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Louise Young Concealer Trio

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Louise Young Concealer Trio Zoom
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2 christine
Doesn't give very good coverage.. Very thin consistency. Wasn't impressed with this.
4 Bonnie
Great concealer trio very creamy and easy to blend, the set is pretty small but trust me a little goes a long way.
5 Susan
Lovely and luscious, purchased medium and exceptionally pleased with this beautiful product.
5 anna
I absolutely love this product! I've never really concealed before but I have acne scars, blemishes and pretty bad bags under my eyes. My face looks flawless and the coverage is perfect, its actually given me the guts to leave the house without wearing a full face of makeup! I highly recommend.
5 Simonne
Very nice product - colour-wise it couldn't be more perfect for my skin... i'd prefer if it was a little more cream-like in consistency but that is a personal preference on my part as I find creams tend to warm nicely on the skin and sink in more naturally... that's not to say this is cakey.. I think it's key to start with a little on the brush onto your skin and then use your finger to warm the product into the skin by dabbing... I'm a big fan of beauty blenders so like my products to definitely have a less is more quality and I would say this concealer most definitely has that... it certainly convinces me to try more Louise Young products...
5 Anna
This is a great concealer and creates a flawless complexion with fantastic coverage. I picked the light palette as I am fair, however I have a slight yellow undertone to my skin so find that if I am using the concealer on its own I tend to stick to the middle shade. However, all shades suit my skin tone in some way or another, as the pinky tones suit under my eyes perfectly and all the colours can be used together if blended correctly. The small brush included is really good for applying, but I would recommend washing it after use as it clogs easily meaning it is hard to wash if you don't do it often. Would highly recommend this product but would love to see a larger palette as on arrival I was a little disappointed with the size... but you don't need a lot of it so it lasts long enough. I tend not to wear foundation during the weekdays so this is a great alternative for covering dark spots and blemishes or just to simply brighten up dull areas of your skin. It is long lasting and stays as it should throughout the day, with no shine or oily residue.
5 Michele
Fab ptoduct. It's so tiny and cute and it fits in any make-up bag. Love love!
4 tara
i thought it was going to be bigger! I purchased a medium - best choice, afterall it is quite expensive.. (poor student life haha) i have very bad dark circles, and its so embarrassing to go outside and be in amazing light and have everyone see my flaws. ive had to put quite a bit on, but it does make a difference in appearance.
5 Tarah
I wanted a concealer that had a orange base to counter my dark circles underneath my eyes. I got this idea from a make up artist who gave me a tip on how to vanish the dark skin underneath the eye with make up. It works for me, so great product, very smooth and creamy texture a little goes a long way.
5 Lily
I've tested a lot of consilers, but this one is the best one! I've got a lot of spots and blemishes and only this consiler gave me thr flawless skin. On my oily skin l use it on primer and then apply foundation. Recommend!
5 Rose Onwe
This concealer is just too perfect.Although I am light skin I purchased the dark colour for contouring and it's simply AMAZING.
5 Niamh
After much anticipation, I purchased the Louise Young concealer palette in fair a couple of weeks ago from Beauty Bay. I had read many reviews about her other products in the past but had yet to buy any. However, in my eternal quest for the perfect concealer I decided to give this a try, feeling confident and hopeful that the product would be up to the standard of the rest of her range. I have spent fortunes over the years on concealers including items from Benefit, Mac, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior etc (need I go on?). In addition to high end items, I have also bought mid and low range products but still the quest continued, particularly for the under-eye area as many products marketed for this specific purpose are either too drying or too greasy. new Louise Young Palette plopped through the letter box (don't survived perfectly as it was well packaged) and's bloody marvellous! The peach tone is a perfect under eye brightener and one requires very little as it's intensely concentrated. It didn't crease at all and brought a radiance to my face immediately on application. The two remaining colours are also a perfect match for my skintones (yes, you heard me correctly...tones, although my complexion is cool, I have both pink and yellow tones on different parts of my face), as one is pink based and the other yellow/beige. When wearing my foundation, the beige is an exact match and needs no mixing. In terms of longevity, I have worn these on my target areas (around nose and under eyes) hiking (yep, who says you have to look like a tree-hugger when you're outdoors and being active?), and pilates and horrah...the concealers lasted the pace, perhaps something to do with their waxy consistency? In any case, I don't care why they work, I just care that they do. They are very concentrated and the wee brush that's included is ideal for the job. I love this palette and suppose I could have said just that but I find those sorts of reviews largely unhelpful :) x

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