Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick

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  • Androgyny
  • Anna Nicole
  • Blue Velvet
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Celebrity Skin
  • Checkmate
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Crocodile Tears
  • Designer Blood
  • Dirty Money
  • Doll Parts
  • Dominatrix
  • Dreamhouse
  • Flamethrower
  • Gemini
  • I'm Nude
  • I'm Royalty
  • Jawbreaker
  • Leo
  • Mannequin
  • Masochist
  • No Tea No Shade
  • Nude Beach
  • Posh Spice
  • Prom Night
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Pussy Whipped
  • Queen Supreme
  • Redrum
  • Rich Blood
  • Rose Matter
  • Sagittarius
  • Scorpio
  • Unicorn Blood
  • Virginity
  • Watermelon Soda
  • Weirdo
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5 Tia
I am obsessed with these liquid lipsticks I bought the shade celebrity skin and it glides on so smoothly does not feel Cakey on the lips and has a Devine smell .. I've ordered 3 more shades.
5 Avana
i bought both weirdo and abused and the formula, colour and consistency is brilliant!
4 Paris
I bought androgyny and I have tan skin tone which compliments my skin tone so nicely. The liquid lipstick feels so light on the lips and not drying. I ate and drank and it was still on, just a little bit in the inner lip came off but other than that it's amazing.
5 Amalie
These liquid lipsticks are the best liquid lipsticks I've ever tried, and I've got quite the collection of different brands. I got Gemini, Androgyny and Leo and they're all so pigmented and long lasting! The application of the product is so easy, they're so opaque, and they're so comfortable to wear. They don't dry out, crack up or flake off the lips.
5 Sharyse
Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks are EVERYTHING! I bought No Shade, No Tea and it's perfect. Stays on for hours without crumbling, keeps its sparkle (which is amazing for a LL) and doesn't feel too heavy or thick. Can't wait to buy more!
5 Natalie
Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks HAVE to be my favourite formula. I've tried so many liquid lipsticks, my lips are very dry anyway and most liquid lipsticks look horrific on me. They become crusty and bleugh. But these!!! Changed my makeup game! They're so comfortable on the lips and they last forever. Very rarely have to reapply even on a night out on the town! I have weirdo, masochist, unicorn blood, androgyny, Sagittarius, Gemini, I'm royalty, dreamhouse, no tea no shade and designer blood. The colour range he has is superb and if my whole lipstick collection was just full of his colours then I would have every lipstick I could need for any occasion. Would recommend to anyone
4 chloe
got two of these leo and celebrity skin i love them they are so nice just one of them smells like really off/ chemicals, i still wear it but not alot because of it. but they are my fav liquid lipstick
4 Shannon
I was very pleased to receive my Liquid lipsticks in the shades crocodile tears and blue velvet. They're amazing! Long Wearing, Comfortable, pigmented and the colour selection is fantastic... I advise you to go out of your comfort zone when buying these lipsticks because you'll be surprised what suits you. My only problem was that Blue Velvet was a lot darker than I'd anticipated and was not bright as shown in the picture. It was also much more streaky than crocodile tears when I had heard that blue velvet was very pigmented online. Other than that I'm very happy
5 Becca
For the time being I have 5 liquid lipsticks; Leo, Crocodile tears, Sagittarius, unicorn blood and posh spice. Everyone of the lipsticks are amazing, the formula is great, there's not cracking or rubbing off, the only way these lipsticks will come of is with oily products or if you're eating oily food but apart from that they are perfect, not too drying and super matte, no doubt I will be buying more!
5 Olivia
Got Androgyny at long last! I love the colour and find it so beautiful. Also got designer blood and pussy whipped, I can't get enough of the formula and how well it lasts, I love that you can use it on your eyes as well. Pussy whipped makes a crazy eyeliner.
5 Kelsey
Ordered the shades 'Pussy Whipped' and 'Gemini' and I am so impressed! The pigmentation is amazing and they are so long lasting. So amazed by Pussy whipped as long lasting metallic lipsticks are so difficult to find and this is just amazing!! I am so happy
5 Francina
I bought Androgyny initially and completely fell in love with the colour and more importantly, the formula. It's not drying at all and is super pigmented! I've recently bought Unicorn Blood and it is equally amazing - so addicted to this formula it's unreal. I've tried so many liquid lipsticks and been majorly disappointed at their longevity (I'm looking at you Kat Von D), so glad to have finally found a brand worth the money! (& that also makes me feel like a sassy goth princess).
5 Kelly
Omg love jeffree star seriously! His liquid lip sticks don't stain and much better than the kylie liquid lip colour i have dream house and pumpkin pie will be ordering whipped and no tea no shade when i'm next paid and will be ordering his lip scrub! A*
4 Yazmin
I bought Androgyny as my first ever liquid lip for Jeffree Star and I really like it. The applicator is a little difficult to use at first because it's so different to ones I've used before, also I have very thin lips so it's a little awkward. The formula itself is amazing. It's so heavily pigmented but it doesn't feel like I have anything on my lips once it has dried down. I'm really enjoying it.
5 Tasha
they are amazing... the best liquid lipsticks by far!!! i have posh spice, unicorn blood, redrum, pumkin pie, flamethrower, abused and crocodile tears and they're all consistent in top quality! 100% recommended.
5 Diana
I bought pumpkin pie off beauty bay and i love the formula!!! It goes on so easily and lasts ages. It also doesnt feel heavy on the lips like other liquid lips do!! Xx
2 Paige
Sooo disappointed in the colour chrysanthemum. Had been so excited to try one of these liquid lips but this one was so patchy and no where near the amount of pigment I had hoped for. Gutted. Will be trying more colours though as I'm not giving up just yet!!!
5 Jasmine
I do love this product so much I bought 4! I don't think I would wear any other lipstick. Having said that it was fairly hard to get off. Apart from that really good.
