers on to clothes and my phone so although I like it it has to many cons for me to fall in love with it
5 Hollie
I bought this highlighter in princess cut and it's blinding!! By far one of the best highlighters I've ever bought and as usual my pasckage from beauty bay arrived next day!
5 Norris
Got the shade Ice Cold and it was very nice! Blinding and easy to put on plus you get a ton of product! Xxx
5 Anette
I bought Princess Cut and it's beautiful. It doesn't look too frosty on the skin, but melts into the skin and gives an awesome lightly pinky glow. The texture is quite different from many other powder highlighters, thus I couldn't use it with a soft fan brush - but with a denser brush the payoff was great.
5 david
received mine in the shade siberian gold today and couldn't be happier with it-it's the perfect gold for pale people like me and the quality and pigmentation is fantastic-like all the other shades i have. i highly recommend trying it out if you want a blinding gold highlight wich is really outstanding!
4 kirsten
bought ice cold straight from jeffree's site. love the glow! super pigmented and creamy formula. the only con is that when you put a little too much it will look weird when theres no natural light. my mom told me i just had a white stripe on my cheekbones. don't put on too much lol a little goes a long way
5 charlotte
I have shades ice cold and peach goddess and they are the most beautiful highlighters i could ever have asked for! so pigmented, so blinding, and worth every penny! couldn't recommend enough
5 Olivia
I bought Princess Cut and I absolutely love it, the pigmentation is blinding. The formula is buttery and soft making it easy to blend and very buildable. The pan is large coming to around 11.5 cm which is a lot bigger than most pan sizes. To compare, the Mac Lightscapade mineralize skinfinish is about 8cm. both are about 1 cm deep too. The packaging is beautiful and as an added bonus the mirror is as big as the pan too. good value for money I love it!!
5 Natalie
Ice Cold is perfect for us pale-skinned gals! So pigmented, I'm in love!
2 Tyra
Really disappointed actually. Got it in siberian gold (very beautiful shade). However, it is super chunky and glittery which I really don't like. I don't know, I had such high expectations on this product since EVERYONE is loving this and raving about it. Hopefully it will grow on me, but as of right now - I wish I didn't purchase the product :(
5 Marianna
Bought Ice Cold because other colors seemed too dark, I wish there was a mix of King Tut/Peach Goddess and Ice Cold, that would be perfect! Overall really good product.
5 Sarah
I love these highlighters I have peach goddess its so pigmented and beautiful!!
5 Zoë
I am soooo corious about this product I am going to buy it I am so excited
5 Ruby
As if this product needs any talking up! I have king tut, siberian gold, lavender snow, princess cut and so f- gold. Love them all so much definitely the best highlighter i have come across. Only thing is I find the formulas differ between shades; king tut and lavender snow are less powdery than princess cut and so f- gold, but it doesnt matter as each one is perfect and achieves amazing glow.
5 Billy
This highlighter is AMAZING! I had it in 3 days (netherlands) and it bright up my life. Thanks beautybay.
5 Heather
The best highlighters around. So far in my collection I've got Ice Cold, Mint Condition, Peach Goddess and King Tut and looking to buy Princess Cut next. You can't fault the quality and the amount of product you get for that price is insane.
5 Emmi
I bought the ice cold and it is bloody blinding
5 Victor
About Peach Goddess:Perfect highlighterWorks with many skin tonesA little goes a long way without overdoing it imoYou can, however, build it to get a real metal in the face effect.Ice Cold is VERY bright even for very fair skin.
5 Ella
the best highlighters! I have princess cut and I am obsessed
5 Anj
I feel like Siberian gold is very nice on the skin. It does give you that Jeffree blinding look but you do have to build it up and I use Mac fix+ for it to be really blinding. It is quite glittery and there is fall out if you tap the brush in the pan so it is better to swipe imo. Overall fantastic product, great size and well worth the money
3 Susanne
I received the peach goddess for my birthday but I have zero pigment from the highlighter? It's a legit one but I was so dissapointed!! The mirror and packaging I love but I had zero pigment. Anyone else have his problem?
5 Kimathy Midian
I am genuinely speechless for this product!I ordered King Tut and I am in love!I will be ordering more in future, it works wonders and applies beautifully.Defiantly a favourite and in love with all of the shades.Stunning Highlighters!
5 Sigourney
I have ice cold, dark horse and princess cut and they are to die for! Sooooo pigmented and you get so much product for the money! It is worth the money and more!!!
5 Moa
I cannot describe how much i Love this highlighter!!!
5 Evie
Omg the pigmentation and the amount u get is sooo good and I love the packaging I bought ice cold and it's such an amazing highlighter literally the best highlighter ever even better than mac soft and gentle!!
5 dave
i love those highlighters! i've ordered princess cut and its super pretty. i also have peach goddess, ice cold, so f*cking gold and lavender snow and i love all of them!! highly recommend this product if you want a very intense glow!
5 beth
oh my god jeffree star just SLAAAAAYS with his skin frosts! i have ice cold and siberian gold. i want peach godess, lavender snow and princess cut i just adore his work
5 Indusha
I ordered so fucking gold and it's so pigmented and shiny. It's super super pretty.
4 Naz
I bought the Siberian gold the first day it got realeased on beauty bay and I didn't know what to think of it, I still don't. I'm medium to deep skin tone (nc42 in Mac) and the colour is perfect, it's just the texture of this the formula it's very dry and just glittery and doesn't have that comfortable applying method. I'm not sure, I heard bad reviews after I purchased and I really want to like it but I just can't. Having said that I heard the other skin frosts have a different formula. I want to try ice cold but not sure if it's too light for me.
5 Gurdip Uppal
Such an amazing highlighter; it has definitely set the bar high for all other highlighters! It is so pigmented and becomes blinding very quickly and it wears so well throughout the day and even 12 or more hours later it looks just as fresh as when I first put it on unlike some other highlighters! Peach Goddess is amazing for the warmer skin tones and has the paler iridescent look instead of just glittery!
5 Dee
I was never really a highlight person before, I had a couple of highlighter from other brands but I wasn't too fussed about it until I tried jeffree Star highlighters, I have Peach Goddess and Ice Cold and oh my goodness I'm inlove! Ice Cold is my favourite and I really can't wait to get them all! 5/5
5 Ellie
I got the shades Ice Cold And Siberian Gold These Highlights Are Soooo Pigmented And So Blinding Probably My New Two Favourite Highlights And The Colours Are Gorgeous.
5 Emily
This product is just perrrrrf!!!!
5 Ray
Beauty bay never fails to disappoint! Ordered on Saturday was here for Sunday! I brought this in shade Ice cold and it's gorgeous! I will never buy another highlighter again! Definitely my new favourite!
5 Hasd
I bought this in the shade lavender snow and it's beautiful a nice silver purple tone, I now want to buy ice cold also I was surprised at how big the pan is however it is thin so not sure if it's actually more product than the regular size pans. I have very pale skin and was worried it wouldn't look right in this shade but it does.
5 Alice
I have peach goddess and princess cut and I use nothing else! Absolutely adore these products and they are so big, so you definitely get your moneys worth. STUNNING highlighters!
5 Emily
Bought the shade Siberian gold; and as I first opened it I thought it would be to dark for me (I have fair skin but not super fair) I tried it on and wasn't keen it was really glittery and chunky. However after trying it a second time I really like it, it seemed to sink in to my skin a bit better and was not chunky. I don't really know what was wrong the first time I tried it but it might have been because the product was really cold (it had just been delivered). I love the colour and it's really buildable, you can have quite a subtle highlight or go full on just like jeffree ?? . Would highly recommend.
5 Olivia
I have Peach Goddess and Princess cut, they are great shades. Peach goddess is hard to get on any brush but princess cut applies really well. I can't wait to get Ice Cold and possibly Siberian Gold. What lovely shades and awesome formula.
5 Danielle
I am in IN LOVE with ICE COLD definitely a must-have item for your makeup collection . pigmented to the max and long lasting... Not to mention how much product you get for the money!!
5 Yazmin
I bought Princess Cut as I have Ivory skin and it looks so beautiful over my blush! I would recommend this product to the stars and back. Plus it's so much product for your money. It's just stunning.
