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Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

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Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer Zoom
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5 Anja
It has a very buttery formula, the pigmentation is insanely high! I sometimes mix it with my foundation or just use it on it's own. I recommend that first you blend it with a finger and then go over with a beautyblender!
5 Amber Oakes
Great spot/ scar concealer with really good coverage for oily skin. Don't recommend for under eyes as it is so thick and would crease.
1 Nicole
For the price I am annoyed! It completely seperared on my dry skin and it was also far too oily, it had an awful plastic smell too
5 Tamara
I purchased the shade sx3 and I am fair, this shade was probably a little too grey based for my skin tone. but that does not stop me wearing it because the coverage is INSANE !
5 Mayte
i really love that concealer it's amazing
5 Dovile
Amaaaazing! I used it as a concealer, it's perfect for those who suffer from dark under eyes!
4 Mary
I am using SX05 for my neutral skin tone. Very light in texture as I use a little and build it up a bit more on my dark eye circles. A little at a time otherwise it will be cakey and have to keep blending with the beauty blender. Very natural in coverage.
5 Sara
Amazing product. Can be used as whatever you want it to be. A foundation, concealer, contouring product etc. I bought this product for the first time around two years ago and I refuse to use anything else as a foundation. The product is so pigmented and only minimal application is needed in order to achieve a full coverage foundation look. It lasts so long aswell, on the face during the day alongside the whole product in general lasting over 6 months. It is a little pricey but it's worth it compared to what you get with other foundations high end and drugstore. Overall well worth the money.
5 Anjuma
Cannot go wrong with this, absolutely amazing!
5 Isatu
I absolutely love this concealer!! At first I was hesitant to buy this because of the price, but purchasing this was a very good decision. The coverage is crazy, and a little bit really does go a long way.
4 xue
The foundation covers very well. It can last more than 6 hours on a combination skin. Even 1 hour later, the skin with a little oil looks extremely creamy.
1 Kooka bee
Worst product I've ever bought! Such a waste of money! I wanna bin it but I paid so much for it!!!! Huge let down
5 Maria
It's a fantastic concealer, but not under the eye. Personally, I use it to cover up blemishes and other things like that. I've been using mine for months, and I'm absolutely in love with it. And you can barely see that it's used, because there so much product. Just don't use it under the eye! For that, I could recommend the LA. Girl concealer :D
5 Denise
first off - you have to mix this product if applying under the eyes as it is very thick/pigented. Those who say it creases under the eyes - thats why. Ive used it mixed with other products very successfully. it mixes well with most things, primer, illuminator, moisturiser. A tiny amount will cover even the most angry of spots/blemishes. It can be used as a foundation or concealer. Its a really great product and will last forever its so concentrated. Matte finish however mixed with illuminator completely changes the finish. Buy & have fun experimenting. I got SX03 neutral light and I use EF03 in the L'etheraliste foundation which is also amazing. (Armani luminous shade 5/MAC NW15-20)
5 Felicia
I bought this to use as a foundation and it works brilliantly on my oily skin. It gives such a beautiful satin finish and looks so polished. The foundation also lasted alllll day on me. I live in a hot humid country so that's really saying something. A little goes a long way and it gives such a nice natural glow. This little gem has now topped my list for foundations...very very happy with my purchase. Also, thumbs up to beauty bay for delivering my product efficiently and within the given time frame!
5 Rebecca
The best concealer I have tried. Excellent coverage that lasts throughout the day.
3 Amy
I bought this product as a full coverage concealer to cover acne scarring, as I have seen a lot it people do so and race about it. I like this product, but am disappointed it cost me an arm and a leg. I do not think it is worth the price. It creases if it is applied anywhere you have any expression lines and under the eyes. I cannot use it as foundation as it just slides around, even on my very dry skin. It is full coverage, but fades after about 4 hours wear. The colours are amazing though, I'm in sx01 and it is the only concealer that is pale enough for my skin. I use the nars range of foundations and this matches perfectly with the shade Siberia. I will repurchase again, because it should last me a long time, but also because the shade is the only one I can use.
5 Ellie
A little bit goes a long way... like a pinhead drop. Use with a beauty blender or brush & you will get flawless results. Mix with jojoba oil or moisturizer for a day time look. I honestly can't fault the product... just make sure you don't try & use an amount like normal foundation as it will look a cakey. Great just as a concealer too!