5 Raluca
I got the shade Scorpio and it is beautiful, love the formula it's not really drying so comfortable to wear. Application is super easy would definitely buy more!
5 Megan Stewart
Love these liquid lipsticks have most of the Christmas collection and going to be buying more. Best formula I have ever tried
5 D
Ordered Pussy Whipped and it was here within 48 hrs. Amazing! Beautiful product. No-one beats Jeffree for liquid lipstick!
4 Anna
Beautiful product and I'd give it 5 stars but it does fade on the edges of the lips, still love this though!
5 Hannah
These liquid lipsticks are AMAZING! I have Scorpio, Androgyny, Flamethrower, Doll Parts, Pussy Whipped and No Tea No Shade and I want MORE! They dry nicely on your lips (but don't dry them out) and you don't need to use much for full coverage! I would 100% recommend!!
5 Grace
I received this in the shade Masochist today and even though I have only used it once I am in LOVE! I am quite pale but love bright lipstick and Masochist is beautiful!! The formula is so creamy and pigmented and the packaging is awesome! You do get a bit of transfer when you drink or eat (all my cutlery and cups are a nice raspberry shade now) but despite this, you still have lots of colour on your lips! I can't wait to get my next one!
5 Francisca
Just got Sagittarius in the mail box and im absolutely in love with it.. they are so worth buying! amazing colour and consistency. Cant wait to get them all :D
5 Anne
Best velour liquid lipstick EVER! Soft, easy to apply, pigmented etc I got my hands on NO TEA, NO SHADE...but CAN we talk about this crazy shade for a moment? I'm in love with it! Even obsessed! Best shade of Fall and Winter
5 Tasha
Brilliant liquid lipstick. Love the consistency and they way it feels on my lips. This lipstick last very long.
5 Sophie
THE BEST LIQUID LIPSTICK!!! Wow, I've never used a liquid lipstick as good as Jeffrees, the formula, the colours, the packaging..just everything. I can't recommend them enough. I have a couple of Kylie lip kits and they're so drying and I feel for a fuller looking lip like Kylie's herself..but dayum not with Jeffree's, if you are looking at getting a different liquid lip then look for the Jeffree alternative, they're just the best. Celebrity Skin is a must have, an easy everyday nude X
5 arlene
So far I have Posh Spice and Watermelon Soda and I am seriously in LOVE. These lipsticks are just amazing. I cant wait to add to my collection. Posh spice dries to be dark on myself with a slightly purple/mauve/brown tint, but when your make up is all done it looks gorgeous, no need for liner. Watermelon Soda, seems to dry and flake on me, but I love the colour so I make sure I scrub and put on lip balm before. Can not wait to increase my collection of these lipsticks xx
5 Annabel
Just got my first Jeffree star Liquid Lip. Androgyny is definitely a new favorite and goes with a lot of my make up styles
5 Catherine
I started off with Prom Night and then tried Jawbreaker and omgosh love them both! I want them all! So creamy and soft, dries to a matte and so pigmented. Isn't drying and doesnt show up all the lines on your lips
5 Sophia
I bought the shade celebrity and it's a lovely colour. You only need a little to apply it to all of your lips so you don't waste product. It's definitely worth the price.
5 Marta
Hello, I will like to say that this lipsticks are the best in the market. I'm so glad of having them. They are perfect!
5 Rubee
Best liquid lipstick ever bought! I've wasted money on others that are terrible just don't bother these are great. Amazing colour range, feels light weight and doesn't dry out my lips. Lasts pretty well on my lips when eating. Currently breaking the bank from buying every colour I can when I get payed.
5 Shannon
I love these lipsticks! Super long lasting and they don't dry out my lips like other liquid to matte lipsticks. I usually buy from Jeffree star's website, but I couldn't bare to pay custom fees any more. So it was lovely to find beauty bay, they delivered super quick. It arrived within two days of ordering and delivery was FREE!
5 Nicole
So happy with these babies! Such pretty packaging, lovely shades, long lasting and fast delivery. One of my fave liquid lipsticks and they are vegan/cruelty free! :) Thank you beauty bay x
5 Carla
Best colours, long lasting velvet feel! Gives Nyx and Kylie lip kit a run for their money !
5 Leah
Out off all the liquid lipsticks I have ever tried, nothing will ever compare, so light on the lips feels like I'm not wearing anything but there is 100% pigment and coverage! And long lasting! In love with Jefferee Star everythang
5 Keavagh
Androgyny: amazing colour! I am very pale in completion and it comes off nearly brown on me, love it. Lasts all day
5 Nicole
Never ever ever write reviews and never really believe some people that do but OMG?? Ordered this last night at 7pm and came the next day at 5pm, real product cheaper and easier delivery and colour is so stunning defo recommend this, hope this helps to anyone who was wondering x
5 Phoebe
I've got celebrity skin and it is amazing, the smell is so nice, such a gorgeous colour and completely real!! I am already ordering loads more as they are so good. Definitely would recommend.
5 Chloe
Bought masochist, it came in two days which I'm very happy about. Fast delivery. Put the product on and I'm used to nyx matte lip sticks which I have to apply a few times for a good coverage, put the Jeffree lipstick on and I had to wipe some off because it was so pigmented so one dip covers so well. I'm very pleased with this product. Heard bad things about the postage but was very happy. No damage, was very fast. Will definitely be ordering from here again!
5 Natalie c
I have just received my liquid lipstick!! I love am so happy and love it so much! Been waiting years to get one and now I have!!!
5 Camilla
The best liquid lip formula on the market. Very pigmented and it applies evenly. It doesn't feel very dry on the lips and it lasts all day! You can also re-apply some throughout the day and it still looks good!
5 Eve Tollett
Absolutely amazing product. Beautiful colour and really easy to apply. Long lasting and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry. However, does come off after eating. Overall love this product!