5 Deborah Phillips
I love this highlighter! This has changed the game, I'm blinding everybody! It came super fast and it's an amazing product
5 M
I have the peach and it is good recommend highly
2 Jess
I was so excited to try this but when I got it I was so disappointed. Although the highlight was huge it lacked pigmentation and was quite patch. I expected better considering all the hype.
5 Sunniva
i own lavender snow and it's such an amazingly beautiful highlighter! it's not for everybody but those who love a blinding glow should definitely get this!
5 david
i love the skinfrost highlighters and can't get enough from them! i receive mine in princess cut today and it is stunning, but it's a little more stiff compared to the other shades wich isn't a huge problem, just something i've noticed compared to the other shades i own (i have peach goddess, ice cold, lavender snow, so fucking gold...and now princess cut).
5 Ashleigh
Amazing highlighter! I got 'Ice cold' as I'm very fair skinned and it's one of the best I've tried!! I used the Zoeva luxe highlight brush to apply it and it went on so blinding! 100% recommend, I've been sitting on getting this product for a while now and do not regret buying it, I will be buying more for sure!
1 Niamh
Bought ice cold direct from Jeffree Star and I loved it, got Peach Goddess here on BB and it's awful, doesn't pick up at all, to the point where I have to dig at it with the other end of the brush to get some powder loose!
3 Victoria
Ordered Princess Cut and it's such a beautiful colour but don't find it as creamy and easy to pick up like the other colours. I had to scratch the surface before it became slightly easier to apply, which made it look messy. Takes a while to build on the skin.
5 Jen
I own peach goddess and ice cold. Both are buttery and ultra pigmented. Look gorgeous/ wet on the skin perfect for the cheekbones, nose and even great eyeshadow. You get a lot of product for your money, you won't regret this purchase.
5 Ellie
You get so much product for what you pay its so cheep recommend ice cold I love it. I just love beauty bay it's so cheap!!
5 Isma
I bought the shade King Tut and OMG! It is absoloutely beautiful and it is such a generous size! Well worth your money!
4 Natasha
I would recommend this product for darker skin tones. :)
5 Danielle
I recieved Ice Cold earlier today and it is by far the most pigmented highlighter I own (which is saying a lot due to my vast collection). Very buildable and good price for product because the pans are huge. I will definitely be ordering other shades. I just can't fault any of Jeffrey's products!
5 Sophie
I bought the shade ice cold, WOW! I have always found it quite hard to find a white/silver highlight that stands out. This is by far the best one, it's so intense and stands out which is what I look for in a highlighter. 100% recommend!
5 Imogen
So far I have 5! And I love them all. They are so pigmented. And the highlight is amazing! Just don't pack on too much on the brush like I did the first time, I was glowing all night and not in a good way haha. Love Jeffree!
5 Simone
Brilliant quality and pigment.It can be mixed with Ice Cold too if you are more fair like me, or as an eyeshadow too!
5 Conor
Got ice cold 2 or 3 weeks ago and I totally love it!!! I thought it would be too light (I'm a Mac nc25/30)but it actually has a champagne gold shift to it !!but to get the signature Jeffree glow you need to build a little.100%recommend!
5 Magdalena
I have three of Jeffree Star's skin frosts : Ice Cold, Peach Goddess and King Tut, and I can say that for sure I am in love! Thank you BeautyBay for stocking them! Hope you will get Siberian Gold as well
5 Smairah
Absolutely love love love the jeffree star skin frosts , I nw have three in total, king tut was my first highlighter from jefree star and I must say its the most opaque and beautiful blinding highlight ever, I ordered iced cold and princess cut too, they are both very pigmented and they both give u that lovely strong glow, its very buildable too, the delivery was very quick and overall im a happy customer, im certainly buying more, i would love to purchase the new highlighter siberian gold !
4 Katie-Alice
BEAUTIFUL highlighter, got this in Ice Cold, I have fair skin and this gave me a blinding highlight! So pigmented, you can use a tiny bit for a subtle highlight and buff out or use more for the signature glow. As it is so pigmented it looks gorgeous on the eyes too. The pan is seriously huge and feels weighty, so great value for money and will last ages. The only downside is, it transfers easily off the skin but some fixing spray would solve this problem
4 Sofia
Very pigmented, long lasting and not glittery at all. Huge pans. I give a 4 though because they need nlending quite a bit before they look good.
2 Hollie
I bought Peach Godess and its absolutely beautiful but the actual formula of this is rubbish! Cant believe it has so many good reviews! The colour pay off is nowhere near the colour in the pan. Not pigmented at all. I regret this purchase.
5 Zuzanna
Beautiful intense highlight, I have Ice Cold and it's perfect for my pale skin.
5 Dáiríne
Lv this product it was absolutely fantastic on my skin
5 Evie
i purchased the skin frost in so f***ing gold and it is amazing!! Its fast service and is very pigmented. Its my favourite highlighter and also an essential!!!!!!
2 Trudi
I was disappointed wiry this highlighter! It's not very pigmented compared to products less than half the price of this one! You have to press quite hard with the brush to get enough product.
5 Chloe Eva
I ordered this on Sunday and it came Monday so amazinggggg delivery time and the product was stunning, overall so happy with this I recommend it 100%!!!!!
5 BenjyDoll
The Legend is true. Those are the best highlighters in the market. I have Princess Cut and Regina George. The first one who is a blinding baby-pink. Easy to use and fuuull of light. The second one is a good luminous blush. Not really a highlighter... I LOVE both of em ! Going to collect them all !
5 Nilu
Received peach goddess as a present. Do use it as a everyday highlight. I have more vibrant cheaper highlights but I must add this size of this bad boy is making me give it the 5 stars!
5 Natalie
I'm quite pale soi use this as any eyeshadow. It makes my blue eyes pop, I love all the J* products.
1 Mand09
Really disappointed! Not as pigmented as I expected, I have cheap highlighters that are so much better
5 Mary
The highlighter was amazing and cheap next day delivery which is awesome. I got princess cut and it's so pigmented and glowy! Love it!
5 Angela
Incredible!! highly pigmented and amazing formula. need to get some more!!! ***** highly highly recommend
4 Raluca
Got this in princess cut, the shade is perfect but I find that the product doesn't pick up easily at all. When it goes on its so pretty but I feel I have to really build it up to get that signature jeffree star blinding highlight. Get a lot for your money though and the product is beautiful.
5 Laura
I decided to jump on the band wagon and purchase 'ice cold' and holy mother of Jesus it did not disappoint. This will forever be one of my favourite highlighters! I also got free next day delivery and arrived this morning after purchasing it yesterday.
5 Shona
Absolutely PERFECT!
5 Claire
After seeing makeup artists using this on YouTube. I had to give it ago and I wasn't let down in my expectations! It blows my mind anytime I use it. The glow power is amazing!! I brought in peach goddess. LOVE. I've had so my people comment on my highlighter, even men who don't have a clue are like you're 'glowing!' Can't wait to try more.
5 Jayne
I purchased the Skin Frost So F***ing Gold for my daughters birthday and I have to say that it is absolutely amazing. I cant fault Beauty Bay's service from ordering to delivery absolutely brilliant !
5 Katie
I purchased Ice Cold and it is BEAUTIFUL!! The pigmentation ad colour is amazing. I need these in every shade!!
5 Kelly giff
I recently purchased a skin frost in Ice cold, and let me tell you it is the most incredible highlight I've come across. It gives you Edward Cullen standing in the sun realness. So blinding and beautiful highly recommended and it's the size of my face.
4 John
Mine came broken from Jefree Star cosmetics website I was throughly upset so I bought one off here and it was good.
5 Becky Kember
Amazing ! Ordered Oce Cold and it's so. Utterly and pigmented- perfect for fair skin or highlights in eyeshadow looks. Order arrived quickly and the product was in perfect condition
1 Connie
I'm very disappointed as peach goddess gets hyped up so much and the pigmentation is horrendous. I paid a lot of money for this highlight and couldn't believe how bad it was. I don't know if it's just peach goddess as it was terrible.
