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LASplash Lip Couture Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick

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LASplash Lip Couture Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick Zoom
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  • Criminal
  • Cryptic
  • Honey Blonde
  • Innocent Vixen
  • OG Ghoulish
  • Poison Apple
  • Retro Bettie
  • Rose Garden
  • Summer Bliss
  • Till Midnight
  • Untamed
  • Vampire
  • Venom
  • Vindictive
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5 Leanne Brown
Untamed and Vampire are really nice for darker skin tone
3 Poppy
The formula is not as good as the metallic one (like the Dia de los muertos collection). Good hold, but not excellent. I have Vampire and Vindictive. Unfortunately Vindictive tend to peel off easily.
4 Amber
I love this lipstick. I ordered the colour Vampire. It's not a dark red as I was expecting but actually a dark purple, still a gorgeous colour. I had to be really careful about the amount I put on though, when I wore it for a full day, towards the end it did start to flake and crumble. Doesn't smudge off at all though, I ate and drank plenty and I didn't have to reapply! Just be wary of layering it on too thick.
5 Lenniece Dorsett
I loved it. It was exactly what I expected. It last extremely long. I'm about to order more !!
2 Abbie
Very long lasting. But the colours are totally different to advertised. Slightly disappointed. Wanted subtle colours and ended up with bright pink! ??
5 erika
It's the first time buying on Beauty bay. I'm very happy to have discovered it! I purchased lip laquer in 'till midnight'. I really love this color! It's an orange red, it goes on well with every skin tones. The formula is not streakly, applies easily, and dries to a super matte finish that doesn't feel drying on my lips. It lasts me at least 6 hours, even after eating. I recomment it to others!
2 bea
Poison apple: very disappointed by the color that is pink fuschia
2 olivia
I bought the vampire shade and its a nice very pigmented colour and smells nice, however its very drying, cracks and literally dyes my lips! it takes forever to get the purple stain off after taking the product off :( dissapointed
1 Lucy
I am so disappointed with these!! I have the shades og ghoulish and innocent vixen and found the formula heavy, sticky, patchy and the scent is also quite strong and unpleasent. After seeing all the great reviews I really wish these had worked for, me but they are the worst liquid lipsticks I have used - definitely wouldnt recommend them.
5 Susanna
I got Ghoulish and I'm IN LOVE with that shade. I couldn't believe that a taupe/greyish colour would be so gorgeous on the lips. Yes it's a bit drying on lips, not as confortable as the Jeffree Star ones, but still a great lipstick.
5 gina
I bought rose garden and doesn't look anything like the advertisement , its more bright pinky shade. not for everyday but do think I will wear it. I love the formula it stays on forever doesn't even come out with garnier micellar water its amazing. cracks a bit on lips but just make sure u moisturise them before.
5 Leah
Wore the colour untamed for 16 hours and didnt come off one bit amazing colour and long wand!!
4 Katie
My friend got me shade catrina for Christmas and I love it, the formula is very much like Jeffree Star apart from the smell (mine smelt disgusting) its tackier (sticks together quite a lot) and it's a lot heavier. however the colour pigment really pays off and would recommend these to anyone on a budget. In my opinion I would rather spend a bit more for Jeffree Star but this is a good dupe.
2 Jade
Colour nothing like in the photo and not matte
4 Sophie
I ordered the Vampire one Sunday and it arrived today. I put it on the back of my hand as a tester to see if it actually stays on. I put it on around 12 and it's still on my hand! It's actually stayed on. I've washed and I've creamed my hands today and it hasn't come off. The only problem I had with it was the colour. Comes out a bit purple. Apart from that I'll definitely order another one of these.
5 Tanya
I bought Venom and I really like it! Striking, different, my kind of style! Looks great with a vivid eyeliner or contrasting bright shadows. Good staying power, lasts well through my work shifts.
5 Gigi
I have Honey Blonde ,it dry fast , that matte perfect , long lasting and colour was bright ,but just 1 thing is smell from this brand it not really good smell and i prefer smitten version it better than this version much more comfortable when wear , lip couture pretty dry and become a dust in the ends ,but not happend with smitten version
5 Giada
5 Natalia
Got it in the shade Honey Blonde, amazing colour payoff and it stays on like a pro! Will definately buy more shades!!