5 Leah
I've got celebrity skin, androgyny, virginity and posh spice so far and I love them! So pigmented, last all day and don't flake. Only thing is the smell, kind of smells like menthol which isn't very nice but it does go away once you apply the product so I don't mind. Definitely want to order more.
5 Alex
Such a good liquid matte lipstick!!!! I got the shade posh spice so easy to apply and very opaque! So in love, I want to buy more! There is a weird smell but its not chemical and its not a very strong smell in my opinion.
5 AlanaDeadly
Hands-down the best liquid lip on the market! Not drying in the slightest, they feel beautiful on the lips and the colours are to die for! I was in love with the Kylie lip kits UNTIL I tried these-now I wont be looking back :D I could kiss (not make-out, as the package specified lol) Jeffree for these lil wonders-I will most definitely be purchasing a lot more of these!!!
5 Cazzy
I have 3 of these, mannequin, rose matter and watermelon soda. I love them all. I have a million matte lipsticks and these are far superior. They don't dry your lips out and they last all day. They smell so good! Best ones I own.
5 Camila
I am a black lipstick lover and I have lots of different brand of it but Weirdo is, by far, the best one. I was desperate because I finished mine and now I bought two and it arrived two days later in a cute package.
5 Jen
I have gone through so many brands of liquid lipstick and my search for the perfect one has come to an end. I've found other lipsticks to feel heavy on my lips, come off slowly in bits and make my lips feel stale and dry. But this one is AMAZING! Not even a Five Guys can take the colour off. I'll be buying one in every shade.
5 Grace
I absolutely love Jeffree Star, but never had the chance to get his products because of the shipping tax, I was so excited to see his brand on beauty bay would 100% recommend these, they're one of the nicest liquid lipsticks I've tried.
5 Kat
These liquid lipsticks are my all time favorite! I have 12 already and still want to get more… It's not drying at all and simply do not budge/transfer. I would highly recommend, but be careful… You might get as obsessed as I am.
5 Mija
The liquid lip lasts all day. If I ever need to reapply because of something a little goes a long way! The Celebrity Skin one is perfect for when I go to work and when i went as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween and wore Unicorn Blood I got so many different complements on how well it stayed on! I recommend Jeffree's products whenever someone talks about getting a new Lipstick. I have spent a lot of money on his products but it is totally worth every penny! xox
5 Beth
This is the only liquid lipstick I feel comfortable wearing, its so long lasting. I wear them every single day!
5 Sarah
I love jeffree stars lipsticks so much I have an addiction, I prefer his liquid lipsticks over all others and I almost have them all.
5 Charlotte
Fave lipstick ever
5 Sophie
I hated a matte lip for years I've been a gloss girl, but I've been converted. I have a few colours and want to get a few more, wouldn't be without this item in my bag!
5 Marta
I bought Watermelon Soda and I'm in love. But I advise you, the color is very bright and rich. It feels so soft on the lips! I really recommend it!
5 Lexy
BEST LIQUID LIPSTICKS EVER! I've purchased two and will definitely be buying more. The formula is amazing; comfortable, long lasting and very pigmented. 10/10.
4 Rebecca
I currently have three shades of this liquid lipstick. The first one I got was the coveted Celebrity Skin. It is a very dark nude and I think it would look gorgeous on deeper skin tones, but to my fair girls out there: it is not exactly nude. Hence why I ordered Mannequin. While this looked like it would be one shade lighter, it is actually fairly similar to Celebrity Skin. Yes, it is a shade lighter, but the color is exactly the same. So I wouldn't recommend getting both - they are very similar. Last but not least we have Rose Matter, a gorgeous and very wearable pink. They do have an odd smell, so be aware of that! I don't know what it smells like, but it's very strange and very strong. The liquid lipsticks have a nice consistency and are not drying on the lips. However! Be aware of the fact that these liquid lipsticks do transfer! Even when they are dried, you can expect them to transfer when you drink something (or kiss someone). That's the only downfall for me.
5 JoseMay
I cannot recommend these enough! Jeffree has pulled a blinder with these liquid lipsticks. They are all gorgeous colours (have bought nearly all of them!!) and are very comfortable. They glide on smooth and set to a perfectly matte finish that dose not dry out or smudge off. Long lasting and just wonderful. The only liquid lips for me! Personal fave colours are dirty money, celebskin and leo. Weirdo (black) is a really really good black! They also all blend very well, with each other or different lipsticks. Can also use for eyeliner. Basically they are just an all round great product, true to name and description. Don't hesitate to buy them, you will not be disappointed!
5 Carly
Truly the best Matte Liquid Lip EVER! Dries up beautifully also perfect for a night out. Colour will not budge and is 100% longlasting. Go ahead and purchase these Liquids Lipsticks as you will NOT be disappointed at all! - That's a promise.
5 Ellen Conroy
I bought celebrity skin and I am very impressed it has create pigmentation and is very comfortable and has a light weight formula, I do tend to have re-apply every 4 or so hours but except from that the product is amazing.
5 Addison
I have Virginity and Blow Pony and both of them are superb! Long lasting, great for creating a dramatic look, quick to dry but not super-drying on the lips or staining (which I have found with other brands). Blow Pony seems to transfer a little bit more when drinking than Virginity, but the staying power and colour depth is miles ahead of anything else I've tried as a matte lip.
5 luce
I brought Celebrity Skin and I am super impressed with the product. It dries within minutes and dries completely matte. The tube was not half full like some other liquid lipsticks I have brought. I love the smell of it but that does go once it is on the lips if anyone is worried. They are very comfortable to wear due to the thin formula and they last a very long time without reapplying. Overall great product and I would recommend them to anyone.