5 San
Didn't realise how pigmented this highlighter is! It's such a beautiful colour and I'm excited to creat a look with this! Definitely a must buy especially with the 30% off!
5 Dana brennan
This highlighter is absolutely blinding and I love using it, I would definitely recommend it
2 Barbara
Had great expectations for this product but when I finally got to use it I was very disappointed. This hilighter made me look cheap and tacky. Its mainly pressed glitter very heavy the lighter the application the more spaced out and glittery it looked. Massive pan that can't fit in my bag, has a nice massive mirror will not purchase this again.
5 Nakita
Best highlighter ever!!!!
4 Becky
Okay pigment and i bought Peach Goddess, i have very pale skin and find that i have to use Mac Fix + to actually get it to stand out. Is a very good highlighter once fix + is applied. Would recommend.
5 Sharon
Love Jeffree Star products! Liquid lipstick is awesome & stays beautifully in place...great colour range for all moods/looks...really fun names too! Skin frosts look amazing from all shine wherever you are! Wholesome values for wholesome ingredients too..what more could you want.
5 Alice
Amazing quality. A lot of product for the price. Gorgeous colour
5 Emma
I bought Ice Cold and I absolutely love it!! I really like how it easily can be built up if you want a really blinding look or just a subtle glow! Amazing!!
5 Levi
Best highlighter ever
4 Pilar
Sure they are intense! I went for the 'princess cut' color, which is the perfect baby pink highlighter for fair complexions like mine. Gives the most beautiful effect on the cheeks. Very shimmery-metallic highlighter, still phenomenal. Define toy very pigmented and quite creamy. It stays in place all day. I just wished the size were smaller, so it could be a little cheaper. Thanks beautybay for bringing these amazing USA brands
5 Teshawna
I own Peach Goddess, Lavender Snow, Princess Cut and Ice cold and love them all! Such a good highlight powder I'd never look back at other highlights
5 Beth
I am a massive jeffree star fan and have been dying to get one of these without custom charge. So impressed with the fast delivery and the product is amazing. I love highlighters and this was another level you Barely have to touch it and the glow is amazing so pigmented and would so reccomond this brand and beauty bay definetely going to be ordering more
1 Cally
Was not a fan at all, they swatch very thick and when applied to the skin either just disperse glitter everywhere or sit on top like a streak of colour without blending well. I have so many other highlighters I like way more. I tried King Tut which is way too dark for me unless I have a tan and then ice cold which is a nice shade but too thick. It is like applying a foiled eyeshadow to your face!!!
5 Stephenie
Absolutely in love and lust with my King Tut Skin Frost! The shade complements my skin well :) Can't wait to add Peach Goddess and Dark Horse to my collection!
1 Sophie
I want to love this product so much, but it doesn't actually pick up on a brush at all, and hardly picks up on my finger, it was a gift that i had asked for christmas and i was so excited, but feel like I cant use it compared to my Becca highlighters. I've read so many comments that praise this so I may have just received a faulty one, for these reasons it has to be a low score from me.
5 Erica
I absolutely love this product, so pigmented and the shade king tut is stunning. Unfortunately mine has crumbled :( I've heard that this shade has crumbled for a few people which I'm gutted about due to the price. Perhaps this is due to this particular shade/formula being extra soft? I'd still recommend but just to be extra cautious with it which I thought I was :( huge pan and stunning packaging, so much product for the money!
5 Lucy
So good. Such a lovely colour and the packaging is just so beautiful. It's so creamy and dreamy
5 Beth
The best highlight I have ever used and so much product in worth the money
5 Annunziata
First of all, Jeffree Star Cosmetics it's a brand that unfortunately it's not available in my country (Italy) by the official JS website. So thanks! I already purchased in the past the famous Velour Liquid Lipsticks of same brand, so pigmented! Waiting for my skin frost to arrive I was already sure that I was buying good quality!The Skin Frost, in the shade So Freaking Gold has two principal qualities other highlighters I owned didn't have. It's incredibly shining, it actually reflects the lights around you; really a strong highlighting experience! But what if you don't want such a glow? Maybe you're more the kind of person for very light but on point make up, you want more of a soft shine, natural shine. You can absolutely apply it without using any spray (setting spray) on the brush.It really changes your make up. Personally, I purchased this item because I knew it was glowing and had such a strong effect, first time I tried it I applied some setting spray on my face, then coated the brush. Almost blinding gold on my cheeks. If you follow JS, you'll know he's one of the most creative artists we can talk about for now; to me, he did a good job. For Jeffree Star I'm giving five stars. When my friend saw me wearing it, the first thing he said was he loved it.
4 Merel
I've got King Tut and its fabulous and shiny, you can easily create that blinding 'on fleek' look but if you just use the tiniest bit it will be a very nice soft radiant glow, it works for that as well. (Don't pay for shipping though, its not worth it: i payed €11,50 but it still took 5 days instead of 2.)
5 Liz
This skin frost is insane! Although it does not Match my skin tone it is also a beautiful eye shaddow especially for your inner corner. All of his hilighters are eye and body safe. His products are the most pigmented products I own and are simply insane! The dilivery is also amazing. Thanks BB!
3 Abbie
I have king tut, my skin tone is a mix between pale and olive so i thought king tut would be a perfect tone. I find that king tut doesn't work well on my skin tone at all, it leave a gold streak on my cheek and if i try to blend it the highlight disappears. I definitely want to try a different shade that'll match my skin tone but as for King tut, its not good
1 Hollie
Awful product I got the so f**cking gold very chalky thick glitter it's okay if your about that but not blendable at all don't know weather got a bad one because everyone seems to love it but I think it's an awful product for the price very disappointing!!
1 Jessica
This highlight does not live up to the hype. I bought princess cut and was so disappointed with the lack of pigmentation and how chalky it is. For the price it's not worth it. Other cheaper highlights are 100% better than this.
5 Olivia
I purchased 2 of the 'peach goddess' highlighters for me and my friend and they are amazing! Easily my favourite highlighter. They're so buttery and pigmented. The shipping was quick and well packaged! Strongly recommend :)
5 tanesha
Love love love they are so beautiful!! I bought peach goddess and ice cold now I just need to get princess cut.they are So pigmented and work lovely on the face, plus you are getting so much product it's perfect . Every girls dream
1 Chloe
I just ordered Princess Cut. Everyone seems to love it, but I feel like I must have gotten a bad one? The pigmentation isn't there at all! There's no colour and there is no shine to it. I was so excited to have a Jeffree Star skin frost, especially considering he loves his glow, but there is NO GLOW, just the occasional fleck of glitter. I'm so disappointed and I know I will never reach for this product. I've tried it as a highlight and an eyeshadow and the results are the same :(I couldn't fault the delivery as it took 2 days to get here.
5 Hannah
I've just tried Peach Goddess this morning and its stunning! I've tried a few other highlighters but this is amazing. I'm such a jeffree fan and his products really speak for themselves
5 Ava Turnbull
I ordered princess cut last night and when the post man came I realised what the package was and I started screaming! I was so happy it arrived a day later, the pigment of the highlighter is amazing I definitely recommend to anyone thinking of buying xx
5 Lovisa Olsson
Got lavendar snow and its amazing l glow like a star and on my kvd Light 42 whiteout skin ut looks stunning pale and frosty just as l wanted it to be.
5 Vanessa
I bought Lavande Snow and it is just incredibile!I love the effect it gives, the shine is strong, but the color is so subtle on fair skin.And it's a friggin' LOT of product, it will take me a lot of time to hit pan. totally worth the money.
5 Vickers
I usually hate hilighter, but I love this!I bought lavender snow. It is so pigmented, although it doesn't come out very purple, which is great!
5 Charlotte
As someone who has wanted Jeffree's highlighter for ages, I can say that it has really lived up to my expectations, Im so glad beauty bay have started selling his products because shipping on his website was way too expensive overall really pigmented gorgeous colour can't wait for princess cut to arrive :)
5 Emily
I got Princess Cut and I love it so much! The pigmentation and the color are just amazing. Would recommend to anyone with fair skin.
