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Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting Tahitian Glow 24g

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Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting Zoom
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5 Margaret Morrow
This is my desert island product and I cannot live without it. It is definitely the worlds best bronzer/tanner I have found. I agree with all the other reviews about it ability to turn pasty into glamorous and much much more. It makes pale legs and arms bronzed in an instant. this is a truly fabulous product!
5 fran
I bought this especially for a special occasion where I knew i wanted to be glowing. When i first got it, i started practising with it to get an idea of the shade by using it as my regular bronzer on my face using a fluffy brush - it was very nice but i didn't really understand what the fuss was all about and I was concerned of it going patchy. However, the day of my party came, I had 3 layers of fake tan on but i needed this product as the very end step to use for glow and coverage - and wow did it deliver! until you use it with the puff it comes with you won't see how great it is. I was running really late and put it on just before i got dresses and only a tiny bit transferred which wiped straight off. I cannot wait to use it again, i just hope they don't stop making it!
5 Martina
I bought Honey Glow. looks really great. I love Laura Geller Products. The best! Highly recommend it!
5 saoirse
This product is my absolute beauty/Makeup favourite. If I had to pick one product for the rest of my life it would be this. You can use it on its own or over a tan and as highlighter. When used on legs, It is absolutely flawless and looks amazing in photographs like you have been airbrushed to the standards of Jennifer Lopez in the Gillette adverts. LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!!!
5 Donna
This is possibly the best bronzer, I have ever used!!!! So simple, so easy, so quick!!! Yes really!!! Legs, fab!!! Arms, fab!!!! I tend to use it dry, but, you can also use it wet. If using dry, please moisturise a bit before, I do if before going to bed. Next morning, simply glide over area to be tanned, it is soooo easy to apply, as you clearly see the area, being bronzed before your very eyes. if you wish you can built up a darker tan, one application is more than enough for me. As, I am kinda fair skinned. But, if I want to glam it up, I do one more application. And, wait for it!!!!! It does NOT transfer to your clothes AT ALL!!! and, again wait for it...... It will stay on, until you wash it off with shower gel, or soap. You can go swimming, and it still will not come off unless you rub it off, really hard. This product will last you all summer long, if you are using it 4/5 times a week on arms and legs, and top chest area. I promise you it really will. The puff applicator is also very well designed, simply put 2/3 fingers through loop, and you are good to go. Also wash your puff every week, with hand hot water, and a wee drop of antibacterial liquid soap. Rub gently to release excess powder, and rinse till water runs clear. Dry naturally, not on top of a radiator, it dries it out, and you do not want that to happen. To use product wet, do the same as above, except simply dip the puff, into water, and apply. It does give you a slightly thicker coverage, so you can decide for yourselves. BUT, PLEASE GIVE THIS PRODUCT A TRY!!!! I cannot recommend it enough!!! All my friends, say oh, you look so tanned, and healthy!!!! I always say, oh I know, I am so lucky to take a lovely even natural tan!!!!! Not one of them, has clicked on to the fact, that it rains almost every day in Scotland!!!! And I am a total faker, with Laura Geller, as my constant tan gal pal!!!!!!
5 karen
great product, highlights the body and gives a fake tan effect, can be used wet for fuller and deeper coverage, all laura gellar is of the best quality, the balance and brighten is superb foundation, full coverage, stays on all day even in hot weather, never cracks, goes to a cream once on the skin, much cheaper than QVC

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