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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub Zoom
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  • Mojito
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Rootbeer
  • Spearmint
  • Strawberry Gum
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5 Ismaa
Mind blowing i bought the strawberry and the mint one i was speechlesss made my lips super soft after i applied thing and they taste amazing too definetly am going to try all the other flavours
5 TS
I ordered this in spearmint and I love it! Got rid of unwanted dry skin on my lips after only one go and has left them feeling really soft smooth and plump, would love to try other flavours
5 barbro
Love it. I struggle with dry and chapped lips in the winter...and this really helped...i use it a couple a times a week and it really worked. can use a homemade honey and sugarscrub...but to me it was well worth the money,it is convenient and a little goes a long way. The jefffree star liquid lips looked sooo much better on after i started using this.
5 Drew
I bought the strawberry gum one and I love it! Makes my lips feel super soft and it tastes amazing too!
4 Alice
I wanted to try out a Jeffree lip scrub for some time - my favourite so far being the Lush Cosmetics collection. I bought the Mojito flavoured, and I was surprisingly pleased! The minty smell isn't at-all overpowering, it smells more like genuine mint leaves than the usual fake smell. The only thing I'm not so keen on is the consistency. Whilst I understand it's just a sugar based product, it's also quite hard and densely packed into the jar. I guess it means getting more for your money, which at 30g, I can't complain. In comparison to the Lush Cosmetics, I prefer those for being slightly easier to apply. Definitely wouldn't stop me from re-purchasing, though! Made my lips super soft before applying a liquid lipstick, no flakiness or patchy dry skin on my regularly chapped lips.
5 ellie
the pot is massive! its worth the money and smells super nice, it tastes nice too haha, i brought the strawberry gum one and its so pretty i will be purchasing more i want all of them now omg
5 Jenn
I bought Strawberry Gum to give this scrub a go and I love it! It smells and tastes delicious, it's hard not to lick my lips while I'm using it! The pot is big and you only need a small amount each time, so it's worth the money :)
5 Gemma
I bought the Pumpkin Spice Latte and Strawberry Gum scrubs because i love jeffree's products and I use his Velour Liquid lips. And I absolutely love them they smell and taste amazing and make your lips super soft and smooth!!! Will eventually purchase all of them :)
4 Dita
Spearmint Smells like the classic Wrigley's chewing gum. I love the packaging but the pruduct is not as amazing as I expected. The MAC Lip Scrubtious is way better. This one is less effective and I feel the scrub a bit dry. Not bad but could be better.
2 Amy ruck
Lovely big pot, Smells lovely and makes my lips soft for an hour or so, then they are dry and really sore. Bit disappointed :(
5 Kathryn
This smells amazing. It's made my lips so soft. Even better that it's edible
5 Sofia
LOVE IT! Got the mojito flavor of course. I like that it's edible so you don't have to rinse with water after scrubbing. You just lick your lips! And it really gets all that flakey skin so you can wear lipstick again. :)The pot is bigger than I expected so that's a big plus!
5 Brigida
I got this today and I couldn't wait to try it! First of all because I was bot also very excited about the flavour but because I saw Jeffree using it in a video and his lips looked very nice and pink. So I tried it today and I have to say I LOVE IT! For being a lip scrub, there is a lot of product inside the tin! So this is a good price point!I bought the Strawberry one and apart of being a good product, it tastes very good too!Will buy again!
5 Kristína
I love this scrub. It really makes my lips soft and smooth. Plus it smells and tastes amazing I love the strawberry one probably will buy more
5 Anya
AMAZING. Got strawberry gum and pumpkin spice latte . Love love loveeee
5 Hannah
Huge pot which will last a long time, it smells amazing, tastes amazing and leaves lips so soft straight away, excellent product - tempted to buy backups!
5 Saffy
Love this product! Bought in strawberry gum and it smells so nice. Made my lips so soft and smooth!
5 YJ
I brought this because I get very sore/dry flakey lips. I struggled wearing a liquid matte lipstick. I used this and it's amazing. It removed all the unwanted skin and hydrates the lips. My lips are so smooth which allows me to apply my lipstick on perfectly and it lasts a lot longer! Also the pot is massive! It will last me a good year!
5 Josefine
I purchased this in the taste 'Pumpkin Space Latte' It smells amazing, tastes amazing (they're eatable) And made my lips smooth and soft. I probably will buy Strawberry Gum as well.