5 Sofie nielsen
AMAZING!!!! I Bought lavender snow and it's so beautiful! I think I'm going to buy ice cold and princess cut!
5 Smairah
I love love love the jeffree star skin frosts , they r the best highlighters ever, I ordered king tut from before, and I recently brought princess cut, they r both stunning and worth every penny, they are perfect for my skin tone and gives the most beautiful glow ever! I just ordered iced cold too, can't wait till that arrives, im definitely purchasing more of these highlighters, they r a must have , I definitely recommend that u buy these, thank u to beautybay for ur great service .
5 Lucy
These are amazing I have never got such amazing quick delivery, I had ordered another thing as well so I got free next day delivery I ordered this on a Sunday and it came on Monday morning
5 Brit
Finally! Thank you so much beauty bay finally skinfrost in ice cold, I love you!! Cannot wait to try already love peach goddess definitely worth the buy.
5 Laura Smith
I own these in lavender snow, peach goddess and mint condition. My go to highlighter and Literally the best thing I've ever put on my face! Huge pans, very pigmented, flawless application! Completely in love !!
5 Sarah
Absolutely amazing product so pigmented and apples like a dream! Incredibly versatile can be use as an eyeshadow and well and a flawless highlighter!! :D And can we just take a moment to appriciate that mirror perfection!
2 Nicole
I honestly do not see the rave about the peach goddess skin frost it does absolutely nothing to my face :(
5 Zoe
Amazing! I bought peach goddess and it is so worth the money. Lots of product and lots of pigment- beautiful finish to makeup.
5 Chelsea
I'm in love with all my skin frosts, I have lavender snow (my favourite), ice cold, peach goddess and princess cut. Xxx
1 Bonnie
I've got jeffree star highlighters in almost every colour I recently bought Regina George and I have to say I am far from impressed it's absolutely awful it is so hard that you can't get any powder on the brush I would not advise for anyone to buy this shade however I can't rate peach goddess, king tut enough! Just really disappointed in Regina
5 C
Love love love these highlighters have 3 of them and definitely buying the rest for my collection!!!!
3 Alice
Kinda disappointing, I must say.. the highlighter is massive, so no need to worry about hitting pan soon after. However, I found there to be a lot of fall out, and not as pigmented as I had seen online. Definitely have used better dupes at a cheaper price. Only one that I was tempted to get when they first released was ice cold, which is what i have. Tempted to buy princess cut to see if colour makes a difference, but I'm not sure.. only 3 stars I'm afraid. Much better and cheaper around.
5 Duran
Love love love this product! So worth the money and the compact is huge!! Much bigger than I thought it was going to be!!
5 Kay
I purchased peach goddess yesterday around 4pm and it has been delivered already, I haven't tried to actually product yet other than a swatch but it's so creamy?? Defo ordering from here again both times I've ordered for standard 3-5 working day delivery and it's came next day AMAZING!!!
5 Ellie
I bought this in the shade peach goddess and it is gorgeous. It is very pigmented but doesn't contain any 'chunks' of glitter. It even arrived the next day!
5 Mrs Nicole-Alana Wilson
LIVING for this. I ordered Lavender Snow and ooooh girl it gives such a good glow, so ethereal, so pigmented. When I use this highlight I'm a gorgeous glo'd up fairy princess xx
5 Tabitha Irene Lily Silverson
Absolutely love love love this highlighter, 100% would recommend peach goddess for any boys and girls out there if ice cold isn't in stock. Absoulutley stunning.
5 Fran
I bought the Onyx Ice Skin frost as was feeling daring. It arrived today and you need hardly any on a brush when doing highlighter! It can also be used as a gorgeously pigmented eye-shadow to do nice smokey dark eyes and even usable as a contour (once thoroughly blended) I also can't wait till Halloween to do some fabulous makeup with it then! It's a shame Ice Cold isn't on here yet as this is the next one I am looking to buy however Peach Goddess and the Lavender Snow are others I really want to try! x
1 Kayley
Broke into pieces after using it once, way too thin
1 Dion
I have for now 3 of the shades but after a few times using it wont stick on my brush anymore and its very hard pressed in the pan ??
5 Christina
One of the best highlighters ever, very pigmented and good quality
5 Genie
Absouloutly amazing!!! Love this highlighter in shade king tut?? It's so creamy and pigmented and long lasting. I first got a skin frost and wasn't as pigemented as I espected but beauty bay sent me another one. Thank you so much beauty bay I love it!
4 Céline
I've bought this in the shade peach goddess and I am quite happy. From the internet and especially YouTube reviews I thought it would be a lot more intesive. I would say the shining intensity is a 8 on a 10 scale. The peach color shines throu subtle and I think this is a versatile shade, you could use it for all kind of looks.What I am disappointed about is that you raised the prices because I wanted to order a few more. With what you raised I could directly order from their official website, shipping wouldn't cost me that much if i buy 2-3 items.Thank you anyway for delivering it to me, I really love this product.
4 Jan
Very good product indeed.
4 Emma
I bought skin frost in the shade peach goddess and i really like it! Soo pigmented, it gives me that natural glow that i have been looking for. But the bad thing is, that it is too dark for me, so i use it as a blush. Im soo exited to try Ice Cold!
5 Millie
I brought peach goddess and god its amazing ! Its the first highlighter i ever brought hence i brought the natural glow one. I am shining you will see me from the moon, if its too sunny mind your eyes you may be blinded! Its such a natural glow, its massive, i can hardly hold it in one palm. The most beautiful packaging ever and a massive mirror to make sure you are on fleek all day. If you want a highlighter you can wear naturally, with nothing but your natural face or foundation this is for you. Even if you wear a full face it is still as beautifully and way more product than a mac product. Love it !
5 Kay
I have Lavender Snow and Princess Cut, I absolutely love lavender snow so much, its so pigmented, I have fair skin and it works perfectly with my skin tone. Princess Cut isn't as pigmented, if you keep applying you will get to the amount you want. Both of these colours together are the PERFECT highlighter. I also have So Fucking Gold coming and I cant wait for it to come!! These products are perfect especially if you love a good blinding highlight.
5 Regan
I purchased peach goddess in this highlighter and it is AMAZING! So pigmented and little product goes a long way, not to mention it is incredibly cheap for the amount of product that is in this highlighter. Would highly recommend
5 Chloe Mckenna
These highlighters are amazing and well worth the money there so pigmented and big also good delivery service as mine came the next day after I ordered mine
1 Niamh
I bought Peach Goddess at Christmas time and I think I got a faulty one because there is no pigmentation at all compared to all the swatches I have seen. The formula is just dry and nothing comes out of the pan, i expected a good quality product due to the high recommendations
5 Erin Longworth
I have two of these highlighters now and they are so gorgeous. I have King Tut and Peach Goddess and I am in loooove. Defiantly going to have to buy some more!!
5 B.
Mate. For a dark skin black girl my highlight is always popping with this. Bought dark horse and it's so pigmented. It's lit.
4 Ash
I have both lavender snow and King Tut. They're beautiful highlighters and the pan size is huge. However, they are a little chunky and glittery. If you want a blinding glow, these are for you. They work fantastically on eyes too. I often use King Tut on my lids to add a golden / bronze glow. Lavender snow is fantastic for the inner corners.
5 Rebecca
i bought the skin frost in ice cold. its very pigmented i love highlighters and its definitely one of my fav's. I'm pale so works perfectly with my skin. Its the biggest pan I've had of highlighter so personally i think its worth every penny at that price. It got delivered super quick but I've never had an issue with beautybay i love the service i receive
5 Bethany
For Christmas I got Jeffree Star's skin frost in the shade mint condition and it is absolutely stunning!! I would definitely recommend. Of course I wouldn't recommend it as everyday use (unless you're confident of wearing a mint shade) but it is beautiful!!!
5 Tasnia
I am in love!!! I have a cute collection of skin frosts going on. I have brought king tut, peach goddess, lavender snow, mint condition, dark horse and so f**king gold!!! I can safely say I am obsessed!!! Would defo recommend and thank you beautybay for stocking these!!!
