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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan

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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan Zoom
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  • Americano
  • Anarchy
  • Aphrodite
  • Bada Bing
  • Bake Sale
  • Bandwagon
  • Barcelona Beach
  • Beaches and Cream
  • Bitten
  • Boo Berry
  • Brownie Point
  • Burlesque
  • Cabin Fever
  • Casino
  • Cherry Cola
  • Chickadee
  • Chit Chat
  • Cinderella
  • Cocoa Bear
  • Concrete Jungle
  • Confection
  • Corrupt
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Creme Brulee
  • Cupcake
  • Desert Sands
  • Dirty Martini
  • Dragonfly
  • Early Bird
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Envy
  • Fairytale
  • Faux Fur
  • Frappe
  • Friend Zone
  • Fuji
  • Galaxy
  • Gold Digger
  • High Tea
  • Hipster
  • Hopscotch
  • Hot Pants
  • Ice Queen
  • Latte
  • Lucky Penny
  • Mango Tango
  • Mirage
  • Mocha
  • Moondust
  • Morocco
  • Neptune
  • Peach Smoothie
  • Peacock
  • Petal Pusher
  • Pillow Talk
  • Pixie Dust
  • Pocket Change
  • Pop Culture
  • Poppy
  • Pretentious
  • Prom Night
  • Rapunzel
  • Roulette
  • Sand Dollar
  • Sensuous
  • Shark Bait
  • Shimma Shimma
  • Shore Thing
  • Sidekick
  • Stealth
  • Taboo
  • Tan Lines
  • Taupe Notch
  • Time Travel
  • Toxic
  • Tuscan Sun
  • Unexpected
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Venom
  • Vintage
  • Wild West
  • Wisteria
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5 Keri
These eyeshadows are so creamy and pigmented its unreal and they are so much better than MAC as well considering the price and quality !!!! However I've been looking for some other shades to order but they are out of stock !!!!! And I would love it if they came back in stock on beautybay!!!!!!
5 Amy blissett
My favourite eyeshadows ever! (Even over Mac) they blend amazingly and the pigmentation is unreal, coco bear is a personal fave!!!
5 Tracey
MUG eyeshadows are so much better than MAC right now. So please Beauty Bay stocks them at such great value and quick delivery too. Z palette has never had it so good!
5 Safa
Absolutely stunning shadows!! Frappe is perfect for a medium skin tone in the crease.
5 Rebecca Mohr
These are so pigmented and easy to blend! Please restock popular shades because I'm dying to add them to my palette! (Vanilla bean, cupcake, latte, I'm peachless... etc)
5 Sukie
Been avoiding buying these from BB since they priced them so highly but I am thrilled that they listened to their customers and put the price back down. Thank you Beauty Bay, for caring for your customers feedback and dropping the price. I will continue my MUG collecting from BBay from now on!!!
5 Sukie
Been avoiding buying these from BB since they priced them so highly but I am thrilled that they listened to their customers and put the price back down. Thank you Beauty Bay, for caring for your customers feedback and dropping the price. I will continue my MUG collecting from BBay from now on!!!
5 Holly
Best single eyeshadows I've ever used I love them xo
5 Célina
Absolutely in love with them! Soo pigmented and super easy to blend.
5 Nix
Absolutely love these pans!! Super pigmentation and blend like a dream! I used to swear only by mac.... not anymore. I'm completely converted! Do NOT be put off by the price of these, they are far superior to mac, at a far more affordable price! I've got so many of these now, I'm in love!
5 Samantha Race
Beautiful colours and pigments. Commuted now to buying 4 a month to build my collection
5 imogine
i love these eye shadows super pigmented for such an amazing price!
5 Sereena
These makeup geek eyeshadows are soo pigmented and blendable!! The quality is amazing & there is a big variety of shades to choose from.
5 Rhiannon
I. Am. Obsessed! So pigmented, amazingly soft and buttery, and just perfect! Love love love these in my ZPalette!
5 Galorealla
Absolutely first class brand. Awesome pigmentation and colour choice. Will buy every colour possible as these are so beautiful ??. Thank you so much Beauty Bay.
5 Amy
These are the best eyeshadows I have ever use very pigmented would definitely buy some more great customer service
5 Ava
LOVE LOVE LOVE, i've added many now to my collection from falling in love with 'cocoa bear' definitely recommend always consistent and do the job right. Longest lasting shadows i've tried. Pigmented yet blend like a dream.
5 Victoria
Always a bit skeptical when reading reviews myself but I had to write one about these. Love them, consistency and colour pay off is lovely. So cheap, would say as good as MAC but half the price!
2 Amelia
I love MUG shadows, top notch stuff, but come on Beauty Bay, you're increasing the price almost weekly?!?! I think its more economical to just buy from their site now which makes me sad because I'm a loyal BB customer.
1 Eloise
Once again, beauty bay photos don't show the true colour!! I ordered cosmopolitan expecting a slightly peachy shimmery gold but what turned up is sparkly pink and not gold in the slightest. Also ordered roulette (coppery brown) and sorbet (pale beige), which like cosmopolitan, were so much more pink than the photos, and I hate pinkish shades. Not impressed.
5 Kristine
I tried Makeup Geek after seeing Wayne Goss use it on Youtube - I thought it was going to be same old, same old, but have to admit it I LOVE IT! Smooth eyeshadow, very pigmented, very blendable, in a great choice of colours! I bought 5 initially then came back for another few and still want some more as you can create so many looks. My favourite is Shimma Shimma - perfect for hightlighting the tear duct and underneath the brow.
5 Ana
High pigment pay off, very blendable and amazing durability.
5 Claire Smith
These are the best eyeshadow's I've ever used. I won't use any others now after using these.
5 Ayanda
I see what all the hype is about! Pigmented, smooth and easy to blend, fit nicely into a z palette, and the pans are even bigger than MAC. Great price too, and I got morocco which is a gorgeous burnt orange shade great for warm toned looks especially as a transition colour for medium-dark skin. Will definately be building a collection of these!
4 Vânia
Really pigmented! Love it!
5 Lizzie
Nothing bad to say about these at all!!!! Great colour pay off and blend brilliantly
5 sophie
Such a dream to blend and the colours are beautiful!
2 Flora
Good colour payoff but the fallout is intense. Very intense. I kind of don't want to ever buy again because of it
5 Courtney-aj
These Eyeshadows Are So Pigmented And Creamy, My Favourite Eyeshadows
5 shannon
Amazing eyeshadows! Blend beautifully and look amazing. Next day delivery too, can't fault them!
5 Mary
These shadow are unbelievable! Pigmented, creamy and everything expected in a eyeshadow!
5 Xenia
5 out of 5 would definitely recommend these shadows! They're so pigmented and blend so effortlessly.For the first time I have some shadows I really love and wouldn't want to be without! I 'only' have around 35 shadows for now, but I'll for sure buy a lot more.
5 Maria
I am in luv with ``Cocoa Bear``- this is definetely my big time favourite. these eyeshadows are so good. I love them more than mac!
5 Emilie
I really like these eyeshadows. Very soft and easy to blend out. I would say they are softer than mac eyeshadows so you have to be more careful with both blending and picking up product. My one complaint is they always seem to run out of stock VERY fast.
5 Marjia
I purchased four of the MUGEyeshadows Coco Bear, Creme brulee, Corrupt and Latte their really beautiful shades and Really pigmented! If you cannot get hold of the Morphe eyeshadow palette I really recommend these shadows they have a better pigmentation
5 Erin
colours i have; bitten, chickadee, cocoa bear, cosmopolitan, creme brulee, frapee, sensuous, shimma shimma, tuscan sun, unexpected, vintage.excellent shadows, use creme brulee, frapee, cocoa bear, shimma shimma on a daily basis, really amazing pigmented colours, as per other reviews they can be powdery as they are so buttery soft so you do use slightly more product but they are soo easy to blend out, worth it in this sense and price in my opinion, i bought an empty 28pan morphe palette and have just been filling that up with a mix of different makeup geek eyeshadows, perfect size for these pans
5 Rachel
So beautiful and the colour payoff is divine I NEED to collect all the shades to fill my z palette
5 Amy
pigmented very good eyeshadows for the money can't go wrong with makeup geek
5 Megan
My all time favourite shadows- gorgeous shades, super pigmented colour, beautiful and buttery and so easy to blend and create gorgeous looks. Amazing range of mattes and shimmers. If I'm ever in need of a new shadow I always come back to Makeup Geek, and the duo chrome shadows are beautiful as well!
5 Autumn
Hands down my favourite eyeshadows
5 Dibya
Higly pigmented n easily blendable love these eyeshadows so much,, got cherry cola n petal pusher today n absolutely adore these colours ! Thanks to beautybay for stockin dem ??
5 charlie
I had heard reviews on Makeup Geek eyeshadows before, but I never believed they could be this good. I bought bitten and drama queen and let me tell you, when I first did swatches on these products I was amazed by the pigmentation and how smooth the formula was. They blend effortlessly with other eyeshadows but work incredibly with each other. Let's not leave out how many gorgeous shades and colours you can choose from! I will never go back to my drugstores eyeshadows. Makeup Geek now has my heart.
5 Hannah
Absolutely love these shadows, blend amazingly, some colours on site are now no longer avaibale, hope they restock asap
5 Nidhi
Very good quality eyeshadows.Great value for money.The red toned browns like cocoa bear and sidekick have become signature colours of the brand.Please restock more matte eyeshadows from makeupgeek.
5 Ella
I love love thease shadows I am currently filling up my z palette and I am obsessed I reach for it almost everyday
5 gabi
amazing and easy to blend but need to stop removing eyeshadows off the website!
5 Darpan anand
I love these shadows
1 Vji xd
They keep discontinuing the only good shades
5 Liv
LOVE LOVE LOVE these eye shadows!! I use them every day!
4 Minna
I really like these eyeshadows, but it would be great if you brought corrupt and some of the other shades back!
5 Rebecca
Love these shadows so much! They are very pigmented and the colours blend so well and you can create so many looks with them! I've brought loads and I wouldn't want to be without them! I see supplies dwindling on this site - I hope you re-stock soon! Great value too!!
5 Darcie
So beautiful really pigmented love them and delivered in a few days
5 Sera
Newly introduced to the brand and absolutely love them. The pigment is so much better than MAC and the colours are fantastic. Brilliant blendability. Would highly recommend these and worth a try at least. You will not be disappointed.
5 Niamh
I keep coming back to make up geek eyeshadows, love them so much! Have a good collection now and it's still growing, almost have a full large z palette!
5 Helle
I love these shadows
3 rebecca
love these eyeshadows but I am dissapointed as the price is gone slighly up and now find inglot and mac eyeshadows cheaper and the quality is the same if not better. Still one of my fave eyeshadows!
4 Jamila
I love most of the eyeshadows I purchased from makeup geek, I purchased about 21 of them, they are so pigmented and I love the deep red colours such as bitten, cherry cola, coco bear and brown colours. I have a dark skin tone/ I'm black , and they all show up really well, I'd say they're better than mac, saving you money per pan. Only reason why i'm giving 4 star, is that the price keeps increasing by 50p or so! Better to get them now I guess, before it changes to mac prices! Another disappointing thing is that I purchased Time travel thinking it was a nice dark green to go with my dress I bought, but from the picture, or maybe it's just me but it is BLUE! no doubt, I was looking forward to that one, also stealth is a disappointment, it is a grey blue which I don't like. All in all delivery was fast so that was great, I recommend purchasing all the pinks, browns and reds, they are great!!! don't get time travel unless you love blue, but its actually nicer than Peacock hmm which I got. I mean I love blue but I was expecting green, Makeup geek stop increasing the prices!!!! I could write about them all, telling you what to expect but they are all great 4 out of 5 because Time travel and Stealth looked different to the pics and reviews.
5 Donna
Great pigmentation, lovely colours. I can't wait to use the nine eyeshadows that I have bought. Please stock more MUG shades Beauty Bay
5 Inna
Absolutely AMAZING foreshadow, super pigmented,buttery, the color selection is great too, any tone and shade is available.
5 Stacie
I got casino and it is so beautiful and very pigmented very smooth absolutely love it
5 Lic
Amazing shadows! Perfect for my new Z palette!
4 Aine
AMAZING! I'm addicted! But I am disappointed with the range BB has atm.
5 Keeley
I love the eyeshadows! Non of them have let me down and I've collected quite a few now!
5 Megan
I love these shadows, they're by far my favourite formula of all the matte eyeshadows I've tested, I thought mango tango was going to be more of an orange colour, but it arrived more peachy and I loved it even more, I was so surprised how well they blended out.
5 Tiia
Incredible eyeshadows! Usually I can get frustrated with eyeshadows and all the blending but the MUG ones make it so easy and do most of the work for you. Pigmented and smooth.
5 Natalie
I own all but 6 of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows sold by Beauty Bay (I wish they'd stock some more) and they are ALL incredible. Every single one is so pigmented and they are 100% the best eyeshadows I have ever used. I will never use anything else. Seriously, you NEED to try Makeup Geek shadows
5 Zoe
I live for these eyeshadow the pigmentation is amazing and the colour range is so unbelievable
5 Jas
Really like the range of colours. I can't wait to buy more. Not sure what other colours to buy though. Nice pigmentation with no fallout. So happy that they fit in my Mac Pallete.
5 Isla
Cannot speak highly enough of these eyeshadows!! The pigmentation is to die for, better than any MAC shadow I have ever used and for the price you can't complain! Also bought an XL Z-Pallete to place the shadows in which is perfect in storing all my go-to everyday shadows! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! ?? X
5 Regan
Have you just stopped selling cherry cola? But these are the BEST eye shadows by far!! Soooo good and soooo cheap
5 Chiara
Best quality matte eyeshadows I've tried for a very good price. You need the smallest amount so a pan will last you forever.Some of the shades I have (for example bitten) is a bit powdery but nothing unbearable and they are very easy to blend and great for beginners like me. Also almost every colour from other Palettes are dupable with MUG eyeshadows.
5 Khushi
First time trying makeup geek eyeshadows and must say the quality is amazing!!! Super pigmented and has a lovely feel to them :)
1 R
I love the eye shadows but don't understand why I cant find the originals like shimma shimma, cocoa bear, white lies etc the favourites they were there a month ago but not sure why not now
5 Klaudia
Great pigmentation, blends very easy, I love the color and definitely will be buying again !!!
4 Milena
Beautiful eyeshadows. Cant say they're better than MAC however theyre a lot more powdery, which makes them much easier to blend out and achieve a more seamless look. I use a synthetic brush as I find a bristle brush just doesn't hold onto the shadow. Must have cocoa bear, pretentious, creme brule, preppy.
3 Taslima
Eyeshadowes are amazing but it is not magnetic whatsoever!!! I've put it in my empty mac palette which is magnetic btw and the MUG eyeshadowes still slide about!!! Very disappointed
4 Becca Ashworth
Really pigmented, buttery shadows! Only grip is that they blend out a little too well, almost to nothing if you're not careful. But that's easy enough to work around. (I have peacock and shark bait)
5 Taylor
The pigment in these eyeshadows are insane and amazing to blend!! Can't wait to extend the collection and try some new colours!!!!
5 Megan
These are stunning! blendable, pigmented.. lovely. The only thing is that the pictures of the shadow on beautybay is really far off
5 Beth
The best eyeshadows I have ever brought! They are really pigmented and really easy to blend.
5 Magdalena
Holy grail eyeshadows! No words can describe how great these eyeshadows are.
5 Karoliina
Beautiful colors and really pigmented! Creamy and easy to blend. Pillow talk and Prom night are my favourites, such an unique colors.
5 Thu
These shadows are beautiful! The ones I have blend really well with great pigmentation. The one shimmer I own (Sin City) is more of a subtle shimmer than anything else, and by looking at the photos of the other shimmers I would say they are similar. However, its a beautiful and elegant shimmer - perfect for a nice sheen on your lids.The matte shades are amazing, I bought about 7 of them and all of them are fantastic. I can't wait to get my hands on more!
5 Kanwal
In love with my new eyeshades, ordered 7 of these as a start :) and i was instantly in love with the pigmentation and result. Btw i really want to mention the quick delivery process, exactly on time :).
5 Roxy
Makeup geek eye shadows are one of the best in the business. I absolutely love these and creating my own palette with them is so much fun! They are so buttery and pigmented and easy to blend
5 Teagan
Love love love !! wayyyy better and more pigmented than my mac shadows !!
5 Simona Jozefina
My faaavourite single shadows. I have a full large palette + a half-full medium filled with MUG shadows only, and I am absolutely in love with them. I'd recommend them to ANYONE!
5 Rachael
I've kept returning to these to build up my makeup geek shadow collection as I can't get enough of them! So pigmented especially the shimmer shades! Would definitely go on YouTube to look at the swatches of the shades as they look slightly different on these photos!
4 Anna
I absolutely adore these eyeshadows. They are so smooth and pigmented.'Nostalgic', the foiled one, is the perfect shade of pink for green eyes. I just can't stand the price is constantly being increased while it's impossible to order them from MUG's website due to some changes in American export law.
5 Victoria
I bought creme brulee and i think it is the perfect transition shade for a natural everyday look. perfect for blue eyes.
5 Eleanor
These are my favourite eyeshadows of all time, amazing range of colours and such good pigmentation. Also very easy to blend, I would highly recommend.
5 Jessica
So absolutely stunning! The quality for the price is unreal.
4 Sarah
I ordered some of these eyeshadows a few weeks ago.The matte shades like cocoa bear or creme brulee are definately a must have in everyone´s make up collection!The pigmentation is awesome and they are easy to blend.I was a bit disappointed with shimma shimma because I thought it would be more intense wether it is applicated wet or dry.
5 Isabella
Absolutely amazing! They are super pigmented and blend perfectly. Definitely better then mac in my opinion.
4 Sumaiyah
Love the eyeshadows, beautiful colours and pigmentation!! But PLEASE STOP INCREASING the price !!!
5 Ri
These are honestly the best, better than all the ones I have legit love them
5 Anni
I LOVE these eyeshadows! Sooo nice to work with!Really blendable and very pigmented.Definitely one of my favourite eyeshadow brands.
4 Irene
I bought Cocoa Bear and Early Bird and Cocoa Bear definitely lives up to the hype. It showed up as a beautiful reddish brown against my dark skin however Early Bird was kinda meh and borderline chalky on my skin tone. Would definitely stalk up on Cocoa Bear but pass on Early Bird
5 denice
I got 3 matte eyeshadows. They came today. They are so soft. Really happy with them & the mini z palette. This is my first order with beauty bay, so glad I found out about this beauty site. Service is amazing. Will defentily be ordering again soon.x
5 Poppy
I love love love these eyeshadows! Ordered some a while ago and loved them so much I bought more, really easy to blend and so pigmented!!
5 Anne
Theese shadows are: AHmaaazing. So buttery, so pigmented, simply just beautiful. I've got a full Xl and L zpalette now, and i can't get enough!
4 Lucija
I bought shade bitten and I can easily say these eyeshadows can compare high end one.And they are even better!
4 Millie
To be honest I was a little disappointed with these after all of the hype they receive. Don't get me wrong they are smooth and blendable, but I wouldn't say they are buttery and some of the matte shades aren't as pigmented as I expected. Still a really nice colour range that allows you to do loads of looks so I would recommend for the price. However I wouldn't recommend 'Cinderella' as I found it to not be very pigmented and it looked a bit patchy on the eyelid.
5 Anne
I recently ordered my first few make up geek shadows and I could nog be happier. The pigment is so intense, they are easy to blend and have little to no fall out. They are the best shadows I have ever tested and I will be ordering more very soon!Special thanks to beauty bay for making make up geek (and a lot of other brands) easily accessible in Europe!
