Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pan

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Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pan

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  • Caitlin Rose
  • Center Stage
  • Charmed
  • Curtain Call
  • Day Dreamer
  • Epic
  • Fantasy
  • Flame Thrower
  • Fortune Teller
  • Grandstand
  • High Wire
  • Houdini
  • Hype
  • In The Spotlight
  • Jester
  • Legend
  • Limelight
  • Magic Act
  • Masquerade
  • Mesmerized
  • Nostalgic
  • Pegasus
  • Plot Twist
  • Showtime
  • Sorcery
  • Starry Eyed
  • Take Two
  • Untamed
  • Whimsical
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5 Niamh
Bought Nostalgic and it's such a beautiful colour! Love it so much! My make up geek collection is growing nicely :-)
5 Eirnea
Absolutely love these singles, lovely pigmented and creamy on. Need to buy all the rest of them now!
5 Kirsty
Insane pigmentation I was so impressed when I swatches it. So easy to blend out and goes with lots of eye looks. Great buy, would definitely recommend!!
5 Catherine
Love all of makeupgeek eye shadows..they are amazing especially the foiled ones, great creamy texture and long lasting wear! I can't wait till curtain call is in stock I'll buy it in a heart beat
5 Josefine
WHAT I ORDERED I ordered 9 foiled, 1 duochrome and 5 matte eyeshadows. (Jester, Untamed, Fortune Teller, Grandstand, Flame Thrower, Masquerade, Charmed, Mesmerized, Starry Eyed, Steampunk, Mocha, Latte, Cocoa Bear, Frappe and Baby Face) Also a blush and a contour (Spellbound & Bad Habit) MY SKIN TONE I am pale with a pink/cold undertone. The eyeshadow Baby Face was such a great all over lid color/transition color for me. I wasn't sure if I should buy Bad Habit or Infidelity since I am cold toned, but Bad Habit doesn't look too warm on me, which is great. MY SKIN TYPE I have a normal to somethimes oily T-zone and eyelids, I also have hooded eyes. I feel like the foiled eyeshadows transfer to my hooded eyes, even with an eyeshadow primer. All eyeshadows does that to me though, and these ones transfer a bit less than others I've tried. SHIPPING I am surprised of how fast the shipping was. The foiled eyeshadows, blush and contour arrived after 5 days. The matte eyeshadows after 6 days. (I live in Norway) DO I RECOMMEND MUG? If you are not sure whether or not to buy these, just buy 1 matte and 1 foiled and try it out. They are amazing! I 100% recommend this brand. I LOVE the eyeshadows, they are as pigmented, buttery, blendable and beautiful as I expected. Not to mention affordable compared to MAC and UD. All their eyeshadows are cruelty-free and paraben-free. Most of their eyeshadows are also vegan and talcum-free. All eyeshadows I ordered were vegan, except Masquerade, which is important to me. I will definetly buy more colors and re-stock the ones I bought when they are used up! THANK YOU BEAUTY BAY I just want to thank beauty bay for selling the MUG brand. It is so convenient for us european people. I will have to order 5 more XL Z-palettes and the rest of the eyeshadows. My wallet does not thank you, but I do. (:
5 Beth
These have got to be the creamiest shadows I have ever felt! The pigmentation is insane and the staying power is nothing I've ever experienced with a typical glittery eye shadow before. There's no fall out it's just perfect. Grandstand is without doubt a holy grail shadow for me and flame thrower is a close second. The looks you can make with these shadows are so fun and creative and for the price they are so so worth it!
5 Ellie
LOVE LOVE LOVE these foiled eyeshadows!! Just what I want, these are so pigmented and creamy, they stay on all day/night. I wear grandstand and In the spotlight on a daily basis because they are amazing. Can't wait to try out all the new colours you've brought out ready for autumn/Christmas time! 5* rating all the time!!
5 Marit
I love these eyeshadows, they're so creamy and the color payoff is amazing! I prefer to apply them with my finger for the best pigment. I've got the colors Starry Eyed, Mesmerized, Grandstand and Magic Act and they're all very creamy and pigmented! Highly recommend these.