4 Brit
I purchased peach goddess which I love however I wish they'd have ice cold in stock!x
5 Alva
this is so pretty and glittery i'm in love
5 Paj
I literally just got mine delivered a second ago, I didn't even wait to swatch it and Jesus, I have never been so amazed, I used the smalliest amount of the king tut and straight away I was glowing. Literally, this highlight glows.
5 Sheila
I got the highlighter in so f***ing gold. All I can say is I'm so in love with it. So pigmented and I get the perfect glow I want. Will definitely be buying more of Jeffrey stars skin frost. First time purchased from Beauty Bay and I am very happy with delivery I received my product within 2 days was well impressed. Will definitely recommend Beauty bay.
5 Katie
I LOVE THIS! As I am quite pale, peach goddess looked amazing on my skin tone, it isn't too glittery which I love. I highly recommend this highlighter. I'll never go back to my drugstore one...
5 Aleksander
I always wanted to try out the Lavender Snow!After two weeks of waiting it's finally here and I can't stop looking at it. It's gorgeous and blinding! Also the packaging is enormous! Definitely recommend it.
5 Lewis
5 Lydia
I cannot describe how much i love this highlighter! I bought this in the shade Peach Goddess and honestly it's my favourite highlighter ever! It's so so pigmented and gives you a highly visible glow, peach goddess goes well with blusher as it's slightly pink in tone but it's more of a rose gold and i love it, would honestly recommend this highlighter to anyone! If you're thinking about getting it, just get it because honestly this is the best makeup product i've ever bought. So so gorgeous, wore it today and got so many compliments about it, in my opinion it's the best highlighter out there.
5 Milan
I just recently purchased 2 more of Jeffree Star's Skinfrosts for my makeup artist kit, King tut and Ice Cold (which is usually always sold out!) I already have Peach Goddess and I can understand why these sell out so fast, as these are amazing quality, and the size of product you get is such great value for money. The highlighters are the perfect texture as they aren't glittery on the face but leave such a nice glow and being as pale as I am I was surprised how nicely alot of the colours suit my type of skin tone! Amazing range for light to deep skin tones.
5 Elise Harvey
Genuinely so amazed with the quality, size and pigment of this highlighter, it's huge!! Was expecting it to be the size of regular highlighters but it's much bigger, I got it in the shade 'peach goddess' and it's soo pigmented and lovely, will defiantly be buying another
5 Hollie
Bought peach goddess and it is beautiful! I am a mac nc15 so it was perfect and not too pink, also extremely pigmented but also buildable. Can't fault beautybay delivery ordered this one afternoon and it came the next day with free standard delivery, love jeffree star products will definitely be buying from beautybay again!
5 Abi
Amazing, I'm super pale and I've bought Peach Goddess & Ice Cold and they are so so pigmented it's unreal, the amount of product you get it with it too is crazy. They are without a doubt my fav highlighters!!
5 Eleanor
Got the Ice Cold shade and it is perfect! It's so buttery and is absolutely blinding on the skin but can be buffed out for a more subtle look. Best highlighter I've ever tried, highly recommended
5 Elaine
I have always used mac for highlighting but after buying this in ice cold I want them all ! The size of these is ridiculous and means you can use them on eyes without worrying about running out. Also the shades are so unusual.
5 Antonietta
Peach Goddess arrived today and I'm in love! I was worried that it would clash on my light olive skin but it looks phenomenal. The formula is buttery smooth and is extremely buildable without getting cakey. I'll definitely buy more!
5 Danyel
Been waiting for this to come available in the U.K. Somewhere easy to order from I ordered the king tut and I was not disappointed LOVE this highlighter!!!! Will definetly be ordered more and cannot wait to try them either, 5* it's absolutely beautiful xxx
5 Evie
I have Peach Goddess and it's so beautiful. It's a lovely champagne colour. Would recommend everyone to buy it it's so lovely. I was surprised at the pan size because i was actually expecting it to be bigger but it is still beautiful an worth it. Best highlighter ever
5 Hannah
I bought lavender snow and so fucking gold, they are so pigmented and pretty, let me tell you, you will be glowing to the stars. These two shades are also very blendable and buttery! Get ready to glow bitch
5 Sigourney
I now have Dark Horse which for me because I'm quite pale, is an amazing addition to my bronzer and I recently have purchased ice cold. I have never been more in love with a highlight sooo incredibly pigmented shining brighter than my future!!
5 Haze
I bought Skin Frost in Regina George and I am in love it is extremely pigmented and much bigger than I thought it would be, definitely worth the price. Hoping to now get peach goddess and long tut. Thanks beauty bay x
1 Genie
I got Regina gorge and I regret it so much! I had such big expectations for this an I hate it! The pigmentation is barely visable at all. If only I hadn't swatched I would have sent it back straight away. Don't buy this!
5 Shazena
I purchased so f***ing gold an I am in love. I ordered yesterday at 2pm an it arrived the next day before 12.this highlighter looks amazing on my skin tone. The size is really generous too so it will last a while even if I used it daily. Really impressed with beauty bay for the quick delivery
5 Jess
Highly pigmented. Ice cold is very intense but looks stunning in my pale skin. Peach goddess also gave a natural glow to my skin
5 Mel
This highlighter is so beautiful and pigmented, I love jeffree star and I have been following him for a couple of years now however I always thought these were too expensive but I thought I'd treat myself to one and I'm now going to collect them all, they're so buttery and creaming. Im absolutely in love!
5 Naomi
Bought Peach Goddess, really nice product with a generous amount, so lots of bang for your buck! Love it
5 Paula
Just received my Skin Frost in the shade Peach Goddess and I totally loved it. Perfect color and the pigmentation is so awesome! Plus the product came so well packed and bubble wrapped, loved my experience with Beauty Bay and definitely gonna buy more products.
5 Danielle
Absolutely adore my peach goddess skin frost, I use my morphe brushes with a spray of urban decay and it looks perfect all day
5 Cara
LAVENDAR SNOW: I purchased Lavendar Snow recently and it is beautiful and SO pigmented! A little goes such a long way. Absolutely worth the money.
3 Suzie
Absolutely love Jeffree's products however I purchased 'peach goddess' and found that it was really hard to get any pigment even on the brush, It was almost unnoticeable with one application so I have to keep applying it over and over to get the level of glow I want!! I don't think anybody else has ever experienced this so I'm not sure why mines like that????Xx
5 Mel
This highlighter is so beautiful and pigmented, I love jeffree star and I have been following him for a couple of years now however I always thought these were too expensive but I thought I'd treat myself to one and I'm now going to collect them all, they're so buttery and creaming. Im absolutely in love!
5 Tyler
I always wanted a Jeffree star skin frost but I couldn't get them from America
5 Emma-Kate Cook
I have every single one of Jeffree's skin frosts and I love them!! So pigmented and beautiful. They stay on all day with no problems, for a more subtle highlight I use a fan brush bit for a more intense glow I use my finger. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
5 Emily
I got this as a gift for Christmas as I had been dying to try one of these! I got the shade Lavendar Snow ?? and if I'm honest it's the best HIGHLIGHTER I've ever had!! as I'm a very pale skin tone (Mac NC15) I find it matches perfectly! If I apply too much it is easily blended as lasts all day, such a high pigment and honestly the best Christmas present ever!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!???
5 Olivia
I have Ice Cold, Mint Condition and Peach Goddess and OMG THEY ARE THE BEST HIGHLIGHTERS IVE EVER TRIED. I want them all. They're all so versatile, and creamy! I would strongly recommend
5 Stacey
I recently ordered Lavender Snow and I am so in love! It's super creamy and blendable, and such a lovely colour!
5 Chantelle
Having longed for some JSC products for so long after trying his liquid lips, but not wanting to be out of pocket due to delivery and heavy custom charges, I am beyond delighted that Beauty Bay now stock this amazing brand !I received Peach Goddess as a Christmas gift & I have not put it down since. The product itself is spectacular & absolutely blinding on the skin ! The size of the pan is amazing & a huge bonus, as some brands tend to charge an arm & a leg for a much smaller amount of product.I'm in love.. Thanks Beauty Bay !