5 Gabbie
Brought the Cinderella and amazing! For the price very pigmented
3 Retno
getting way too expensive. might as well buy a high end palette
5 Holly
These are some of the best eyeshadows I have ever used! They are so pigmented, easy to blend and the colour selection is amazing! I woud say they are better than some high-end eyeshadows I have purchased in the past. I have a small Z palette full and I still want more! Love them!!!
5 April
Great colours, very well pigmented and at a great price too! Fine these better pigmented than some MAC shadows. 10/10!
5 Rebecca
i love these eye shadows. I love how you can build your own personal palette. they are great quality so easy to work with and blend, they are very pigmented. cannot wait to finish building my own z palette with these eye shadow pans.
5 Morven
These eyeshadows are the bomb and their contour shades are brilliant to. They have shades for every skin tone and undertone. They very affordable too especially if you want to try out some bright colours and you don't wan to fork out a lot of cash. Their very pigmented and easy to blend and you get a lot of product especially for the price. Overall loving these and will continue to expand my collection.
5 Eleanor
Amazing pigment which will last for ages. So good for a night out. Definitely value for money with quick delivery and excellent service. Will be buying more! :)
5 MK
These eyeshadows are hyped and there is a reason for it! Pigmentet, easy to blend and affordable. I prefer these to my MAC eyeshadows - and so many others say the same. I will definitely buy more shades in the future!
5 Vivian
So in loveGreat pigment and definitely buying some more shadows
5 Britney
amazing to blend, really buttery and they fit perfectly into my morphe magnetic palette! early bird makes blue eyes look beautiful, 10/10 will 100% be buying more!!
4 Heather
These individual shadows are insanely pigmented, last for ages on the eyes and are super creamy and blendable!
5 Martina
Love MAG eyeshadow my collection is growing and growing :-O and love beautybay. ..thank you for bringing them in to the UK
5 Catherine
Very nice eyeshadows, I always use the black whenever I want smokey liner because it's so pigmented and deep, nothing compares!
5 Gabriella
The best eyeshadows, so easy to blend and so pigmented! Ever since using these my makeup looks so much better, they are way better than the likes of mac, morphe, urban decay, etc. Definitely worth the money, especially when they do not include any filler in the products unlike a lot of other eyeshadows on the market
5 Juliet
This product is unreal! I cannot believe how buttery the formula is, it blends out so beautifully and such an amazingly price! I've had a MUG pallet for roughly 6 months and I've only just hit pan (tiny amount) and I use this shade every day (beaches and cream - perfect transition shade) as a makeup artist I cannot speak highly enough of these shadows. I don't know how to go back to my other shadows (even my high end ones) as nothing compares. Just love them!
5 Kirsty
These are amazing shadows but everytime I come on here they've went up and up in price! They work out more expensive on here than from makeup geeks own website!
4 Aysha
I always shop at beauty bay and love the products, these eyeshadows are amazing but you keep putting the price up which is really off putting that's why I Give 4 stars
5 Stina
These really are amazing shadows! Got Bitten, Curfew and Pillow Talk as my first three shades, and I'm definitely coming back for some more - gotta fill up the large Z-palette I bought with them!
5 Ellie
Love these shadows so much! Ordered my first on here recently, but know that I definitely need to stock up on more! xxx
5 Lucy
they are great! you have to get them!
3 Mel
loving these shadows but this was my last order for now for these eyeshadows here on the website. hope you lower the price in the future.
5 Isobel
I bought Burlesque and Drama Queen for my Z palette and I'm excited to add more to my collection. The pigmentation is unbelievable, yet the colours were a little off compared to how they compare on screen, although this was slight and could have been down to the lighting. Nonetheless, a great purchase.
5 Amy
Was really sceptical about the idea of purchasing single pans of any makeup product, though i decided t splurge on a z palette and 9 MUG eyeshadows. I am so in love with the pigmentation and the easy blendable formula. A definate must have in any makeup collection!
5 Casey
These shadows are beautiful! Really easy to blend and amazing pigmentation with no fall out! I'll never go back to other brands now after trying these! Well worth the money!
4 Mina Cagnazzi
Love love this Eyeshadows! Extremely pigmented and blendable!
5 Mushada
Amazing pigmentation. Animal cruelty free. Amazing price couldn't be better!
5 Abby
I absolutely love these eyeshadow!! They are easy to blend very pigmented and so pretty. I can't wait to get some more. My Oder came on time and I definitely will be ordering again soon:)
5 Charlotte
I recently purchased the following makeup geek eyeshadows; Cinderella, Creme brulee, Americano and Bitten. I generally love them all they are so pigmented, soft and easy to blend!!!
5 Niamh
Definitely one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. Cocoa Bear is probably the best shade to have!!
5 Shannon
Just ordered a small Z Palette and 6 shadows, i ordered 5 ones like this and 1 foiled shadow, the pigment is really good in a finger swatch even with one swipe, but havent put them on yet so cant comment on how they are on the eye/lasting power
5 Ella stevens
Fantastic quality, I'll never buy an eyeshadow palette again!
5 Chloe Grace
I've bought quite a few makeup geek shadows from Beauty Bay and i'm in love!! they are amazing shadows which i highlight recommend, so good for the price too!!
5 Jessica
Tried them for the first time yesterday. I'm IN LOVE. The pigmentation is incredible and I really like the fact that I can create my own palettes with it. Definitely buying some more soon!
5 Noemie Emma
Excellent pigmentation, really easy to blend, I love these eyeshadows
5 Lucinda
In love with these shadows, they're incredibly pigmented and long-wearing. Would recommend to anyone!
5 Chloe
Own 6 of these shades, they are the best eyeshadows i have ever tried. I love them all so much and can't wait to buy more.
5 Jordan
Love these shadows just don't love the fact beauty bay keep increasing the price so I buy them elsewhere!
3 Sahlav
I bought two shades, white lies and cosmopolitan.White lies is not pigmented as cosmopolitan and it so way powdery than cosmo as well. I have mixed feelings about this. I can say tho that I reach my MAC shadows way moreThe color selection is very good tho
5 Niki
This is my best eyeshadows..I think better than mac. I got bitten, morocco and sin city. I relly love morocco+sin city color. Nice blending, lovely color... ????Is no need for words! Take it!
5 Stephanie
Amazing eyeshadows, so pigmented and blend beautifully! I had just started collecting them until the price went up :(
5 Eve
Amazing, the pigmentation is incredible. So easy to blend and the colours are to die for. I got shimma shimma (incredible best eyeshadow I have perfect colour for the lid and inner corner the shine and colour pay off is so good you don't even need fix plus!) bitten a dark redy which is super pigmented which is super hard to achieve for that colour, burlesque a red purple shimmer which is so beautiful and works well with bitten and roulette which is a beautiful shimmery copper. Thoroughly recommend worth the price, especially shimma shimma.
5 Yasmine
I just got my first Make Up Geek eyeshadows, and I'm impressed! Also, I'm very satisfied with BeautyBay and the customer service:)
5 Chantelle
I have been searching everywhere for a maroon eyeshadow when a friend recommended this one in bitten and I am in love!
5 Lillie
Love these eyeshadows!! Honestly so pigmented and such gorgeous colours!! Definitely going to be getting more, just wish beauty bay would add more shades to the website
5 Perrine
I got Bitten, Burlesque, Cherry Cola and Vintage. These are gorgeous colours and the pigmentation is crazy. You actually need a tiny amount of product (I did not know that the first time I tried them on...), and they are very buildable. I used them to do a deep burgundy smokey eyes and it was stunning!
3 Sukie Carmella Whitehall
These shadows are wonderful and I applaud them for striving to provide quality Make up at a fraction of the high end prices we are used to. But why do you keep increasing the price? It defeats everything this brand is about and personally I now think twice about buying whereas before I just added one in with every purchase
5 Adele
Superb eyeshadows, easy to blend and last a long time. I'm very happy that I bought them!
5 Cole
The best single eyeshadows, a billion times better than Mac. I actually have 2 full large z palettes and I wouldn't be without them!
5 Emily
Instantly fell in love with the quality of these shadows when first swatched. I purchased the shades Morocco, Coca Cola, Burlesque and Backlight (duochrome) and I absolutely adore them I definetely will be adding more makeup geek shadows to my collection! x
5 Alexandra
These shadows are incredible. Really pigmented and such beautiful colours.
4 Tiffany
I love these a lot, i'm not a big fan of the shipping on mug's website but you guys keep increasing the price and it's driving me nuts lol
5 Milly
I love these shaddows the pigmentation is amazing !!I absolutely adore this product, it's such great value for money and certainly lives up to the hype!
4 Tee
The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are so good, they do not have any fall outs and have a great range of shades at affordable prices. Would recommend.
4 laurie
These eye shadows are no doubt amazing but so disappointed the price has been increased so much!
5 Mill
5 Lucy
3 Sophie
Love these eyeshadows, mainly because of how affordable they are. Such a shame that Beauty Bay keeps increasing the price...
5 Lauren
I absolutely love these shadows! I currently own 9 and I shall be buying more! Every single one has an amazing colour pay off and I use them everyday. 100%
5 Safa
These shadows are absolutely stunning! Super pigmented ... would highly recommend!
5 MK
I've heard so much about these shadows that I had to try them out. They are amazing! Great pigmentation, they apply easily to the lid and they are affordable. I will definitely buy more shades in the future.
5 Gillian
The only problem with these is that once you start buying you can't stop! These are brilliant, they are so pigmented and you need such a tiny amount of the product that they last for ages. They are good value for money, they are better than mac and urban decay whilst being cheaper. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these.
4 Isabella
Best quality of eye shadows I have ever come across.However at the end of October they were $9.30, then a couples day later they were $8.80, and now suddenly they're $10? So irritating. I'd rather buy from the actual makeup geek store.
5 Neli
The pigmentation of these shadows is insane, Corrupt is indeed the blackest black eyeshadow out there, there is no difference between it and a regular eyeliner when used with this purpose. Creme brulee is and amazing transition crease colour. I absolutely love and recommend them!
5 Chloe
The best quality eyeshadows out there although when I first picked up some they where cheaper Then they went up. I know it's still cheaper than Mac or urban decay shadows but one of the most appealing aspects from them was that they were so cheap and good value!! Again I know it's only a quid or so more but I'm kinda guessing the more popular they become the more pricey they will be, won't be surprised if 6 months down the line they're almost the same price as the coloured raine or Mac and I doubt I'd carry on buying them :( I've noticed a lot of the brands have been going up in price too!!
5 Valentina
I have to say I am extremely pleased with the quality of these eyeshadows, I feel like I can never go back to other brands after trying these out, so glad to find out these were absolutely worth the hype. I got 5 normal eyeshdows and one foiled and have been playing with them constantly, they wear beautifully and blend like a dream. I got the shades Anarchy, Curfew, Cherry Cola, Simply Marlena and Cosmopolitan from this line and I am getting more for Christmas!
5 Kirsty
I love these eyeshadow and I've collected alot of them, I'm glad u have because everytime I come in here they've went up in price, I bought 2 the other day for stocking fillers and it was £15 for 2 eyeshadows.. apart from that there probably my favourite eyeshadow formula
5 Jayshri
Recently ordered Coco bear and the colour was awesome. . It blends like magic and colour payoff is excellent. . Happy with price point but tgey need to be bubble wrapped to avoid breakage as 2 of my foiled eye shadows got a a crack which I could press it pack.
3 Tasnim M
Love these eyeshadows. They blend really well but really wish the price would stop increasing!!
5 Rusna
Amazing eyeshadows. Really pigmented and worth the money.
5 Beth
These are such amazing eyeshadows, so pigmented and blend amazingly. Fave go to shadows, got around 6 and definitely need to purchase more
5 Ugne
Really good pigmentation, in my opinion way better than mac. Loove them!!
3 Molly
Love these shadows however over the last couple of months beautybay has increased the price from 4.95 to 6.00 works out a lot when you frequently buy them. Makeup geek do the best single eyeshadows though!
4 Vanessa
Love these, they're my go-to but they keep increasing the price and their becoming somewhat unaffordable especially for just the pan. Really disappointed.
4 Mons
Love these shades! Super pigmented and easy to work with. Please stock more colours - I need Purely Naked! Also like the previous customer said please stop increasing the price, instead do a nice little sale on them! ;)
4 Catarina
These shadows are great. I'm a matte kinda of girl and they perform beautifully. I just wish you would stop increasing their price.
5 melissa
So so affordable and so so pigmented. I love these eyeshadows so much and have been slowly building them up in my z palette- I cannot wait to purchase more. Thankyou
5 Keya
Amazing eye shadows just got them today and they are so blendable and pigmented! So glad they have added more to this website will definitely be buying more!
5 Elaine
I love this very wide range of colour choice x I watch all the makeup geek youtube tutorials and colour videos x so much so that i have just ordered chickadee x teach me to be impatient x excellent pigments beautiful blend ability i am on my 2nd z pallet and i love it x also i have sensitive eyes and have had no reaction whatsoever x amazingly fabulous elaine
5 kate
amazing colours, good pricing and very pigmented. can't find a fault
5 Brittany
I won't be using any other eyeshadow brand from now on! I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of the regular, duochrome and foiled eyeshadows. I'm studying makeup for theatre and we've been trained to use MAC, but there's no way I'll go back to MAC after using Makeup Geek - they're so much more pigmented and are so easy to blend! They're an absolute dream!!
5 Corinne
I don't usually write reviews but these are so worth it! They are so pigmented and creamy and are really easy to work with. They blend out beautifully and can be used to create any look! I have complete one Z Palette full of them and going onto creating my second one! I shall be buying these again and again! They are so affordable compared to Mac which one pan costs more and in the MUG ones you get more product as well!
5 Hannah
Where have these been hiding all my life! Absolutely love these eyeshadows. They blend so nice and are really pigmented. The colour range is perfect to. They sit so well in my z pallet. Best eyeshadows I've got definitely!
5 Katrin
I have to get more colors, because I like them alot.
5 L
love these eyeshadows!!!pigmented,blendable,great quality!really impressed!
5 Shyma
The best cruelty free affordable eye shadows. love them to bits.
4 Emma
Yes I love mine that are absolutely bendable and don't get hard pan but I bough them for cheaper, the price has increased, that was quite shady
5 Cristina
Bought a few more of these during .Fleekin Weekend. to add to my collection. These are, by far the highest quality eyeshadows I have ever used. Please expand the collection: I need Curtain Call (actually don't need, but I WANT IT!!!)
5 Chars
These are great, i've found many dupes in the selection too. They're blendable, colour pay off is on point and quality for the price is amazing. Easily my fav's. [side note: expand the colour range please Beauty Bay, looking for Sumptuous olive]
5 Andreja
I bought the new MUG autumn shades and as per usual they are superb. I'd go as far as to say they're even better than the older shadows, how even?! I'd also like to thank the customer service; one of the shadows, Pocket change, was missing and they kindly and very quickly sent it to me, no problems or questions, I'm really grateful for that. Now I already have it here and love it.
5 Chiara
Just bought around 15 of these a week ago and I am IN LOVE. These seriously beat my naked palettes. They are pigmented, stay on well and blend like a dream! I definitely recommend to anyone of you who'd like some quality eyeshadows.
3 Shannon
I've bought from beauty bay for over a year now and these makeup geek eyeshadows are amazing but what isn't amazing is the fact beauty bay are taking advantage of the fact they're the only UK seller and keep increasing the price of all makeupgeek products.
5 Minette
I got 6 eyeshadows and I really enjoy them, they are very buttery and smooth, probably my number one eyeshadow formula. My favorite shade is Barcelona Beach, I would highly recommend it because it's the perfect everyday crease color, not to warm and not to cool, I even use it to contour.
4 Marianna
I'm quite pleased with these eyeshadows! Both matte and shimmery shadows blend nicely, are pigmented (except Poolside; it's hard to apply an opaque layer with this one) and very reasonably priced! I will definately try more of these!
5 elaine neafcy
i cannot get enough of these colours x they are amazing x even the smallest difference in shade makes perfect colour combining x lovely pigments blend very well x i have sensitive eyes and haven't worn makeup for years because i was scared of a possible reaction x well i needn't have worried x they are superb affordable beautiful and safe x the quality products have given me confidence to be adventurous and delve into other areas x such as primers foundation etc x superb extremely fast delivery means i don't wait long x perfect thankyou
5 Deepanshika Dillu
I absolutely love these shadows and a special thanks to Beauty Bay for making it available at a very genuine price. I bought 30 shadows in last two months from beauty bay. The service is amazing as are the products.
5 Jennie
Absolutely LOVE MakeupGeek Eye-shadows. Recommended to ALL!
5 Amy
SO GOOD. I love these so much, I have used eyeshadows from so many high end brands but these are one of my favourites by far, please get more colours in beauty bay!
5 Emily
Bought cocoa bear and cherry cola. Beautiful shadows. Will definitely be buying more.
5 Jasmine
I brought the shade bitten but OMG I now need them all. Such beautiful colours and pigments. Love the fact you can customise your own pallete by picking your favourite eyeshadows too
5 Daniela
Omg! I love these eyeshadows, they're so pigmented ?. But taboo looks like a deep brown, it's a deep purple in reality! I still love them.
5 Emma
Great blend-able eyeshadows for a fraction of a price of its competitors. I put these in my Mac pro palette as I prefer the sleekness to the Z palette. I would much rather have 3 M.U.G eyeshadows than 1 mac eyeshadow - plus they are even better! Great pigment and almost 'creamy' application. Will be filling up my palette with these. I wish they were available in the UK more easily as I find beauty bay is the only place to purchase.
5 Rachel
These are the best eyeshadows I have ever used; and I'm a bit of a make up obsessor. I used to religiously stick to my too faced or mac eyeshadow but these have topped them both by miles. The foiled ones are also unbelievable quality! Do it!
5 Naomi
I love MUG, I love Marlena, I want the whole collection! Beauty bay please please get shimmermint in, I have filled a large z palette and a small z palette, I have justo ordered another small z palette and 9 shadows to fill it with lol definitely would recommend makeup geek to everyone, they work so well even for a complete amateur like myself, and so so cheap
5 Madeline
I brought 15 (medium z palette) and the day after I got them ordered another 35 (extra large z palette), let's just say you will not be disappointed.
5 Emily
I purchased four of these and omg are they beautiful. My faveourite is cosmopolitan but i also love creme brulee. AND OMG SHIMMA SHIMMA IS THE BEST HIGHLIGHTER EVER
5 Naomi Streeting
Cannot get enough of these eyeshadows!!! I've yet to come across any other brand whose eyeshadows blend as well as these! Extremely recommend cocoa bear! I can't do a smokey eye without it!!!
5 Hilal
I have 5 of these eyeshadows and I LOVE them! Great pigmentation! I would definitely recommend.
I got this eyeshadow and have to say I'm pretty impressed. It's very pigmented and stays all day without creasing. I'll be buying more of these
5 Caroline
My favourite eyeshadows & they are such a reasonable price
5 Hazel
Love these i have a few and have a wish list of alot of other colours. The pigment is amazing and there is no fallout which means it is worth the money. They are long lasting and wouldn't go past make up geek. Xmas coming so hoping Santa will bring me more :)
5 Helainah Graham-Campbell
These eye shadow are the BEST!!! So much better than morphe, they are so pigmented I want every last one OMG my favourite of the 3 I've ordered is shimma shimma.
5 Gemma
I have a full Z pallet of these shadows. SO blend-able. I am never disappointed when I order a colour. You do need to look at swatches online to see how they really look.
5 Emmi
LOVE these shadows! So incredibly pigmented and creamy. In my opinion they're better than MAC eyeshadows and I'll probably never use any other shadows than MUG!