5 Ruckshana
These eyeshadows are so pigmented and the colours are beautiful. Spray some fix+ on the brush before dipping into eyeshadow and when you apply it on your eye, the eyeshadows are extra pigmented. Favourite eyeshadows
5 Maisie
Absolutely love makeup geek foiled eyeshadows they are an essential when creating eyeshadow looks i always use them on the lid!!!
5 Lauren
Just so pretty! Have a few and really hope Beauty Bay stock the new ones soon! they are like butter, used wet or dry they just pop!
5 Josefine
I ordered 9 foiled and 1 duochrome eyeshadows. (Jester, Untamed, Fortune Teller, Grandstand, Flame Thrower, Masquerade, Charmed, Mesmerized, Starry Eyed and Steampunk) I love them so much, they are everything I expected, pigmented, buttery and unbelievable beautiful. I will definitely buy more colours and re-stock the ones I bought. I am surprised of how fast they got shipped to me as well, took 5 days to Norway.
5 Luisa
I got in the spotlight as a free gift with an order I placed and I love it! It is so buttery and smooth and could be used with so many different looks! I like to highlight my brow bone and inner corner with it sometimes as it is such a versatile product! Will need to get more
5 Susana
These eyeshadow are like nothing i have ever tried pigmented, buttery, beautiful colors and just wonderful. I do find that it transfers easily on my hooded eyes and also creases. Now I have very oily eyelids and need to prime with any eye shadow but because these shadows are oil based they crease a little extra. Be careful too because they are fragile and will break easily!
5 Michelle
Makeup geek shadows are hands down the best shadows you'll try. The foiled shadows are just unbelievable, SO pigmented and buttery and for a fraction of what you'd pay for Mac or UD. I'm already obsessed!
5 Zoe
Makeup geek eyeshadows absolute favourite shadows and these foiled ones are amazing. They last hours on me without budging, so happy beauty bay stocks them so I can get them in the UK. Grandstand is stunning, whenever I wear it I get complements on it.
5 Debbie
All MUG eyeshadows are pigmented and very blendable; not to mention affordable. These Foiled shadows are so creamy!
5 Harata
Love it! I bought Highwire -- it's just beautiful. Can't wait to see if BB gets Grandstand in, I'll buy it in a heartbeat!
5 Lily
I love these so buttery and pigmented I use a primer underneath and sometimes mix it with a setting spray.
5 Precious
Just received flamethrower, showtime and in the spotlight and they are beautiful! Flamethrower is definitely the most pigmented out of the three, but all three look great on dark skin!! I really want grandstand so I hope it's restocked soon.
5 tarina
Amo Make up geek sus foiled eyeshadows son las mejores que probe mejor q Mac, mis nuevas favoritas, gracias Beauty Bay por hacer que lleguen a Peru
5 Mimita
fantastic eyeshadows, apply with mixing medium and it will not transfer all over the eye lid.
5 Rachel Leighton
Very pigmented eyeshadow, you only have to put a little but on your brush for it to show up. However I would prime your eyelids before applying as it is very easy to smudge
5 Lynda
Absolutely amazed by how good these eye shadows are - totally love them,
4 Zuzana
These have great pigmentation and all, but I feel nobody mentions how they crease. Without a good primer these will crease like crazy and disappear on the lid very fast (I never need eyeshadow primer apart of these). Also they are very fragile so be careful with them, mine just broke apart without even falling or dropping, just after it arrived and I had put it to Z Palette, I was able to tap it back into pan, but you do loose some product along the way.
5 Holly
Grandstand is just a beautiful colour! If you're in to the jlo/jessica alba look this colour would be perfect! I literally where this on my lids and add shimma shimma in the inner corners of my eyes to make them pop!
5 Elena
Increible esta sombra, pigmenta muchsimo. Preciosa, me harcon ms. Me lleg a casa rapidsimo.
5 Samantha
Not much to say about these.... Apart from "don't hesitate, buy them all". Fantastic product!!
5 Bade
I got Center Stage and Untamed as my first two foiled shadows, and I am in love! Untamed is probably my favorite, it is just beautiful and I recommend it to anyone. I am definitely getting more
I ordered high wire lovely I have another five they are fantastic I got my parcel in two weeks.