5 Nisha
They go on really well and so pigmented, they are so worth the money, I bought Latte confession and it really compliments my skin tone. It is long lasting and it lasts all day so it is ideal. It dries super ,matte and make sure you moisturise your lips if your lips tend to dry out.
3 Charlotte
I ordered the colour vampire and it's very pigmented and a lovely rich colour, but for me i don't rate it that much as it started to come off in the centre after an hour or so and when reapplied it crumbled off completely. Tried it out for multiple occasions and all did the same thing. Not my cup of tea.
1 A
This is literally the most uncomfortable and drying lipstick I have ever ever worn in my life. Not worth the money at all.
4 Kristine
I have a couple of these and Untamed is my fave really dark brown color. The staying power is great, it was almost as nice the morning after a party as when I applied it 15hrs before. But if I apply too much, it crumbles a LOT and you have to take it off to start over.
5 Aijalon Halema Leilani
I live in NYC and its cheaper for me to order here than to order from LASplash. The delivery was fast and the product is PERFECT .I will definitely be ordering from here again.
1 Alyce Jackson
OG Ghoulish is not true nude! It's purple, not happy at all.
1 Jusna
I was so excited to receive this however once i received it , i opened it and the wand was just glooped up with SO much product. Perhaps i just got a bad batch, will be very hesitant with my next la splash orders
1 Gy
Do not buy the metallics. I ordered Aphrodite, and it is the very worst liquid lipstick I have ever used, even 1 $ eBay ones are much more better. First, it contains no moisture, so dries in a second, impossible to apply nicely. Second, once it's dry and you realise it is the patchiest thing you ever put on your lips, and want to remove - you can't. You can rub it with anything, only the metallic particles crumble down. After wearing it for some hours it simply rubs off, leaving a disguting semi-metallicy, crumbled, chunky residue. It is pure gold, emphasising all the lines you never knew about. And also, the ingredients are horrible, there are only plastic things and no oil in it (also, it tastes like pure poison). Terrible in every sense, I wish I could return it...
2 Nadya
I love the colours and the bottle. The wand is alright, it would be better if it was larger, as I have big lips that would help. It does last a long while, but, it dries out very quickly, and starts to sort of peel off which leaves the lips so dry! When you then reapply more, it just doesn't stop drying. I don't know why this happens, it could have been a higher score if not for this.
4 michelle w
OMG! i was so excited to get my hands on one of this bad boys but i wasn't so happy with it because when you eat it will crack and look ugly. Poison apple is a beautiful colour for the dark skin ladies i'm a mac nw5. Also if you have dry lips avoid this because it's matte or moisturize them lips girllll. Don't apply too much or less. It has to be just right.
1 Charlotte
Worst liquid lipstick I've ever used. Doesn't go on evenly so very patchy, comes off from your inner lips very easily when eating, goes very bitty, but the remainder goes smeary when trying to take it off! This was Poison Apple, which is a shame as it was the perfect colour, other colours may be better, but I definitely wasn't impressed with this one.
4 Wilma
I have about 5 of these and they are pretty great, but remember that the colour is quite different on your lips.. Try to add only one layer, otherwise it's going to peel off.
4 Georgia
Such a good product! So long wearing don't come off at all! And very true to colour from website.
5 Sofia
This is an amazing lipstick! Got the color Venom and instantly loved its formula, felt so velvety. Application is easy and the color is really pigmented. This also doesn't transfer at all and stays on the lips really well.
5 tanika
Really great colours and great pigmentation! I bought OG Ghoulish, Vindictive and Untamed. Quite drying on the lips but i haven't found a liquid lipstick (that dries down) that isn't. Easy to apply and long lasting but it does roll off if you eat oily foods.
5 Pandora McCal
This is a great product! I bought it in the color Criminal and it has great pigmentation, and does not dry lips out! Way better than the Kylie Lip Kits!
1 Georgia
I brought the colour Innocent Vixen, I was very disappointed??, it was drying and came of so easily!! Its meant to be waterproof but i personal think it's anything but waterproof!!
4 Nicola
I love the lippy I have, the pigmentation of it is amazing and doesn't even bother me that I can feel it on my lips. The only problem I have is that I have semi dry lips and this is the first liquid lip that has really sunk into all of my cranks in my lips
5 Sophie
I bought the colour OG ghoulish and it's so beautiful! It lasts long and doesn't feel dry on your lips. I'll definitely be buy more of this product//10 out of 10!!