5 Erin
LOVE these eyeshadows, so many amazing colours and such a reasonable price for single shadows! I would recommend looking up swatches of colours however, since they do look a bit different on the screen as they do when you swatch them on the skin, but that does not take away from how amazing the MUG shadows are. 100% recommend to people looking to make a custom palette!
5 Grace Fowkes
First ever Makeup geek purchase and I ordered 20 of the normal eyeshadows. Omg. Never buying any other eyeshadow again, so creamy, so pigmented. THE best eyeshadow I have probably ever used. And I have tried loads!
5 Laurie
These eyeshadows are hands down the best ever. I ordered a z palette and 2 eyeshadows (morroco and bitten) to begin with and they are amazing. So pigmented and blendable. Safe to say I will be buying many more. Mac single eyeshadows have nothing on these!
5 Lily
Makeup Geek eyeshadows are by far the best I have tried, they beat MAC and Urban Decay any day of the week! I am in the process of filling up a large Z Palette and I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for amazing quality eyeshadows at a bargain price!
5 Laura
These shadows are absolutely fantastic, they apply and blend very well. Never going back to my cheap palettes after discovering these beauties!
5 Sarah
Smooth, buttery and easy to blend eyeshadows. Once you've tried MUG you won't buy anything else. Peach Smoothie is THE best transition colour :)
5 Charlotte
Amazing eyeshadows! I've filled a large z palette and have a few small z palettes with blushes too! Just ordered my next Z palette for collection 2 of eyeshadows, can't wait till I have them all! So addictive, affordable and amazing pigmentation!
5 Josefine
WHAT I ORDERED I ordered 9 foiled, 1 duochrome and 5 matte eyeshadows. (Jester, Untamed, Fortune Teller, Grandstand, Flame Thrower, Masquerade, Charmed, Mesmerized, Starry Eyed, Steampunk, Mocha, Latte, Cocoa Bear, Frappe and Baby Face) Also a blush and a contour (Spellbound & Bad Habit) MY SKIN TONE I am pale with a pink/cold undertone. The eyeshadow Baby Face was such a great all over lid color/transition color for me. I wasn't sure if I should buy Bad Habit or Infidelity since I am cold toned, but Bad Habit doesn't look too warm on me, which is great. MY SKIN TYPE I have a normal to somethimes oily T-zone and eyelids, I also have hooded eyes. I feel like the foiled eyeshadows transfer to my hooded eyes, even with an eyeshadow primer. All eyeshadows does that to me though, and these ones transfer a bit less than others I've tried. SHIPPING I am surprised of how fast the shipping was. The foiled eyeshadows, blush and contour arrived after 5 days. The matte eyeshadows after 6 days. (I live in Norway) DO I RECOMMEND MUG? If you are not sure whether or not to buy these, just buy 1 matte and 1 foiled and try it out. They are amazing! I 100% recommend this brand. I LOVE the eyeshadows, they are as pigmented, buttery, blendable and beautiful as I expected. Not to mention affordable compared to MAC and UD. All their eyeshadows are cruelty-free and paraben-free. Most of their eyeshadows are also vegan and talcum-free. All eyeshadows I ordered were vegan, except Masquerade, which is important to me. I will definetly buy more colors and re-stock the ones I bought when they are used up! THANK YOU BEAUTY BAY I just want to thank beauty bay for selling the MUG brand. It is so convenient for us european people. I will have to order 5 more XL Z-palettes and the rest of the eyeshadows. My wallet does not thank you, but I do. (:
5 Ellie
Brought a z pallete ages ago and have been purchasing makeup geek eyeshadows to try and fill it up, mixing between the foiled and matte eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are amazing and for such a good price! I used to be devoted to Mac cosmetics brand but after trying makeup geek I will never go back! These eyeshadows are so pigmented you don't need a lot of product on to get the desired look you want.
5 Ellie
Omg, best eyeshadows ever!! Bought a few with a z palette and they are perfect. So pigmented, better than the urban decay naked3!! The shade confection is the perfect dupe for the shade limit from the naked3 palette only more pigmented. 100% recommend.
5 Ruckshana
Favourite eyeshadows! Blend so easily and are really pigmented. 6 more to go until I fill up my large Z palette. Absolutely love them!
5 Tuula
I have several Makeup Geek shadows now, and I absolutely love them. They are so pigmented and easy to blend. If you're looking for a black eyeshadow, I highly recommend Corrupt. It is the blackest black I've EVER tried. Look up swatches on youtube, I can't imagine there's a better black eyeshadow out there!
5 Catherine
My favourite eyeshadow...brilliant quality for such a good price! Pigment and colours are amazing!
5 E
THE BEST EYESHADOWS I HAVE EVER TRIED!! Absolutely love them! I ordered 14 and then 4 again. Will be ordering lots more soon! Please keep restocking all shades! Amazing eyeshadows and amazing customer service by beautybay!
5 Lauren
My Z Palette is full of these! Such fantastic value for money! Pigment is unbelievable! Go to every morning!
5 Lieketseng
I am so happy I got makeup geek eyeshadow. I searched high and low for the perfect palette, but they were either out of my price range or had underwhelming shades. I get to create my perfect palette with these, and they are GREAT QUALITY! So pigmented and blendable.
5 Sofia Martínez
I love this eyeshadows so much they are great I think I need all off them I'm in love
5 megan
got 5 shades, they've just arrived and i want more i'm so in love!!!
5 Ingvill
The BEST eyeshadows ever!
4 Margrietha
Very nice shadows. Ordered a few with a Z palette and really liking it. Very good pricing. Worth the wait for delivery to The Netherlands (about 8 days) I have created some new looks. I will definitely buy more MUG.
5 Tess
Wonderful very pigmented eyeshadows. Have to resist not buying them all. Pretty to mix in a z-pallette.
5 Maja
Great shades, wonderful pigmented and applies nicely. Delivery very fast, I am very pleased
5 Daisy
First time buying a product from makeup geek, don't know why I waited so long, they are amazing and so pigmented! Definitely will be buying more
5 Holly Teven
Absolutely amazing eyeshadows, so pigmented and affordable , definitely recommend.
5 Ines
Awesome and really affordable!
5 Lucy
SO creamy and yummy, such a wide variety of colours i find some aren't so pigmented as others so add some primer/setting spray to my brush. So easy to blend too
5 EP
I ordered 16 of these eyeshadows and by far are the best eyeshadows ever. I would highly recommend to everyone. Delivery is so fast and amazing literally gets to you less than 24hrs if you place order before 4pm! I am so in love I have ordered another 4 shades. By far the best eyeshadows of life! ??
5 Charlotte
100% my face eyeshadow. The quality and feel if of a high end shadow with the price of the high street
5 dimple
brilliant eyeshadow and blushes . love it
5 Valentina
I am in love with this brand affordable and amazing quality.
5 Alex
These eyeshadows are so amazing and very very pigmented I love them!
5 Rachel
I have filled a z palette with the cool neutral shades which is my HG palette , I can create my signature smokey eye in minutes,Freind zone is myI have filled a z palette with cool neutral shades, with it I can create my go to smoky eye in minutes and it never lets me down ! Freind zone is my favourite, it's perfect trouble shooter for the cool toned fair skinned, blends everything together so beautifully, they compare with any high end shadows I've tried, I will continue buying them!I
4 Lauren
I love these eyeshadows! Only thing I would say is look up pictures of them on the skin before buying as they look a little different online
5 Lauren
These eyeshadows are hands down the best I've used and I'm so happy that I decided to try them! The price is right and the pigmentation is amazing
5 olive
I am completely obsessed with buying makeup geek eyeshadows.... I have had 5 deliveries from beauty bay this last couple of weeks... seem to keep spending my money, amazing products!!!
5 Eveliina
I have 5 mug eyeshadows (vintage, bitten, cinderella, white lies, frappe), they are my go-to and perfect for that purpose. Good pigmentation and staying power.
5 Érica Rodris
HiI just received my makeup shadows Geek.Comprei colors: Morocco, Chicadee, Creme Brulee and Beaches and Cream, I am delighted with the colors, they are so beautiful !. I'll buy other to have all I want.My purchase took to arrive, as I live in Brazil this is normal the IRS rate and delay to release, but it was a lot. While waiting for 3 months receipt I am very satisfied.
5 Eirnea
Bought a couple of singles with a small palette and I'm hooked! They are beautifully pigmented and creamy with minimal fallout. I'm 18 away from filling my Z-palette! Love these singles!
5 Marina
These are absolutely my favorite eyeshadows of all time. The colors are amazing.
5 Stefi
Super pigmented and blendable shadows. So happy with the product and the service.
5 Beyonce
5 Olivia
These eyeshadows are amazing; so pigmented, longwearing and the price i affordable. All in all they are super great.
5 Seana
These shadows are the best they are so pigmented and great value for money , I would definitely recommend these ,
5 Charlotte
These are one of my favourite eyeshadow formulas ever! I own 38 MUG shadows so far (including some duo chrome and foiled) highly recommend, insanely pigmented, so easy to blend and work with! Always brilliant service with beauty bay, super fast delivery, thank you!
5 Daisy
really pigmented and lots of colours to choose from! cant stop buying them ! hope the price doesn't go up even more !! really recommend them.
5 Aleksandra
Honestly Makeup Geek eyeshadow are sooo much better than MAC, the colours and the pigmentation are amazing, once you try Makeup Geek you will forget about every other eyeshadow or pallete you own, and FYI you will only use Makeup Geek. THANK YOU BEAUTY BAY for make them avaiable in UK !
5 Anne
Just love these eye shadows, great pigmentation and staying power. Customer service the best, reported damaged in transit item which was replaced within days. Please stock Baby Face eye shadow.....I need it!
5 4444pink
Makeup Geek best quality, pigmentation.Always find new colors. Rebel , pillow talk and anarchy are my new favorites.
5 Poppy
Amazing eyeshadows! Intensely pigmented and extremely buttery and easy to blend out. Much better quality than ANYTHING at the drugstore/high street shops.
5 Rhea
Amazing quality! So easy to work with. A+
5 Paige
1st time trying Make Up Geek products. Purchased 4 of these little gems and I've already added 6 more to my wish list with a z pallet. Planning on Collecting a few. Amazing value for money, these shadows are so pigmented and blend so well! Haven't tried the foiled ones yet but I'm super excited to try them.
4 Soph
Most have great pigmentation! I especially love chickadee and Cinderella. The Long Jevity is great, and it doesn't add any unwonted texture. It is definitely just as good as Mac. Also, beauty bay are always good with quick and safe delivery.
5 Noreen
Amazing eyeshadow!!! Now want the full collection due to the pay off an price, these are even better than MAC for half the price. Well done makeup geek keep up the the good work.
4 Isabel
LOVE how pigmented these are and they work great, I recently bought 4 and completed a lovely pinky red smokey eye. However I'm extremely disappointed that they have gone up in price, although it's only slightly it will stop me from buying As many as I normally would.
5 Ioana
Very pigmented and smooth, look flawless at the end of the day with a primer underneath, blend like a dream !
5 Ayesha
Its my first time trying makeup geek and I think the products amazing! I'm going to buy the whole collection
HELP .. I am addicted to makeupgeek shadows and blush ! its just not worth living WITHOUT THEM ! from Townsville Australia .
5 Pigi
I purchased a few MUG eyeshadows about three weeks ago to try them and I am loving them so much that since then I bought a few more and now I own 17 shadows in total. I am in love with them!
5 Alexandra
Makeup Geek eyeshadows are THE BEST you guys. If you haven't tried them you seriously need to.
5 Robynne
Really impressed! Seen loads of great reviews online and purchased a few to try. They are so soft and easy to blend! Ended up buying more and a palette to keep them in!
5 Gemma Grieson
So thought I'd see what all the fuss was about and order some to try and I'm so glad I did best eyeshadows I have ever used n boy have I used some the price is great and so was the service thank you beauty bay.
5 Siobhan
These eyeshadows are amazing they have so much pigmentation and great to blend, love them.
5 Beth
They are SO pigmented! Honestly recommend them to everyone. The colour range is huge and they are honestly better than the too faced and urban decay palettes. I love them!
5 hamida
These eyeshadows are absolutely amazing! They are so much more pigmented than the Mac eyeshadows and I will definitely be purchasing more soon.
5 Judyta
Beautiful eyeshadows. I've purchased Mocha, Vintage, Tuscan Sun (my fav!) and Peach Smoothie and they're all amazing.
5 natalia
I absolutely love these eyeshadows I got cherry cola and oh my gosh it is so pigmented and would recommend these eyeshadows to everyone!! Will definitely be purchasing some more
5 Joanna
I bought them for the First Time and I have to say I really really Love them. The pigmentation is awesome and I'm gonna buy more. Good eyeshadow for a good price.
5 Amee
Excellent brand I purchased bitten and a duo chrome to try out first and I certain do not regret it. I have just made another 8 or so. Lovely pigmentation and very easy to blend and stay put all day (I also set down concealer or an eyeshadow primer regardless of what eyeshadow I am using). Highly recommend this brand!
5 Luisa
One of the best eyeshadows I've ever used! The pigmentation is great on all of the colours I have purchased so far! These eyeshadows are very long wearing and they blend very easily without any hassle. Even without fix plus the shimmery shades are still lovely! One of the most buttery and quality eyeshadows I've ever used!
5 Niomi
I absolutely love makeup geek eyeshadows as they are the most pigmented things I have ever come across. They are amazing for their price and I would pay more for them if I had to. I first tried them out under a month ago and until then I have been buying more and more. I love the shades cosmopolitan, cocoa bear, shimma shimma and frappe in the original collection as they are such beautiful colours and are so pigmented. And I can't rave about the foiled eyeshadows enough, I loooveee grandstand and starry eyed!
5 Alaina
I've compared Mac and makeup Geek. Makeup geek has so much more pigmentation!! definitely worth the money, and the colours are so beautiful and would definitely recommend to anyone
5 Jill
I've been using these shadows for awhile now and absolutely love them. Definitely my favourite of all time.
5 Abbie
Love these, I bough Anarchy and Cinderella and they're gorgeous. They're both so pigmented especially Anarchy and they blend so easily.
5 Beth
Never made a purchase from makeup geek before but I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. The shadows are easily blendable and really pigmented. I also like the wide range of colours and I can't wait to try some more!
5 Mia
These shadows are AMAZING! Such high quality, extremely pigmented and they are super buttery and very easy to blend. For the price these excel my expectations and I would highly recommend to anyone. Truly gorgeous shadows!
5 Georgia
Highly pigmented and blendable. Never disappointed with makeup geek products! Excellent brand
5 Eve
I have 7 of these eyeshadows and 1 of the foiled ones and they are amazing so easy to blend and are so pigmented definitely want more of them!
5 Debbie
All MUG eyeshadows are pigmented and very blendable; not to mention affordable.
5 Phoebe
Highly recommend these shadows to anyone and everyone! The pigmentation is crazy for the price, I have used several shades and all have been amazing. In comparison to MAC shadows, I even prefer these! With an amazing range of colours, any look can be done with these shadows. Their foiled eyeshadows are also completely BOMB, 5 star to Makeup Geek, couldnt live without these shadows x
5 Jenny
Amazing eye shadows best I've ever tried! So pigmented and blend like a dream!!
5 Daisy
Beautiful pigmented and blendable shadows that stay on all day. 10/10
5 Amanda
Love this eyeshadow, gives any eye look a lovely warmth. Great quality as well,
5 Abigail Haslam
I purchased 6 shades to try out, and they're amazing! I've used them everyday since! They last all day, so pigmented and blend like a dream. Love love love!
5 Beth
Every eyeshadow I own from makeup geek is equally pigmented and blend able at the next, they're the best single shadows on the market in my opinion, definitely worth the small price point too!!
5 Hannah
These eyeshadows are probably some of the best eyeshadows i have ever used! From their affordability to range of colours, they really are the full package. all of the ones that i have tried (about 14 of them; 12 mattes and 2 metallics/highlights) are amazingly pigmented and feel delightful: this is the first time I've used an eyeshadow and finally understood why people use the word buttery to describe eyeshadows! if there was a bad thing i'd have to say about these shadows is that there is a bit of fallout but if you do your eyes first or powder your face before you do your eyes it'll make dealing with the fallout super easy to dust away. basically these eyeshadows are absolutely amazing and for five pounds you honestly can't go wrong! All my naked palettes (although they are pretty great too) have almost been abandoned bc i just love the custom colours that i have picked with makeup geek!!
5 K
Way Beyond Expectations. Honestly the best eyeshadows I've ever come across, unspeakably blendable (which for skin as oily as mine, is impressive alone) but the thing that really impressed me is the staying power! Even with no primer, I still wore these for a day, slept and checked the result the next morning to find my makeup perfectly intact. Will 100% purchase more (and more...and more...and more...)
5 Sahida
I bought bitten cocoa bear and peach smoothy. They are so pigmented. So fast delivery. I got my delivery within 2 this website. Want to buy more shadows.
5 Rima
I am so happy with my shopping. It's amazing and so pigmented shadow in cocoa bear. I will buy more shadow. Very fast shipping. Came with nice packaging within 3 days.thank you bb.
5 Lauren
Bought 6 pans from makeup geek now and they truly are amazing! Bought the portable compact for them too sand it's absolutely perfect they are just as good as my anastatia Beverly Hills pans! But so cost effective. Brilliant product!
5 Sasha
Love love love these eyeshadows, definitely worth the money. Can't wait to buy more to add to my collection!
5 Sasha
I absolutely love these shadows. Amazing colours and pigmentation, blend really nicely, and the price is great. Can't recommend them enough!
5 Lauren
Absolute fav! MUG eyeshadows are so pigmented and the colour range is so good. I love my shadows and in the process of filling up my Z palette. Highly recommend well worth the price.
5 Lily
I love these eye shadows I used to say mac was my holy grail but as soon as I tried these mac is nothing in comparison. They are so bendable and great value for money
5 Ruth
Just received the shade Morocco today and it is absolutely beautiful! Most pigmented eye shadows I have used, and beautiful assortment of colours. You can really see the quality of these products when swatched against other brands (MAC, Revolution, Two faced).
5 Aimee
I just bought Pillow talk to add to my collection, the most amazing eyeshadow I have purchased. Definitely recommend that shade!
5 Leah
Honestly the best pigmented shadows I have ever used!!!
5 Charlotte
Absolutely in love with these eyeshadows!!!
5 Becky
The best eyeshadow I have ever bought by far. The blend amazingly and even with my oily eyelids, after applying a primer, the last all day and don't fade. I have all the foiled and duo chrome shadows and I am now collecting the normal ones (rather quickly I might add). I didn't really get the fuss....until I tried them. I urge you to try them. You will not be disappointed
5 Ana
It's great to have BB stocking these in Australian currency. I love Make-up Geek products, not only they're cruelty free some vegan-friendly, but the quality is price point are a huge reason to get them. I've given away my MAC eyeshadows, they're not worth of keeping in my kit in my opinion, when you swatch them next to MUG.
5 Becky
Hands down the best eyeshadow I have every bought. I am in the process of buying all of them.
5 June
Definently the best eyeshadows I've had! Love Makeup Geek sooo much
5 Maggie
Peach Smoothie is a great shadow to add as a transition colour to the crease because it is super buildable. Perfect soft sorbet orange colour that works with a really warmed toned eye - great paired with Makeup Geek Frappe and Cocoa Bear. I bought this from the official Makeup Geek site but I only ever buy Makeup Geek through Beauty Bay now, I would 100% recommend purchasing through Beauty Bay especially if you're an Aussie because of the amazing shipping prices (or lack of!) and the incredible prices in AUD.
5 Inka
I love these eyeshadows! They blend easily and only crease the tiniest amount on hot days when I don't use an eyeshadow base. Also very pigmented and long lasting.