1 Anon
Really do not understand all of the good reviews on here! I am SO disappointed with this product! Jeffree makes out that it is the most pigmented powder you will ever come across, please do not be fooled. My pan will not pick up ANY product with any brush, or even my finger it comes off all chunky! I've tried highlighting brushes, fan brushes, natural and synthetic ones - nothing picks up the product. It's like the powder is too dense and hard, so when you eventually get product it PACKS it on looking all cakey and gross. I've completely ruined my pan just with the amount of going over it I've had to do to get the slightest amount of product on the brush. I have spoken to many other people with the same problem which is why I don't understand all these good reviews! How are you making this work?!?!?! For this price, I'm so disappointed. Wish I could return and get my money back
4 Evie
I ordered the skin frost in peach goddess and was extremely impressed with the size of the product. It gives you a lovely glow however I was expecting slightly more blinding pigmentation. Don't get me wrong, this is pigmented but compared to the Sleek Solstice and the ABH glow kits (my faves) they're just not AS in your face. I found you have to build up the product and get quite a lot on your brush to blind. Good product but expected more.
5 Jasmine
This is definitely worth the money. A little goes a long way.i bought Peach goddess and I have medium to slightly tan skin and i don't see any problem with this product. Really easy to blend and it stays all day. Received a lot of compliments the whole day which means its definitely worth the hype.. Definitely recommend.. not having any second thought about not purchasing more shades... please release King tut
3 Natasha
I've ordered for months off Jeffrees American site, once I realised (very late to the game) it was available in the UK it was immediate I began purchasing off here- free postage! saves me a fortune in customs fees. Service was brilliant- arrived next day.However- I ordered DreamHouse and Regina George Skin Frost and BOTH arrived completely dried out and unuseable. Dreamhouse applicator was rock solid and dried up, Regina George had this think shiny top to it not at all like the creamy powdery look the frosts usually have. I attempted to use with a brush but none transferred.. it was completely unuseable.I did have to chase.. over a week for a refund- from my understanding quicker than some people have had queries dealt with, all I wanted was an exchange for useable products and I stated this several times, but they instantly refunded me. From that had experience with Regina George and other reviews on it I shan't be ordering Regina George again, but I reordered Dreamhouse and it came perfectly!! So must have been bad storage or a bad batch the first time.
5 Catia
I got the shade dark horse and it is my new favourite thing, the formula is great, beautiful finish on the skin and when I got it was shocked with the generous amount you get... its huge !So worth the money!I recommend this shade if you have a darker complexion or if you are more on the tan side it is going to give you this bronzy goddess glow, love, love, love.
5 Kat
I was given Lavender Snow as a Christmas present, so gorgeous, silver but when built up can become a pale purple hue. I mix it with Champagne Pop from Becca for the most beaming highlight known to humankind !!
5 gbemi
I love beauty bay..excellent service fast shipping,am so gald they stock jeffree star.. now all I need is so fucking gold skinfrost.
5 Kirsty
Love love love this product!I ordered skin frost in lavendar snow and it simply put is beautiful.Great size compact with a nice big mirror, great applied with a fan brush! Really fast delivery also.Definitely recommend this!
5 Lucy
I recently purchased shade Lavender Snow and absolutely love it! It's certainly not as purple as it looks in photos which is a plus for me, and it compliments my pale skin so well. I'll definitely be buying more in the future.
5 Kelsey
Bought the highlighter in the shade .peach goddess., the most fantastic highlighter I've ever purchased!! So much more pigmented compared to Mac or any other brand. Well worth the money and came in the post two days after ordering!!
5 Pixie
I'm as pale as they come and lavander snow is the nicest highlight I have ever used. It came unbelievably fast as well. !
5 Rukaiya
I have medium skin tone and really wanted to purchase the skin frost in King Tut. However, that shade wasn't available so decided to buy the peach goddess and wow! It is super pigmented and generally so beautiful!! So much product for only 25.50. I absolutely love it!!
5 lois
ordered the shade peach goddess, i am a light skin tone and i thought it might be too dark for me but it is the perfect pinky shade which isn't too dark. the pigmentation is so immense!
5 Sarah-Jane
Amazing!!! Peach Goddess is literally to die for. The size of these highlighters are so worth the price too! Really hope we get ice cold on here soon
5 Faye
I'm really pale so bought Peach Goddess and its gorgeous. Beautifully pigmented, just the right amount of shimmer. Will definitely be purchasing some more of Jeffree's products.
5 Rosheen
This highlighter is amazing!! The biggest highlighter I have owned in my life! Highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. I bought the colour Ice Cold.
2 Emily
After reading the reviews I was so excited to try this so I ordered it in shade 'Dark Horse'. It isn't sparkly or anything i'd expect from a highlighter. It just looks like a orange powder. Although the pan size is huge and it is pigmented (trust me it was pigmented enough to ruin my entire make up as it wouldn't come off). I feel it might be better in 'King Tut' but i'' not prepared to spend another 25.50 on something I hated.
5 Laurie
By far the best highlighter I've had. Got this in lavender snow and it's so beautiful! It's so big too so wellWorth the money. It's so pigmented that you hardly need to press down with the brush. Recommend 100%
4 Lily
I really want to order these, already have some of the other colours, but was a bit disappointed to see that there wasn't an Ice Cold. But otherwise they are fantastic!!!
2 Kerry
I bought a skin frost highlighter in the shade peach goddess, it doesn't really come off on to the brush or show up very well at all, does it get better the more you use it?
5 Sarah
The Peach Goddess highlighter is everything! I legit live for this, I absolutely love it. It is the best highlighter I have used to far. The formula is really soft and buttery, and it is easy to apply. I find that some highlighters mess up the foundation and contour, but this one places perfectly on top of my make up. A little product goes a long way, so the highlighter will last a while! Well worth the cost. I would also like to mention that I have not had no issue regarding breakage whilst being delivered. I am now wanting to get Lavender Snow and Ice Cold. I cannot wait!!!
5 Amy
Amazing, as always
5 chloe
I bought lavender snow as beauty bay dont stock princess cut and I am so happy with it! Ready to glow
5 Katie
Purchased Peach Goddess and Lavender Snow, Peach is the perfect glow for the more natural look, its quite subtle but still looks amazing... but Lavender Snow is the BEST Highlighter I have ever used! the glow was amazing, it lasted all night, It was noticeable and blended so well, so didn't look like a severe line, I will never use any other highlighters than Jeffree's now, Jeffree is everything!
5 Kiera
I bought Peach Goddess and might I just say... I am in love to say the least! The formula is so buttery and pigminted. There is the perfect amount of glitter and the size of the pan is unreal. So pleased.
5 Ann
I brought peach goddess and it's incredibleeee!!! I would like to buy king tut but I can never manag to get it:( hopefully beauty bay will restock it soon!
5 Alex
Honestly such a gorgeous product! Managed to get Ice Cold and it definitely lives up to the hype! Also great service from beauty bay, my order arrived in around 2 days with the standard delivery and they kept me informed on where my parcel was and when. Very impressed!!
2 Georgia
I got Peach Goddess and I have to say was expecting a little more pigmentation for the colour however this is great for people who don't want an overpowering highlighter and being fair skinned myself it gave a really nice healthly glow, great for a natural look if you want something bolder defiantly go for the other colours!
5 Caren
These highlighters are absolutely incredible. I bought peach goddess, ice cold and lavender snow and they all go great with my pale skin. Very, very pigmented and worth the money! I have waited for so long to get my hands on these and I'm so happy with the service I've received from Beauty Bay. All three were delivered extremely quickly and packaged well! Thanks!
5 Holly
This highlighter is beyond beautiful- I'm in love! I was over the moon when Beauty Bay released the holiday collection as it meant I could purchase 'Ice Cold' which I've wanted for too long! It is so much bigger than any other highlighter I have and cheaper than most other higher end brands so good value for money. 'Ice cold' is the perfect shade if you have fair skin and is a good replacement for the ABH starlight illuminator which is no longer avaliable. Came so quickly with free delivery also- Beauty Bay is the one!
4 Anita T
I just brought peach goddess highlighter it is nice. But u have to swatch harder to get product than other highliter..