5 Amy layton
I bought androgyny and was so pleased with it. Such an amazing formula and will be buying more in the near future love jeffree star and his makeup line. Such amazing products xx
5 Charlotte
My all time favourite liquid lipsticks!!! Didn't realise how good these were until i started to branch off into other brands and realised NONE compare. Extremely pigmented, don't dry out your lips and I wore Mannequin on my prom day and it lasted all night from 7pm-4am! Love love love!
5 Xianzhe
I bought watermelon soda, beautiful color, full coverage with really little product. (the first time I used it it did not dry completely and the second time I use less product and it dried completely matte and beautiful.)
5 carolina
I bought 714 and posh spice, the 714 is very strikey! i did not like it .. the posh spice is awesome and dries completely matte! loved it
4 Alex Cutts
I bought both watermelon soda and androgyny. Watermelon soda: Had a really nice smell like watermelon sweets, comfortable to wear (not drying like other liquid lipsticks I've tried) and a non-transferable matte finish. But was a little streaky when first applied (unnoticeable after it had dried) and the applicator is very fluffy making it comfortable to use but hard to get a precise edge. Androgyny: Lasted all day, comfortable to wear (again not drying), didn't transfer and applied smoothly with no streaks. However it has a horrible smell (goes away once applied) and again the fluffy applicator made it hard to get a sharp edge. Overall love them both and would definitely buy more!
5 Lina
I've been in love with JSC since I first tried them about a year ago, but ordering stuff from the States was such a hassle with customs and all. It makes me so immensely happy that I won't have to go through all of that now, but please Beauty Bay we need more shades and products (especially skin frost!) ! Jeffree Star's lipsticks are the only liquid lip that I trust to stay where I apply them and have such great coverage! The summer shades wands are a bit better, since they are not as fuzzy as the ones of the regular line but even so, I wouldn't change my Unicorn blood and Androgyny for the world! I so totally recommend them to anyone who likes having their makeup on point during the entire day!
5 melissa
my favourite liquid lip formula please stock all the colours this pigment is amazing 100% in love
5 sophie
I received Androgyny today and i am in love! the formula is amazing! easy to apply! would one hundred percent recommend
5 Charlotte
Purchased Androgony and i'm obsessed with the colour. The applicator is 'fuzzier' than most liquid lipsticks but i didn't have a problem applying and over-lining my lips with it. With regards to some people finding it not completely drying down, try scraping some product of the applicator before applying. That worked for me.. just too much product! The finish of this lipstick is why i love it so much. Doesn't settle in the fine lines of your lips and makes them look flawless. The texture is creamy and easy to work with. A very photogenic lipstick. Patiently waiting for some more colours!
5 emily-jayne
Best liquid matte formula ever! amazing pigmentation and dries like a dream. loooove it!
5 Chloe
Such a good liquid lipstick, so comfortable and lightweight on the lips. It's so pigmented and the application is so easy, I would definitely recommend these liquid lipsticks, I just wish beauty bay would stock his highlighters!
5 Elisabetta
Jeffree Star velour liquid at first sight!!!
4 Susanna
I bought Watermelon Soda and I love it: it's really pigmented, moisturizing and soft on the lips. You can actually wear it all day long and forget about it: drink, eat, kiss - whatever, it resists everything. I recommend it! I really hope BB will come out with more coloirs soon because I love this brand.
4 Gemma
I have androgyny and celebrity skin. I'm pale with naturally pigmented lips and so androgyny dries down to a darker purple that the swatches - Very comfortable and feels soft of the lips. I have noticed that not all colours perform the same celeb skin seems to dry into the lines of you lips and make them very noticeable. Still very comfortable and smells amazing. One of my top 3 best Liquid formulas. Much more comfortable than colour pop, KVD or BH cosmetics in my experience.
5 Millie
Best liquid lipstick formula, stays on for the whole of a night out, I ate a bowl of ramen and this stayed entirely flawless (amazing)
5 Jessica Evans
Please get all the Jeffree Star colours in stock I already have celebrity skin but would like to get Gemini and Leo.
4 C
New user of this brand, but heard it was the best on the market so had to try it out, have Androgyny, Unicorn blood and Watermelon soda so far, but I want to get Redrum too. So please restock soon and get all of the colours. We need them. I recommend them, and if you have problems with the doe foot applicator, use a lipliner first.
5 Laura
Love this range and so happy that beauty bay now stock Favourite liquid lip formula . Amazing ranking of nudes and the pigmentation on the coloured ones are superb. Can't wait to see what other colours you stock !
5 Susana
I love this product, the formulation is very good, is easy to apply, durable and non-drying, it is very easy to carry on the lips, the tone I love androgyny
4 Ágnes
Just received Androgyny today and something I noticed straight after the first application that it somehow doesn't fully dry down on me and transfers a bit when I test it on the back of my hand. I let it dry for about 5 minutes, and it still smudges around the lines a bit which is not a big issue, I just hoped it wouldn't do that. Lovely color though and thanks for the quick delivery!
5 Jessica Jones
I'm in love with Jeffree star and this product is so worth the money. Best matte lip product and stays put well. The packaging feels and looks great too
5 Grace
Came quickly in beautiful packaging! Formula is always non-drying, smooth and extremely pigmented! I got androgyny, and it does meet the hype around it. It lasts extremely well, of course it will rub off with oily foods or excessive/heavy eating. Dries matte, gorgeous for all skin colours (:
5 Megan
Ordered Posh spice couple of days ago and omg!!!! I have fallen in love within 1 day.... Its such a gorgeous colour and I defo recommend it 100% to anyone who likes nudes,brown lipsticks! Also feels lovely on the lips,very light and not heavy on the lips! 100% love it, thanks beauty bay.
