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Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan

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Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan Zoom
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  • Blacklight
  • Havoc
  • I'm Peachless
  • Karma
  • Mai Tai
  • Ritzy
  • Secret Garden
  • Steampunk
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5 Keri
Such good quality for a great price !
5 Keri
I bought Havoc and I am so happy with the pigmentation and blends really well but it is also a close dupe for mac's brown pigment !
2 Célina
I do not really like the formulation of these... They are super powdery and not as pigmented as there foiled or matte eyeshadow pans.
5 Nix
Absolutely love these pans!! Super pigmentation and blend like a dream! I used to swear only by mac.... not anymore. I'm completely converted! Do NOT be put off by the price of these, they are far superior to mac, at a far more affordable price! I've got so many of these now, I'm in love! the way they change in the light is beautiful! Just a must have for any mua or just anyone who loves make up!
5 Samantha Race
The sheen and colour from these is beautiful. You need to stock more colours!!
5 Xenia
Got ritzy, havoc and secret garden and I must say is was love at first swatch! I can't decide which is my favorite. Regardless if you want to buy makeup geeks normal shadows, foiled or duo chrome you won't be disappointed.
5 Megan
The most gorgeous duo chrome shadows I own- they are beautiful shades with a depth of colour to each of them (eg Ritzy has a red undertone which is beautiful when applied with a wet brush!) and the formula is super easy to blend, super pigmented and all over amazing. Would highly recommend.
4 Autumn
Not 100% on the two colours I have, however, the pigmentation is great, and they blend very easily!
3 E
I have two of the duochrome shades and whilst they are beautiful in concept they are not of the same quality of the other makup geek shadows. They are not as pigmented and they fade a lot quicker through out the day. Mai tai especially! Pretty though
5 Odenna
I absolutely love the collection. I really want to buy more, but they already disappeared. Hopefully, BB will sell more of them. It seems that Makeup Geek eyeshadow collection only becomes less.
5 Stacie
I got the shade karma it's so beautiful very pigmented very smooth absolutely love it definitely worth buying and I will definitely buy more in the future
5 Keeley
I now have collected all these since I found Beauty Bay way back when and I absolutely love every single one! Some can be a tiny bit crumbly but still all are amazing!
5 Megan
I currently have 2 of these and they're amazing, their honestly such a nice formula and they look so stunning, they're so unique, I will definetly be repurchasing.
5 Natalie
What a fantastic bunch of eyeshadows and a great idea for a product. The duochrome looks amazing on the lid and really reflects the light. I've had so many compliments when wearing these shadows - plus they are incredibly pigmented so a little goes a long way. Highly recommend these to any makeup lover
5 Georgia
Bought this pan to fill in a magnetic palette. Subtle but pretty colours that work on all skin tones. The one I bought was the Mai Tai, highly recommend it.
5 Aleksandra
Bought the foiled eyeshadow in Phantom for my sister. She loved it and the pigmentation is amazing.
5 Magdalena
I have the shade blacklight and has such a stunning effect on the eyes and on the skin if used as a highlighter
5 Jules
I purchased 'I'm Peachless' a couple days ago and it arrived in wonderful condition, the shade all though very nude was light enough for my somewhat tanner skin to not appear strange or not show up. Wonderful pigmentation and beautiful for any on trend peachy looks (makes a great inner corner highlight).
5 Rachael
Can't help swatching my duochrome eyeshadows they're so buttery and pigmented! Got the shades ritzy, voltage and steampunk and voltage is my ultimate go to for inner corner highlight!
5 Sunniva
These eyeshadows are amaaaaaazing. the pigmentation is so good, and the formula is smooth and not powdery at all! will defently order more of them
5 Jessica
These are such gorgeous quality and come in some really unique colours.
5 Holly
I purchased Havoc and Ritzy and I love them! Havoc reminds me of Mac Blue Brown pigment (hence why I got it). The colours are amazing and they are not a bad price at all considering the quality you are getting. Love them!