4 Petra
I bought the colour vindictive and it is a gorgeous colour! The formula is pretty long-lasting, but I found it a little bit drying. Also I do not recommend to layer it on you lips, because it can go crumbly.
5 Charlotte
Very pigmented and stay on the lips so well, have to scrub my lips to get it off at the end of the day/night. I have in Latte and its a gorgeous nude colour, would definitely recommend and planning on getting in more colours!
1 Rebecca
After reading all the comments I expected this to be amazing and long lasting, not quite sure Ive even got the same product that everyone else has... I bought Ghoulish and rose garden, both lovely colours but the formula leaves little to be desired. I found both drying and flakey and rubbed off within an hour without any eating or drinking. I bought these over the gerard cosmetics hydra matte lipsticks and wish Id stuck with them. I honestly feel like ive wasted mpney on two very poor lipsticks, not impressed at all.
3 heather
I love innocent vixen I get compliments on it quite often! vampire lefts noticeable bits on my teeth as its so dark, a shame because I liked the colour
5 Emily
Awesome! I got cryptic, it's a little more grey than in the picture. I would recommend watching swatch videos before buying just to check the coloue. Saying that the staying power is fantastic, perfect for a coffee lover like me. I'll definitely be getting more!
5 Céline
I received the colour ghoulish yesterday, and I am immensely in love with the colour and texture ?? once dried it feels like you have none on at all, and it is very durable!!!
4 Kimberley
I bought Honey Blonde thinking it would be fairly neutral with a slightly orange undertone but it's very orange so that was a little disappointing. It's very true to colour though and it lasts a long time. I'm definitely going to buy a couple more colours.
5 Sehr
Love the colour and texture of them , the colour pay off is amazing & they are so pigmented ! they don't budge I would defiantly purchase more .
1 Laura Kennedy
I've only ever tried two brands of matte liquid lipstick so I'm not exactly an expert, but I was pretty disappointed with this product. I bought Innocent Vixen and Ghoulish, which in fairness are gorgeous colours. But I am not a fan of the formula at all. They are definitely waterproof as claimed, but almost too waterproof, as they are an absolute nightmare to get off. I had to scrub them so much that my lips were numb and swollen. Aswell if there is any trace of moisture or lip balm on your lips, even from an hour or so ago, I found that the lipsticks immediately cracks as soon as its dried. Also the dough foot applicator is an awkward shape making it hard to apply. I realise this is easily fixed by just using a brush instead of the applicator but just in terms of ease of use its a pain. I've found much better quality matte liquid lipsticks that are cheaper, so I wouldn't recommend these lipsticks.
4 Kate
I have the colours Ghoulish and Untamed. Beautiful autumn lip colours, but for some reason I fancied them for this time of the year,Staying power is very good. Two coats of this and you can wear for hours and hours, it dries your lips out which is the only con but it does mattify your lips almost straight away and you can eat and drink with these as they stick onto your lips well.
5 Rachel
Amazing pigmentation, nice enough scent, not sticky, hard to get off which is a good thing in my books! Venom is pretty blue based too so no yellow teeth!!
5 Lee
I bought the colour vampire and love the colour. Its abit on the thick side but its long lasting. The only down side is that it stains around my mouth when I try and remove. (This has only happened with the colour vampire. )
5 Morgan
Best liquid lipstick I've ever purchased! Doesn't feel too heavy and also lasts such a long time compared to other liquid lipsticks,will definitely repurchase
5 Nicola
I've just recently bought Phantom - the formula is a bit thick and can become quite sticky on your lips if you apply too much, but it literally stays on all day. Great colour which makes a statement, great matte lipgloss for the price!
1 Sophie
I ordered the colour Cryptic and it's nothing like what the colour shows on here, it's almost greeny purple - it's disgusting! It's also really sticky once dried and doesn't look matte! Not impressed at all, Im definitely sticking to Gerard liquid lipsticks, cheaper and so much better!