5 Tatiana
This is an amazing product. I`m really happy with the shadows, everytime i make a purchase i always pick up a couple more shades! Great colour payoff and they blend like a dream!
5 Paige
I ordered 5 of the makeup geek eyeshadows and the large z palette on Monday 4th. I recieved my order perfectly packaged on Tuesday 5th!! Everything came perfect and the eyeshadows are stunning! Very impressed! Well done beauty bay!
5 Leela
Really happy with my purchases! Great eye shadows really blendable. Arrived so quick, Great web site.
5 Erin
The Makeup Geek shadows have set the bar for affordable yet high quality makeup. Makes you realise how much of a rip off brands like MAC are who sell their shadows for double the price yet are half the quality of this brand!!!
5 Cerys
Long lasting, pigment is brilliant and so easy to blend. Great price and so easily collectable and the colour range is amazing.
5 Sunita
Highly pigmented, nice to blend and longlasting. I can really recommend buying these.
5 Charlotte
Best eye shadows I've used by far! Sooooo pigmented and such beautiful colours! Just started my make up geek collection last week! Started with 3 now I have 16! Truly amazing
5 Mariam
Pigmented shadows bought 10 will buy more! However there is a bit of fall out but all worth it for the type demo recommend them especially desert sand lovely transition colour!!!!
3 Georgi
Just received my order and while most shades were great and as expected I was so so unhappy with peach smoothie after hearing so many rave reviews I was expecting great things and it was horrible, it flaked instantly wouldn't stick to my skin at all and was so powdery honestly one of the worst eye shadows I have ever swatched, unsure if I got a bad batch or that is just the normal quality of this shade.
5 Ann
I was not sure about the first eyeshadows I should buy but then, I decided to buy Frappe, Dirty Martini, Burlesque and Bitten. I must say I'm totally satisfied with this eyeshadows since they're very pigmented long-wearing, not dusty, very nice when it comes to touch it and the colours are amazing. I think my favourite one is Bitten as it is unique for me in the market. So, if you want excellent eyeshadows for little money, go and get these!! I don't regret buying this and I'm eager to finish my Z-palette with Makeup Geek eyeshadows.
5 bella
Soooo creamy and pigmented. Hands down the best eyeshadow I've ever purchased. I bought a z pallete to keep my MUG eyeshadow in, as I bought several and it was money well spent. Much better quality than the Sephora eyeshadow I purchased (which was twice the price). I just wish they had some more red/pinky tones. Also, would love it if beauty bay would stock the manny mua makeup geek pallete.If you're wondering whether or not to try these shadows, do it. You most definitely won't be disappointed.
5 Macayla
The best!! Would highly recommend, MUG forever.
5 Madelene
Love these- so pigmented and smooth! Love them -everything you need in your life!
5 Naomi
The formula on these eyeshadows are amazing! The blend is so smooth! I purchased six of these eyeshadows, and will definitely be buying more!
5 kath
i only got three to test out the formula but i love them. my eyeshadow hadn't faded throughout the whole day and looked like i hadn't even had gone out so it's very long lasting as well as being pigmented. i think they are such good value for money and i really want to get more.
5 Karah
So so so pigmented and smooth!!! the quality of this product is amazing and i'm so happy i got them when i did!!! the shipping was so much quicker than the first time i ordered as well!!!
5 Natasa
Best eyeshadows I have ever used. They blend like magic, don't crease and stay on the lid for hours and hours (even in hot, humid weather).
5 Adriana
First order from BB, MUG eyeshadows: absolutley amazing,very easy to blend, longlasting, very good price! Good job MUG!!!
5 Katy
I bought the shade creme-brulee and would recommend everyone get this shade for their palette. Make up Geek shadows are very pigmented which i love but the only thing i dislike is the amount of fallout you get with them, especially the fallout that is left in my palette when i swirl my brush on the colour. Apart from that their colours are exact dupes for Mac.
5 Charlotte
Own nearly all of these now and i absolutely love them! so pigmented and they last forever!! Would 100% recommend to everybody!
5 Harriet
Absolutely love these! Ordered Creme Brulee, Cupcake, Roulette and Latte and I love them! These are so gorgeou and very pigments. Starting to build my own palette and these colours are essential! So many gorgeous colours that I am saving up for!
5 Dragana
I am a huge fan of MUG eyeshadows, very pigmented, easy to blend, beautiful colours. Out of the last new range I really love this colour Desert Sands, a beautiful mustard tint, I use it with almost every eye look! Greetings from the Netherlands
5 Ella
I adore these eyeshadows!! They are affordable, very pigmented and super-blendable! I would highly recommend!
5 Sham
Love, love , love ..highly pigmented and really inexpensive considering this is up with the Mac/UD eyeshadows
5 Ana Maria
Envío rápido estupendo y muy bien empaquetado y protected.Pigmentación espectacular, sedoso, fácil a la falta de definición ... ¡Amo y conseguiré definitivamente más !!!
5 Christelle
Great eyeshadows. I've used 9 of them and they're all very easy to use and very blendable. BeautyBay service was perfect and right one time.
5 Melissa
Amazing shadows at less than half the price of high end brands. Super pigmented and a dream to blend. My favourites are peach smoothie, cocoa bear, cherry cola and cosmopolitan.
5 Kylie
I have 67 makeup geek shadows that I have been collecting since they first launched and I love them. They are amazing quality, so blendable and velvety smooth. I use them every time I do my makeup and I'm never disappointed . The colour range is superb and I will continue to buy more...
5 Aneela
Great product Great value for money
5 Ellie
I ordered Bitten, Creme Brulee and Bedrock. Amazing pigmentation and very easy to blend. I would say that bitten doesn't feel a buttery as the other two I ordered but that doesn't bother me at all as the pay off is unbelievable would highly recommend. The products arrived very safe warped in bubble wrap and surround by paper very impressed.
5 Iman
MUG eyeshadows are amazing! I've literally stopped buying palettes and just aim to get all the MUG shadowsmy favourites include- shimma shimma, rapunzel, bitten, burlesque, frappe etc there are some shades which are not as good- i found cupcake to be a little patchy and not as smooth as my other mattes. but overall these are amazing!
5 Jes12
I love these eyeshadows so much. I paid a lot for my Mac palette as it was double sided and I never touch it anymore I only ever use my Makeup Geek ones. Great service as always Beauty Bay thanks.
5 Aneela
the best eyeshadows i ever them
5 Devon
Best eyeshadows out there! I have a couple of Mac eyeshadows and the pigments is awful but makeup geek shadows are extremely pigmented and has an amazing colour range! Completely obsessed!
5 Phoebe
These eyeshadows are some of the best I have ever used. They blend incredibly well and their pigmentation is great! They have a light buttery texture and are well worth the price. I would recommend these products to anyone and everyone. Must have for any make up kit!!
5 Amelia
Great shadows Great pigmentColour pay off is fabEasily blendedAll round good product
5 Varsha
Great variety of shades, delivery was quick , packages nicely also pigmented shadow.
5 Aimee
One of the best eye shadows I have ever used! The price is amazing and the colours are perfect!
5 Catia
I have so many eyeshadows in my makeup collection that I couldn't believe to find something better than all the brands I already knew. I was wrong. The pigmentation of makeup geek eyeshadows is another story. You don't know what matte finish means until you try eyeshadows like cherry cola. I hope I can get more eyeshadows soon because they re so damn good and I can't live Without them anymore!
5 Farzana
Creamy. Buttery. Pigmented pigmented pigmented! Aamazing and so low in price please keep it like this
5 Charis
5 Sophie
They speak for them selfs amazing shadows
5 Naomi
I purchased 4 eye shadows and I bought a z palette too. I have to say I'm really impressed with the colours they are so pigmented and the quality is fantastic! Very easy to blend and work with too. Definitely going to purchase a few more next pay day! Haha
5 Tea
I've ordered some Mug eyeshadows some weeks ago . I was waiting for them to be amazing bc everyone was crazy about these . When i swatched them on my hand they were ok , very beautiful but I felt like ppl were raving about these maybe a bit too much so I was a bit , just a tiny bit dissapointed . But then I worked with them . OH GOD ! These were sent from heaven . They were so pigmented on the eyes and they looked and blended amazing so soft so fantastic . These weekend with these sales I grabbed some more , can't wait for these to arrive at my house .
5 Alex
100% better than Mac eyeshadows! So much more blendable and buttery! Pigmentation is amazing
5 Maariyah
The best eyeshadows i've ever used!! The formula and pigment is amazing plus they're super blendable. Definitely has become my favorite brand for eyeshadow. So glad Beautybay sell Makeup Geek.
5 Jess
Love these eyeshadows! They are so pigmented and there are a lovely range of colours to select!
5 vm
Great store, and amazing eyeshadow, the formula is very pigmented, easy to work with blendig.
5 Sez
Favourite eyeshadows of all time! Better quality than mac in my opinion! They blend out so easy and the colours are stunning. My favourites are creme brulee, glamorous and frappe :)
5 Donna
Absolutely love these eyeshadows. They are one the best I have I used. Will definitely be buying more
5 Emily
These eyeshadows are amazing!! They are so pigmented and are even better than urban decay and Mac. And are half the price!! I collect mine in the x12 empty morphe eyeshow pallete and they fit perfect. definitely worth a buy
5 Emma
Honestly amazing, never going to a different eyeshadow brand again!! LOVE LOVE LOVE x
5 Yasmin
Excellent shadows, blend beautifully and are super pigmented! Get a few, they're great!
5 marine
So pigmented and blendable !Best eyeshadow
5 Lauren
Marlena I need to get on my knees and worship your creation. These shadows are so freakin' blendable and pigmented. I ordered just a few to start off with then had to come back and order more. Favourite colours are definitely brownie points, barcelona beach, anarchy, bitten, shimma shimma, secret garden, wild west, unexpected and vintage (I really could name them all but I'll stop here). The only word I can summarise these eyeshadows with is Hnnnnngggggg. So I hope you guys get the picture :P
5 Amy
I bought shades beaches and cream, chickadee, cocoa bear, creme brulle, frappe, latte, shimma shimma and mocha and they are all amazing, they go on so smoothly and are easily blend able. I'd seen some people use chickadee but wasn't sure as it seemed so bright on the website but it's gorgeous in real life, the people who rave about cocoa bear are so right to do so as well!I cannot believe the quality that I received with the price being so cheap I don't know what I'd do without them in my collection now, will 100% be placing another order of them soon!
5 Hanna
Super pigmented, affordable, easy to work with eyeshadows. Would highly recommend. Great to start your own custom-made palette in a Z Palette (they have them on Beautybay too).
5 Shirley
Received my second lot of shadows today, ordered some a few weeks ago to try out, there so good and pigmented I ordered another lot including a couple of the duo chrome which are even more amazing
5 Margaret
Excellent quality shadows which are very blendable. Allows you to build up a collection customised to your requirements with new products on the horizon! No more palettes where you only use two colours.
5 Sinead
I got 6 of these shadows and oh my goodness! They are absolutely incredible! They are super pigmented and smooth. Incredible quality. I was so so pleased with them. I'm dying to get some more. And price wise are good too! Mine stayed on perfectly all night. no setting spray used or needed. very very happy with these shadows!
5 Hilde
Favorite single eyeshadows! Super creamy, pigmented and blendable. Best on the market, absolutely love them.
5 Grace
Purchased the shades bitten, cosmopolitan and cocoa bear, which are perfect warm colours that create an amazing look when used alone or together. They are very pigmented, creamy and blendable. Due to the large colour range I will definitely be repurchasing, I'd reccomend these eyeshadows to any eyeshadow lover. The pictures may not look like the actual colour though, so I'd suggest looking at swatches online.
5 Charlotte gentleman
They are absolutely amazing the pigmentation is so good and they blend like a dream! I love them I really recommend them and I will definitely be buying more!
5 Patience
I am soo happy I bought these I'm a dark skin girl and when buying eye shadows can be tricky as even with an eyeshadow base colours can be really hard to see on my skin tone but these shadows are so pigmented I got coco bear and bitten and I love them so much I bought more!! Such pretty colours and so much to choose from!
5 julie
Le maquillage maquillage geek est en tête, surtout le mat que je préfère de toute façon, je vous conseille à tous
5 Laykin
I love MUG shadows! I have about 30ish shades now and don't know how I lived without them before!I recommend these too everyone that asks me about affordable eyeshadows. They are creamy and easy to blend. You really can't go wrong. For a beginner if recomend peach smoothie and crenels brulee as transition shades (I've hit pan in both now) and shimma shimma as an inner corner highlight/lid shad/face highlight. These 3 are definitely MUST HAVES.I used to order direct from MUG in the USA but now I've found Beauty Bay, I save on the shipping to AUS and can get more for my money (plus postage is much faster)
5 Hayley
absolutley beautiful eyeshadow! amazing pigmentation, feels very creamy, and blend fantasticly!! cant rate MakeupGeek eyeshadows more!
5 Radka
These shadows are bomb. I've never had better eyeshadows than this and I think I never will, especially for this excellent price. They are blending so nice and they have so much pigment in them. I love the idea of doing your own perfect palette. I'm obsessed, love them.
5 Sophie
Can't stop purchasing these eyeshadows.. the best part is that you can make a custom palette just for yourself. Beaches and cream is the perfect transitioncolour for fair skin. The shimmery shades glide on the lid and the matte shades goes perfect in the crease. So far nothing to complain about.
5 Emily
Very pigmented and so so easy to blend.
5 Tijana
My order came today and I am blown away. Really didn't think I'd love them this much. Everything people say about MUG shadows is true and I'm going to continue purchasing from this makeup brand. Also want to say that this was my first order from Beautybay and I'm really satisfied and will be purchasing from the site in the future.
5 Laoise Harrington
Love love love these eye shadows,, so delighted ye have brought these to Europe. I love them as much as my Mac and urban decay eye shadows !!
1 Maria
Bad quality, chalky and dry, not very pigmented. Bought nine eyeshadows and I can only use one. So disappointed.
5 Minette
Such a beautiful product, the formula is so creamy and buttery. I absolutely love them!
5 Hermione
Best shadows I've ever used. Wish I'd got them sooner. I used to own Mac ones and they haven't got a patch on these. Recently went cruelty free and I'm delighted that these are. So pigmented and blend effortlessly, you hardly have to do any work. So affordable I can't stop buying them ??
5 Gema
AMAZING eyeshadows, plus, amazing website to buy them. The shipping costs are the best! It is better to buy makeup geek here than in their own website! Actually i had a problem with the shipping because it said 5 to 7 days, and it took 10 days. I wrote them, and they were REALLY nice with me, helped me and gave me all the information and advice on everything... Highly HIGHLY recommend.
5 Emma
I absolutely adore these eyeshadows-especially bitten! Gorgeously pigmented and last for hours. Easy to blend and would be great for beginners;I would highly recommend these to anyone!
5 Mel
I ordered just two of these to be safe as im always cautious of things that I've only heard of via you tube. However the two I have (creme brule and cosmopolitan) are actually very good shadows. Everyone says they are better than Mac - I don't know about that but to be fair I've had some awful Mac shadows as well as some great ones. I feel like eye shadow is one thing that's a bit hit and miss across all brands! The colours I have are both great - I've used creme brule everyday since it came through a week ago and cosmopolitan a few times too. They certainly stand up to my other favourites in terms of quality, and the colour selection is fantastic. They are fun and collectable and I've already ordered two more today. I can feel a new addiction coming on
3 Anna
I got Peach Smoothie as a transition colour. I think the pan is a bit small compared to the price. Very pigmented and blendable but the powder is falling from the pan...
5 Amy
A perfect all over the lid colour! Already hit pan! Wear it everyday! Great to go underneath peach smoothie :)
5 Katherine
These eyeshadows are incredible! Such an amazing price for really great quality. Really pigmented and easy to blend!
5 Abi
Great product and good value!
5 marta
Very pigmented and beautiful colour
5 marta
Very pigmented,amazing colours.
5 Julia
Wow just wow. I have to admit I really got addicted to these. No other eyeshadows can beat the quality of some of these plus there's a wide range of colours available. However, there are a few shadows who are in my opinion not as good as the others but this is just a small teeny tiny minority, for example petal pusher. I thought it was good but not outregeously good as for example Cocoa Bear, Preppy or Chickadee. The shimmer shades like Cosmopolitan are soooooo buttern and cream its crazy. Also, I really recommend the duochrome shades because they are so unique. I love Mai Tai and I'm peachless, Secret Garden I personally didnt like because there was no duochrome effect and I found it a little powdery. All in all - go and get them you won't regret :)
5 Andrea
Best eyeshadows ever! 100 times better than Mac, urban decay etc. Blend like a dream and the colours are to die for! Warning...very addictive :)
5 Alysia
These eyeshadows are amazing.5/5. They come in lovely colours and at a good price. Easy to blend and the colours are so pigmented.
5 Kristin
Love this eyeshadow so much! Amazingly low price yet amazing quality!! This shade is so beautiful, a great substitute for black and a softer finish!
5 Jenny
I am a recent convert to MUG and absolutely love the quality of these shadows. Highly pigmented, blendable and amazing value. I bought my first batch direct from MUG and then found Beauty Bay. Great pricing and much faster delivery. Now I'm a convert to Beauty Bay as well!
5 Tasnim
LOVE THESE EYESHADOWS !!!! Extremely pigmented and WORTH the money spent on them !!
5 Zoe
can never go wrong with makeup geek very happy and will be placing another order for the rest of the colors :)
5 Sarah
I love these shadows sooo much. They're so beautiful, pigmented and blendable. Great selection of colours too. Beats anything else I've gotten. Thank you for bringing these to the website, so much easier to get them to Ireland now! So happy.
5 Beth
The best eye shadows on the market. I use these for both my personal make up and my professional make up. Every single shadow is so pigmented and creamy whether it's a shimmer or matte.
5 Rachel
These shadows are the best I have ever used for the price. The pigmentation is unreal, they blend like a dream and have almost every colour you could ask for!
5 Lucy
I love make up geek eyeshadows!! So glad we can get them in the uk now. Will definitely be ordering them all!
5 Leah
Amazing Quality!!.The have such a strong pigmentation so you only have to use a little at a time also they are really easy to blend
5 Chloe
Ok, I had to see what all the fuss was about and I'm so glad I did! I now have a full Z palette (~28 shades) and I'm waiting for my new z palette and 5 more of the new shades!! I just want them all! They really are as good as everyone says and with Marlena bringing out more and more I won't be able to catch up! Amazing pigmentation, amazing formula, amazing colour range, great size, just... Amazing. Definitely would recommend these to anyone! I'll slowely have them all!!
5 zubeda k
Love these Eyeshadows so much bcoz they Blend in so well and so smooth even after applying layers of it...long lasting and gives a Fabulous result...Seen many Make-up Artist recommend it and I will recommend it too.
5 Ashleigh
My favourite ever eyeshadows!!!! Such a great range of colours, easy to blend, last all day, what more could you ask for....please bring manny's palette to the UK makeup geek & beauty bay, actually please bring more palettes in general :)
5 Louise
my favorite eyeshadows!I ordered Blacklight, Chickadee and Cosmopolitan. Every single one is amazing!They are very buttery, blendable and pigmented.Can't wait to buy more!
5 Venny
Great eyeshadow, very pigmented and easy to blend, wish they have more collection of colour, and thank you beauty bay it's great service and delivery on time specially the next day delivery one ;)
5 simona
I have been wanting this eyeshadows forsoo long. Finalyi can orderthem on Beauty Bay and i Looovethem. They are the best eyeshadows i have ever tried. Now i have around 25 of them and i am very happy. Great pigmentation, amazing staying power and unique colors....
5 Carla
Easily the best shadows I own. Highly pigmented, blendable and with a beautiful colour range.