5 Shian
These are some of my favourite shadows in 2017 so far. What I found - 1. What shades I purchased - I first purchased havoc because If like me and you have seen the swatches you will know about the beautiful duotone colour it adds to any look. I then went onto ordering secret garden, typhoon, I'm peachless, mai tai, rockstar, blacklight2. Opinion on shades - I have not fully tried and expierenced all the shades as one they look too good to put a finger in them just for a swatch and I wanna use them to create looks. The two I have tried are havoc and mai tai, they have great results with either applying straight on the lid, over a powder or cream base. Not sure about anyone else I have not expierenced any fall out and these colours work amazing with the urban decay potion primer to last all day with the same consistently as if it was only just applied.3. How I like to apply - as I wanted to makeup the eyeshadow stayed in place and also get a pop of colour I apply either a light cream shadow or concealer which makes the colour pop and makes it great for creating different styles from more natural sparkle to a creative smokey eye. Lastly they fit amazingly in the Morphe Colour Magnectic Palattes which is great as I was very cautious to leaving the shadows without a protective case. Overall 10/10!
3 Rothna
I bought havoc a year ago and had to bin it recently as its useless. Loved the colour swatches on but on the eye it's patchy muddy, difficult to work with and too stiff . I have also bought karma which is a lot better so maybe the formula varies depending on the colour
5 Casey
These duochromes are literally the prettiest eyeshadow I own! I have Blacklight and the effect you get from it is stunning! Goes on so smoothly and so blendable! Looks amazing with glitters for a super glam look!
3 Ella Stevens
I bought two of these (mai Thai & black light) and they both swatch beautifully, however they don't seem to .pop. on the lids? I've tried applying with a flat synthetic brush, with & without Mac fix+, and applying it with my finger, no matter what I do I just can't get the duo chrome to be visible, leaving a sickly looking eyeshadow, such a shame, I really wanted to love these like everyone else does, I love all the other MUG eyeshadow formulas except this one :(
4 Helene
Love it! Purchased Blacklight and it looks just like the color displayed. Not too crazy, nor too dull. Easy to apply and long-lasting :)
5 Ron
Ah, wow. I ordered havoc, and the second it arrived i wanted to buy all the other ones as well! It's just so beautiful, and it looks really, really cool. A thing to think about is that you cant see the .chrome effect. very well without proper lightning, something most parties lack...i kept dragging friends with me to the toilet so they could see my eyeshadow the first time i used it. Doesn't go on very good if using brushes (or maybe i have weird brushes), so i would recommend using your fingers if you want it really pigmented. Will buy more soon!
5 Emily
I purchased Backlight from the duochrome collection and it is the prettiest eye shadow I have ever seen! I love how pigmented and easy to apply it is they are perfect for an inner corner highlight and when feeling adventurous perfect to wear as a face highlighter too x
5 Vanessa
I ordered last week six MUG eyeshadows: three of them were duochrome (Havoc, Ritzy and Typhoon), and the other three pressed eyeshadows (Bada Bing, Pretentious and Galaxy). I'm totally in love with all of them!! I just want to have all the MUG eyeshadows, because they're simply perfect! Lovely colours, perfect pigmentation, and it's not the cheapest brand, but it deserves each and every cent I paid for them. I'll buy again, sure!!
4 Lauren
I bought Ritzy, Blacklight and Typhoon. They are absolutely beautiful, very pigmented. Not particularly 'buttery' so they are a little harder to blend in comparison to some other eyeshadows (sleek do amazingly buttery duo chromes in some of their pallets if you're interested)
5 Nat
I bought 13 colours, including foiled ones and duochrome ones and every single one is so pigmented and so easy to blend. I thought the eyeshadows I already had were good but after trying this I'm not going to use anything else.