5 Lexi
I recently purchased the Strawberry lip scrub and wow I love it! Smells and tastes amazing, leaves my lips so soft. Can't wait for more fruity flavours.
5 Harry
I purchased this and will never use a different brand of scrub again ! its actually perfect . My lip have never been plumper
5 BenjyDoll
Fan of lip scrubs, I try them all. And I definitively prefer the sticks ones. So easier to use ! But this one is very useful. Makes my lips baby-soft. I'll buy it again, so it diserved its five stars.
5 Amber
Recently purchased this, Smells amazing and also it edible! Made my lips smooth and soft and smell of strawberry gum
5 Grace
Such a great lip scrub!!!! Perfect for priming your lips then putting one of Jeffree's liquid lip! And tastes great too
5 Rubyluby
Wow this smells absolutely amazing!! Brilliant for exfoliating you're lips! And you can eat it!! Worth every single penny! A must have for any makeup lover!!
5 Victoria christensen
This product was soooo muth bigger then i taugth... sooo Happy for it xxx
5 Chloe
This is absolutely amazing, it instantly made my lips so soft after using it. Also it smells and tastes incredible, would highly recommend!!
5 Stephenie
I have the Pumpkin Spice Latte Lip Scrub and it is scrumptious. Will have to add Strawberry Gum to my collection but please add Mojito or Rootbeer or even the other holiday flavours to the list BeautyBay!
4 Zoe
First of all this pot is HUGEEE for a lip scrub is bigger than the lush onesThis is very good at smoothing the lips Smells delicious BUT even though is edible it's sort of tastes like chemicals slightly but it hasn't done me any harm
5 Georgie T
LOVE! Makes a massive difference to my lips. The pumpkin spice latte is a fairly nice taste too!
5 Elaine
This lip scrub is divine ...I have pumpkin spice and will be investing in strawberry gum. Much better than lip balms etc and softens the lips to form a perfect base for matte or liquid lip sticks.
5 Amy
Usually lipstick/lip gloss makes my lips go really dry but using this before applying has fixed that. I got pumkin spice latte and it tastes amazing!
5 Maddie
Just got the strawberry gum one and it is very good, and it tastes amazing. It came really quick and I can't wait for more flavours.
5 Mia
I got strawberry gum and it honestly tastes so good, it comes with SO much product and is worth the money. Exfoliates my lips really well. I prefer this to the lush ones
5 Laurie
Love this lip scrub! It comes in such a chunky pot and taste amazing while leaving your lips so smooth before applying a lippy. All JS products are good value for money due to the quantity of the product.
5 Jade
This is so good and moisturising, tastes just like pumpkin spice latte too! Also if you use it just before lipstick it plumps them up and makes applying easier!!
5 Alex
Amazing scrub, works really well, leaved my lips feeling smoth and soft. Really advice buying it !!! Woth the money ! Thanks to JeffreeStarCosmtics.
5 Annabelle
Absolutely love this lip scrub, tastes amazing and does it's job wonderfully. Loads of product and definitely worth the money
5 Lex Burgess
Love it! I should've shopped here sooner, I usually order Straight from Jeffree Stars website, but this is so much quicker for us Brits! Everything arrives the next day!
5 Kate
Love this so far! The smell is incredible! And im guilty of tasting it lol i cant wait to properly try it and test it with a liquid lip
5 Elaine
Absolutely amazing. Best lip scrub by far ! I'm not overly keen on the pumpkin spice and cannot wait for beauty bay to stock more flavours lips go very dry in the winter and this allows me to wear my Matt and liquid lipsticks , honestly people invest !!
5 eve
amazing product totally revamps your lips highly recommend !!!
5 Nicole
Love this product! I use it before applying Jeffrees Liquid Lip. It moisturises my lips before applying matte lipsticks. I also use it to remove the matte lipsticks. Couldn't recommend it enough. The tub isn't as small as you think it is and that's a good thing. A tiny little bit goes along way. I just press my finger tip on the surface and that is enough. The smell and taste is amazing also! Very happy :)
5 Naomi
Absolutely divine, smells fab and leaves you lips feeling smooth and nourished, smells good too!
5 Niamh
I love the jeffree star product but the lip scrubs are one of the best would buy again just waiting for other flavours
1 Nellie r
I highly do not recommend this product it burned my lips and I did not state that it would!! The smell was awful ! Bad product. Honestly has made my lips awful!!!!

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