5 Grace
I love this product! I brought sx02. I wear mainly under my eyes as a under eye concelear, small amount in chin, down bridge of nose and forehead. I wear it with or with out fake tan. I'm roughly nw15 In Mac and nc35 in Mac when I tan. You can't wear this alone though. The consistency is thick and creamy you need the tiniest amount. I dot the product on and blend out with a beauty blender (damp) then I allow to sit for 5 mins then place Laura mercier translucent powder gently on top. To avoid cakeyness I then spritz with Mac fix plus or Mario badescu rose water. It is a small pot yes but trust me I have had mine 8 months I think? And I'm not even near halfway empty! I would use again 100%
4 Lucie
Having read the reviews of this product I had to try it! I have oily skin so thought this would be beneficial for me as I don't need much product. Unfortunately for me, the product creased under my eye and didn't last very long, I would say it lasted 4 hours maximum. I'm yet to try this product as a foundation but I'm so disappointed that it creases badly. Would reccomend this but would also advise looking into other foundations as this isn't worth the hype.
5 Jaya kaur
It's an amazing concealer, which I can't wait to buy again, you don't need to use a lot an it will have complete coverage, I'm in love.
5 Elise
Love at first use! I had read good things about this product when used as a concealer, so I decided to give it a go as my concealer wasn't covering blemishes well enough. This concealer is absolutely amazing, you only need the tiniest amount and it completely covers any blemish. I feel like I will use less foundation now that I have this product to spot conceal. You get so much in the pot, so it'll last ages as well. I'm an NC15 and sx03 is the perfect match. So glad I found this product, will definitely be a staple in my collection from now on! Would recommend!
5 Catalina Botero
This product is the best I have ever purchased, really is so good.. and I want to let here a guide that was great for me to find my perfect match if you want to use this as a foundation, you really need the smallest amount of this because is so pigmented Keep in my mind is just a guide, you do you and pick the one you deserve SX01: This tone is used as a highlighter. Sx02: Pink Subtone to light duvet skins or mix are other shades. SX03: green undertone, to blend with any tone and correct redness Sx04: light- neutral skintone. Mac NC10-15 Sx05:light- pink undertone MAC NW 10 to 15 Sx06: ligth, yellow undertone NC 20 to 25 Mac. Sx07: medium, pink undertone NW 20 to 25 equivalent based Mac. Sx08: medium- deep skintone, yellow undertone Mac equivalent NC 30-35. Sx09: medium-deep skintone, pink undertone based Mac equivalent NW 30-35. SX11: NW40 Mac. pink udertone Sx12: NC40 Mac equivalent. yellow undertone Sx13: NW45 MAC pink undertone Sx14: NC45 Mac equivalent. yellow undertone SX15: NW50 Mac with orange undertone. SX16:blue undertone NC50 Mac equivalent.
4 Anita
This product is my all time favourite product for spot concealing, and since the amount needed is very small, it will last for a long time. I have used it combined with various moisturisers as a foundation, and I find that the results vary a great deal. Unfortunately I dislike using it as an under eye concealer, because it is rather dry for that particular area. I fully reccomend it if you'd like an excellent spot concealer!
4 Emma
Amazing product. Works perfectly Mixed with a moisturiser but wouldn't recommend for under eye areas.
5 Kaavya
Simply amazing
2 Laura
Pretty disappointed with this , was expecting something great based on all the reviews about this product but it just didn't really do anything special for me. Have tried mixing it with various moisturisers and things like strobe cream but it just looks really dull and cakey under the eyes . Have tried diluting it and applying with a beauty blender and straight from the pot with a foundation brush and can't get it to look good. Regretting spending the money but I do love all my other Kevyn aucoin products so it seemed a safe bet. All I can use this for is a really expensive concealer.
5 Gurpreet Kalsi
I would say this is a bridal makeup artistssecret! Its a dream to work with. You literally need a crumb size amount. Use it as foundation or Concealer (you dont even need corrector its THAT full coverage). Mix with moisturiser for a tinted balm...its just a genius formula that leaves me feeling like I dont need to worry about it melting during that day -Once its on its on! I use this on all my brides for a full all day coverage and can get about 20 hours out of it
5 Latifah
LOVE THIS PRODUCT. This product is amazing, blends like a dream and is so pigmented that you literally need the TINIEST amount of product to get medium-full coverage. I use it as a concealer but also as a foundation. Totally worth the price & don't be fooled by the small pot, it will last you ages.