5 Roshni
Incredible high pigment creamy eyeshadows, they last all day in full vibrancy. 100% Recommend.
5 Alena
shadows amazing! Color, texture, firmness, Pigmentation - all just great. I recommend to everyone
5 Sophie
Love these eyeshadows! So beautifully pigmented and sparkling, my favourite eyeshadow is one of the foiled pans. It is the most gorgeous colour ever and brightens the lid so much, I always use it! The regular shadows are also great, very pigmented, top quality!
5 Holly
So, I bought one of these babies in the shade Grandstand, and its a purchase I couldn't regret. Such a creamy foiled shadow that is highly pigmented and really blendable, spray your brush with some Mac fix plus prep and prime spray before applying and the dimension comes out even further! Highly recommended.
5 Dorthea
Simply love these foiled eyeshadows. I bought 'In the spotlight' and it is very pigmented and has a lovely shine to it, perfect for mobile eyelid also if you got hooked eyes. A little product goes a long way and lasts all day. Beware you might get addicted to this brand ;-) as the quality is splendid and yet the price is affordable.
5 Emily hughes
Amazing price and quality - applies beautifully and 100% worth the money.
5 Sheryl Roberts
If you are reading this and not sure whether to buy these.... DO IT!!! Gorgeous eyeshadows!
5 Yiota
Perfect eyeshadows!!! Soo soo pigmented!!! Love them!!! I will buy again!!! Xx
5 Jessica
These foiled eyeshadow pans are perfect!!! I prefer them to MAC pigments 1000000 times better and my clients love them too! Creme Brule and cocoa bear compliments Grandstand amazingly! Definitely a must have for everyones makeup kit who likes a super pigmented shadow!
5 Iida
I bought these in in the spotlight and showtime and I absolutely adore them! The pigmentation is insane (no need for fix+!) I'm definitely going to buy more of these!
5 Nicole heffernan
Bought 6 of these shadows I LOVE them there amazing quality so much product you only need a little bit so smooth and buttery I suggest applying them with your finger much better application ! Give 5 stars !!!
5 Ellie
Tried these eyeshadows after i heard jaclyn hill raving about them and i can honestly say they are AMAZING. pigment is so good, and they do lovely colours, when you compare them to MAC there is no comparison!
5 Lauren
These are insanely amazing, only one i don't think is as good as the rest is caitlin rose, so in love with these shadows!!
5 Gabi
I have used other top brand shadows for ages and they're great but these MUG completely beat them in price, pigment, texture, how they blend - pretty much in every single way! BUY!! You won't regret it!
5 Kellie
Placed another order for a few more of these the moment I swatched my first purchase, Grandstand! The pigmentation of these is UNBELIEVABLE, so buttery! Got me swatching over and over, think I almost hit pan swatching so much! I am OBSESSED with these, can't wait to get my hands on all of them! THANK YOU for bringing these absolute gems in, Beauty Bay xx
5 Sara
I bought 'In the spotlight'(a beautiful, shiny, rosy champagne) and 'Magic act'(pure gold!) and I am super happy with them! I absolutely suggest applying them with your fingertips instead of brushes because the effect is definitely better. I used them with an Urban Decay primer and they lasted all day. 5 stars!
5 Debby
Lovely colour and so pigmented.
5 Kelly
I bought in the spotlight. It's my first foiled shadow by Makeup Geek and I LOVE it! It's so buttery and smooth. After I put this on it's like an angel sneezed glitter on my eyelid. Will repurchase more!
5 Nasim
These eyeshadows are even better than MAC ones and are half the price. They go on really smoothly and have great pigmentation and stay on for a long time.
5 Jorgia
I love, love, LOVE this eyeshadow. The pigmentation is amazing and it stays on for hours on end. I bought flame thrower and jester and I honestly cant rave about them enough. Definitely recommend!!!
5 Laura
Love these foiled shadows, so easy to apply and look amazing. Whimsical is one of my favourites!
5 Ana-Marija
Thank you Beauty Bay!!!!! These eyeshadows are amazing and I definitely going to buy more!