4 Brit
I ordered peach goddess and I thought it would be to pink but it's a beautiful shade and now my favourite. Waiting for ice cold! Delivered within a few days.
3 Chelsea
It makes me so sad to write this as I'm a huge Jeffree star cosmetics fan! But I got peach goddess and I'm porcelain skin tone and it just wasn't intensely enough didn't look like a put any highlighter on and I've used mac fix plus with it too! I would definitely recommend if you want a shine sheen but in my opinion it's hard to build
5 Lucy
I ordered the Skin Frost in the shade Regina George on Thursday and it arrived the following day. It's such a large pan so you do get your moneys worth. Such a fast service, would definitely order again.
5 Jodie
Amazing pigment, gives such a lovely look to my makeup. I own ice cold, king tut, & princess cut & I'm sure I will buy more!
5 eva
SOOO Goodperfect for any skin tone
5 Charlotte
Finally got my hands on Ice Cold and I am not disappointed! Such a stunning highlighter for my fair skin as most just look muddy! Thanks BB!
5 Louise
Ordered Ice Cold and Lavender Snow yesterday! They arrived today in perfect condition and are just as smooth, creamy and pigmented as my Peach Goddess. I am very pale and lavender snow doesn't appear too dark as it has a lovely silver shift to it. Really pleased, would purchase again!
5 Jacqui
Bought the eyeshadow pallet and 2 highlighters for my jeffree star obsessed daughter. She has a hundred different looks and is over the moon. Best money I've spent on a gift ever!
2 Rachael
I really wanted to love this but have to say I'm unimpressed. I purchased the shade ice cold and although the glow is amazing and pigmented, there was SOOO much fallout. This and I found it really chunky and not as creamy as other highlighters I've tried. The pan size is huge however and you get allot of product for your money.
5 Eva
This is such a gorgeous highlighter!! its the perfect shade and the intensity can be increased to your desired look. I have pale skin and its still perfect. Waiting for king tut to get back in stock now! thanks beauty bay x
5 Eva
Lavender snow, Peach Goddess and Regina george are stunning highlighters however regina george is mainly suited for blush or eyeshadow but yeah goddess and lavender snow are highly pigmented and gorgeous on the skin!
5 Myra
I bought peach goddess and i love it! So glad to finally have this in my collection. I need moooore!
5 Jordan
I brought this skin frost in the shade peach goddess and it's now my favourite highlighter ever! Gives you a super nice yet natural glow and is a makeup essential for me now! I have just ordered the ice cold skin frost which I look forward to trying out!
5 Helene
I LOVE THIS! I am quite pale and peach goddess looked amazing on my skintone, it wasn't too pink or too glittery - it was absolutely PERFECT!
5 Kelly
Literally the fastest service I have ever received! I'm so glad I found this website, now I don't need to buy anything on the Jeffree Star website (which has a $10 shipping fee)! I bought the peach goddess skin frost for my friend but ended up keeping it for myself lol. So pigmented, IN LOVE!!
5 Gabriella Orlandini
This product is very good and it came the next day I am definitely ordering more stuff from here
5 Allison
I had an Ice Cold from when jeffree first released them and since moving to the U.K. I felt like I'd been missing out on my favourite makeup! Thanks beauty bay for stocking these and hope you get more new stock in. Just purchased Peach Goddess and it's a dream!
5 Amy
I bought mint condition, I have never been so excited to receive a package before. The delivery was extremely quick and tracked. The product is amazing, love love love jeffree star! Thank you beauty bay for the amazing service once again
5 Kirsti
Just got mine and I looooove it. I thought it was quite expensive but when it came I realised it's not. The size of it is really big and it will easily last me a few years. I'm pale so I bought peach goddess but if beauty bay stock others in the range then I would buy king tut and the white one. His products are just too amazing :)
5 Tisi
I bought both king tut and peach goddess and so beautiful. Have only swatched them but I'm in love
5 Chloe
As I have been ill for the last week I decided to finally order one of these highlighters to cheer me up as I have been waiting to get one for agesss! I ordered it in the shade peach goddess and was a little worried by what a dark pink it looked in the pictures as I am very pale! Having it arrived today I am so pleased with it, it does not show up as dark as it looks in the pan so just has the perfect pink glow for me, but the product will show up much more pinker if you swatch it harder! Skin frost is so pigment and easy to blend I am so pleased with it, will definitely be ordering more!!
5 grup
best highlighter never going back! it is the only thing that I use!!!!!!!!!
4 Aanchal
Loved that Beauty Bay launched Jeffree Star's products. I have had my eyes on these skin frosts for months now. I purchased mint condition and king Tut as soon as it was launched on this website and I am absolutely loving these products. The pigments are incredible and they blend like a dream.The pan is also huge with awesome packaging.
5 Isobella
I got King Tut and I am in love! I have to say for someone with such pale complexion (literally paper white) I was worried I had wasted my money but that couldn't be less true, with a light touch it creates a beautiful glow and is perfect for use on eyes if you like metalic looks. Overall I highly recommend it to people of all skin colours!
5 BG
Please get king tut, I've been waiting to buy it !!!
5 Nicole
Obsessed with this! I got king tut and it's gorgeous, super pigmented and the glow is amazing. I'm so happy beauty bsu carried these products!
5 Rubee
I bought skin frost in peach goddess and it's stunning I have very pale skin and looking at the pictures of it in the pan i was worried that it would be too pink but it's not. I find that with this colour u have to swatch it harder than other highlighters that iv tried but the pigment is defending still there. Hoping for ice cold and Lavender Snow asap!!! Thank you beauty bay. X
1 Maisie
The worst highlighter i have ever used, you can't even see it on my face and I am super pale. So so disappointed, this is meant to be an intense highlighter and it's the complete opposite.
5 Syeda Akther
Jeffree Star Skin Frost - King Tut I just brought King Tut been dying to get it and absolutely love it, it's absolutely perfect on my skin tone plus there's no such thing as too much highlighter, it's either sold out or too expensive but with Beauty Bay you get the best.
5 Ashley
These Highlighters are amazing! I got Peach Goddess on release date from Jeffree's website and was happy when Beauty Bay began to stock them. I ordered Mint Condition and despite the fact that it is a bright green colour, it shows on my skin as a silvery finish that blinds everyone! Definitely Recommend
5 Tasnia
I purchased King Tut and Peach Godess, I must say I freakkkking GLOW for the Gods!!! I am a huge makeup fanatic and have tried many different highlighters so I know a good highlight when I see it! 'highlight game has never been stronger cos gurl I slay! I have light caramel brown skin and my god these are sooo suited for my skin tone. Both highlighters are buttery, pigmented and so so so blendable. The best thing about it is that one swipe and it's like you've been kissed by the sun! Waiting for beauty bay to bring some of the other skinfrost colours onto their website. Also in the processes of grabbing myself a mint condition but am not sure if it would suit my caramel complexion!
5 Lina
Amazing!! So pigmented, so sparkly! Jeffree has proven himself once again! I got Peach goddess and it's simply stunning. Now I've got my eyes on Regina George :)
5 Ellie
Just got my skin frost in peach goddess and I am in love with it!! it's so pigmented and buttery, a perfect highlighter!!
5 Steph
I have recently brought Peach Goddess and love it, I have quite a fair skin tone and would recommend this shade for fair skin. It is very pigmented but can also look subtle for a daytime look and it looks beautiful when the light hits. I also couldn't believe the amount of product you get and it even comes with a handy mirror. It is defiantly worth the price!
5 Catherine
I have been waiting for the skin frosts for a while and was so happy when they came to beauty bay! I got king tut as I am more olive skin toned and it is amazing, so buttery and pigmented I also use it on my eyes as a lid colour which looks gorgeous, I highly recommend these to anyone!
5 Komal
I purchased King Tut around 3 weeks ago and have used it every single day since! It's the most gorgeous golden glow that is definitely very pigmented but blends like a dream and can be worn as a more subtle highlight. A lovely buttery formula with an absolutely stunning reflect! Highly recommended! Waiting on Ice cold and Lavender Snow!
5 Sørine
Peach Goddess is insanely beautyful and it came in a great condition!