5 Melissa
Huge fan of this line. Jeffree Star knows what's up with lip products, it's not a secret. For the quality and staying power of this lip color, you get what you pay for and more, goes on super-saturated, creamy-smooth, and dries matte and completely smudge proof. My only complaint is the doe foot applicator, it is a little 'fuzzier' than others I have used, so crisp lines can sometimes take some time if you don't have super defined lips. Still not really a huge issue overall though and I'm sure it doesn't affect everyone. So far, this line remains my favorite lip line yet. So far I have these in colors: Unicorn Blood, Scorpio, Androgyny. All are incredible. We need more colors Beauty Bay! :-)
5 Natalie
I love it! I've wanted these liquid lipsticks for so long and they did not disappoint. I got the shades Angrogyny and Watermelon Soda and they apply like a dream, not streaky and very pigmented and they feel very light on the lips. I received my order in 6 days with no problems and I could not be happier, thank you Beauty Bay!
5 sophie
I bought celebrity skin and androgyny and preach the smell isn't as strong as the MAC but its faintly there its matte however doesn't suck your soul from your lips. both beautiful colours both amazing stay wear no bleeding super light weight occasionally forget i'm wearing it
5 B
I have 15 from his velour range and use every single one! So pigmented and the formulas are amazing, Jeffree without a doubt has the best liquid lipsticks so if you're unsure i would defo get one and you'll fall in love!
5 Sophie
Thank you so much! I ordered posh spice on Friday and it's here already (Sunday) in UK. The colour is beautiful and pigmented. Definitely would buy again.
5 Geri
This is my absolute favourite lipstick. I remember receiving the email notifying me that they are finally in the UK and I was so happy because I was never willing to pay the expensive delivery. I only purchased one colour just because I knew this was the one I would get he most use out of and it was Celebrity Star which is absolutely stunning!! Unfortunately now it is out of stock but I recommend it 100% that you should get it once it arrives back. They are really not drying in the lips and it feels like you aren't even wearing anything when you have them on. The smell is quite strong so if you don't like smells then it might not the one for you (although the liquid lipstick is that good that I don't even notice it).
5 Steph
Omg these little beauties are amazing I got dirty money, posh spice and virginity and they all are just perfect definitely worth the pennies ay
5 Kry
I fell in love with Dominatrix.
5 Emma
I just got Dirty Money and it is fantastic. Not only is the colour pigment great, but it lasts really well throughout the day (sadly it couldn't handle a very spicy sandwich at lunch but that is to be expected from any lipstick!) The best part might be the applicator because not only is it a doe foot but it actually picks up product in a slight scoop so it makes it really easy to apply to the lip and not have to keep re-dipping for more.
5 Ellen
I received 714 and watermelon soda as a birthday present and I just can't cope these are the best lipsticks ever!! So pretty on the colour is amazing and feels amazing on thank god for beauty bay cause I LOVE JEFFREE STAR
5 Julian
I bought the shade watermelon soda and I love the colour it's really beautiful on my skin tone . I would really like to know when will you guys come out with the new additional shades . Like 'leo' ...etc
5 lish
I got this lipstick In androgyny and honestly is probably the best liquid lipstick I've ever purchased. The formula is amazing it doesn't dry my lips out in the slightest and doesn't always feel as though you have anything on your lips(obviously you know you do) would definitely recommend this if you are looking for matte lipstick that isn't completely drying to the lips! Amazing
5 Simone
I brought Jawbreaker and Celebrity Skin. I love them both, highly pigmented and lasts ages. Glad they are finally on a UK site, instead of shipping them from the States. Please get in Breakfast At Tiffanys and the Skin Frosts!
5 Henrik
Bought Virginity and Unicorn Blood. Both are amazing! I can't recommend this brand enough.
5 Aiesha
Great Liquid lipstick. Relatively thin formula, but not patchy or streaky. Super pigmented. I purchased Unicorn Blood which is a gorgeous brown red colour, which smells vaguely like root beer. Beautiful packaging. Takes a little while to dry down, but when it does it dries down matte. Easy application with the doe foot applicator. No colour bleeding around the lips. And lasts so long!
5 uzma
I purchased Androgyny. Just like the picture! Love this color. I personally recommend this color to light skin tone.
5 Rachel
I got Watermelon Soda and it's amazing! I remember hearing that you need to put the summer shades in the freezer for about 20 minutes before you apply it the first time, so that it isn't streaky. I forgot this and applied it and it was a bit streaky, but then put it in the freezer, re-applied and it was a lot better! Very pigmented, great coverage, gorgeous colour! Smells amazing too! I've wanted J's liquid lips for a while now so i'm so glad they're being stocked for the UK! Please bring the rest of the shades out Beauty Bay!!!! I NEED Unicorn Blood, Redrum, Anna Nicole!! If you're in two-minds about purchasing; don't be, just buy them!!
5 Hannah
I bought watermelon soda liquid lipstick and its amazing!!! The colour is beautiful and the formula is amazing! Really thin and lightweight but beautifully pigmented.
5 Shannon
Lipstick was sooo worth the money! I've been wanting a jefree star lipstick for so long but wasn't willing to pay the delivery from America so I';m super happy beauty bay not stocks a few!! Definitely recommend to anyone.
5 Rebecca
I got Jawbreaker and OH. MY. LIFE. THE PIGMENTATION IS EVERYTHING! I don't usually go too out there with my makeup but you can bet that my lips are gonna be bright blue until I run out of this holy grail x
5 Abbie Douglas
The product itself is incredible, I have had 2 and both are very very similar formulas and are amazing , I want all them !!! The only downfall was that my package was damaged when it arrived and I didn't get my product but I contacted beauty bay and they sent me one straight back out!
5 Ruby
5 Sarah
Love Jeffree Star. First purchase was redrum and second was androgyny. Always get compliments when wearing his lipstick!
5 Jess
Just overall amazing Not drying on the lips and colour pay off is amazing
5 Evie
I bought Posh Spice, was hoping to get Domantrix but was too slow; disappointed about that but the product I bought is phenomenal. So in love with it; the colour pay off and formula is just amazing!!!