5 Carrie Mayes
So happy I found these to be available in the UK! All the shadows I've purchased have been amazing and I can't stop repurchasing all the shades! Such amazing quality for the price! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
5 Bojana
Fantastic shadows.I was so happy when they came and they haven't disapointed a bit.Fantastic pigmentation,texture,range of colours....I would gladly recommended them to all.
5 Caroline
My favourite eyeshadows love theses so much!! The colour choice is amazing & the price is so good for what you get, I prefer these to mac eyeshadows.
5 Sophie
These eyeshadows are amazing! Great price and easy to blend. I also use the shade 'shimma shimma' as a highlighter! So great price for a multi use product!
5 Ellie blower
MOST AMAZING EYESHADOWS I HAVE EVER USED!! chickadee is the most gorgeous colour and blends with anything brilliant transition colour have 3 extra large z pallets filled with makeup geek eyeshadows// the pans are thick full of pigment and product!
5 Klara
These are incredible. The pigments are insane and the colour pay off it just beyond belief. They blend very easily and look very high end on the skin. I used to always buy palettes from makeup companies which would result in getting some colours I never needed whereas Makeup Geek allows you to custom make your own palettes so that you always get what you want.
5 Melissa
Amazing value. I regret purchasing my high-end shadows! Honestly wish I discovered these earlier... Incredible pigmentation, blendable, sofffffffttttttt. For me they are better than mac eyeshadows! In love! However...I have to say there are a few misses (but plenty of hits!) in the range
5 Helena
Makeup Geek shadows are brilliant!! They come in so many varied colours, I'm spoilt for choice. The shadows are just as good as ones I've had previously from mac. Only costing half the price is great as it means I'm not limited to how many I can afford! Just wish I could buy all the colours! Absolutely amazing!!!
5 Nina
So much better than MAC eyeshadows! Absolutely love these, they are super pigmented and so creamy. Please bring in more colours!
5 Molly
I've ordered sensuous, fairytale, unexpected and peach smoothie and i cant wait to order more! The colours are all really unique and they blend amazingly! I find it's best to use them with a primer but that's the case for most brands. Really amazing, can't wait to try more and fill up my Z palette!!
5 Chloe Roche
Best eyeshadows you could buy. Much better than M.A.C
5 ria siddaway
best eye shadows ever to be brought to the uk. better than mac, urban decay, etc!! love ow you can buy the z palette to put them in and create your own palette.
5 Simona
awesome eyeshadows.... i absolutely love them!!!
5 Rachel
Totally in love with these eyeshadows...fab colour range !!
5 Daisy
I ordered Creme Brule and Desert Sands and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these shadows. They are some of the creamiest and most pigmented matte shadows I have experienced and in my opinion, surpass the quality of many more expensive, 'higher end' matte shadows (I have used MAC, Stila, Zoeva, Bare Minerals, Nars, Lorac and Urban Decay). For the price, the quality truly is unbeatable. I will certainly be ordering more in the near future!
4 Alkina
I love these eyeshadows. Very pigmented and blendable! But I ordered Cherry Cola and got Carnival instead...
5 Victoria
Oh my days. These are insanely pigmented, buttery, beautiful colours and last all day with minimum fallout. Don't waste your money on expensive shadows - these beat all of them!!!
5 Sami
Best eyeshadows ever.Saw on youtube and glad they are being sold by beauty bay-fave online shop ever!!!These eyeshadows are sooo buttery soft and seriously pigmented!get buying!!!
5 Janelle Logan Lane
Amazing products - great colour choice and value for money. Will definitely be adding more to the collection!!
5 Aine
I just got my first order of four of these Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I am completely in love! They are well worth the hype and the price point is amazing - new favourite eyeshadows and I plan on picking up as much of the range as possible. Super pigmented and an amazing colour selection.
5 Tijana
These are the best eyeshadows I've tried, and I am very very picky with eyeshadow. Creme brule is I think my favourite eyeshadow ever, color is amazing, it is buttery, I use it every day! Corrput is the blackest black really, and high tea is really interesting and specific color, olivy gray, on crease it looks stunning, only thing is it is not as buttery as the rest of the shadow, it is powdery, and it shatters. In general I really recommend them.
5 Niki
I ordered 3 eye shadows by make up geek for first and NOT last time !!! First the delivelry was fast , second the shadows were perfectly secured and third i love their texture , they blend really nice ! Recommend it
5 Georgia
These are quickly becoming the only shadows I use!! Recently tried a few of these shadows and fell completely in love, and then ordered about 10 of the shadows I was most drawn to for day to day wear, along with a Z palette to store them in. The fact that the pans themselves are already metal was a bonus I wasn't expecting! Pretty soon I'll have gotten my hands on every shade they do. The colours are all very pigmented, ranging from shimmers to mattes to subtle (or not so) glitters - can't get enough of them. I also use some of them for blush and highlight, you could easily also use them as bronze/contour too, as they're very decently sized pans. Love love love! Cruelty free too which for me is a MUST. Couldn't be happier!
5 Sarah
I have about 12 of these eye shows now and I can honestly say they are my go to favourites!! So easy to blend and are VERY pigmented.I'm pretty new to makeup (how I went so long with just basic bits I won't no!!) And these are just fab. Excellent value for money
5 nassy
BEAUTY BAY THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH . I love the makeup geek eyeshadows . I usually purchase MAC eyeshadows but every since I found out about the makeup geek ones I am obsessed with the colours . They work so well with all skintones , and for the price you cant go wrong . Burlesque and bitten and cocoa bear are my favourites
5 Elle
BEST eye shadows I have ever tried by miles! Puts Mac and urban decay shadows to shame. So affordable with crazy pigmentation and so easy to blend. After trying these I won't touch any other shadows. Amazing!!!!
5 Aoife
First order of make up geek. Really happy with it, Creme brulee is a little darker than I expected but still a great product and really pigmented
5 Elin
These eye shadows are amazing, especially the foiled ones!
5 Helen
Love Makeup Geek shadows. So glad Beauty Bay has bought them to the UK so no more unwecome customs charges. Despite suiting cooler colours I can't help but be drawn to the fantastic warm shadows. So easy to blend and extremely pigmented. Don't use my MAC shadows at all anymore. Fantastic service from Beauty Bay too.
5 Tonisha
Absolutely adore these shadows!! Super pigmented and blendable, I just can't get enough of them!!
5 Iram
these eye shadows are amazing. I am hooked I have brought nearly all the neutral ones now I want the bright ones. I've got my sisters hooked on them too. I keep buying more and more every other week. Best eyeshadows
5 Georgia Walker
Beauty Bay is one of my favourite websites! These shadows are honestly so lovely, so easy to blend and so many to choose from! Cant recommend them enough
5 Melissa
Ordered loads of makeup geek and i was very impress how quick the dilevery , the product is just AMazing will defo goin to order more soon thank you soo much #@beatyBay !!!
5 Hannah
Absolutely amazing! Ordered 7 of these after watching Jaclyn Hill, and ordered a bunch more after they arrived. So pigmented, so buttery and such beautiful colours. Incredible for the price!!
5 Kamilla Ragna
Absolutely Love these shadows! I use Bitten pretty much every day, and use the other ones I have all the time as well, an have a huuuuuge list of shades I want. The quality is amazing, the price is amazing and basically I just really love them
5 Champayne
Great eye shadows, been coverting the on youtube for a while and was pleasantly surprised that they are now available here. Learning to be an eyeshadow to FOTD and this has helped a lot.
5 Ashley
I got 8 matte shadows from this brand plus 3 duochromes and one foiled shadow! Let me just blow your mind by saying these shadows beat Mac by a country mile! Pigmentation, texture and blendability is absolutely insane!Amazing. I have gotten rid of my Mac shadows as they are awful to work with and way overhyped and priced! I was sceptical of makeup geek but I'm so glad I took the chance! My makeup game has never been better. Oh and to save money and buy more shadows don't buy a z palette. Morphe does empty palettes with magnets. They also do a full magnetised one like a zpalette but cheaper! And they are perfect for these shadows! I will be making another large order so I can have every eyeshadow in the collection! Amazing quality. Skip Mac but makeup geek!
5 IG - MakeupHorny
I love these eyeshadows, the pigmentation, the colors etc. I'm very mad at myself for not buying these earlier. Thanks Beautybay!
5 Donna
The shipping was fast only took 1 day, and the eyeshadows are soo buttery and pigmented. I am over impressed because of how inexpensive they are.
5 Charlotte gentleman
These eyeshadows are amazing, they have great pigmentation, blend so easy and are really cheap. I would 100% recommend these and will definitely be buying more!
5 Emilija
These eyeshadows are THE BEST...I'm obsessed with MUG my faves are desert sands and cocoa bear,I wear them all the time...Everyone asked me where did I get them because it's impossible to find them,and I'm recommending your site to everybody because you are the best Beauty Bay...Thank you for bringing amazing brands for us !!!
5 Alice
My absolute favourite eyeshadows! They tick every single box for me and I'm finding all my other palettes/shadows are gathering dust because I'm continuously reaching for these every time. There is nothing that works better for me and the price point is just the cherry on top! 5*
5 Rafal
I've ordered many of these eyeshadows in all colours because they are amazing. This is the only website I buy these eyeshadows from and I hope that you can bring more colors.
5 Arina
I love makeup geek eyeshadows. I ordered so many of them. So impressed of the quelity so gorgeous and pigmented eyeshadows. Also thank you Beautybay for a great service.
5 Laila
I ordered a few of their eye shadows a couple weeks back and they're so pigmented and has better colour pay off than Mac! I've now ordered a Z palette and some more Mug shadows. I can't get enough of them. highly recommend them. They're amazing.
5 Stephanie
The colours are great and they look just like the photos. They are good quality eye shadows that blend out well and last all day.
5 Sofia
I love these eyeshadows like my own life! Seriously the price point couldn't be more on point, pigmentation is wonderful, the feel of the shadows is awesome and they don't smudge at all! Oh I can't wait to get my newest order in my mailbox! Love ,love, love!
5 sarah
Petal pusher is a great transition colour. Blends/ applies beautifully Would buy again
5 Alice
Purchased Shima Shima as I wanted a talc-free highlight. It is beautiful and perfect for a soft face highlight - cheeks, cupid's bow, eyebrows and good as an eyeshadow too. As eyeshadow you do need to pack it on though. All in all a great purchase!
4 Sahlav
This is a great eyeshadow, affordable and I like the fact that there is a great range of colors and finishes to choose from but a little problem is that when you put on the eyeshadow you really have to pack it onto the lid because it's not that pigmented. The darker colors are good but I wouldn't buy any light color again. MAC has better light shadows than makeup geek
5 sarah
Vintage is a excellent Matt colour and works fab with petal pusher (they blend together so so so well!!) Perfect for a spring look Would buy again
5 Sophie
I love these eyeshadows they are the best on the market. Highly pigmented and so easy to blend. I'm so happy with them. I work as a make up artist and use these constantly.
5 Giulia
Cherry Cole is so great I can't live without it anymore. Perfect shade, perfect powder, perfect EVERYTHING.
5 Mariam
Favourite colour
5 Mariam
So fricking pigmented
5 Emma
Some of my favourite eye shadows! I especially love the matte shades. Very pigmented and last well.
5 Caitlin
These are honestly the best eyeshadows you could ever buy! The pigmentation is unreal and they are so easy to blend. They are an easy and affordable way for anyone to begin building up a makeup collection. The formula of them is so creamy and buttery thats it makes them almost beginner proof as they are just so easy to blend! So worth the money you spend!
5 Abby
I've got quite the collection of MUG shadows now. I advise anyone starting out to buy a large palette straight away instead of a small Z Palette, as you will be hooked!
5 Becca
These eyeshadows have changed my kit game forever! Being a makeup artist I have never come across such buttery, high pigmented, blendable shadows and o cannot stop ordering new colours!
4 Iman
cupcake is a beautiful pinky crease colour! definitely very pigmented- just wanted it to be as creamy as my other MUG shadows
5 Cathryn
Amazing, I 3 full Mac palettes but love MUG just as much and half the cost. Bring more lines please Beauty Bay
5 Millie
5 Tori
Thank goodness you brought these amazing eyeshadow to the UK. By far the best shadows I own, even beats my Mac and Stila Great pigmentation, and superb blendability 5* eyeshadow
5 Claudia
Absolutely love these eyeshadows. Once you try these, you will most probably replace all your other eyeshadows with them- even urban decays! The formula is very buttery, smooth and pigmented. Very long lasting and have a high colour pay off- also very nice quality. A few of the matte shades such as enchanted forest, are a bit difficult to work with- blending them can be tricky but providing it with a little help by using a lighter colour such as beaches and cream will make it a lot easier to blend out. Great value for money, have around 30 different shades and I love each and every one of them! Can't wait to buy them all!! Highly recommend, you will definitely not be disappointed!! Just make sure to really Google different swatches so you can get an idea of what the colours are like as a few are similar to each other. Love love loveeeeee.
5 Faye
Very pigmented, lovely colour.
5 farah
Just as good as Mac eyeshadows! Super creamy and blends like a dream...I got a Z palette to fill some shades I would wear on a daily basis
5 Georgina UK
Really amazing eyeshadows, cannot praise them enough. The pigment and quality is fantastic, the really do last all day. I will probably never use another brand after these. I wish the UK had them in shops !
5 Andreja
I got Poppy and Voltage along with a Z palette and as per usual MUG shadows are great. Highly pigmented, soft and blendable. They're the best ones I've tried and I never looked back.
5 Liselle
The best eyeshadows on the market for sure!
5 Elaine
Not a lot to say really except best eye shadows ever ( and I have many far more costly brands ) great finish , pigment and long lasting . I adore mug
5 Alice
PIGMENTED! So easy to blend, the range of shades is incredible and not to mention the price!! I can honestly say these are the best shadows I have ever used. My absolute ride or dies!
5 Katie
I used to spend so much money on MAC eyeshadows but once trying Makeup Geek I realised how much money I had wasted! The pigments in these eyeshadows are unreal and they are all so blendable and easy to work with! To top it all off they are so affordable and have an excellent colour range.
5 Michelle
By far the best eye shadows I've ever used. I usually use mac or Urban Decay but these are better and cheaper!!. They blend lovely, very pigmented and they don't crease. So far I have purchased creme brule, cocoa bear, shimma shimma, bitten, latte and from the foiled ones showtime. I ordered the z pallet to store these in too, it’s great for making your own custom palette. I had heard about these eye shadows a while back but they weren't available in the UK, I was so pleased when I could order them from Beauty bay, such quick delivery. I am recommending these to all my friends.
5 Ash
Love all these shadows, would highly recommend them to anyone, the pigmentation is amazing on them. Please beautybay can you add the shade Fudge. . . Absolutely amazing shade.
5 Holly
Looooooove this eyeshadow! Have watched so many tutorials on you tube and couldn't believe you guys sold MUG! I'm an 80s baby but a 90s chick snd this colour is definetly 90s! Loving it!
5 Kathryn
These are the best eye shadows I have ever purchased. Not only is there an amazing colour range, but they are so pigmented and easy to blend.
5 Tia
Absolutely love the quality of these eyeshadow, they're so pigmented and easy to blend. Can't wait order more!
5 Kate
Amazing colours so pigmented and really blendable!! I have cocoa bear and bitten and I use them almost everyday not just for nighttime looks! They work really well together and are great crease/transition shades for the foiled eyeshadows flamethrower and masquerade.
5 Samantha
I saw a lot about these on YouTube and thought I would try them as they looked amazing. Everything I saw is true, they are amazing quality. I have now purchased quite a few and everyone is good. I would definitely give these a try, before long you too will have a collection of fantastic shadows.
4 Ayah
Good eyeshadow. Like it. But why can't purchase the empty palette. So I can make my own collection.
5 Carys
I cannot even begin to put into words how beautiful these eyeshadows are, I'm obsessed! I just keep buying more. They're uber bendable, have a fab colour range, last all day and are insanely pigmented, well done Marlena and co!
5 Celine
BEST EYESHADOWS EVER!! Highly recommend these shadows especially peach smoothie, creme brule, morocco and corrupt. Also highly recommend beauty bay ships to NZ within 2 weeks!!
5 Henrietta
By now I received 9 of them, highly highly recommend them!! It's freaking amazing, I can't wait to fill my Z palette with them!!!!
5 Clare
I first heard about these shadows after Jaclyn Hill reviewed them on her YouTube channel. Anything Jaclyn says is great, I believe her. So I was curious to try them. I've now built up my collection and have Creme Brule, Cocoa Bear, Cupcake, Corrupt, Americano and Shimma Shimma. I've put them all into a magnetic palette and can't wait to finish my collection. They're seriously THE BEST shadows I've ever used. I am recommending them to everyone lol.
5 Umber
I am a total Mac snob but OMG, makeup geek eyeshadows make me want to do a girly scream!! I ordered 8 different shades - in large part on the recommendations of youtube's Jaclyn Hill. Colour range - tick, pigmentation - tick, blendability - tick. They're just amazing - I want them all! Thanks Beauty Bay for bringing MUG to the UK!!!
5 Daisy
I have THE most difficult eyes to use eye products with. No amount of primer stops fading, Mac paint pot just about stops the creasing, and blending? It'll either blend too much or not enough. I had given up on finding eye shadows that were perfect for me to layer on my eyelids as well as looking beautiful towards the end of the day. ...Until I came across Makeup Geek! The colours are just beautiful! I have quite a few of the range (would love to see more back in stock ;)) and have had no problems with pigmentation, patchiness or looking dry on the eyelids. They blend beautifully, but can be layered without looking too much or messy. Peach Smoothie and Chickadee are just other words to describe them, Poppy also being a firm favourite of mine (I use it every day!) Thank you, Marlena for creating an affordable brand with no nasties and excellent quality. They are that good, I bought my Mum a whole Z Palette full of them for Mothers Day and she went to get more!
5 Lidia
Creme brulee is the best transition shade, love love LOVE it.
5 Merja
Best eye shadows! Very good pigmentation and they blend like a dream.
5 Ali
Definitely live up to the hype! Ordered cocoa bear, creme brule and bitten to try the formula out and I love them! So so blendable and pigmented, excited to order more shades.
5 Hannah
Delivery is outstanding. Best delivery I've ever had, never any problems, and comes so fast and there isn't a big cost for it either. Eye shadows are fab, the range of colours are brilliant, wouldn't go anywhere else
5 Vicky
I ordered these eyeshows (& a Z palette) on a late Friday night for free next day delivery. I wasn't expecting to receive it this weekend, which made me surprised to receive it today (a Sunday!) So impressed with the delivery service and absolutely in love with these eyeshadows. I purchased Ice Queen, Shimma Shimma, Beaches & Cream, Creme Brulee, Latte, Frappe, Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Bitten and Corrupt after seeing so many good reviews on them. Anyone looking to buy these should definitely know they're warm shades, anyone fair/into cooler tones, might prefer to go for something lighter/cooler. However, the shades are great & the pigmentation is SO worth the money. The only one that wasn't my favourite was Ice Queen - I found it quite chalky and rubbed off quite easily. Shimma Shimma, Creme Brulee and Frappe are probably my favourites so far! I will definitely be buying more Makeup Geek eye-shadows from Beauty Bay soon. 100% reccommend.
5 Holly
I am now a firm believer in makeup geek shadows!! I got them in the shades Bitten, Dirty Martini and vintage and I'll never look back! Such blendable formula and the texture is so smooth and obviously highly pigmented! I love them!
5 Holly
Really love these eyeshadow. Much better quality than Mac only thing is you need to buy the magnets separately. Beauty bay never fail to amaze me with their delivery and got these to me the day after I ordered them!! Amazing quality product and service would reccomend to everyone
5 dee
LOVE LOVE these shadows i got cocoa bear and chickadee both warm shades highly pigmented and very creamy to blend! Cant wait to buy more :)
5 Ferdous
Love! Just when I got my first supply from MG from the U.S. Beauty Bay began stocking. Since then I have been able to build my collection. They BLENDS like a dream. I love them. Fav creme brulee, coco bear and cherry cola.
