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LASplash Forbidden Kiss VelvetMatte Liquid Lipstick Latte

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LASplash Forbidden Kiss VelvetMatte Liquid Lipstick Zoom
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5 Chelsey
I adore this liquid lipstick! I bought the shade fantasy and it's stunning! It lasts for ages and is so pigmented. Can't wait to buy more shades!
5 Lisa
Applied 'latte' before college and the colour started to fade around 5pm. Doesn't dry out your lips either, well worth the money!
5 Adriana
It's a ver y good lipstick un muy opinion. Is's matte and i love this color 'latte'
5 emily
Love this liquid lipstick. Applies easily and takes a while to come off. The matte look is really nice and the colour is too. 100% recommend.
4 Cadet
Super gloss je recommande
5 Leah
Stunning lipstick it is long-lasting and easy to apply. It is definitely matte but doesn't dry your lips out. I purchased the shade tiramisu. I'm in love with the colour and formula of this lipstick and will be definitely getting other shades
1 Lis
I can't help but wonder if the other reviews here were made quickly after receiving the product. I've had Fantasy for about 6 months now. If I wrote a review back when I first got it, it would be 5 stars - the product is flawless, doesn't transfer, a great colour (if you google the lipstick swatches first so you know what to expect), doesn't dry your lips, stays on all day. Now, I review this with 1 star - the formula has literally chemically changed from perfect to sticky putty to cement over a 3 month period. No extreme weather conditions, no weird storage... How come my Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks from a year ago are still A+++ and not this? Let's just say you can definitely tell this formula is of a cheaper make and only here for the now, not the future.
5 Dina
Super long lasting, comfortable to wear. I have the color Latte, which is the perfect neutral nude. I would purchase again.
4 Courtney
got exposed and its alot lighter than the colour on screen but still a gorgeous nude,my only problem is it dries my lips out but it lasts so long!
5 Elisa Bangoura
Tre's jolie
4 Mel
I bought Mistress and the colour is really really nice if you like dark colours, it can be a little patchy if you have dry lips but that can easily be fixed!! It literally doesn't come off your lips once it has dried which is good because it will last the whole day but I've given it 4 starts because it does stain your lips as a pinky colour which isn't even much of an issue to be honest, but it is safe to say I will be purchasing another lipstick from here!!
1 Shabrina
I bought the shade Fantasy and while the colour is lovely on my lips, unfortunately I find the formula incredibly drying and uncomfortable to wear. It initially dries evenly and smoothly but even with my Nuxe lip balm underneath, within a couple of hours, the lipstick is wearing off and my lips feel sore and chapped. I'm really surprised reading all the other positive reviews but I feel there are lots of other matte liquid lipstick brands that are better formulated.
5 Sara
This is the first time I've bought a la splash lip colour but I'd read reviews before and they sounded good so I thought I'd treat myself in the Black Friday sale. I brought the colour 'romance', it's like a purple/brown toned lip colour. Applied really well, I used the tip to outline round my lips and then coloured them in. I literally could not get this off my lips!! Lasted all day!! I'm already adding more colours to my basket for pay day treats :)
1 Julie berry
Didn't like this liquid lipstick at all. It flakes off in around 30 minutes. All over my teeth.Looked a mess. Wasn't happy.And I've used lots of different brands. This one was one of the worst I've used.
5 Adelaide
I chose Flix'n'chill and the formula is great, I used it yesterday and it lasted all day (I had to remove it when I went back home). The colour is a perfec cold mauve and I'm so in love with it.
2 April
Bought exposed such a perfect nude colour, however staying power through eating and drinking is not great as product flakes, by the end of the day my lips be looking like ghandis flipflop but nice colour overall! :)
4 Mariam
Nice formula but Can't even is not as dark as it appears on screen. Beware! otherwise good application and staying power
4 Caitlin
Absolutely beautiful long wearing formula, doesn't dry your lips out as much as other liquid lipsticks, my only problem is that I bought the shade tiramisu and it's way darker than the picture, more of a milk chocolate colour (luckily I don't mind this colour!)
5 layla
this is an amazing lipstick!! i would highly suggest it as it applies so well and the colour 'latte' is amazing! lasts all day and is definitely matte!!
2 Amy
Ordered the colour Angel Cake and was a lovely nude colour. However i am very disappointed in this product. Once put on it was very sticky, took a while dry. After an hour or so it left my lips looking SO patchy with kind of a weird rubbery texture. Because of this i wanted to take it off right away and it wouldn't come off at all! Took a lot of rubbing from a make-up wipe before it all came off. Such a lovely colour but overall im disappointed :(
5 Marie
I bought the shade latte when beautybay had a discount on it, and I absolutely love it. It's a beautiful light cool toned beige. The formula is one of the better that I've tried. They feel super comfortable and soft on the lips, and they last a really long time. Will definitely be ordering more shades in the future!