5 J
Brought karma! First time trying there duochrome eyeshadow and loved it! Such a pretty colour. Will buy more soon
5 Karen Hughes
I've got so many of these now that I personally think make up geek do the best eyeshadows. They are so pigmented it's unreal, I've fell completely in love with doing eye makeup again using these. These and the foil eyeshadows are amazing I've never seen anything like them. The finish on them is always perfect and they look top quality. The shades are to die for and easy to blend out. Could never go back to my old eyeshadows after using these.
5 Ines
Bought voltage. It's so unique, I don't have anything like it in my collection. It's a great intercorner highlight and you can put it on top of any other eyeshadow to make it ten times more special.
5 Dru
These eyeshadows are very pigmented I purchased all 12 colours. Some are more duochrome than others. My personal favourites are Karma which is gold to teal, I'm Peachless which is a very soft peach to a orange pink colour and Mai Tai which is a rose pink to subtle magenta colour with a hint of purple. Rockstar isn't as reflective as the other colours but is still a pretty colour I personally wouldn't repurchase it, in my opinion it just looks like a pale warm grey shimmer. Havoc is noticeably the most duochrome. All the shadows are creamy ,blend well and didn't crease for me without a primer. Overall the colours are stunning and I love this collection.
5 Silvia
Bought Blacklight and it's AMAZING. One of the best shadows I ever tried. The duochrome effect really stands out on the eye. Great paired with a matte grey or taupe in the crease.
5 Ðeni
Phantom is the most beautiful shade I have. Very pigmented and easy to apply. The best!
5 Charlotte
Love MUG shadows I own 38 all together, including 5 duo chrome and 4 foiled so far! They are amazing quality, so pigmented and easy to work with, absolutely beautiful shadows!
5 4444pink
Perfect Quality and pigmentation. Can't stop buying.Votage is one of my favorite .
1 k
I am really disappointed with the quality of these eyeshadows. They are weak on dark skin, dry, talc heavy, poorly pigmented. I bought 12 and regret all of them. Cheap and useless on me, having spent the same as I would on a decent palette and its just useless. Annoyed and can't return them.
5 Ioana
Have been looking for a good duo chrome eye shadow for a while and I have tried MAC's Club, which I find has no pigmentation whatsoever. However, MG's duo chromes are bomb, they really make your eyes pop with the same high quality as the regular shadows
5 Amee
Purchased secret garden, it's a lovely colour something I would not normally wear. Really easy to apply and great pigmentation. It goes really well with bitten in my opinion. Highly recommend!
5 Phoebe
I recently brought the pans blacklight and secret garden, and both of the pans are amazing quality, I can't stop trying different looks with blacklight and it really stands out. Both pans are highly pigmented and have a buttery consistency to them. For the price of these, the quality is at perfect standard and I would rate them higher than my naked palettes. I can't wait to grow my makeup geek collection.
5 Debbie
All MUG eyeshadows are pigmented and very blendable; not to mention affordable. These duochromes are exceptional!
5 Carolina
Bought Secret Garden and Tiki Hut and I LOVE them.
5 Liz
Bought Blacklight and Havoc - absolutely love both. Great quality and a great price! Long lasting too. Highly recommend!
5 Joya
I love Makeup Geek products. Favourite eye shadow is havoc which is a subtle brown colour with a twist. Bought this also for a colleague at work. She had many positive comments about the colour. Stunning shade.
5 Cerys
beautiful colours!!
5 Amy
I bought havoc, mai tai, voltage and blacklight and i love them all! Super pigmented, great for the price. Dead easy can just do one sweep on your eye and you've got a full eye shadow look. Would recommend and repurchase.
5 Charlotte
These are so good, pigmentation is so good and they blend like a dream.
5 Makeuplover26
After finding out makeup geek was half price I couldn't resist. They're eyeshadow are amazing, so pigmented and so affordable.
5 Soledad
very happy with the buy, love the color. I am sure I will come back to buy on the page.