5 Ranfje
I have spent a lot of money on eyeshadow but this is the best! It is soft, goes on easily, blends perfectly and stays put. My aim is to own the lot
5 Bronagh
Holy good god these eyeshaddows are unbelievable, they're so blendable, buttery and pigmented, I would never purchase another eyeshaddow palette again!!. And for a few quid why the hell not!!. Marlina really hit the jackpot with these.
5 Sophie
I will never use a different brand of eyeshadow again, absolutely my favourite make up from my whole kit and the pigment it just amazing! bitten is a must have colour! 100% worth the money. Amazing!!
5 Hollie
Iv spent thousands at MAC and honestly I've never used anything that comes close to MakeUp Geek eyeshadow! They are AMAZING!!!!! I will never use MAC again!
5 Urszula
The best single eyeshadows ever. Is so easy to work with them. So buttery. Perfection !!
5 Romakeup
Questi ombretti sono FAVOLOSI!!!! Era da molto tempo che li desideravo guardando recensioni di tantissime youtuber americane!! Finalmente ora che li provo posso confermare che sono di qualit altissima, altamente sfumabili, scriventi e burrosi!! I miei preferiti in assoluto e che ovviamente consiglio di provare sono shimma shimma Cocoa bear Creme brule Homecoming Chickadee Corrupt. Il servizio di spedizione stato velocissimo, in 5 giorni sono arrivati a casa!!
Better than MAC, better than any eyeshadows I have tried. BUY THEM NOW. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
5 Anne
Make up geek eyeshadows are just superb. The quality is incredible, so pigmented and they blend so well .Beauty Bay services are just amazing. Quick delivery. I am delighted and will continue ordering through their website as I am totally satisfied
5 Iida
In love with these! Totally worth the price! Bitten is my absolutely favorite...can't wait to purchase more of these.
5 Danielle
I purchase my make up geek shadows off beauty bay all the time, they're my absolute favourite, so pigmented and blendable! Beauty bay always deliver so quickly, amazing customer service. Will always purchase from beauty bay, massive thank you!!
5 Georgia
Most amazing eyeshadows I have ever used. Especially love the fact that you are able to customise your very own palette with the shadows you will use the most. Amazing pigmentation and longevity!! 100% recommend
5 Ali
After wanting to try these eyeshadows for the longest time, I finally came around to buying a few and I was not disappointed. These eyeshadows are incredible!! So so pigmented and creamy, they blend out amazingly. They are extremely comparable to Mac, Illamasqua, Urban Decay - If not better! I can't wait to purchase more and create different looks. Makeup Geek is definitely my new favourite brand for eyeshadows!
5 Grace
So glad I can purchase Makeup Geek products here in the UK. Ordered 3 Foil shadows and some brushes on Monday night and got them on Wednesday morning. I love these eyeshadows so much that i have come back for more. I am ordering another 9 of makeup geeks shadows for now (Thursday night). Will definitely order more at a later date. I love these shadows. Beauty Bay you ROCK!!!!!!
5 Cheryl
Thank you Beauty Bay for bringing these to the UK! I have brought 23 so far and I need more. Delivery has been brilliant everytime, whether it's been to my neighbour or a secure place! My only request is if somehow you could have the finish on each eye shadow. That would help when buying so you knew if it was satin or shimmer x
5 Emilija
Finally I have Makeup Geek OMG,they are amazing.I ordered cocoa bear and desert sands and let me tell you these eyeshadows are stunning..I be ordering more colors soon..Thank you BEAUTY BAY ,the best site for shopping,thank you I adore you !!!
5 Molly
Firstly ordered some makeup geek eyeshadows and holy cow there amazing, great pigmentation and application; ordered them at like 6 at night and they came at 9 am the next day. Beauty bay has amazing service, so i ordered some more last night and they came this morning, great website and great eyeshadows x
5 Lucia
Bought eyeshadows from makeup geek, excellent quality! Was dispatched and delivered by the next day on just 2 day free tracking, great service!!
5 Lizzie
Absolutely fantastic eyeshadows. Better than any I've ever used. Intense pigment, easy to blend, gorgeous colour range. Rouletteis definitely my favourite and couldn't live without these. Would pick these over any eyeshadow. Thank you makeup geek!
5 Ellen
Cocoa bear is possibly the best crease colour I've ever used! It blends seamlessly and with Peaches & Cream on the lid I've created an absolutely winning everyday work look. I would recommend to anyone and everyone.
5 Kellie
There's a reason why these are a cult fave. BEST makeup investment I've made, I'm obsessed! Gonna need to come back for more, if not all the rest! THANK YOU for bringing these gems in, Beauty Bay xx
5 Beebee
These are AMAZING! Best eye shadows I've tried and I've tried a lot. Ordered bitten, cocoa bear and chickadee. So beautiful, pigmented and blend easily. Highly rate these especially with such an affordable price!
5 Ankita
Finally I have Makeup Geek eyeshadows!!! Yay!!! Thanks to Beauty Bay!!! Like seriously, I have shopped so much from your website!!! Shopping from Beauty Bay is absolute fun!!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I have always received my packages SAFELY AND SECURELY!!! BEAUTY BAY YOU ROCK!!! Thank you so much for shipping to INDIA!!! :-)
5 Ashleigh Holt
Can I firstly just say how AMAZING Beauty Bay's delivery service was. I ordered these shadows and a Z Palette at around 6pm last night and they arrived arriving half an hour ago. So impressed. ANYWAY, the quality of these shadows are incredible as everyone else has said. So blendable and buttery. My favourite so far. Well done Marlina.
5 Femi
Lovely - in the process of filing up my Z Palette!
5 Tweez
These are amazing eye shadows, I'm so pleased I can buy them from here as was getting them sent direct from US before. They're smooth, buttery and so pigmented. They blend beautifully and the colours are out of this world. I don't have a favourite, I love them all. They're better than Mac or Urban decay, in my opinion. I think I'm addicted as my collection grows by the week.
5 Linda
Seriously pigmented eyeshadows at an amazing price! Truly amazing quality here too and huge range of colours!
5 Ines
My first purchase of these eyesahdows were 9 of them in a small little leopard Z palette. I absolutely love them!! My orders were Bitten, Corrupt, Cocoa Bear, Creme Brulee, Frappe, Peach Smoothie, Mocha, Americano, Cherry Cola. I can't wait to play with them! I love them so much I'm seriously thinking about to invest in them and buy the whole collection! I can not recommend them enough. My tips is to go watch some beauty vloggers on youtube before purchasing and hear what their opinions and favourite colours. I hope you love them as much as I do! :)
5 Eira
Such good quality, so smooth and easy to blend!
5 Bethany
I bought these to slot into my Z Palette and I'm so glad I did. I got Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Shimma Shimma Espresso, Bitten, Mango Tango, Chickadee, Cupcake and Confection. Confection is my only regret - it' just a bit of a nothing shade. But the others... I LOVE them. Peach Smoothie and Creme Brulee are so buttery and pigmented, which is amazing for neutral transition colours. I alternate between Bitten and Espresso for my outer corner and lower lash line, and use Cupcake and Mango Tango on my lid. Sometimes I use Chickadee just above the crease and below the brow bone. Shimma Shimma is my highlighter for inner corner, brow bone and sometimes I use it across the lid. I can't wait to get more.
5 Rebecca
I own peach smoothie, purely naked and creme brule and they are all amazing. Not had one problem with any of them. I can't wait to buy some more soon!
5 Sophie
So happy these are finally easy to get in England! They're really nice and an amazing price.
5 Georgina
I have so many of there pressed and foiled shadows and I absolutely love them! By far the best quality shadows I own!
5 Laur crumley
Best shadows I have ever used and the price is great, will definitely be buying a lot more.
5 Elaine
Fantastic eyeshadows. These are much better than mac and half the price! They are very buttery and blend like a dream. The quality pay off is fab. Currently stocking up my Z pallet which I also purchased from Beauty Bay. Thanks soo much Beauty Bay for stocking this amazing brand. Delivery is super fast. Looking forward to purchasing my next order!
5 Emilia R
These are honestly the best eyeshadows I've ever used. and the delivery is super quick, it took only 5 days and I live in Finland. Yep, can't get any better!
5 Kelly
I really love these eyeshadows! I have bitten and creme brulee, they are really buttery and soft. They do give a little bit of fallout for me, but they are so pigmented and amazing that I prefer my make up geek shadows over my mac ones. I will definitely purchase again!
5 Eilidh M
You cannot beat these shadows. I have so many MAC shadows and I prefer MUG now. You won't regret purchasing these - can't wait to fill up my Z Palette!!
5 Salmah
Beautiful nice eyeshadows great value and quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thank you.
5 Debby
As a makeup artist I'd seen lots of reviews about Makeup Geek. Amazing eyeshadows. I bought lots of the colours, in fact most of them I think. They are amazing. So pigmented it's just wow. Creme Brulee is the perfect transition shade followed by Bitten in the crease area &; Americano in outer corner followed by Ice Queen or Vanilla Bean in tear duct area. Makeup Geek are my new favourites.
5 GG
Fantastic quality, ordered a few neutrals and now I'm addicted! Great pigmentation, and blends together like a dream!
5 Migle
I have Creme Brule and White Lies. Seriously, the pigmentation is super great. I must say it is more like a pro shadow, but with a really low price. Amazing.
5 Mollie
Hands down the best eyeshadows I have EVER used. I own a range of many high end palettes and reach for my Makeup Geek large Z Palette over all of my other palettes almost every day. I can't find myself doing a look without them. Highly pigmented, blendable and some of the most unique and gorgeous colours on the market. I find myself ordering from BB at least twice a month and just keep building my collection. Would recommend over any other eyeshadows even to beginners!
5 Kirsty M
I don't normally write reviews but I had to as I could not recommend these shadows enough! Honestly if you are like me and read reviews/watch YouTube bloggers and are considering trying this brand DO IT! I initially ordered bitten, cupcake and 2 foiled shadows grandstand/in the spotlight (very similar to Charlotte Tilbury vintage vamp palette) after receiving these pans I then had my make up done in a salon where they used Makeup Geek shadows Cocoa bear, beaches and cream, Barcelona beach and Bada Bing. Stunning! I have added all these pans to my collection. Perfect for pale skin/blue eyes makes the eye pop! Highly pigmented and last ALL day!
5 Lale
I love these eyeshadows! Morocco and bitten are must haves for warm eyeshadow looks - so beautiful! Can't wait to save up for more.
5 Lauren
Makeup Geek eyeshadows are amazing, a complete dupe for the Mac ones and so much cheaper.
5 Charlotte
I have a extra large Z Palette full of these eyeshadows. I find I'm reaching for them pretty much everyday, the colours are so beautiful, blend amazingly and the price, wow. To top it off they're cruelty free. I won't stop buying these until I own them all :)
5 Georgina
I can not big these shadows up enough, totally AMAZING! They are all I want to use, so pigmented creamy and blend like a dream! Will continue to keep ordering and adding to my collection!
5 Suzanne
Jumping on the bandwagon here... These shadows are just so good! And a little goes a long way. So far my faves are Barcelona Beach, Concrete Jungle and Vintage. Oh, and High Tea! They blend with other brands so well and round out any existing eyeshadow collection. Next on the list are the duo-chromes :)
5 Ayesha
My go to eyeshadows. I have: mirage, peach smoothie, frappe, coco bear, cosmopolitan, goddess, roulette and creme brule.
5 Elodie
I ordered the colours Cinderella and cupcake and I am so happy with them, they are highly pigmented and go onto the lid so smoothly. They are great for somebody just starting out with makeup like me, as they are very affordable, and have lots of colours to choose from. I highly recommend purchasing some of these shadows they are amazing!!
5 Inga
For the price- they are indeed very good. They can go little powdery if using with more dense brush. Colors are simple stunning. I use beaches and cream to even out color and as a setting powder. Really good quality. Barcelona beach is also stunning natural color :)
5 Bogi
Beautiful and perfect. I will collect them all :) Plus great delivery! Love, love, love.
5 Ellie gowers
Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Use these in my pro kit and they're so pigmented, so smooth, blendable and bold! I love Makeup Geek eyeshadows, I also have their blushers. Essential for any makeup artists kits! Must have. I give Beauty bay a 10/10. Speedy delivery as well :)
5 Mai
This isn't as pigmented as I thought and that's a good thing. It doesn't scream on the inner corner of your eyes but leaves them perfectly bright. Blends well and is really smooth. Won't stay patchy at all.
5 Sara
Best eyeshadows out on the market for that price! They are great as eyeshadows but I also use shimma shimma as an highlighter, I use barcelona beach as contour and sometimes I even use cosmopolitan as blush. When you go make up geek you never go back! :D
5 Emily
I own so many Makeup Geek shadows! They are so beautifully pigmented and are so so creamy! They are now my favourite eyeshadow brand!! I would definitely repurchase more!
5 Zoe Lord
After buying my first MUG shadows a few weeks ago and saying to myself I'll buy them gradually maybe 3 a month after trying the first few I bought that went completely out the window as I now own 18! The pigment of the shadows is like nothing I've seen before it's amazing and for the delivery it's out of this world it's free 2 day tracked delivery yet it always comes the next day which is amazing! Defo would recommend the shadows and Beauty Bay to anyone.
5 Ellie
Such amazing quality eyeshadows at a ridiculously reasonable price!!! Better than any high end eyeshadows, the colour pay off is amazing! So happy with my purchase.
4 Francesca Jebb
Bought 7 MUG shadows and a z-palette - qualified for free premium delivery which was perfect! On initial swatch the shadows seemed to have a lot of fallout when I touched them however this is due to there very creamy and blend able texture! When I was applying them to the eye this wasn't as much of a problem - so overall very impressed, definitely comparable to my UD shadows and such a good price for the size! Would definitely recommend these shadows!
5 Emma
I ordered 9 Makeup Geek eyeshadows and a black large Z palette, as a make up lover I was dying to try these shadows and I can add they truly live up to their hype, I've ordered an additional 6 shadows since and can't wait to get my hands on them! Fave shades are flame thrower (foiled) chickatee and cocoa bear! Would highly recommend to everyone!
5 Tracey
Ordered on 22nd delivered on 23rd. Super fast free delivery. I ordered 8 eyeshadows and a Z Palette, amazing eyeshadows, very pigmented and blends well. Cute palette with magnets included..a nice touch. I'm used to using Mac eyeshadows but definitely will be collecting more MUG as they are so buttery and yes, dare I say it my opinion - better in value and quality than Mac. I looked like a clown first time using these eyeshadows as I was not used to the amazing level of pigmentation! Plus they also fit in my Mac palette...bonus!!! You won't be them. A very very happy customer.
5 Abbie
Have to say the rave on Youtube about these eyeshadows is spot on! Great great great eyeshadows amazing pay off, easy to blend! Its a dream for the price. Deffo plan to collect as many as I can as soon as I can!
5 Evie
These eyeshadows are comparable to mac, urban decay and nars! These eyeshadows are better, so creamy and blendable and for literally half the price of a mac shadow! These are incredible and I will definitely be buying a lot more!!
5 Ellen
I absolutely love Makeup Geek eyeshadows! These are amazing quality for an amazing price! I won't stop buying these until I own every single shade haha :D
5 Michelle
Bought three Make Up Geek eyeshadows and a Z palette, which I ordered on the 14th and all products arrived on the 21st. So happy with the colours they are super pigmented and I am online now to order some more!
5 Eilis Weldon
So happy BB stocks MUG shadows, they are amazing, such good colour pay off, easy to blend and such good value for money will definitely purchasing some more soon!
5 Jen
Bought 5 of these eyeshadows and a z palette and arrived within 2 days, amazing quality eyeshadows would recommend to everyone!! My 2 favourites are definitely cocoa bear and shimma shimma, will be ordering more soon!!
5 Jenny
Oh my gosh guys, the eyeshadows are amazing, way better than Mac and the price as well! I've got six of the shades and love them all, my faves are bitten, peach smoothie and chickadee. The pigmentation is crazy and blend beautifully, you don't have to be a pro as well! I have already done my next order, planing on rocking some blues and purples! So what are waiting for, buy a cute Z palette and pick your favourite colours, you will not be disappointed! Hugs
I received some days ago my new 7 makeup geek eyeshadows, all I can say is that they are truly awesome ! I have in my collection now creme brulee, beaches and cream, cocoa bear, corrupt, shimma shimma, cupcake, mermaid and I will order more! Very pigmented, big selection of colors, minimum fallout and with a fantastic price (compared to the mac eyeshadows I owned) Congrats to Beauty Bay for bringing them to us ! I have to try the brushes as well !
5 Susie Dwyer Melia
Only found Makeup Geek Shadows and I am already addicted! I saw so many youtube videos and they all raved about Bitten, so I ordered it and many more. I wasn't expecting to love it so much. I love warm colours so I've also bought morocco, poppy, Chicklade among others. Bitten is beyond my expectations!
5 Lucia Cipolat
Loved these eyeshadows, they're soooo good for the price too!!
5 Megan
Love these! High quality and low price :)
5 Paige
Makeup Geek eye shadows are by far the best eyeshadows I have used. I have ordered over 20 pans since BeautyBay have started stocking them and they are the most pigmented and creamy shadows I have worked with. Use them everyday without fail. Highly Recommend!!
5 Shama Elhady
Love make up geek eyeshadows, they are very pigmented, long wearing, and blend able. Great price for a great product. They also fit perfectly in the Morphe palettes
5 Nata Be
I think I was the happiest girl in the world when I found out that MUG was available within Europe. I've waited so long for this. When the products arrived at my doorstep I couldn't wait to test them out. The quality is amazing and all that for such little money. I'm going to place another order this week! I now want to try out every colour!
5 Angie
Love these eye shadows by MUG, very pigmented, blendable and affordable!!
5 Sherisan Wharmby
Makeup Geek are an amazing company. The are greatly priced and super pigmented, not to mention cruelty free. Must have in any makeup kit.
5 Jessica
Bought this product after hearing many people rave about it, in the shade Creme Brulee, which is very popular on YouTube for blending in shadows and using in the crease. Gives a warmth look to the eyeshadow, a dream to blend with. Similar if not better to the likes of Mac for a proportion of the price. Would definitely recommend to other people, in fact I have purchased 5 other shades to try.
5 Louisa
Great eyeshadows with a fantastic selection of colours, ideal for making your own custom palette. Highly pigmented with excellent pay off, so a little goes a long way meaning these little beauties will last for ages. They fit in a mac custom palette too, great if you like to mix and match!! I'm hooked! !
5 Hanna
Once you go Makeup Geek, you never go back to Mac. I am so happy Beautybay supplies MUG shadows, I have ordered a TON and I can say that I am in love. They are really worth the money! Thank you!!
5 Magdalena Nicholls
Very happy with the purchase, eye shadow's very pigmented and easy to blend,highly recommend!!
5 Lauren
Jumped on the Makeup Geek bandwagon after months of watching American Youtubers rant and rave. Have built up quite a collection of colours and loved each one. Super pigmented and blend like a dream. The only colour I have found to be difficult to work with in terms of blending in Americano as it seems a bit chalkier and harder to blend than the rest but it definitely doesnt put me off ordering it again when it runs out!
5 Kathryn
Now I know where I was going wrong! All those years, all those questionable eyeshadow applications. These are effortless, the hype is 100% justified.
5 Maariyah
Looooove these shadows! So pigmented and buttery! I definitely will be buying more of these :)
5 G.D
Love the MG eyeshadows! They are highly pigmented, velvety and very easy to blend! I use a primer before applying eyeshadow which just helps with longevity, however even without it has stayed on pretty well! Definitely a great purchase!