5 Marina
Ive ordered one color first to try out. I love it. It definitely want be my last. And the packaging ist so nice.
5 Lucie:)
I purchased this liquid lipstick as I heard it's a good duo for a couple of Kylie Jenner lip kits. I compared my (Kylie Jenners) Dolce K shade to (La Splashes) Latte and it is literally the same shade, it's also really cheap! It isn't just affordable, it lasts for a long while (4-6 hours) and the colour is gorgeous! Would 100% reccomend! Can't wait to purchase more colours x
4 Mckayla
I bought the color mistress which I have heard some comments on saying that it's a bit patchy and it is but nothing a lip liner can't fix. It doesn't bother me at all I still love it! It's amazing and doesn't come off! I'm pumped to use it for back to school especially!
5 Mrs rebecca
I bought the colour tiramisu and it's beautiful , more brown than the swatch picture shows though , I recommend googling the colours first , they dry lovely and Matt and stay on all day ! Definitely recommend can't wait to buy more.
5 Noa
OMFG, this product is heaven! its doesnt come off at all! not in the shower, not by using makeup remover, i needed to use an oily remover to remove it. on the lips its a little little bit sticky, not that much, its drying fast enough and the colour is cute tho! i love it, thanks !
1 Lynda
Rubbish. Dull with no staying power.
4 Roxanne Gottschalk
I bought the color Tiramisu, and I thought it to be a little more pinkish like the swatch they make in the picture, but it's more brownish.. although I like the color I would preferred it more nude/pinkish. The lipstick is super resistant, although it takes a little while to dry up. I always get compliments when I'm wearing this one, it makes my lips look bigger.. it has such a nice matte finish without making your lips look dry. It is a little hard to take off, I use a little baby oil. Do not apply layer over layer, you will get a build up and will not look nice.. it will dry up, crack and come off. One layer is more then enough and will set all night!
5 Maya
I totally love this lipstick! the colors are beautiful, it does what it claims..I will be getting more colors. It last all day and glides on so smooth, I didn't even need a lip liner. I have also combined it with a clear gloss, and it stayed on for hours. It's highly pigmented so only need one coat, and full coverage.
5 Petra
I ordered the colour romance and it is really cool tone rosy grey. It is definitly more grey in real life than it is in the picture. But it is stunnig! I prefer this formula to their original formula, because it is as long-lasting as the original one, but it is not drying and I can re-apply it and I doesn't go crumbly at all!
3 Char
I ordered tirimasu and irresistible, the colours looked different in person but they are very long lasting and good quality
5 Erin
Very matte, lasts all day! My fave is Exposed, which goes very well with MAC lip liner in Stripdown! Worth the money
4 Allison
I'm absolutely in love with the shade Latte, the color is perfect for my skin tone.
5 Sonya
WAAAAY more comfortable than the Lip Coutures. Less drying, more comfortable on the lips. Good pigmentation too. Definitely buying more of these!
1 Hannah
I must say before I begin this review is aimed completely at LA Splash and I have not got a bad word to say about beautybay itself. to begin with I ordered Romance and so say the colour was different is an understatement, the colour I recived was an almost lilac like purple, very misleading advertisement. The smell resembles that of industrial paint, not apealing. The formula does dry matte but takes several minutes to do so. I would say it's particularly drying and does make my mouth look slightly fermented but hey ho. What I would say is choose your colours wisely and do some extra research before online eye buying.
5 Hannah
Brilliant! These are really good, the colours are different then what you see, and colours within the various la splash liquid lipsticks are duplicated. But otherwise excellent. This particular one is not too drying too.
2 Amy
Ordered lette and tiramisu, loved the formula but really disappointed that the colours were not at all as advertised, i wouldn't have bought them had i known what they would really look like on the lips.
5 Parvin
I have all 9 colours and I must say these are amazing. They stay on all day and blend very well if you like to contour your lips. The colours are unique and the I have tried many liquid lipsticks these are by far the best.
5 Irene spina
Beautybay has such great quality products for great prices and the service is super quick! will definitely be buying more.
4 Georgie
I ordered seductress and I have to say I am hugely impressed! The colour is as advertised which is always a good start and it smells amazing, nice and subtly sweet and the smell lasts on your lips too. It applies as a liquid very smoothly and within a few seconds dries to a matte finish (not shiny). It does dry quite stiff and feels slightly rough if you rub your lips together, which is my only criticism - however, it does last for hours, including through drinking and eating etc. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product - yes, it is slightly more expensive than you would pay on the high street but it is so so worth it! I can't wait to buy more colours!

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