5 Charlotte gentleman
These are soooo pretty I brought two of them and I will definitely be buying more they are amazing
5 Anna-Maria
This is my first MUG eyeshadow and I could not be more in love with it, amazing quality and great price! The shade I bought is blacklight, if you dont have it yet you need it!
5 Laykin
I have 5 of the duochrome eyeshadows (phantom,blacklight, I'm peach less, mai tai and ritzy) they are stunning! I plan to order the rest of the collection when I place my next BB order.So creamy!
5 Amra
I recently ordered Secret Garden and I love it. Its so nicely pigmented and the shade is perfect. Love it. Can't wait to get my hands on more shades....
4 Maria
I bought Blacklight and i'm in loooove! Looks so great as a midpoint in an halo eyelook and on the teardot with purple plum smoky eye. I'm obsessed! Transfers though a little in the crease and fades throughout the day even with primer. I use Urban Decay eyeshadow primer at the moment. The amount of transferring is small though so not so bothered. Beautiful soft eyeshadows that i will buy again and actually ordered Voltage, typhoon, mai-tai and havoc to try out! can't wait!
5 Phoebe
My first makeup geek shadow was Blacklight and now i'm going to buy them all! it was super pigmented and amazing! The colour was incredible!
5 Melissa
Where have these been all my life? Completely in love. Can't wait to try the others!
5 Molly
I've got Mai Tai and Blacklight and i cant wait to order more! The colours are really unique and they blend amazingly! I find it's best to use them with a primer but that's the case for most brands. Really amazing how the colour alters depending on the light, can't wait to try more and fill up my Z palette!!
1 Aimee
Secret garden swatched is amazing just like macs blue brown however on the eyelid it's another story. Just a wash of a merky brown. I wouldn't recommend unfortunately. Sorry girls and guys! Xx
5 Simona
awesome pigmentation, beautiful shadows.... makeup geek is love!!!
5 Ella
Really wanted some shadows to play with and to step out of my comfort zone since I tend to stick to those delicious warm smoky looks. I also wanted to try some colours and not just brown or orange-y tones, I have VERY light blue eyes so I was kind of scared that my eyes would get lost in a cool toned look but with these shadow NOTHING gets lost!! I absolutely LOVE these shadows, my fave is Blacklight. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!
4 emelia
Ordered the 'secret garden' duo chrome eyeshadow and i was initially disappointed in the pigmentation when applied with a brush, however, when fingers are used to pack the product on the result is an extremely pigmented, gorgeous, duo chrome shadow.
5 Eilidh
Love this colour, it almost have a red under tone in it. Really pigmented and stays on all night!
5 Melissa
Ordered loads od makeup geek and i was very impress how quick the dilevery , the product is just AMazing will defo goin to order more soon thank you soo much #@beatyBay !!!
5 Amie
This was my first time purchasing Makeup Geek eyeshadows, and they definitely live up to the hype. I ordered 4 shades (Mai Tai, Rockstar, Blacklight, and Secret Garden). They are very pigmented, blendable, and the colour payoff is great - though they do wear off after a few hours so I would recommend using a good primer.
1 Lauren
I loved the colour of this eyeshadow however when I put it on my eye I had an instant allergic reaction. I have never experienced any sort of reaction to any eyeshadow (I own almost every palette available). After extensive googling I have determined it is the ingredient carmine that caused my reaction. I emailed beauty bay however they will not take it back as it has been used. Not sure how else you are meant to find out you are allergic to a product. Overall very disappointed.
5 Iida
I bought the shades 'secret garden' and 'blacklight' and they are absolutely amazing! Can't wait to get more of these...
5 Giulia
I really really really love the shade i've bought! Ritzy is a perfect duochrome! I'm in love!
5 Anja
I love MUG shadows, so I wanted to try the Duochrome line. Havoc is beautiful, you can put it above other shades to make the effect different and change the shift or you put it on by itself and it has a gorgeous blueish-reddish shine on me. It also lasts really long. If you are looking for a red-brown base with a blueish/turquoise shift, Havoc will not disappoint.