5 Tamarini
got the King Tut one- SO SO GOOD!!! pigmented and sooo beautiful!!!
5 Bekki
I was so happy to be browsing beauty bay late at night and refresh the screen to find these beauties had been stocked!!! Been tempted to order from America so I was totally thrilled to see these available in the U.K.! I was definitely not disappointed, this highlighter is amazingly pigmented and gives you a beautiful glow. I use 'peach goddess' over benefit's 'watts up' and spray my brush with mac's 'fix plus' for the ultimate shine to mars!
5 Charlotte
Love my skin frost so much
5 Sarah
Beautiful highlighter and pretty packaging jeffree star is my make up God. I bought mint condition and I love it and it's not too in your face which is lovely, I'm waiting on ice cold and deep freeze now yes gawwwd x
5 Giorgia
I have King Tut and Peach Goddess. I'm a light skin tone (mac nc15), so the first one is a bit dark on me, but I love it anyway, because it blends easily, so I can wear it without any problems, even if leaves such a visible stripe, that is not so bad. These highlighters are extremely pigmented, colors are beautiful and they shine a lot. Highly recommended (sorry for my bad english)
5 Eesha
Absolutely beautiful! It's an amazing skin frost highlighter that I have used so far.
5 Beth
Amazing Product and the pan is huge! Couldn't recommend more and can't wait for the rest to come so i can buy!
5 Ellie
Great product, delivery was very good! And product came in great condition, have wanted this product for so long and I was delighted when it appeared on beauty bay!
5 Maryam
So happy with this highlighter, it is the most pigmented highlighter I have ever used and will be my everyday highlight. Everyone needs this!!!!
5 Tab
you just wanna keep adding more and more next thing you know you're gleaming
5 Shanel Nx
LOVE!! Best glow ever
5 Lucy
I can honestly say this product is incredible!
5 Alice
I'm absolutely in love with this product! Would highly recommend!
5 Hanan
The best highlighter ever Beauty bay once again u never let me down Ordered Sunday received Monday perfectly packaged as always
1 Anii
Please could you tell me the you are going to get more stock of these highlights. Am so said that the one I wanted is sold out, been waiting and waiting for them to arrive to the uk and only three shades are available yet one is really sold out. This is not very helpful. Please could you tell me when they will be back and if you are bringing in any other shade as well and which ones if so. Thanks!
5 Flora Trapatseli
I love it so much ! I've been waiting for so long to try them
5 Courtney
So pigmented and beautiful! Such a big pan and I'm in love!!!
5 Reign
King tut is literally powdered gold and is the most pigmented highlighter I've ever bought & it's such a massive pan for the price. Absolutely brilliant product
5 Eve
This product is amazing perfect for all year round highlight and extremely pigmented! However..... I was hoping you would restock ice cold and so fucking gold? if so when would this be.
5 Emma-Lee
Amazing !! Ordered peach goddess and I am in love! I thought it would be really pink but on my skin it's a really nice champagne gold colour, now I'm contemplating purchasing king tut.. maybe I can get away with that too!
5 Gracie
I bought peach goddess and I've never seen such pigment in a highlighter. I love it.
5 Anna
Extremely amazing product, worth every penny!! No other highlighter compares to this one!!
5 Eva
Such a big fan of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, absolutely loving his stuff. Jus to wondering if you're gonna get Ice Cold and Lavender Snow at some time..? :)
5 Carol
I was hoping BB would be getting the highlighters in as I have waited forever for them. I'm so happy they now available to buy. I already have the eye palette which is so beautiful. I purchased peach goddess it's beautiful. The size is huge and will last for a long time. I have fair skin but it will look gorgeous on all skin tones. Huge thank you to Beauty Bay for item packed secure and arrived fast, first class service again great company...
5 Eloise best
Wait for these to come on here would love it if you stocked lavender snow !!!!
5 Ellen Conroy
This product is amazing so worth its price point.The pan is huge and the product is so pigment would recommend spraying your brush with setting spray first if you want to blind everyone looking at you :)
3 Sherona Mcivor
i waited for these to come to england for months and when i seen they was in here i couldn't wait to order one. most amazing product i own. Only down side is if come smashed and beauty bay won't reply.
5 Alisha
These are the best highlighters I've ever tried and I have a massive collection of different highlighters, Peach Goddess and King Tut are my go to and I hope you guys restock more colours will 1000% be buying more!!!
5 Gemma Woodcock (20)
I previously bought ice cold from Jeffree's website and now I have peach goddess too !!! so much pigment in one swipe and it blends out like a dream whilst still giving a fierce glow !! I would definitely recommend. Also I would die if beauty bay would stock lavender snow, I need it so bad ??
5 Navi
5 Freddie
Ordered King tut I LOVE it!!! Totally worth the money :)
5 Izzy
Best highlighter I've ever bought! Peach Goddess is my new go to. Love Jeffree's products!
3 Claire
I got Peach Goddess and King Tut. I was SO excited when I ordered these being a huge fan of the JS velvour lipstick range. The packaging is great as always, and you get a lot of product for your buck. However, I was so disappointed when I finally got to try these out. Not very pigmented, especially the Peach Goddess.
5 Paige
King tut is amazing! Came the day after I ordered and does not disappoint
5 laura
king tut i cant i just cant AMAZING beyond expectations.
5 Sophie
I ordered peach goddess and it's amazing!! Really hope you begin to stock ice cold because I believe many people would buy it
5 Isobel
This is amazing! I am very critical about my highlighters and only buy them when I think they're brilliant and boy has this gone far beyond my expectations! It's so buttery and pigmented; however I was skeptical as to whether it would be too dark for my skin tone however it's perfect and can be built up. Definitely worth the buy!
5 Adeola
The best highlighter I've ever used!!!
5 Ellie
Absolutely love this product! I bought Peach Goddess and considering I'm practically a white sheet of paper, it really compliments my skin and applies very smoothly. It's going to last me a long time to due to the size. Would recommend to anyone, just hoping Ice Cold gets stocked now aswell.
5 Lauren
WOW! If you love highlighters then you will not be disappointed!! The pigment is rich and glowy but not only that, the pan is HUGE and it makes for an insanely beautiful compact mirror :)
5 Emma
I ordered mint condition after wanting to try skin frost for a while now, it is definitely worth the money, the size of the product, the pigment just amazing. I cant wait until ice cold is stocked and will definitely be buying peach goddess!
5 Danielle
I ordered one in King Tut and have to say I'm so happy with it. I'm very fair and thought that it'd be really dark on me but it gives me such a lovely golden glow. I'd definitely recommend!
3 Em
Lovely product but mine has damaged in transit... cracks all in the powder and the powder has lifted from the compact.. very very very fine powder!
5 Isabella
Absolutely love this product! I grabbed King Tut and Peach Goddess and the pigmentation is insane and it is a huge highlighter, much bigger than any other make up brand highlighters! Definitely would recommend to anybody wanting a really poppin highlight
5 Orla
The best and biggest highlighter I've ever seen, we all know Jeffree goes hard or goes home and this highlighter is no exception
5 Sofia Heise
I love the formula!!! I already own 4 but I need them all
5 Robyn
I have King Tut, amazing pigmentation, very big pan with mirror. Would highly recommend
5 Chloe
Just wondering when you will be restocking Ice Cold skin frost? Would love to buy it!
5 Ruby
i DIED when i got this, ive already had ice cold for ages but king tut is so cute, so good as an eyeshadow too!
5 Sharna
Arrived so quickly. And the pan is huge! You get so mhcn product for your money! Defiantly worth it! I bought king tut as I love a gold highlighter and it is so pigmented you only need a tiny bit so I know this is going to last me ages! I'm in love!
5 Morgan
Ordered peach goddess yesterday after wanting to try Jeffree's skin frost for months now! I can say it is incredible and such a big pan, extremely pigmented and I 100% recommend!
5 Natalie Whitley
I've been hoping you would do these!! Would be even better if you got ice cold.
5 Hannah Moran
This product is amazing well worth the money extremely pigmented and you get a load of product for your money I got peach goddess it is gorgeous.
5 Emilie
5 Jess
Brilliant product! Great pigment and pan size

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