5 Lisa
Excellent product!! Great pigmentation, buttery texture and super easy to blend!! High end quality product at half the price!!
5 Nazek Thales
The best eyeshadows ever. Sooo pigmented.
4 Giorgia
Love love love the Makeup Geek Eyeshadow pans! These eyeshadows are so pigmented and blend amazingly well, I am overjoyed with the product. Apart from being absolutely beautiful (in pan, swatching and when being worn) they are also extremely versatile. You can buy a Z palette and constantly switch, remove and replace eyeshadows if they run out or if you are trying a different looks or even travelling and only taking certain products with you, this makes life so much easier. Also buying these from Beauty Bay means that you don't have to pay the extortionate prices of shipping from the official Makeup Geek website which often are 5 times the price of the actual eyeshadows and international shipping takes much longer. I love that Beauty Bay offers next day delivery free so I can order 3/4 of my favourite Makeup Geek pans and the next day be able to wear them!! Love the gorgeous product, love the service,10/10 all round. Only downside is the range is slightly smaller than on the official website. I love Makeup Geek!
5 Ami-Lee
Makeup geek eyeshadow a are AMAZING! The best eye shadows I've ever bought, got my first load from America because of the reviews on them and they were right then when I found out they were being sold on here I was so excited! By far the best eyeshadow I've tried, so pigmented and just amazing!
5 Laura
I love these shadows so much - they are such good value for money, and come in so many amazing shades. I love 'cocoa bear', 'pretentious', 'shimma shimma' and 'flamethrower'; the best.
5 Megan
Have recently tried these eyeshadows and they are amazing, just as good if not better than Mac and for less than half the price. Also beauty bay delivery is really fast so you don't have long to wait.
5 Lila
These eyeshadows are some of the best I have tried, they are buttery, they are long lasting. The colours are pigmented. The best thing is that they do not cost much and you get a high end product quality. They are easy to blend and the colour range is wonderful. There are a lots of colours to plays with, neutrals and bold colours so you can do different looks with it. Perfect for everyday or a night out with your friends. I forgot to mention the pigment is so good that women/men of colour can use this and be a happy soul =)
5 Sam
To name a few, some of my favourites are Cocoa Bear, Bitten, Corrupt. These shadows are pigmented, super-blendable and a must-have for any makeup artist or makeup enthusiast.
5 Shauna
Love these eyeshadows! so pigmented and very blendable. So glad Beauty Bay are now stocking!
5 Chloe Allen
Love these eyeshadows!! So pigmented!, loads of shades to choose from! Love love love!!!
5 Iman
I love MUG shadows- they're great quality- with some awesome pigmentation and they just blend out wonderfully! Soo happy I don't need to pay international delivery or customs anymore!!!
5 Carrie
I absolutely love love Makeupgeek's eye shadow, they are so pigmented and very easy to work with. Marlena have really done a good job to a reasonable price. I'm so happy that Beautybay are selling them. Can't wait to buy them all.
5 Niamh
These eyeshadows are amazing! So pigmented so you only need a light touch of your brush for a really intense colour. They last all day and do not crease! Plus there is a fab colour range.
5 Jessica
As soon as I received some Christmas money as a present, I knew the first place I wanted to go - Beauty Bay. I love that this website sells all of the products we are not able to purchase in the UK. Being a huge makeup addict and a beauty blogger, I had done much research into the Makeup Geek eye shadows and was adamant to purchase them as soon as possible. I bought 12 eye shadows - two being foiled and the rest were original and I have never been so impressed with eye shadows in my life. The shadows are so pigmented and buttery, they blend out like a dream. As I placed my order on boxing day, I was expecting my order to be understandably delayed. My order from Beauty Bay actually arrived right on time, with no delay - which was excellent. Provided with a tracking number and constant details as to where my parcel was - I knew my makeup was in good hands. Beauty Bay has been the best experience I have had with ordering online - when everything arrived it was in impeccable condition with all products placed neatly in the box. I 100% recommend this website for your well-sought after makeup, I would certainly pick it over other competing websites.
5 Claire Elsley
Amazing quality eyeshadows. The best I've ever found. The formula is so creamy and blendable. Would highly recommend!
5 Colette
Ordered 10 Makeup Geek pans & a Z palette which qualified for free next day delivery (excellent!) Items arrived on time as with anything I've ordered from beauty bay in the past. These shadow pans are excellent value for money you can mix and match to create your own customised palette. Colour pay off is great on the matte shades and the shimmers are excellent if you wet your brush first with some fixing mist. Excited to build my collection and will be ordering from BeautyBay again soon! Hopefully they get more shades in too!
5 Laura
These eyeshadows are perfection!
5 Devon Innes
An amazing eyeshadow. Good pigmentation, such a gorgeous colour would recommend and came fast. Thanks :)
5 Ellen
These eye shadows are STUNNING. Well worth the small price to pay for excellent pigment and great blendable, creamy texture!
5 Jenna Bayley
My Boyfriend got me a couple for Christmas and I can't wait to get more, they are creamy, pigmented and great value for money!
5 Charlotte
Really creamy, super pigmented, cheap and beautiful colour selection: 10/10 :)
5 Sophie Lauren
I spent a long time choosing which shade to go for - It's hard when they all look so beautiful! In the end I went for Shimma Shimma, Prom Night, Moondust, Drama Queen and Havoc. The order arrived promptly and I was very happy with both the customer care and delivery. These shadows really are lovely. I had long awaited their arrival in the UK as I had seen them popping up all over YouTube in makeup tutorials. The shadows come in a very generous pan, you won't be running out any time soon. The pans are seated in a cardboard sleeve which are fine for storing until you transfer them into a palette. I have not yet purchased a palette as the sleeves have been doing the job perfectly. The shadows are very pigmented, this is something you don't always find in other brands. The finish is absolutely beautiful on all of them - I have never experienced such a high standard of eye shadow before. The shimmer in all of them is so gorgeous - perfect for both day and night looks. I will definitely be purchasing more of these lovely shadows as they are extremely high quality and not that much more expensive than high street alternatives. These are perfect if you want to start your own shadow palette collection.
5 Sarah
Amazing quality eyeshadows, for a great price too. I've nothing bad to say!
4 Aaliyah
I brought 3 of these eyeshadow pans to put into my Z palette that I also brought with it and I love the shadows they are pigmented but also buildable I have the colours country girl, burlesque and purely naked. I will definitely be buying more!
5 Ana
I really love these eyeshadows! Very pigmented, blendable, and they stay on the whole day/night. Totally in the class of MAC eyeshadows...if not better ;) GET THEM!! I'm so happy BeautyBay finally has them. I'll buy more soon!
5 Laura
Love these eyeshadows! So comparable to high end brands.
5 Jade
These shadows are too unreal! The texture is so buttery and every pan I own has amazing pigmentation. 100% recommend to anyone not wanting to spend on higher end shadows - there is no need as these are just as/good if not better.
5 Alyce
Love love love! Like everyone says... Creamy buttery smooth. No fall out. Not powdery. Blending like a pro. They are very pigmented. Good size pans. Just can't get enough of them!
5 Nicole
These eyeshadows are so buttery! Very pigmented and only need a few on the brush to get the perfect eye!
5 Shyma
Purely Naked is my MSBB shade for me. It looks same like my skin tone and this is the best to blend out eyeshadow on the crease as a transition and also to set the lower lash liner.
5 Muqadsa
Love these eyeshadows! Highly pigmented as well as affordable. Blend out like a dream. I honestly think these are better than the MAC ones, but are a fraction of the price. Highly recommend!!
5 Ellis waterhouse
I have a few of these eyeshadows and they are fantastic!!! All high pigment great for day and night looks myself and my clients love them!
5 Tan
One of the best eyeshadow formula on the market, in my opinion. I reach for these more than most of my pricier ones (looking at you, MAC, Chanel, Nars, etc). I love the fact that you can custom make a palette to suit your needs, and that there are so many colors to choose from. The only thing is that you absolutely need to prime your eyelids before. Otherwise the staying power isn't as bulletproof. I use the Too Faced shadow insurance and it works great. I also prefer to apply them with natural bristle brushes.
5 Jess
Makeup Geek eyeshadows, where do I start?! Firstly, these are the most pigmented eyeshadows you'll ever use in your entire life! Not one lacks pigmentation. The texture of these are so buttery and smooth that you wont have any problems with blending whatsoever. Out of my whole collection, I have not come across one eyeshadow that is patchy or hard to work with and honestly, I definitely rate these over many Mac eyeshadows! Not just down to the huge price difference because honestly, its such a bargain, but becausee I find myself using my Makeup geek eyeshadows over my mac ones! Therefore, I must say, I prefer Makeup Geek to Mac! Although I love all of the eyeshadows that I own, the ones that really stood out to me were, Creme Brule, Cocoa Bear, Glamorous and Shimma Shimma. I really recommend these shadows as they have the best quality and for the price, you really can't go wrong at all!
5 Deena
These are the best eyeshadows I've tried. And they're so affordable.
5 G
BUY THEM,BUT THEM ALLLLLL I TELL YOUUU :D They're all incredibly pigmented and the price is so affordable! Thanks Beauty Bay for allowing EU people to buy them yay!!
5 Cecilie
5 Meghan
These shadows are soooo pigmented! There are a few misses, but mostly hits with these shadows! The formula is buttery and stays on all day.
5 Usma
I love Makeup Geek eyeshadows, thank you so much for being the UK stockist Beauty Bay! I've been wanting to get my hands on these forever and now I know you have them I'll be a repeat customer just for these. They're super pigmented and the colour selection is amazing. These are high quality eyeshadow for a third of the cost... great for people starring out in makeup and makeup junkies who like collecting makeup.
5 Sophie
Easy to blend and super pigmented , defiantly on par with Mac shadows if not better plus half the price !!! Brilliant !!
5 A.G
Fantastic pigmentation! Very affordable. Comparable to high-end eyeshadows.
5 Bethany
These are really great eye shadows, the cosmopolitan stayed on my eye all night without the use of any primer! This line of eye shadow has loads of different colours that include both matte and shimmer. I wish i could have them all. My only downside is from the colours available from Beauty Bay, I've been dying to try the coco bear and a couple of other colours in the collection, but they are unfortunately not stocked here. Beautiful eyeshadows though
5 Claire
Gorgeously pigmented and super easy to blend! Bought a Z Palette to keep them in and I'm in love!
5 Katlyn
Absolutely love these eyeshadows, have bought so many, can't get enough of them, also really fast delivery and delivery updates to tell you when your parcel will arrive.
5 Lucy
Makeup Geek eyeshadows are by far the best matte formula I have found. The colour range is great and they're so creamy and easy to blend. I'll never go back to MAC after using these.
5 Mia
These eyeshadows are like magic!
5 Emer Dunphy
All the products that I have purchased from across the ranges are AMAZING!! The pigment is incredible and I can't wait to build up my collection from Makeup Geek!!!
5 Spence
Perfect crease colour! Pigmented and smooth. Glad we can now get hold of Makeup Geek in UK, thanks Beauty Bay!
5 Jayne
Makeup Geek eyeshadows are fantastic. They apply like a dream, come in all the colours you could ever wish for and more, and a great price too. Thank you Beauty Bay for bringing them to us and for all your other amazing beauty products.
5 Lucy
Amazing eyeshadows, probably the best I've tried. They're so pigmented and have such a creamy and soft texture.
5 Andželika
I love MUG eyeshadows!!! Really really pigmented great quality product. Have few neutral shades and want to try more. Can't wait when Dirty Martini & Unexpected will get back in stock (to order them of course)!!!
5 Cassandra
These eye shadows are very pigmented, easy to blend and long wearing. I always use a primer as I have very oily, hooded eyelids and these have lasted 9 hours without creasing or fading. I purchased corrupt which is the blackest black I have come across to date as well as cocoa bear, mocha, prom night and the I'm peachless duo chrome - I will definitely purchase more. These are comparable to Mac and much cheaper!
5 Hollie
These eyeshadows are such great quality for the price that they are, I prefer them over Too Faced and Urban Decay they are my most used shadows I already have a basket of shades that I want to buy next!
5 Vee
Beautifully pigmented, high-quality shadows for a reasonable price! They're smooth and creamy and the colour payoff is lovely. Really happy with my purchase.
5 Gemma
Amazing I buy some weekly! Amazing keep them in stock!
5 E
So so good!! I bought quite a few of these eyeshadows and they are so so amazing! They are super creamy and easy to blend, extremely pigmented and stay on my eyes forever. The price is so amazing as well and would definitely recommend.
5 Janelle
I love Make Up Geek shadows; I have Cosmopolitan, Burlesque, Morocco, Corrupt, Glamorous and Curfew and are all so pigmented and smooth and soft and blend amazingly with each other as well as eye shadows from other brands. I have dark skin and even with out a primer all the shades show up beautifully on my skin and I'm really glad I have these in my life.
5 Olivia
I love these! I bought 3 eyeshadow pans to start off my collection and a z palette to keep them in. I ordered the colours barcelona beach, confection and whimsical (from the foiled collection) all of which are very highly pigmented, easy to blend and long lasting! Will definitely be buying more!
5 Ruthie
Super pigmented, easy to blend and long lasting. Excellent colour selection, both shimmers and matte are brilliant. Very affordable while still offering high quality, a must have for anyone's collection.
5 Madeline
The eye makeup from Makeup Geek is amazing, it's highly pigmented, easy to blend looks and feels wonderful on the eye. As this is from America Beauty Bay as made it easy and accessible for us to have the pleasure of using.
5 Hannah Smith
Items Purchased: Shimma Shimma, Vanilla Bean, Bitten, Burlesque. Absolutely amazing products, the quality is fantastic. Very pigmented, can't wait to purchase more of them
5 Mai
Beautiful colour! I love all Makeup Geeks eyeshadows and this is really intense dark brown!
5 Kamelia
These are such lovely eyeshadows! The pigmentation and sheer colour pay off puts market wide pallets on the back foot. The fact that the brand is cruelty free as well means that what you get is a good, quality product at a very decent price point. I have been using mine for over a year and the colours impress me with every use. I look forward to Beauty Bay retailing the entire line including the brushes (outer V brush and the stiff dome brush spring to mind as a minimum), and the new pigments (albeit no sifters are available for them yet!). Great line! So excited to have a quick easy way of purchasing refills when I run out (beaches and cream has been my everyday transition shade). Superb job to Beauty Bay for stocking a great brand.
5 Sara
One of the best eyeshadows I have ever tried! love these and so affordable.
5 Elizabeth Harvey-Heathcote
MakeUp Geek Shadows are the best affordable shadows on the market. I have been buying them in from the U.S and am so happy that BeautyBay now stock them. I do wish they had the whole MakeUp Geek line but am chuffed to bits that we now have these. Do not waste your money on MAC. Seriously. Buy MakeUp Geek, trail it against your MAC shadow and and I promise you, you will never look back! ps: I am in no way officiated with MakeUp Geek or Marlena. I am not even a Youtuber. Just a makeup lover and mummy of 5. :)
5 Jessica
Love these Makeup Geek eyeshadows! They are super pigmented and blend easily, shame they only come in little eyeshadow pans which are a bit inconvenient, but other than that worth the purchase!
5 Lisa Brennan
I ordered flamethrower, one of the foiled shadows.... WOW!! The most pigmented, beautiful shadow I have ever used. So so happy that BeautyBay have started to sell Make Up Geek!! I also ordered a leopard print z palette at the same time to start my Make up Geek collection. Ordered them Saturday night (Boxing Day) they came this morning (bank holiday Monday) Amazing service, outstanding delivery time. Will be ordering many many more items from yourselves. Highly recommended ladies.
5 Georgia
I purchased bitten and the foiled shadow in the shade flame thrower. Both equally amazing. Bitten is a perfect matte plum burgundy shade something I have struggled to find but this one is perfect and so blendable.
5 MakeupGeekLover
I adore these eyeshadows! The shadow called Bitten is my favourite, but I love every single eyeshadow from makeup geek I own. They are soo buttery and smooth and I can't wait to order more. And they're half the price of a MAC eyeshadow! Does it get better than that? I would definitely recommend getting your hands on these if possible! 5/5
5 Nataša
Best eyeshadows I will buy more.
5 Susan
These shadows are amazing, the formula of the eyeshadow is amazing, and they blend together so well, also the pigmentation is unbelievable! Really good for price!
5 Venice
I could not wait to have received my products and the company did not disappoint. I have received great communication, speedy delivery and very well packaged. This company has brought me great satisfaction as the product is very hard to find in the UK. Thank you Beauty Bay! Great company. Highly recommended!
5 Bethany
This product is of the highest quality, 'Peach Smoothie' is a must have item perfect for a transition colour of which is very pigmented and super blendable!!
5 Hanaah
So Happy UK Can finally get these without customs best eyeshadows and the price is really good.
5 Rachel Cunningham
Pigmented perfection! Best eyeshadows on the market and so easy to order now in the UK! The colour selection is unreal!
5 Melissa
These eyeshadows are amazing quality and very comparable to mac if not better!!!
5 Mel
I can't imagine it to be possible to actually dislike this brand. MUG quality is ridiculously good. The price is insane. The are so smooth, ,so pigmented, so blendeable. Soft as silk. My all time favorite eyeshadows. I promise you that you are missing out if you don't have any MUG in you collection. Because they are so easy to work with, they're also great for beginners. Build you own palette, with only shades you love, instead of buying pre-made palettes with a little of all types of shades - which you don't like.
5 Kitty
Honestly THE best eyeshadows I've ever used aside from the Urban Decay palettes. These win hands down because of the price. So pigmented and buttery, they blend out beautiful and apply like a dream. The pans are a lot smaller than you would expect but they're deep and a little goes a long way. Paired with a palette like those from MAC or Z palette you can create your own customised palette. Absolute bargain for something that is on par, if not better than high end shadows like MAC. I can't recommend these enough.
5 Holly
Make up geek eyeshadows are easily the best eye shadows ever! And so affordable I cannot recommend them enough I have around 30 of them so far and not one is bad.
5 Vinusha
OMG!!! These eyeshadow are super pigmented and are amazing !!! They look so incredible on the lid and they don't crease. Just bought the small z-palette as well, can't wait to fill it all up with these mg shadows :)
5 Cheyenne
Cosmopolitan is an absolute must have, love it! (love the other colors too but this is my fav)
5 Evie
Amazing as always, buy most of my makeup on Beauty Bay and never been disappointed with the service and products. The makeup geek items were all fine and not disappointed!!!
5 Sarah Peel
I ordered a Z Palette and Creme Brulee from Makeup Geek a couple of days before Christmas so I wasn't expecting them to arrive before the busy rush. Not only was I really pleased with my first shadow from Makeup Geek (super pigmented and blendable) but I also received my order the next day (the 23rd). Couldn't be happier with both my products and the service from Beauty Bay.
5 Sophie
I love these shadows I prefer them over Mac shadows and they are cheaper, they blend so well you must try them.
5 Anna
Amazing eyeshadows! Blends well, very pigmented! the quality is super high.
5 Lizzy
Love Love Love Makeup Geek shadows! they are amazing, and blend so well, the colours are fab and highly pigmented! Cant wait to build my Z palette up :) Super quick delivery, Thanks Beauty Bay :) xxxx
5 Connie
My delivery got here super fast! And all wrapped in tissue paper and a gift box, really great value!
5 Connie
These are such great products! Very pigmented and easy to blend also very affordable, great to add to a z palette! I'm definitely going to be ordering some more very soon!
5 Christina
I got chickadee, cosmopolitan, envy and burlesque and I adore them!!!! The best eyeshadows I've ever used.