5 issy
Bought androgyny and I'm in love, super fast delivery, the shape of the applicator makes over lining and overall applying so easy plus they're super pigmented
5 carrie
I got androgyny, its darker than what i expected but I'm in love.. they are long lasting, they don't transfer.. i received it in 3 days!
5 alisha
I purchased the shade posh spice, and although the lipstick smells very chemically it is an amazing lipstick. it goes on really smoothly and lasts so long, the packaging is beaut and classy and you get a decent amount of product in the bottle. they colour is more grey nude than brown nude which is disappointing but still a really nice colour that i can mix with other, thanks jeffree :)
4 Jan
Love jeffree star!! X
5 charlotte
I absolutely love these liquid lipsticks, the formula is so thin but the pigmentation is amazing! would most definitely recommend and they're worth the money. I bought celebrity skin and i love it
5 Jade
Best liquid lipsticks EVER, even better than Kat Von D. The Summer shades, mainly 714 (yellow packaging) formulas are streaky and thin when first tried (which is due to weather conditions). You just need to put them in the fridge for 30 minutes and let them get back to room temperature then the formula is a lot better. (Jeffree offered this tip himself). I have Queen Supreme, Doll Parts, 714, Virginity, I'm Nude and another on the way.
4 Danielle
I purchased unicorn blood... love it.. the brush/applicator is a bit disappointing though!
5 Katie
I got Androgyny and its perfect. Full coverage and smell not too intense. Thank you Jeffree for this amazing makeup.
5 Jade
Jeffree Star liquid lips are probably the best on the market.. lets be honest.
5 Tom Easto
I bought blow pony and celebrity skin. Both are beautiful colours. The smell and texture is very good also and the formula is long wearing and full coverage. Would recommend
4 SR
Bought the shade Celebrity skin and it's such a beautiful nude with a pink undertone, i'm around an NC30/35 and it's such a flattering shade on my skin tone! I think it would suit a wide array of skin tones and is definitely worth buying. It goes on really thin and opaque, the only downfall is it take a while to dry but when it is dry it has a good staying power.
5 Lucia
I have 9 of Jeffree's liquid lips, his highlighter and the beauty killer palette and every single one of his products are high quality! All of the liquid lips are longwear and I love the range of colours he has. I highly recommend this brand as it has never failed me.
5 Valeria
I really love this lipsticks, the best that i bought until now. I have lot of shades and each of this is amazing and comfortable.
5 Georgia
OHMYLAWDOHMIGHTY Jeffree to put it in his words 'SLAYED' the matte lipstick game. Their is not a single lipstick like this on the market and is worth every single penny, grab them whilst you can girlies/guys you will not be disappointed
5 Bella Karim
Just received my Androgyny Lipstick, absolutely beautiful colour. The down side it's got a strong chemical smell, I'm not sure if that is how it's supposed to smell, or whether I got a bad batch, I'm disappointed , read reviews on how amazing it was, apart from that beauty bays service is excellent! Will definitely buy from this site again.
5 Megan
I purchased blow pony and I use it pretty much every day even if it is under a lipstick! Would definitely recommend 1000%
5 Jada
Absolutely love!! Shade Androgyny is beautiful
5 Samantha
So happy beautybay have got Jeffree star in, I love his brand and spend a fortune on getting things shipped. Order androgyny and celebrity skin and I love them! The best matte lipstick I own! Hopefully beautybay get the skin frosts in and I'll be a happy girl!
5 Rachel
I bought Unicorn Blood and Virginity and can say that they are probably the best liquid lipsticks i have EVER bought. I always use a lipliner with any lip product, but with these the wand is that perfect they glide on like a dream with no bleeding on the outside of the mouth. I am obsessed and will be buying more.
5 Emely
Androgyny is an investment, lasted me all day and through eating 3 meals and a date, colour and formula are amazing. Bought virginity and it miraculously does not make your teeth yellow, so happy
5 Joel
These lipsticks are insanely pigmented and creamy! They dry down matte but do not make your lips feel dry in my experience! If you've ordered either: 714, Virginity, Queen Bee, Nude Beach or Watermelon Soda I'd reccomend that you put them in the fridge for 20 minutes before use!! x
5 Gemma
Absolute favourite liquid lipstick formula out there. I have 14 of them so far and so glad they are now easily available from here for UK fans. Not so keen on the Summer Collection shades though as they are a little streaky and hard to work with but once you get them even they are still beautiful.
5 rhiannon
Bought Celebrity Skin and its the most amazing nude colour, definitely the best matte liquid lip i've ever bought!
5 Alix
I really love these lipsticks so much! Great coverage and very long lasting. Have 5 shades so far and waiting for my 6th to be delivered. Can't wait to see what else beauty bay brings out from his line!
5 Serenity
So glad we now have a new UK company selling these. These lipsticks are INSANE! I can't recommend them enough!
5 Becky
These do have a bit of a love/hate scent, but they apply like a dream (the applicator is amazing!) and are super pigmented. I got Unicorn Blood and it is beauuuutiful-a perfect autumn shade!
5 Demi
Worth the money! Very pigmented and the formula is so creamy and easy to apply!
5 Sash
5 Charlotte
I ordered two of these and wow what can I say the formula is amazing so light weight and non drying (as liquid lipsticks go) the only down side is the smell, I'm not a huge fan of the way they smell. But over all an amazing liquid lipstick.
5 Kathy
Purchased androgyny. Beautiful colour that would suit everyone. The formula is amazing and do not dry your lips as some matt lipsticks do. Would highly recommend!!
4 Naz
I got the shade Androgyny and it is very nice, however comes off a little bit darker than what it looks like in the bottle (it looks more purple on me). I really love the applicator, the foot is sort of L shaped allowing it to hug your lips nicely.
5 christina
Bought nude beach then androgyny and virginity, they glide on like a dream and look great on, trying to resist buying more colours just now.