4 Johanna
Love the colour, love the creamy feeling of the product. BUT!! beware if you - like me- travel. I kept my Houdini and Caitlin Rose in a Z-palette while travelling and they both broke and are now just dust. It definitely feels like the foiled eyeshadows from MG are way more prone to breaking than the normal shimmery or matte colours :(
5 Milica
Sooooo good I love it!!!!
5 Georgina
Gorgeous shadows, so easy to use and they last all day long with no creasing, I just love all make up geek products!
5 Zafren
SO GLAD BEAUTYBAY STOCKS MUG! These foiled shadows are just magic, honestly worth every penny. Buttery texture and great pigmentation, must have!
5 Elodie
I purchased a foiled eyeshadow in Grandstand, and I'm so happy with it, Makeup Geek shadows are really affordable and they are as good as mac shadows, maybe even better considering the price. These eyeshadows go on so smoothly and have intense pigmentation. Grandstand is a beautiful rose gold colour and is great for natural and dramatic looks. 5 out of 5 for these eyeshadows would highly recommend.
5 Mai
This is really pretty colour. Unfortunately it doesn't look that bright on my eyes, because I have really light skin, but for a glamorous smokey eye look it's perfect! :)
5 Sara
If you buy one, you will get back here and get all of them! There's absolutely nothing wrong with these!
5 Megan Lomax
Easily the best eyeshadows I have ever used, so pigmented feel like butter they are that creamy. The colours are so unique and such great quality for money they are 10x better than mac! And so much cheaper, would highly recommend.
5 Ellie
These are the best eyeshadows ever! The colour pay off is amazing!! I was so excited to see Makeup Geek on Beauty Bay and I couldn't be happier with the products!
5 Keisha
These eyeshadows are amazing!! They are so pigmented and pretty and inexpensive! I was recommended to try this brand so was sp happy to hear beauty bay were stocking them and will defo be coming back to but more!! Thanks beauty bay!!
5 Tably
You need to buy whimsical and magic act! These eye shadows are absolutely amazing, they are so pigmented and with one swipe, my eye is like a disco ball! I use these eyeshadows in a z palette and they are all I reach to now. At this price each, they are extremely cheap for what they are as I feel I would happily pay twice the price for one of these eyeshadows! Beauty Bay have done a fantastic job stocking these eyeshadows and I will definitely continue to buy more and more of these eyeshadows even though I have almost bought them all off Beauty Bay already! I definitely recommend, I am addicted to Beauty Bay!
5 Noelleplay
These eyeshadows are so buttery and pigmented and the colour range is phenomenal.
5 Jessica
I had heard nothing but good things about these eyeshadows so I ordered Bitten, Cocoa Bear and two foiled eyeshadows in Grandstand and Flamethrower. These are truly the best affordable eyeshadows I have ever used - the pigmentation is unbelievable, the texture is buttery and smooth and blends like a dream. I personally prefer these to Mac and Urban Decay, they are incredible quality and the you can't beat the price!
5 Jenny
I've got the shade Grandstand and it's soooo beautiful, especially with bitten and chickadee in the crease. When I first swatched it I was blown away, I thought I was dreaming. Before have I seen swatches on YouTube and thought they looked amazing, but when you swatch them yourself, their is a completely different level of amazing. The formula is very smooth and applies best with your fingers. If you have very oily eyelids I suggest to not bring these above the crease because it might crease throughout the day. Otherwise are these out of this world amazing, and for the price you can't go wrong. I'm now waiting for lovely Pegasus to arrive to me. If you're not convinced yet, then I don't know who you are. Just trust me!
5 Leanne
I love this brand so much such a good price for amazing quality. Eyeshadow are super blendable and so pigmented. Also loving the pigments and foiled eyeshadows. The best eyeshadows I've ever tried
fantastic eye shadows i ordered the foiled majic act in the spot light grand stand i love them excellent quality
5 Laura Waters
I adore these shadows, the pigmentation is amazing and these are a welcomed addition to my ever expanding Makeup Geek collection.
5 Lauren
This is the best eyeshadow I have ever used in my life! The pigment and formula is amazing and the colour selection is great. Nothing compares to these eyeshadows!!