5 Aileen
Make Up Geek eye shadows are superb quality. They don't contain any talc, so they're great on sensitive skin. They are so easily blend-able and pigmented. Dare I say they give MAC shadows a run for their money, so you will not be disappointed and for what you pay for one MAC shadow you can stock up on three with Make Up Geek.
5 Prousou
Very smooth and pigmented eyeshadows.
5 Ida
I love these eye shadows! These are so pigmented and soft!
5 Robyn
Absolutely amazed with these shadows! I've heard so much positive feedback over these pans on Youtube and I cannot agree more! Super duper impressed with these products... I'm in love.
5 Jennifer
AMAZING!! Can't get enough of these shadows!!
5 Francesca
Such a good product, pigmentation is amazing and the shadows blend so well. Same quality as Mac shadows except a fraction of the price! I would highly recommend peach smoothie as a warm transition shade and cupcake is a lovely pink transition shade. I have now purchased 11 shades and I won't be stopping until I have them all! Also amazing delivery service from Beauty Bay, I ordered four shadows at midday and I got them the next day in the morning, I hadn't even selected express delivery! Can't recommend these enough.
5 Aaminah
Best eyeshadows I've ever used! Also super fast delivery as always! Thank you beauty bay!
5 Carly
I've bought cocao bear, latte, beaches and cream, americano and creme brullee. They are all very pigmented and so easy to apply. I will definitely buy more shades!
5 Yana
I've been waiting for Makeup Geek eyeshadows to be on offer in UK for so long and I must say that all that waiting was absolutely worth it! The texture of these bad boys is almost creamy it's a bliss to apply them as they are sooo easy to blend, they are super pigmented and stay on my lids for 10 hours before they start fading. And the best thing? The price point! So affordable. Can't wait to order some more. Thank you Beauty Bay for introducing these to our lives!
5 Floortje
Love these! I bought some a while ago and they are amazing. I bought Time Travel, Morocco, Frappe, Envy, Desert Sands, Chickadee, Pretentious, Hipster and Americano. The pigmentation is so good, the formula is so smooth and they are easy to blend. I have nothing to complain about! Love that we can buy them here instead of the original website because it is a lot faster with delivery & no custom fees! Yay! Will be back for more for sure!
5 Sasha
I've been wanting to get my hands on Makeup Geek shadows for AGES, as I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I ordered quite a few shades - a mix of matte and shimmer - in the more neutral tones - as well as a few of the Duochromes. I'm thrilled to say that there isn't a duff amongst them. The texture is buttery soft and highly blendable and the colour payout for the matte shadows is excellent. I think these are excellent value - there's no talc or parabens in the formula and they are the same size, but a fraction of the price of MAC shadows. I think they are also better. My favourite shades, so far (!), are: Bitten, Cosmopolitan, Peach Smoothie and Cocoa Bear. I'm absolutely delighted that Beauty Bay stocks these! My new go to eyeshadows. I will be ordering more....
5 Anna
Love these eyeshadows! Such good quality for less money! Prefer these over MAC eyeshadows. Pigmented, blends easily, variety of colours is amazing!
5 Sally Galula
By far THE BEST eyeshadow that I have ever used, Urban Decay and Mac used to be my favourite however after only one use I can safely say that Makeup Geek are better and much more affordable!
5 Kate
Amazing colours and fantastic quality. I am very happy with eyeshadows and I will buy more.
5 Henry Galea
One of the best eyeshadows I have ever worked with . They blend like butter , highly pigmented and very long lasting . I've even used some of these on a fim set , and they work beautifully on camera ... Make-up Geek , just ... you slay me !
5 Elaine Jane
So happy with this, I've been wanting Makeup Geek products for ages now and I'm so happy !!! Great prices and great colours, quick and easy payment and helpful description on the product. Brilliant! The best makeup shop online and will continue to use :)
5 Kristina
These eyeshadows are amazing !!! So so pigmented for a very good price :)
5 Eva
OMG. I have been wanting Makeup Geek shadows for a while and I was debating whether to get it from the US or not because ridiculous import charges. Thankfully Beauty Bay stock them now. I love everything about these shadows from selection of colours to pigmentation. It's just perfect. Thank you Beauty Bay!
5 Caitlin
Absolutely love these shadows - so pigmented and such a variety of colours!! I have bought 8 so far from beauty bay and the service was fast and so smooth, really looking forward to purchasing more in the future :)
5 Pernille Christensen
I love the eyeshadow from MUG! In my opinion they are better quality than Mac and half the price.
5 Olivia
These Eye shadow singles are great!! They blend amazingly and the colour pay off is excellent. If you want to create a personal & amazing palettes this is where you want to come!!
5 Azka Asif
Most amazing eye shadows ever so pigmented and cheap! Well worth the money!
5 Kayleigh
These eyeshadows are incredible! By far the best ones I've come across, they're so pigmented and such good value for money and I love the fact you can choose all of your own colours to create your own pallette! So glad Beauty Bay have started stocking these!
5 Jayne Somerville
Makeup Geek eye shadows are fantastic. They apply like a dream, all the colours you could ever wish for (and more) and great price too. Thank you Beauty Bay for bringing them to us and for all your other amazing beauty products. Our delivery man is at our house every couple of days - think he's becoming part of the family!
5 Eilis Weldon
Such good value and amazing pigmentation. They have such good range of colours!
5 Jessica sargeant
You think Mac is good for single shadows? Wait till you try these! Makeup Geek have probably made the creamiest, most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever used. I am a lover of eyeshadows and own several eyeshadow palettes/singles and nothing compares. If you're looking for an inexpensive and pigmented eyeshadow these are the ones for you. Wish I could rate these higher than a 5.
5 Rohini
These eyeshadows are one of the best on the market! Love love love. Great pigmentation and they blend like a dream. Some are great dupes for the mac ones and I will buy more soon .
5 mai
I ordered Petal Pusher and it's gorgeous rosy colour with greyish undertones. And its texture is so buttery and nice.
5 Lorraine
I have bought so many of these already, so happy they are in the UK! Hopefully they will stock colour pop eye shadows soon. hint hint. I have many more of these on the way. So cheap, but so pigmented! Soooo many colours to choose from.
5 Nicole
They are so worth the price! Very pigmented. I highly recommend the shades Glamorous and Frappe.
5 Rachel
I brought 5 of these eyeshadows & they are amazing!! Love the colours, love the quality. Must buy.
5 elllie cosgrave
I find these eyeshadows have a brilliant pigmentation, from shimmers to mattes the colours pop and are easily blendable. In comparison to mac or any other brands these eye shadows, in my opinion are very good. The texture is smooth without being creamy. Although applying is easy, for heavy and strong colours I would suggest wearing shadow shields!! Overall these are my favourite eyeshadows to buy!
5 Saffy
These eyeshadow are amazing. Great pigmentation, blendabilty and range of colours! Compared to other cosmetic brands selling single eyeshadow these are great value for money! Definitely will be purchasing more in the future.
5 Xen
These eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented, blend like a dream and the selection of colours are vast. At half the price and much better quality than MAC, I definitely will choose these over MAC from now on. Can't wait to buy more of these wonderful eyeshadows.
5 Ursula valentine
Unreal pigment , easy to blend and high quality!
5 Farah
The pigmentation of these shadows is insane! Perfect crease colours for all skin tones, I bought a Z pallette from this website and it fits all my shadows perfectly. I think the texture and pigmentation is superior to MAC shadows and a bargain! I bought the shades: creme brulee, coco bear, chickadee, peach smoothie and bitten to start off with! I think this is the best place to buy these shadows as they are hardly available anywhere in the UK.
5 Helga
Beautiful eyeshadows. Very good pigmentated. Really great for those who love good brands like MAC. But now cheaper.
5 Oona Armstrong
I received my delivery of a selection of Make Up Geek eyeshadows from Beauty Bay this morning and I am so delighted with my purchase. They are everything I expected, so pigmented, buttery and easy to blend. I will definitely be purchasing more so I can create a selection of palettes to add to my collection.
5 Charlotte
I was so excited when MUG landed at Beauty Bay because I've always heard such great things about the products but the p&p to the UK from the MUG website was very pricey. These eye shadows are AMAZING. If you're thinking about weather to try them, DO! They are so pigmented and the price is a bonus! 5/5 for sure.
5 Jam
Best Eyeshadows ever!! Definitely worth the price.
5 Megan
Loooooove these shadows!! Order did take a bit longer than normal getting these but was expected due to everyone wanting these shadows. SO worth the wait they are all so creamy and pigmented, thank you Beauty Bay for bringing these to the UK!
5 Paige
Amazing quality!! I've been wanting Makeup Geek eyeshadows ever since seeing seeing girls on Youtube using them and they are just as good as they portray. Now that I know Beauty Bay sell them it's made me so happy. Beauty Bay's service was brilliant and everything came packaged very well to reduce the risk of smashing. Overall so happy with the products I ordered and the service. 5 stars!!
4 Khadeja
I love Beauty Bay as it covers so many brands my favourites are the Morphe palettes and the MUG pan eye shades thank you Beauty Bay for stocking them made my life easier don't have to travel any where to find them also customer service is excellent.
5 Cathryn
Super pigmented and long lasting.
5 Michaela
Love these eye shadows! So easy to buff and you don't have to put loads on to get much effect.
5 Nazia Karim
These eye shadows are amazing, I was lucky and got hold of the foiled eye shadows and some matte ones. Couldn't be happier the pigmentation is out of this world. They are just as good as Mac eye shadows but way cheaper!!!. Amazing please Beauty Bay stock back up on these beauties. LOVE THEM :)
5 Jam
Such affordable eyeshadows! I bought Mocha & Taupe Notch and I'm really happy with them. Definitely going to buy more.
5 Stephanie
All the beauty Youtubers and beauty gurus rave about this brand! So I was extremely excited to find that Beauty Bay was going to stock them! I luckily got my hands on a few of the most popular colours, really good for blending and highly pigmented , I do enjoy using them, however are they any better than morphe etc -? I find them quite similar! However I love the range of matte shadows!
5 Shanaz
Amazing quality, high pigmentation, long lasting both matte and shimmery shades. 100% recommend, worth all the hype, created by a truly inspirational woman. Will be adding more to my collection. Recommend purchasing a Z palette to put them all in. Practical and perfect! Thank you Beauty Bay for bringing them to the U.K.
5 Tracey
Amazing! My all time fave eyeshadows!!
5 Charley
Beautiful eyeshadows. Amazing colour pigmentation and very buttery. Great price for such a high end quality product.
5 Ljellz
These eyeshadows are so pigmented! And long lasting. Worth creating a Palette of your own so you have colours you will actually use!
5 Molly
I am so glad I decided to purchase the Makeup Geek eyeshadows. They are a brilliant formula and extremely pigmented - Chickadee is a great example and one of my favourite shadows from the brand. They are all very creamy and easy to apply and the range of colours makes the shadows perfect for both simple and dramatic looks. There are also a number of different finishes to pick from including, shimmer and matte. Beauty Bay is the only website that I am aware of that sells Makeup Geek which can easily be shipped to the UK so get your hands on them whilst you can. The delivery was fast and the shadows packaged securely. I would also recommend purchasing a Z Palette - also available on Beauty Bay to keep all of your shadows neat and safe :D
5 Saffy Mahmood
I have heard many great things about makeup geek from various YouTubers. Beauty Bay seems to be the only supplier in the UK. These eye shadows are great value for money compared to other cosmetic brands selling single eye shadows. Its a great way to create you own eye shadow palette. I love the pigmentation, blendability and shades Makeup Geek offer. Its a shame they don't offer more shades at Beauty Bay. I will defiantly be purchasing these in the future.
5 Rachel Newbery
Makeup geek eyeshadow's are so pigmented. I love the way you can customise your own palette. Very fast delivery as well.
5 Rebecca
Beautiful browny red eyeshadow ... creamy and stays on all day can't fault MUG they are THE best eyeshadows ever!!!
5 Fran
I purchased 35 of the MUG eye shadows, including the foiled and duo chrome too. They are amazingly pigmented, soft and buttery and so easily blendable. I love these eye shadows. I am a training MUA so these are just perfect for in my kit. I have also purchased 6 of the MUG blushes too. Just as amazing! Highly recommend to anyone. Great value for money in comparison to brands like MAC.
5 Mariam Rehman
I absolutely love Makeup Geek but couldn't find a source from where I can purchase, so glad to see on your website.. waiting to purchase once they are back in stock... :)
5 Millicent Irvine
I recently purchased Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans and some of the duo chrome shadows from Beauty Bay. As always the order came very quickly, with a lovely free gift. The Makeup Geek eyeshadows are amazing quality for such a good price. I would recommend them to anyone who is a lover of eyeshadows or if you are a makeup artist these are perfect for your kit. They are creamy eyeshadows with amazing pigmentation, that blend so beautifully on the eye. Definitely worth the purchase!
5 Jayde Belgrave
Perfect eyeshadows. Blend out like a dream. Creamy and buttery. Works with any primer. Definitely recommend xx
5 Kirsty
These Makeup Geek eyeshadows are amazing! They have a great selection of colours and very pigmented. I will definitely purchase more of these, great product at an affordable price! So glad beautybay are stocking this brand.
5 Laura
I have always wanted my own Makeup Geek shadows but was always to scared to order over seas... so finding out that Beauty Bay stock them made my day! I trust this site with my orders and the delivery is so fast and well packaged.
5 S yasmin
Best eyeshadows I've used.
5 A regular customer
OMGGGG These give me lifeeeeeee! I'm so happy that they are restocked! Please do not stop restocking! LOVE YOU GUYS!
5 Caitlin Ford
I bought some Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I love them!! They came so fast and with such good delivery. Perfect condition and the colours are gorgeous and so pigmented!! The first of many times of shopping at Beauty Bay, thank you.
5 Leanne
Creamy, and really pigmented, definatly my new favourite eyeshadows
5 Isabel
I adore these beautiful eyeshadows. Great pigmentation and range of colours. I would recommend these to anyone, and save up for them. There worth the splurge. Many friends will be getting these for Christmas.
5 Jasmine
Best eyeshadows! These definitely compare to mac eyeshadows and some are even better. They are creamy, highly - pigmented and easy to blend, I will definitely be purchasing some more!
5 Orly
LOVE love love them!!! So glad MUG sell now with Beauty Bay, and hope all MUG products will be here :) Good Job BB
5 Donna
Love these eye shadows so pigmented! Came so quick love the service saving for more eye shadows!
I cannot express how happy I am to see beauty bay stocking makeup geek products. These are huge on the youtube beauty community, and after experiencing them for myself, I can see why. There is a huge colour range to choose from, the texture is buttery, blendable and pigmented. You can create every eye look you desire with these shadows. These are now my go to shadows and they beat MAC in terms of quality and price. Thank you beauty bay!
5 Hafsa
Incredible pigmentation - well worth it for the price! One of the only sites to not rip you off when converting from dollars to sterling. The delivery was tracked and quick and was well packaged, so my order was protected. Would recommend these shadows, in particular - morocco, frappe, latte, mocha and beaches and cream are great transitional colours - x
5 Rebecca Key
Soft, buttery, blendable, BARGAIN! Don't even question yourself. Just get involved. Amazing colour range and good longevity. No complaints!
5 Jade
Purchased quite a few Make-Up Geek eyeshadows and I can say they are as amazing and even better than MAC shadows. The shadows are so pigmented yet buttery and super easy to blend out and an insane range of colours. I am a training make-up artist and I am definitely going to be buying more of these to put in my professional kit. Thank you Beauty Bay for being the only brand in the UK to sell these!!
5 Nuha
This is the first makeup geek eyeshadow that I have ever brought and OMG this colour is soo beautiful, exact dupe for MAC- uninterrupted. It's soo creamy and easy to blend. Definitely going to be buying more from M.U.G!!
5 Rebecca
The best eyeshadow ever...a lovely base colour,excellent quality!
5 Cara
Absolutely amazing shadows, full pigment with smooth texture and application. They are so blendable and gorgeous finish. Love these will definitely be buying more!
5 Wemimo Ogundiwin
I found out about MUG via a follower on Instagram and I got lemon pop and duchess, I love these eyeshadows, lemon pop stayed through to its colour without any base, it was bright and I placed duchess on my lower lash line, I love this colours bu MUG. I don't think am ever going to dream or worry about getting MAC eyeshadows anymore.
5 emma
love love love !! these eyeshadows are amazing. I cant wait to get more.
5 Grace Cainer
Beauty bay has been so helpful to me as I have been looking for these eyeshadows everywhere as I didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for shipping but here it's cheap or free. I ordered the shade cosmopolitan and it is so pigmented much more pigmented than Mac and you are paying less than half the price I hope you get more eyeshadows in stock soon . Grace x
5 Jodie
I ordered these and two days later they had arrived. The quality of the shadows is gorgeous, they blend amazingly and are really pigmented. They are also priced really well. I did forget to order the magnetic palette for the shadows to go in so I'll have to order that as well. I can't wait to start building up my Makeup Geek collection
5 Kamila Maria
Amazing eyeshadows worth every penny! Blend so well and stay on the lid! For the shimmery shades I recommend to used fix plus from mac to get an even more intense colour!
5 Tilly
So creamy and buttery , a pleasure to blend, Affordable price what more can you ask for? Big thumbs up to beauty bay for stocking makeup geek
3 Sirin Cimen
A mixed bag - ordered two of these eye shadows. The first one was highly pigmented and smoothly applied and blended to the lid, yet the second was extremely powdery and provided only a wash of colour. Somewhat disappointing after all the hype surrounding Make Up Geek!
5 Claire
Amazing, highly pigmented eyeshadows! Great variety of colour to choose from too.
5 Rif
Amazing quality! And Bargain Price! Love them so much!!
5 Leanne
Makeup geek eyeshadows are amazing they definitely as good as mac and half the price. They are seriously pigmented and blend so easily. Delighted to see this brand available on beauty bay as it was so difficult to purchase before.
5 Bex
Just received mango tango, chickadee, peach smoothie and a duo chrome Mai tai along with a small z pallete and I have to say I am IN LOVE. I have waited so long to get my hands on some makeup geek shadows and the quality lives up to expectations. Thank you so much for stocking makeup geek and I can't wait to order more when you re stock especially 'bitten'. I love beauty bay! So happy with my purchase xx
5 Carmella Gordon
I've been using makeup geek since it launched 4 years ago in my kit best eyeshadows ever can't recommend highly enough so happy I can now buy in the UK can't wait to buy their brushes here too.
5 Carly Stanley
Absolutely beautiful. after watching hours of YouTube tutorials and devastated when I was unable to get these showdows in the UK, I was so over the moon, I bought 11 shades. They're absolutely amazing, so blendable, they're buttery soft and they haven't budged or faded all day. I'm about to buy more now. Amazing.
5 Mona
Thank You BeautyBay! LOVE the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows. Please sell more from MG.
5 lauren mcallister
a very very nice site, I';m so so pleased it has abh and makeup geek and many many more products you cannot find anywhere else. fav place to shop :)
5 Fatima
This brand is soo good, I'm so happy with this website. Thank you so much beauty bay!
5 Lindsay
These eyeshadow are the best I have ever tried and I am a makeup junkie who has everything from drugstore to Mac, Charlotte tilbury, stila and many more. You will not find better I guarantee I ordered mine from America and have repurchased many more!! Thanks beauty bay now I can purchase here :-)
5 Kirsty
Amazing!! Best eye shadows I've ever used, better than MAC and other high end brands! So glad beauty bay are selling them!
5 Christine
First time ordering makeup geek eyeshadows in the UK - totally ecstatic that you have stocked these and ordering was very easy and quick.
5 Marlie
These are hands down, THE BEST eyeshadows you could ever get at a veeeeery affordable price!!

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