5 Demetria
The best liquid lipstick! It's not patchy or stricky and I loveee the colors and the pigmentation! Jeffree slays 'em all
5 grace
I bought Dirty Money, Dominatrix, Androgyny & Nude Beach. Wish I could buy them all. Jeffree stars are my favourite liquid lipsticks out there. They're amazing. Xxxx
5 Emma
Bought Androgyny as been wanting it for ages. I have a five shades and this is now my fave. I can't wait to try them all!!!!!
5 Amy
I own 12 Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks and I cannot recommend them more highly. Beautiful pigmentation, easy application, stunning selection of shades, long wearing (they stay on literally all day as long as you avoid oily food), not super drying and a lot of product for the money you pay. They will always be my no.1 favourite liquid lipsticks, nothing will ever compare. If you're contemplating purchasing a shade, do it!!! Don't wait any longer.
5 Ashleigh
Bought Androgony and it is amazing! So creamy and pigmented
5 Tee
Just got androgyny it's so gorgeous, was worried it would be a bit too dark but it's perfect! So creamy and drys amazing, also so pigmented, no need for double dipping! definitely worth the money, I now want to buy more! Would be amazing if Beauty bay stocked more of the naturals and nudes!!:D
5 Anoushka
Omg obsessed!! I ordered watermelon soda which smells of watermelon! Incredible. Posh spice, androgyny and domintatrix. Best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried! Dominatrix will take some guts to wear out as so dark. I also tried mixing dominatrix and then posh spice which makes an incredible colour. Well done beauty bay for getting jeffree Starr to the U.K. as wanted this for ages but didn't want to pay the high shipping from the USA. Please get more of his liquid lipstick colours as there are so many in his range that I want and also please get his skin frost range in too! I need more in my life. #firstworldproblems
5 Gemma-louise
Love these lipsticks! Deffo need more shades tho
5 Emma
Just bought my 8th and 9th JS liquid lipstick. His products are infallible. For those slightly more streaky ones like 714, they dry down completely different. My advice would be to tap it even with your finger when it is semi-dry. Last all day unless you eat something oily. Would definitely recommend. As for beauty bay, the products did not arrive the next day (I ordered it at 3:30 and it came up with next day delivery) but I did not need it that day luckily. Arrived at around 2pm the next working day. Packaged well.
5 Anna
Thrilled not only with the quality of the product but the excellent service from Beauty Bay. I already had purchased Watermelon Soda which is a stunning colour, but when the email dropped that the range had been extended, I knew Androgyny was my next buy. The consistency to start is so much more creamy than I expected, it gives you time to correct and ensure the coverage is full before it dries down. With Androgyny especially I barely needed a full dip to cover my lips, the doe foot being curved is just amazing as well and really hugs my lips. I'm in love with the colours, formulas and the doe foot, all together they make an incredible product. Didn't even mention how long wearing they are - survived breakfast, lunch, a little top up after dinner and still looked stunning. If you are on the fence I can't recommend these enough, easily my favourite liquid lipstick brand out there, you can't go wrong.
5 Tasha
I have tried many liquid lipsticks and so far this formula is my favourite. Its feels so smooth on my lips and not drying at all. I really recommend these to everyone else. I only had to dip in once, it was so easy to apply and i love the applicator. I purchased the shade Androgyny, Its soo beautiful and mid mauve. So stunning! I cant wait for more shades to come to beauty bay, I'm dying for mannequin and drug lord! :3 X
5 Myriah
Purchased Androgyny and I'm seriously impressed. The coverage was amazing, also the colour and how long the product stayed on for. Definitely buying more from this make up brand.
5 Chelcie
I bought blow pony and I absolutely ove the shade! I tried it on as soon as it arrived and I love the formula and it feels like there's nothing there when you apply it!
5 Megan
I bought Celebrity Skin and although I love the colour I don't think it goes great with my skin (pale with pink undertones) another thing to note is if you don't like liquorice you aren't going to like the smell very much, it's slightly off putting but does dissappear when dry. 100% can't fault the formula or wear time though, applies and lasts so well!
5 Sørine
Jeffree knows how to make top quality makeup for sure. He ain't lying when he says this is the best formula out there!
5 Rach
Love love LOVE Jeffree Star lipsticks. Long lasting, great formula and smell amaaaazing. Plus colours like Androgyny, Posh Spice and Celebrity Skin! Hot! All day, every day recommend. Beauty Bay are quick, efficient and have a great customer service response, great site
5 Isabelle Gilbert
Cannot recommend Jeffree's lipsticks enough!! I own 33 of them and they are all fantastic formulas, not drying on the lips at all. The colours are so unique and different and I've gotten so many compliments on them. The doe foot applicator makes it so easy to apply so they are perfect for beginners too! Can't recommend them enough, everyone needs one in their makeup bag!
5 Dionne
Purchased the colour androgyny and I am not disappointed, the colour is a really beautiful dark pink toned mauve. The formula is super thin and goes on like a dream, unlike most liquid lipsticks I have tried in the past. Would definitely recommend!
5 Yasmin
Definitely the best formula I've ever tried. I got the colours Dirty Money, Celebrity Skin and Dominatrix. I've got warm ivory skin tone so these colours worked perfectly for me. They dry nicely that they stay on all day but don't make your lips feel crusty and dead. Highly addictive brand, I'm all ready looking at the next colours to buy. Highly recommend.
5 Sanam
I cannot explain how wonderful these lipsticks are, there soo comfortable on the lips and extremely pigmented, Jefree nailed it with the formula and the colours oh my god Unicorn Blood is to die for it is one of the best reds out there and the rest of his colours are amazing . Don't hesitate to buy these products you won't regret it!!