5 Nadrah
Covers my dark circles and my dark acne scars perfectly!!!!!! Dreams come true!
5 Rhianna
I was dubious about buying this product purely because of the price but I can honestly say it's worth every penny! It is a pricey product but like the other reviews say a little definitely goes a long way so it lasts ages! I wear Mac foundation in nc15 and the sx2 is a great colour for me. It's a touch lighter than my foundation so I use it to hide my dark circles and also to highlight. Its so easy to blend. Cannot recommend this enough!
5 Nahida
This is the best concealer I have ever used. It is perfect at concealing blemishes also great to use in the tear trough area for dark circles or highlighting. You only need the tiniest bit as is it very pigmented. It doesn't crease, it doesn't budge once it's on. I have nothing bad to say about this. One pot will last you ages, so don't be put of by the price tag as it is a 100% worth it.
4 Hannah
SO SO full coverage need the tiniest amount! For reference I'm an nc15 in mac and the lightest in most other foundation brands, all my foundations have a slight yellow undertone so got SX03 if I had gone for SX02 feel like it may have been too pink for me.
4 Johanna
I adore this! Mix it with your daily moisturizer for a foundation effect, or on it's own as concealer. SX01 is exactly my sin tone. The only thing I will mention though that brought the overall rating down: it has a pretty strong floral smell! The scent doesn't last more than a few minutes on the skin - but if you have scent-triggered migraines I would be a little wary.
5 Mary Claire
Amazing product! This little jar will goes a long way. My MAC shade is between NC25-30, and I bought this in two different shades. I use SX6 as my highlighter/concealer and SX8 for the entire face.
5 Gazelle
At first I thought it's rather expensive for a tiny pot but it will last you SO long!!! I am in love with this product and you only need a TINY amount (I use it for either concealer or highlighter on top of another concealer). It's very easy to bled and when set with a good powder, it does not crease! This will for sure last well over a year! Will definitely purchase again :)
5 Shiful
This is by far the best make up product I have ever purchased. It's worth every penny. The pigmentation is extraordinary, a little goes a long way and it blends seamlessly. I have purchased two shades already, one I use as a concealer which is SX7 and the other as foundation SX10. I use these on special occasions and it just makes you look completely flawless! Thank you Kevyn and beautybay!
5 Farah
I have dry skin and when I first tried it I used my moisturiser with a damp beauty blender as a foundation - it literally enhanced my skin AND covered all my pigmentation scars. I know people use this as a concealer but I use it as both! My skin tone is about a Mac NC30 and shade 08 is pefect for me. If you want this as a highlight / under eye concealer it's best you go one shade lighter. I know this will last me ages because I used the tiny excess that was on the lid for my whole face! It's pricey but think of it as a high end foundation bottle because the amount of product is equivalent.
5 Sarah kaur
Best product ever! This product is soooo amazing! I use to for under eye highlight and it literally makes my makeup look flawless..yes its small but its worth every penny
2 Ida
My expectations were very high due to that I had read a lot of great stuff about this product but I am actually quite disappointed. I really want to like it but even though I have tried to mix it with different moisturisers, with primer and also with a more liquid foundation I never get it to look good on my skin. I have tried to blend both with a beauty blender and a foundation brush but it still does not look good on my face. Also, I have light skin and SX 4 was supposed to suit light skin but it is so yellow! If I would get it to blend in better the yellow tone might not bother me so much but when I use it it just looks like I am wearing to much make-up and not like I have naturally good looking skin. Disappointed.
5 Rachel
I only review this because of the 1 star comment: this little pot has been with me for three years now and there still enough product for at least 5 more!!! It's just incredible how little amount of product you have to use every time (I use it everyday). And it covers everything. Just wanted to clarify that. I couldnt live now without this.
5 Tiff
I use this as a concealer/highlighter, and get so many compliments whenever i use it! Blends like a dream and a little goes a loooong way. Looks like a second skin when its on. Will defo be re-purchasing.
