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Makeup Geek Contour Powder Pan

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  • Bad Habit
  • Break Up
  • Complicated
  • Deal Breaker
  • Half Hearted
  • Infidelity
  • Scandal
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4 Milena
Purchased the shade Break up. My skin tone is porcelain and neutral, possibly leaning more to cool than warm. Couldn't decide if i should get break up or love triangle. Beautiful contour powder looks good however i really have to blend it in or it can look a little grey. Especially if i choose a warmer blush. If i have a very light fake tan on its definitely too ashy. If you are neutral or cool toned and do sometimes fake tan i would recommend purchasing both the cool and warm color for your skin color.
3 Annie
Got infidelity, which is a tad dark for me, but that's ok. The powder is very pigmented, but I find it a bit hard to blend.
5 Aimee Kidney
I ordered the shade 'bad habit' - great shade for pale complexions and works so well for contouring due to actually having grey undertones so it doesn't look orange. Extremely silky and give a lovely finish - highly recommended
5 Ivona
I ordered bad habit and I love it !
5 Debora
Best contour powder! It blends like a dream, super natural. I've got the shade Bad Habit, it's perfect!
5 Pigi
I purchased bad habit and half hearted and absolutely love them!!
5 Emily
I ordered love triangle, bad habit, break up, and infidelity. I really love the fact that they offer both cool and warm toned contour powders. They are a wonderful texture and have excellent pigmentation. I will definitely order these again when I run out!
5 Catherine
I've got the shade 'Bad Habit' which is a lovely shade for adding a light tan to fair skins, it's matte with a silky texture and very good pigmentation - recommend!
5 Debbie
Love how creamy and smooth the Contour Powder is. I use Bad Habit and Im fair/medium skin toned. Blends like a dream! Thank you, Beauty Bay for making MUG available.
5 Aleksandra
I got love triangle for my very fair and warm undertone skin. It is amazing. Can't even say enough how much I love this shade. It is so easy to blend and it looks so natural, but you can make it look very striking also. Makeup Geek is fantastic brand, it has totally surpassed the likes of MAC, UD etc in my book. 10/5!
5 Sophie
Absolutely love the contour colours can't fault the formula, very highly pigmented and I also use them as eyeshadows.
5 Danniella
LOVE these contour pans, I enjoy that there are warm and cool toned ones as I sometimes fake tan which can make me warmer, yet when natural I am cooler so it gives me brilliant variety. They are lovely to use, highly pigmented and lovey to blend. I cannot rate them highly enough! 5* products!
5 Laura
These are the best contour colours I've found for cool skin tones that don't break the bank! Really pigmented and so easy to blend, can't recommend them enough. As always, can't fault the service from Beauty Bay
5 Sara
You need so little of this and it's soo easy to blend! Love it adore it!!
4 Hannah
My first impression of the shade break up was that it was very orange for what is supposed to be a shade for cool porcelain skin tones, however I have tried it again since and must have just had a dirty brush! It is fantastic! Blendable and pigmented, makes my cheekbones stand out and warms up the complexion just right.
5 Chloe
So buttery and smooth. Have an amazing pigmentation and one of the best contour powders I've bought. Super easy to blend. Also fantastic service from Beauty Bay. Will definitely be placing more orders from here!
5 Katie
Bought bad habit and infidelity a couple of weeks ago and very impressed with the pigmentation in them. Super blendable and the tiniest amount goes a long way. Will be getting Break Up when it comes back into stock as I think Infidelity is a little too dark for my pale skin.
5 Ornela
Love this product. You really only need a tiny bit because it's very pigmented.
5 Cait
Recently bought Break Up, great for pale/fair skin! A little goes a long way! Brilliant product!!
5 Pippa
Best contour powder I have ever used!!! It is extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way. I love the colour selection. I have always struggled to find a cool toned contour powered that is inexpensive. I have tried many contour powers, including high end ones, but nothing compared to makeup geek!
5 Rebecca
I have been looking for to the launch of these for Months, I have extremely fair skin. These are the perfect warm and cool contour colours for my skin tone it is extremely pigmented so a little goes along way but it bends out like a dream. I love that Makeup Geek has developed a range of contour shades for every skin tone from Fair to Deep. So happy that Beauty Bay stocks Makeup Geek!
5 Kelly
When I saw these were coming out I just had to try a few, I ordered breakup and Infidelity and I am super impressed with them both! Make up Geek is such a good brand and its not at all expensive. Love them!
5 Daria
Top quality as usual for MUG powder products. Easy to blend, good range of colours (purchased 5 lightest shades and Complicated is really dark in real life, I am light-medium complection) . A lot of fallout in the pen but nothing that bothers me, I always shake off excess product anyway. Very little goes a long way so build it up slowly! Recommend it highly, can absolutely be compared with really high-end products in quality
5 Emma
By far the best contour powder I've tried...and I've tried alot! Super blendable and very pigmented, a little goes a long way.
5 Dani
This stuff is so pigmented I literally need to dip my brush in once and it's enough, blends super easily and pale enough for my almost white skin. Beautybay makes it so easy to get makeup geek stuff without having to worry about getting it shipped all the way from America. Marlena produces such great products at such a small price! Obsessed!
5 Tweez
I already adore the Makeup Geek eyeshadows so couldn't wait to try the new contour pans. I bought Love Triangle for warm fair skins and it's fab. It's so difficult to buy a warm contour shade on its own and this is it! It's not too orange, or too pale in my fair skin. I'm a brown eyed blonde with dry skin and this blends very easily when I use a contour brush. Perfect as a bronzer too, love it. Will be buying the cool fair shade too, when it come back into stock!
5 Loren
I absolutely LOVE this! there super easy to blend and really pigmented!
5 Natalie
Very smooth and pigmented cannot recommend these enough! Perfect match for my skin tone, the apply very well and actually last throughout the day!
5 Robyn
I bought the colour Infidelity and it works perfectly. So pigmented so you only need the tiniest amount, can easily go overboard but it is so soft and easy to blend out that it's not a massive issue if you do.
5 Karla
Because I live in ireland Beauty Bay is a brilliant way for me to buy makeup I really love thus company I give it a 5 star rating.
5 Isabella
Bought the shade Break Up, so hard to find a natural looking contour on very fair skin but this one is better than everything I've tried! So smooth and blendable and very pigmented and you can't beat the price!
5 Raisa
I love these contour shades because there is a shade for every skin tone. So blendable, pigmented, creamy and buttery. I love it!!
5 Lucy
I recently purchased a Zoeva palette and Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz (recommended from youtube of course ;)) and it is the best money I have ever spent! the order came the next day which was great and it was also free delivery which is a fab idea! The palette is so amazing and the colours are stunning and so pigmented! And so is the brow wiz, it's so precise and the perfect colour! thank you Beauty Bay, I will definitely be ordering from you in the future because of your great and speedy delivery service :) x

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