5 Laura Hibbert
Honestly, the BEST eyeshadows I have ever tried for high high shimmer. They are perfectly buttery smooth and pigmented which is amazing considering they cost twice as less of MAC shadows and yet they perform better! Couldn't do without these shadows now, definitely going to buy more.
5 Lore
These foiled eyeshadows are amazing! So pigmented, so beautiful... Each one of them are worth buying! I'm so glad Makeup Geek is sold at Beauty Bay! Amazing brand, cruelty free and good quality!
5 Alyce
I got in the spotlight. Beautiful bright pinky silver to me. Truly pigmented. Brings another dimension when you start using foils. Everything I've tried so far with Makeup Geek are incredible. Will be purchasing pigments and brushes next.
5 Charlotte
I purchased Grandstand on a whim having promised myself I'd stick to practical matte shadows. I'm so glad I did! The colour payoff is amazing. It's the most beautiful rust colour. I team it with a purple smokey eye for a spotlight effect. Great for blue eyes.
5 G
These shadows are simply amazing. They feel like butter when you touch them and are so highly pigmented and don't need a base. The selection of colours is great as there's different colours for everyone. The only problem I have with a few of them is using them with a brush as I lose a lot of the colour and have to use my finger instead which isn't really a big deal. If you have oily eyelids I'm not sure how these would work for you as they are quite creamy.
5 Bethany
I purchases Flame Thrower from here, it was great service the order arrived within two days which I was really impressed by. I was also very impressed by the eye shadow itself it is absolutely beautiful and pigmented, stays on all day/night without the use of a primer, I cant wait to try out some more, I already have my eye on in the spotlight.
5 Lucy
These eyeshadows are by far the BEST I have tried and I've tried MAC, Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury to name a few. They are so pigmented, blendable and the shades are all stunning. So happy Beauty Bay has started stocking these so I don't have to pay import tax from the US anymore! Houdini, Grandstand, In the Spotlight and Showtime are must haves.
5 Sophie
Amazing !! Pigmentation is stunning , looks like metal on the eye , everyone need at least on of these in their makeup kit x
5 Kiera Swift
I love these shadows! So smooth to apply and blend out so easily! Pigmentation and price are just perfect! 100% will buy these shadows again!!
5 Rita
Bought In The Spotlight and it is such an amazing shadow. Definitely going to buy more shades in the future. Also really enjoyed ordering from Beauty Bay. It has so many amazing brands that are not available in my country and here I can buy so many different things from different brands. I will definitely order again from Beauty Bay.
5 Andrea
Fantastic color - it is super difficult to find a gold eyeshadow. I have looked everywhere and have to resort to pigments and still there I find it difficult. Not anymore. This is a true gold and it isn't watered down due to the pigmentation. Super pigmented - stays on all day/night without the need of a primer and you barely use any product. Perfect size - It's the same size as MAC shadows so they fit in their quads (if you have any) or just pop it in in your Z palette!
5 E
These eyeshadows are amazing! They make your eyes look insane as they are extremely smooth and easy to apply but look so sparkly and perfect for a night out or just a subtle day time look! Also extremely pleased with Beauty Bay for delivering them quickly and intact! Definitely buying more.
5 Edita
Love the eyeshodows from Makeup Geek, so pigmented. Im going to buy more.
5 Janelle
I have two shades; In The Spotlight and Flame Thrower and they are the most beautiful, metallic eye shadows in the world. They're insanely pigmented and blend so well. Marlena did an amazing job with these and I'm definitely going to order more!
5 Sophie
I was so pleased when I saw Beauty Bay were stocking Makeup Geek! These foiled eyeshadows are beautiful they really do look like foil on the eyelids! And they are especially great as you don't need to wet your brush with any sort of setting spray or water! I can't wait to purchase the rest of the colours!
5 Bethany
Beautiful eye shadow! It has such a good pigmentation and is so soft and very easy to work with. Absolutely love this colour!!