5 Jessica
This is literally the best thing I have ever bought. It's so good for many things and you only have to use a little bit. That's why I think the price is good for the quality you get. I have used this everyday since I received my order and haven't even touched it really it's still full. I love it, the colour is exactly what I wanted to. I use this for cleaning up my eyebrows and covering blemishes, it works so well with illamasqua skin base. I have combination skin and hate trying new products invade I break out or get dry skin but it has no effect other than helped me more. It's even good on its own. Love it. Love it. Love it.
5 Adelya
It has very-very strong pigmentation, just very little drop is enough, and if you use it as concealer it will last for ever. Very good product.
5 Leanne
Amazing Product - Worth every penny. Provides full coverage, but doesn't cake!! Perfect tone - ENHANCES your natural complexion. I wouldn't ever be without it. Please keep stocking this amazing product.
1 Demi
Received today, was looking forward to receiving the product and when it arrived it's abaoultely tiny. The pot is no bigger than the anastasia dip brow pomade. As a make up artist I don't find the product as good as it's made out to be as the coverage is no better than the average concealer. Will not be purchasing again, dissapointed. Also the foundation is abaoultely tiny should last the average person around 2-3 weeks. And for the price you pay this is so not worth it. Wouldn't recommend!
5 Patricia
It's great !! I love!! It is the beautiful skin is essential for me.!
5 Cherry
I have purchase the Brow Wiz and the Dipbrow pomade, if you use both of these together you get a fantastic perfect cover, the Brow Wiz is one of the best pencils I have ever used and the Dipbrow pomade makes it water proof and it stays on all day, I live in Spain and normally by the end of the day your make up needs fixing up because of the heat in summer, with these two products you do not have to re touch or do anything at all and I can go swimming and my eyebrows still look perfect all day, I have just purchased the two items for my mum and I personally would give these two products a 5 star plus, easy to use and perfect coverage and super colours to suite everyone, if you buy these products you will be more than happy with them, I have been using make up for a long time and I am now 50 this year and discovering this product has just revamped my new look
5 Kirannkay
I would love to be able to try ypur products as I lovd trying new make up and this looks amazing
5 Abeda Parveen
This is an amazing concealer. I love the colours school 9 and sx 7 mixed. Only a tiny dot needed. This is very pigmented and a tiny amount goes a long way. Love that this can be used as a foundation as well. Mix it with my moisturizer for a tinted base when I'm not feeling a heavy look. Highly recommend.
5 Harriet
This stuff is great!! Mix with a bit of moisturizer for better coverage as its very pigmented and thick on its own! A little tub goes a lonngggg way, great investment
5 Jenica Joyce
Yayy thank you !! Love Aucoin and beautybay has the bed at the best prices!!
5 Nosheen
Its my favorite i love it
5 Patricia
I've heard loads of good stuff so i decided to give it a go. I bought the sx11 and omg am in love. Am a make up artist so i always try new stuff on the market. I used this product on my client as a concealer and its honestly the best concealer i have ever used. The pigmentation is amazing. U only need a dot cus a little goes a long way. I have literally just placed order for a sx12 for my dark skinned clients. I can't fault It Although u need to set it with a good setting powder to avoid creasing.
5 Rokhsar
Love this however I brought two shades because I was not sure - SX4 and SX5 =( 5 is too nude and pale for my olive skin tone . Unless colour adjusters can be used to make the product a bit yellow or tan so it could be suitable for my skin tone. Not sure if this product is water based or oil based because my adjusters are water based =/ overall i love SX4 just perfect nothing to complain about it love love it =) have recommended it to all of my friends and family.
5 linda
This morning my skin sensual and I've tried on ... Oh la la la and magical product !!!!! Light up on the look well hide my dark circles to have made discover this product
5 Meagan o'connor
One of the best concealers I've ever used, so versatile and great coverage
5 sultana
Probably the best thing to have happened to me! The shade matches me perfectly! I always have a problem where something will match my skin for a day or two and then it will look too dark :/ this matches me each and everyday. I don't have the worst skin in the world but I do have a few marks here and there. This covered everything and made my skin look flawless. And a little does go a long way s you're getting your money's worth! It's definitely worth a try! I'd recommend it to anybody!!