5 Klara
These are amazing. They blend very easily and the pigments are extraordinary. They look very professional on the eye.
5 Andreja
I bought Voltage and I love it, it's very pigmented and shiny, just what I wanted. If you layer it over White lies it gets so much more intense :D I already have Mai Tai, Blacklight and Havoc and as per usual for MUG products they are high quality, thanks for getting this brand BB, it's so nice to order it from Europe and be able to buy makeup in a bulk!
4 Alica
I own all the duo chrome shades and the most of all MUG eye shadows. Unfortunately the greens are ( Havoc, Secret Garden, Ritzy) not very good, they diverge from the other colors. The color pay off is not very good and the duo chrome effect doesn't turn out beautiful. It always look like a redish brown... I can't recommend the greens. BUT the other colors are fantastic!! Especially Karma, MaiTai and Blacklight are soooo good, really creamy and buttery, beautiful rich color payoff!
I bought the shade ritzy lovely Very pigmented can't wait to buy more.
5 Rose
Absolutely beautiful colour pay off from Backlight. It transforms used over other colours and looks beautiful on it's own. My only problem is not having enough opportunities to wear this more!
5 Orly
Amazing eyeshadow for amazing price. with paint pot under it, it will stay even on most oily lids like a boss! karma and blacklight are my favs.
5 Thea
Absolutely love these eyeshadows, so pigmented and just all around gorgeous. I highly recommend.
5 Heather white
I love this product. They are so easilly blendable and the pigmentation is incredible. Would highly reccomend these shadows
5 Anna
I adore this shadows! Thank you soo much BeautyBay for shipping to Sweden! I ordered Havoc, Voltage and Ritzy, and let me just say Guurl, (or guy) this shadows are amazing! Just like everyone on youtube and blogs say! Soo pigmented, buttery and blends incredibly well :) Also the shipping was very fast, and nicely and securely boxed! 5/5 on everything!
5 Debbie
These Duochrome Eyeshadows are simply outstanding! Ordered 4 (Backlight, Havoc, Ritzy & Secret Garden) from Beauty Bay and will definitely be ordering more! Very pigmented and colours are absolutely gorgeous! Great quality as always from Makeup Geek and affordable.
5 Sophie
I bought mai tai mainly for the name but I love it. Can't wait to fill up my Z Palette with more MUG shadows.
5 Jaclyn
Love love love!! Latest colour purchase was Voltage it's an amazing eyeshadow and also a great highlighter.
5 Emma
Bought a pan in shade phantom, love! Such fun eyeshadow to play around with! It gives a nice shimmer to your makeup. And I even use it on my lips to get a shiney fun result.
5 Georgina
OMG I LOVEEE these shadows, like all the Makeup Geek shadows they are totally amazing! Blend so well and the colours of the duochromes are gorgeous... I love all the shades but have to give a mention to karma and blacklight just such beautiful shades... thank you Beauty Bay for stocking Makeup Geek :-)
5 Irene
I absolutely love these. Ritzy is an extraordinary colour and makes the perfect look with just one wash blended out in the crease. Blacklight and voltage are also just beautiful. Hope they bring out more colours!
5 Liapireas
After I read all the reviews for the Makeup Geek eyeshadows in the internet I decided to order my first 8 eyeshadows from Beauty Bay, thanks so much for bringing them to us! Now I have : creme brule (x2), cocoa bear, shimma shimma, beaches and cream, cupcake, mermaid and corrupt. They are super pigmented, excellently blendable, minimum fallout and with a super price, easily compared to my other mac ones in quality, but much much cheaper, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! I will keep buying some more of course and I want to try the duochromes as well ! As I have seen Beauty Bay has the Morphee brushes too, awesome ! Great opportunity for us who live in Europe to have all these products .I love that Beauty Bay have great delivery and are always here to help .....
5 Maya
Mai tai I love it gorgous on the lid. Beauty Bay is an excellent site to order Makeup Geek thank you for your service.