5 Menna brolin
I've been following Jeffree star on YouTube for ages and have been craving to try his products. I ordered watermelon soda and omg, I've never used a liquid lipstick like this. I feels like nothing is on the lips and the colour is so pigmented. I am in love and want to buy the whole range. Would highly recommend this product.
5 Kez
I love these lipsticks, I've ordered from the jeffree star website and it's a lot more expensive and delivery time is so much longer. I recommend buying these products only unhappy with about 2 shades (714 and nude beach) as they were very streaky and unwearable for me but all other shades I've tried have worked!!!
4 Jasmine
The Androgyny shade is gorgeous. Pigmented and easy to apply - however they feel more drying than some of the other liquid lipsticks I own and tend to fade more easily.
4 Sara
These are really long wearing. I got the androgony one, and it did have a chemical smell, and I was actually really surprised about how liquidy it was. But beside that, the product is really nice.
5 Louise
Androgyny is an amazing colour! I'm obsessed! Can't wait to stock up my collection.
5 Claire
Lovely lovely lipsticks. Such good colour pay off. Note to people saying they are streaky. As Jeffree says put them in the fridge for 5-10 mins and then give them a good shake and it should sort out the streakyness. They've just settled a bit in transit.
5 Elisabeth
Best Liquid lip on the market. When it comes to the shades: Watermelon soda, virginity, queen bee and nude beach, theyre not the normal formula. So if you didnt like those, it's because the formula is totally different to the normal liquid lips. I HIGHLY recommend you try the other shades :D
5 Erin
I purchased Virginity and 714 from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website and I am in love! The colours are amazing, but if you buy 714 or Drug Lord, it will be slightly streaky because it's difficult to get a formula that's so light in colour without it being streaky. But overall, one of my favourite liquid lipsticks ever!
5 Sarah Price
I am so in love with the liquid lipsticks! They're so so so amazing!!!
5 Hannah
Perfect formula and great shade range! I bought the shade Watermelon Soda a few weeks back and was so impressed I needed another so just purchased Celebrity Skin. Best liquid lip I've tried, doesn't totally dry out your lips - would 100% recommend.
5 Saima
I have ordered celebrity skin I love Jeffree star liquid lipstick I need Gemini liquid lipstick in my collection
5 Isobel
Best liquid lips on the market hands down, don't crack off or dry your lips out. Last all day and dry perfectly matte, opaque and great price point.
5 Jessica
Please get the rest of the shades!! Pretty Please !!
5 Louise
I have the Summer Collection and Scorpio in the liquid lip and just got the Beauty Killer palette . So delighted Jeffree has come to Beauty Bay. This brand is everything you hope for. Great quality, tons of pigment and very comfortable liquid to matte lipstick. Can't recommend enough.
5 Emily
So amazing love the colour androgny (however you spell it aha ) amazing
5 Louise
These are the best liquid lipsticks I've tried! The pigmentation is amazing, they dry completely matte and stay on the lips for ages.
5 Sarah
Absolutely love J* liquid lips!
5 Rohanna
I'm so looking forward to getting these liquid lipsticks! everyone should give this company a try due to the substantial amount of recognition on social media. I cant wait to try these lipsticks out!!!
5 Sophie
The best liquid lipstick I've ever used, last all day and don't dry your lips out as I've found with most other liquid lipsticks I've tried. Really can't recommend them enough, amazing value for money!
5 Sarah
I have multiple of his shades, they're easily my favorite liquid lipsticks. Most of the formulas are consistent. Some are different, though when I bought them, it was when they were first released so I don't know if some of the formulas have been fixed. Such as (714) for example, that was the most streaky and possibly the worst out of all of them but I'm not sure about the re release. They're generally all opaque, quick drying, and light weight. I always recommend these lipsticks, and I am always asked about what lipsticks I'm wearing when I do wear them. I've gotten many of my friends on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics train. I can't wait for more shades to be released.
5 Hayley
So glad to finally have a uk stocklist for Jeffree Star cosmetics. These lipsticks are the best liquid formula out there!
5 Rachel
I bought Watermelon soda, 714 and Virginity a while ago and they're so pigmented!! The only problem one is 714 because its streaky however jeffree did state this in a youtube video on his products. I've just ordered androgyny and celebrity skin, i cant wait to try them out!
5 Chad
I bought Watermelon Soda and Oh.My.Gosh! STUN-ING! The applicator is perfect to make your lips look full and scrumptious, then the lipstick itself is perfect! It applies so nicely you hardly feel it on your lips and dries down so quickly. It lasts a year as well, right after applying the lipstick I treated myself to a take-out that of course is going to be oily and the lipstick didn't even move. Highly Recommended.
5 Alexis
I'm obsessed with Jeffree Star as a person, and his cosmetics have never disappointed me yet!
5 Lauren
I've been waiting for these to be available in the UK for so long and I was not disappointed. I bought Watermelon Soda and I'm in love. The colour is incredible, the coverage is great unlike Nyx which takes several coats and it lasts forever. I've had loads of compliments too. Would definitely recommend and buy other colours!
5 Lauren
There a reason they sell out so fast, they are amazing. THE best matt liquid lip money can buy. All Jeffree Star products are 11/10.
5 kelly
Bought Watermelon Soda and Virginity. Both lovely colours and they smell amazing! JS lipsticks are well worth the money!!!
3 Jess
It is a lot brighter than expected I got shade 714 it was streaky and sticky but overall nice shade and quick delivery
5 Sophie Higgins
I cannot recommend Jeffree's liquid lipsticks enough they're the best liquid lipsticks on the market, the formula is so thin yet the pigmentation is incredible, I love Jeffree so so much him Manny and Nikki are my Faves and if you ever have the opportunity to get a Jeffree star liquid lipstick DO IT! they're the best and Jeffree nailed it!
5 Sam
I purchased Blowpony after having been wanting this colour forever and it's gorgeous! the colour is insane and I';m in love with it! X

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