4 Charlotte
First of all the formula does exactly what it's said to do; it's waterproof to the extend where its hard to rub off (which is fab when your going to a party, you're not going to get the colour rub off onto glasses) but my one disappointment is the colour in the photos are quite far off the product in the bottle. I bought OG Goulish rather that regular goulish because it appeared in photos to have more of a brown undertone - I was quite wrong. It is actually quite a grey lipstick with a tint purple undertone (despite this of course I did do my research and some said this was the case, but I was fine with it) which I don't mind much as I'm able to mix with brown lipliners, but just a warning to future buyers to have a search on swatches other than what colour it looks in the photo/bottle. Overall a very nice liquid lipstick, will be buying more colours in future!
5 Tiffany
Best lipstick EVER!!! Been in hospital on gas and air, ate, drank, and cried and this lipstick has stayed on!!! If you're looking for long wear lipstick this is perfect!!!
5 Manuela
Stunning Colours!! I have Poison Apple, Till Midnight, Latte Confession, Rose Garden and Innocent Vixen. I love them all. The formula is quite thick so you can feel it on your lips but it's not a bother. It also lasts a fair amount of time without retouching, especially if you avoid oily foods.
5 keeley
Love this liquid lipstick, I bought till midnight and the colour is a beautiful red with orange undertones. It stays on great, I am currently writing this review in the bath and it has not smudged at all. Love it !
4 Fatima
I bought the colour Vampire and was very eagerly awaiting its arrival. However, I was a little disappointed with the fact that the colour was more of very deep purple rather than a deep blood red. On a more positive note, the pigmentation is amazing, it last long and doesn't make my lips feel dry!
5 Karolina
Great lipstick!! The colors are fantastic!! +5
5 Laura
I'm so happy I bought Ghoulish! It stays all night long, even if I'm eating and drinking something. When I remove it, I always use some moisturizing cream afterwards, so I don't have any problems that my lips feel dry or something like that (cause I often read this in reviews about liquid lipsticks). Here in Germany it's hard to get anything by LA Splash so I'm glad that I found - ordering and shipping works fine :)
5 Maria
I bought Vampire, Latte Confession and Malevolent, which are really nice colours. I really like them as the texture is really pretty and smooth.
4 Lorna
very good product, the color has not come off so far. The only 2 problems that i have encountered are: 1) The applicator is longer than i am used to and so i do not find it the easiest liquid lipstick to apply. 2) I feel that the colors are quite deceiving, i got rose garden which looks like a nude pink online however it is a much more vibrant, brighter summer type pink.
5 Helen
Purchased Innocent Vixen. The colour is beautiful. A gorgeous nude you could wear day or night. I did think that it smelt a little funny but apart from that I love this liquid to matte. I wore it today at work and it was still perfectly in place with no touch ups almost ten hours after applying. The formula is velvety smooth and dries completely matte without drying out your lips. I will definitely be ordering more colours.
5 Niina
The best liquid lipstick that I have ever used! Love this! ^,^
5 Ger
Finally got my hands on this product. ? in delighted beauty bay is now stocking la splash. I got the shade ghoulish which is beautiful on. Stays on for quite some time. Does not cake like others which is great. A+++++=
4 Hope
Latte confession is the perfect colour, easy transition from day to night. Lovely warm nude, perfect for all year round wear. Will definitely be repurchasing! Excited to try some darker colours too :)
5 Kat
I got the colour Latte Confession and it is absolutely beautiful. Colour pay off is amazing and the fact that it's waterproof is even better! These liquid lipsticks are so hard to take off, but with coconut oil, it does the job.
5 Naomi
I have venom (black) and I LOVE IT! It's hard and long wearing and stays put well! I'd love to try other colours but they are NEVER in stock! Step it up Beauty Bay....
4 Krissy
I was really hoping to like it and I'm glad that I do! I got cryptic which is a gray/brown toned nude and I love it! Wore it while eating and drinking it stayed on great apart from a little on the inside of my lips, it was also completely transfer proof.
5 Kemela
These are by far the most long wearing liquid lipsticks I have tried. Great for the price point. Will be buying more very very soon! So glad to have them here on Beauty Bay!
4 Maria Gordon
I have about 4 shades of this collection and i can honesty say that i cant wait to get more!! They're super pigmented and goes on super easy. The applicator is easy to use and has a Nice shape to it. The formula is very creamy and delicious - only downside is that its very drying to the lips. I have recommended these to many friends and clients and I do really like these lippies !

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