5 Austine
Absolutely stunning colour, Makeup Geek is better quality and more blendable than any Mac eyeshadow is at s fraction of the price. So glad Beauty Bay is now selling this brand AAA+++
5 Adrianna
Simply love it, every eyeshadow from Makeupgeek is just amazing. Great quality, so pigmented and easy to apply!
5 Kimmy
O...M...G...IN LOVE...just stunning!!! Thank you BeautyBay for stocking Makeup Geek...THANK YOU
5 Shyma
Bought the shade typhoon. Its the best mix of golden and green. The duochrome finish is perfect and glides on the lids perfectly. Thanks Beauty Bay for bringing this brand to India.
5 Maria
Looks amazing, and its very pigmented.
5 G
Along with 'creme brule' (classic eyeshadow from makeupgeek) I picked up 'I'm peachless' and wooah,they're both so beautiful! The duochrome effect is sooo intense and soooo pretty(: Thank you so so so so so much Beauty Bay!
5 Cassandra
I purchased I'm peachless which is a peachy shade with pink and gold reflects. This really pops on my dark skin and is a good lid colour. I've only used it with a primer and it didn't crease or fade on my oily lids, couldn't ask for more.
5 E
Amazing! Makeup Geek eyeshadows (along with (morphe) are they best in my opinion! Super blendable and creamy, great pigmentation and have so many different finishes and colours. The duo chromes are amazing especially for a more dramatic or night time look as they are so unique, look great and really make the eyes pop! When using these I like to use fix plus spray from Mac to make them even more pigmented and foiled.
5 Mai
Really beautiful colour, not that dramatic, which is perfect if you wanna create that subtle look.
5 Melissa
These eyeshadows are stunning & so pigmented yet so affordable!!!
5 Mel
The duochrome collection are so much fun. Havoc was the first in my collection, and I was so happy with the result of the shadow I had to order more of them. They reflect so many colors depending on the light you see them in, and they get even more intense if you spray some fix+ on you brush. Everybody should own at least one MUG duochrome to spritz up their makeup look.
5 Shannon
These eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous, the pigmentation is honestly stunning and I love the reflects of different colours, secret garden is a must as it has a deep espresso base and in different lights appears a gorgeous green colour, so stunning...I recommend them all x
5 Sheryl
These are the best eye shadows ever.
5 Chloe
I am sooo in love with Make up geek eye shadows! I thought I would buy a couple just to see what they are like and OMG!! Very easy to blend and highly pigmented! I bought the Duochromes in the shade Im Peachless and Voltage and seriously I haven't stopped looking at them and using them since I've had them! I just want every single colour there is! Also very fast delivery, will certainty be buying some more!*****
5 Rohini
These are great! They are kinda out of my comfort zone and not really for a natural look but they are great for a smokey eye! I got Ritzy and Karma which are gorge, they blend really well and you can use different shades to blend because they are duochrome. They definitely make a bold statement.
5 Rachel
I have been waiting for makeup geek for ages I love her eyeshadows!! Brought 2 of these & they are amazing!!! Gorgeous colours so pigmented & creamy & fast delivery so pleased!!
5 Sophie
Makeup Geek will forever be my top eyeshadows, constantly filling up a new palette, 100% recommended!!!
5 Glamorous touch mua
As a makeup artist, these eyeshadows are superb quality. The sheen and colour payoff is amazing and the duochrome effect is brilliant.
5 Danielle Moore
Amazing colour, definitely worth the price! Love it
5 Danielle Moore
Amazing colour! Definitely worth the price! Love it
5 Alice
Such gorgeous eye shadows, amazing quality and value! So happy they're being stocked in the UK can't wait for them all to come back into stock to order more!
5 Maria warner
I'm so thrilled that MUG is now available in the uk. Have bought 9pans and a z palette from USA in past and have been delighted . Love the products but not the import duty. This is excellent

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