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L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder

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L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder Zoom
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4 Kanako
got 100 wt it was a lot better than i thought especially when its this cheap! it does give u flash glow! when u take it on your blush it has a fallout probs but once u apply it on the skin, stays there pretty much all day.
5 Steph
honestly amazing was so impressed ! have mines in the shade 90 and it definately gives such a good high light and lasts all day! would highly reccomend
5 Becky
This is such a good product I ordered either 50w or 70w i can't remember off of the top of my head. Pleasantly surprised by the quality and great for beginners
5 Georgia
I loveee this!! I have 120 watt and it's blinding. It's a icy blue/white colour and it's perfect for me since I have very fair skin. So cheap, so pigmented, doesn't last that long but I'm so in love with it, it doesn't really matter.
5 Emily
The best highlighter I've used, I have 110 watt and it's amazing, lasts long, and really shines, will definitely be buying more, I use with morphs brushes 129 luxe fan and B13 works well with both.
5 Layla
I have the 120watt. It's amazing, so pigmented. I have a few expensive highlighters and they don't compare to this. Will be buying again as I've almost run out and I want to try a pink one.
5 Amy
I had 90watt and my friends have 100watt and50watt, they're perfect for my skin tone and my friends'. And I just help my friends to buy 5 more 90watt. Hope they will love it as much as I do!
4 Ana
I have the 50Watt it is a bit too shimmery for my taste but on the skin the glitters are not overwhelming. Great blinding highlight!
2 Mara
I bought this one (110 watt) because the swatches I found online looked great. But I honestly don't like it. If you use it on a dry brush it barely shows up and if you spray the brush with fix plus the highlighter looks like a big streak of white on your face. Wouldn't recommend.
5 janelle
I received this today and my life is forever changed. definitely worth the wait for the parcel because you wouldn't be able to get a better product for this price anywhere else!
1 Serena stasi
Very bad product. I wore it once and now I have an allergic reaction all over my face.
1 Z
I had heard great things about this highlighter from a friend a D whenever she wore shade 100 it looked glossy so I thought I would give it a try, as soon as it arrived I knew I wouldn't like it, it was very yellow, not at all pigmented, looks chalky on the skin and when you swipe your brush in it a hard layer forms over the top almost as if it's like oil buildup. Would not reccommend
5 Maja
I love this highlighter! I have it in the shade 120 Watt, and it looks great on! It is very pigmented, and gives a beautiful glow... And it is super affordable!
4 Zoe
Very pretty highlighter, good price, good formula I got 70watt and it is a lovley colour but isn't quite what I was expecting, I thought it was a peach with a gold sheen but it's more silver/white sheenBut it is beautiful Doesn't last very long on the skin
5 Liza
Gorgeous! Like it better than a lot of higher end highlighters
1 Roal
I can't tell u how much I hate this highlighter. It's chalky and it doesn't sit on my skin nicely at all. I've tried it with loads of different brushes and it still doesn't work for my skin. It is also really chunky glitter and the awful stuff doesn't even last of your skin with 3 primers and fix+. I hate it and I wasted money on this.
1 Mis
I ordered 7 of these on Black Friday and 5 of them have broken already! I'm not impressed by this product
5 Shannon
Absolutely LOVE this product, definitely one of my favourite in my make-up bag. I have 100 watt and it's great for my skin tone, works great with a highlighter brush and is absolutely cracking for the price you're paying. Would recommend to anyone!
5 E
I'ts amazing. I have this in 110, it's a champagne/gold-ish colour, very pigmented and long-lasting. What I love the most about this highlighter is that the consistence is a little bit creamy so it isn't any powdery fallout.
5 Holly
I just got this today in 120 it's so pretty :o
4 Cristin Fuentes
Really good pigmentation! Amazing product for a low price!
4 Sarah
So beautiful! I have 110 and 70 watt, and they're very soft and pigmented. They work well with brushes or fingers, but I prefer to apply highlighter with a damp sponge because it makes any highlight pop! These are absolutely gorgeous and they have shades to suit a load of different skintones! Only gripe is i don't think they last long on the skin :(
3 Sophie
Bought this on the release day and the pigment is there. Sits nicely with a buttery finish. Nice 'glow' long lasting throughout the day. I bought 100w and it is deffo a dupe for a well known 'sparkling pop' brand. Shame it came and it was crumbled. Better product wrapping next time beauty bay please!

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