5 Makeuplover
This is a very pigmented and somewhat thick formula foundation. I was first introduced to this product as a under-eye concealer. It worked magic with my inherited, stubborn dark circles. After some experiments, i decided to use this as a tinted moisturiser. A dab of this foundation and some moisturiser is my secret formula to the most flawless, glowing and long lasting skin. Although mixed with a moisturiser, this foundation is so pigmented that it leaves my skin with medium to full coverage. No matter how my skin is feeling, this foundation will give me that healthy perfect glow. It is definitely my secret weapon and i am always hesitant in telling people when they ask me what I'm wearing because i of my selfishness lol. Not only does this beauty give a heavy coverage, it NEVER looks cakey. The longevity of the foundation is AMAZING! never have i seen a foundation last 12 hours without needing touch ups. I guarantee you that this foundation will look just as fresh as when you applied it, till the end of the day when you take it off. All in all this is literally the best foundation i have ever used and it will last you a lifetime as you will only need a little dab of this foundation to cover your whole face.
4 Ari
After hearing so many good reviews decided to try it out. I love a good foundation and cant resist buying one. I have a pretty good complexion and dont really have to cover anything up just make it look better then it is. This covers everything!!! It is very pigmented,and you only need a pea size amount. Mine looks barely used and i have it at least three months. You cannot use it on its own,the best way is to mix it with a moisturizer. It leaves a satiny matte finish. The only down side of it is that it feels kind of dry on my already dry skin and that it takes a bit of time to learn how to use it. I picked my shade from seeing only swatches online and I decided well but otherwise wouldnt reccomend doing that. My winter shade is sx 6 im normally an. C3 in mac this was good for winter days but would have gone for a sx8 otherwise..It s a yellow toned shade.It will last for a very long time and they say you can use it as a concealer aswell although I personaly dont use it for that. The pot looks quite small but will last forever,its a full coverage foundation that can be sheered out,a bit expensive but worth it. Has a pretty good shade range so shouldnt be a problem finding the right one,downside feels dry on skin and takes a bit of time to learn what is the best way to use it!!!
4 Ilaria
A little difficult to work with, you have to use it very carefully, beacuse it is highly pigmented. It covers very well, but i don't recommend it for dark circles. Overall I love it. 4 stars only for the price
5 melanie
The pigmentation of this is just amazing! you can use it as a concealer. If you mix this with your moisturizer you can create a beautiful base as well! really pleased!
5 Fran Jones
I first purchased the Sensual Skin Enhancer back in 2006 in SX4. Although this shade was far too light for me, I have since purchased SX6 and SX11 - I still couldn't quite get the shades right but if I blend a couple together I can make it work. What I love about this product is that such a tiny tiny amount goes a long way which is why I still have them after all these years. They absolutely do cover everything like they say and they are very creamy. I would suggest if you're not after such an opaque look to mix it in with some moisturizer but overall a very good product. Would definitely recommend :-)
5 Gemma Brown
This is an absolute must have, transforms the make up overall outcome like nothing else, no longer flat looking make up, so glad I came across this product
5 Monique
This product is amazing a little goes a long way. It can be used to highlight, conceal and for foundation. I use it to brighten up my under eye area it is amazing, rich in colour and easy to blend. This is a must. No regrets here. Its a fav !
5 Sibel
I love this foundation/Concealer. You can get everything from sheer to a heavy duty full coverage. A tiny little bit of product will go a long way and cover everything you want. On my dry skin this lasted all day without collecting in pores or lines On my face and it did not catch on flaky dry patches. No creasing under the eyes either. It wears comfortably and quite lightweight for such a heavy coverage and it does not feel sticky. It didn't oxidize as far as I could tell. Application can be a little bit tricky though. I would recommend a sponge or mixing it with a primer/moisturizer since the product itself doesnt have too much slip to it. the finish all by itself is dewy/glowy. I would absolutely repurchase this.
5 Arijana
Amazing foundation,a little goes a long way. Use with moisturizer mix and apply,or apply with a beauty blender. Has a satiny kind of finish. Tried out as a concealer for under eyes but not happy with the result,maybe Im doibg it wrong will try again! Im a nc 25 to 30 and at the moment Im more nc 25 so I bought a shade Sx 6. I have a yellow toned skin and this sheade suits me perfectly!!
4 Brittany
OMG my new HOLY GRAIL concealer, a little goes a LONG way

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