5 Ellen
I bought 4 of these foiled shadows (caitlin-rose, flame thrower, houdini and whimsical) after hearing my favourite youtubers (Jamie Genevieve & Sssamantha) raving about them for months. The pigment is insane. I usually find that, to get a strong pigment with shadows like these, you usually need a damp brush, but that is not the case with these. The consistency is so creamy and the vibrancy is incredible, and for such a low price, it's a steal. Makeup Geek are now my favourite brand for eyeshadows, they put some of the more popular(and expensive) brands to shame.
5 Hellbo
These eye shadows are just beautiful, they are as smooth as butter and the pigment and shine is unbelievable. Easy to blend; you can create stunning looks with these shadows, I purchased 4 straight away and want them all!!
5 Sophie
I bought flame thrower no Houdini and OMG i was amazed to be honest they are beautiful and surprisingly easy to work with.
5 Prousou
Very pleased about the eyeshadows. Very buttery and pigmented. Even though they were delayed, 20 days, I received them in well condition. Very well packaged.
5 Ida
Foiled eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented! Love them!
5 Siobhan
These shadows are so lovely to use, they are very pigmented and they really are so buttery and soft. Would definitely recommend :)
5 Sofia
I cant believed you've started stocking Makeup Geek eyeshadows!!!!! the love is real over here :)))))
5 Annalise
I purchased In the spotlight shade and the pigmentation, the texture, the longevity and colour is amazing! I want all the shades! Highly recommend these eye shadows.
5 Rachel
I have brought 5 of these, the colours are amazing soooo pigmented & creamy. I love them. Will definitely be buying more!
5 Ti Na
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Make Up Geek foiled eyeshadows. I own a couple of them. Very good pigmentation and that sheen....I love Beauty Bay for carrying the line now. An absolute recommendation. You cant go wrong with Make Up Geek shadows, no matter if matte, foiled or duochrome.
5 Charlotte
I was so excited when MUG came to Beauty Bay and just like the original eyeshadows (which I also rate a 5/5) they are AMAZING. The pigmentation is high-end status and the price is so good. I highly recommend. 5/5 for sure!
5 Sakun
They are very pigmented and most creamy eyeshadows I've ever used. They don't have fall outs at all and has absolutely beautiful colour selection.
5 Glamorous touch mua
These eyeshadows are amazing!! You cannot go wrong with them. Super pigmented and buttery. They are a dream to blend! The colours are vibrant and beautiful. I highly recommend them.
5 Leanne rigby
This was my first time purchasing from make up geek , and I wasn't disappointed . They have the most beautiful colours , and they're so easy to blend . Definitely will be purchasing more.
5 Hannah
Makeup Geek eyeshadows are AMAZING! after already beginning to create my own pallet with over 11 of the eyeshadows, I've just ordered 4 more from Beauty Bay. The pigment is unbelievable, You don't have to keep building the colour up at all. But you would think that because they're so pigmented they would be difficult to blend, but not at all. The texture of the shadows is so creamy that these are even great for beginners. I would also highly recommend the foiled eyeshadows! (flame thrower is my favourite). I've found that in the spotlight can also be used as a highlighter. Get rid of all your other eyeshadows girls, these are all you will ever need!
5 Jessica Draper
Absolutely stunning! never used an eyeshadow like this before. So pigmented, I only ordered Whimsical however once they're all back in stock I will definitely be purchasing more! :) xxx
5 Nicoline
The best eyeshadows i have ever tried. So creamy and so easy to work with.
5 Anna
If you haven';t tried these yet... just do yourself a favour and do it! They are so worth the hype on youtube and I always get so many compliments when I use them. They are crazy pigmented and so creamy that I have no problem doing a smoky eye after applying my foundation and concealer without getting the eyeshadow all over and destroying the base.
5 Becky Key
Beautiful, super pigmented and long lasting-and for less than a MAC eyeshadow! The pigmentation of these is amazing-almost like a cream eyeshadow. I need to use a primer with these but they will then last all day! Can't rate them highly enough!
5 Hafsa
The best eye shadows I have ever used - from the pigmentation, to the formula and texture, these shadows are incredible. I will be surprised if i ever use one up, as one swatch exemplifies what all high end companies should aspire to produce. i've been eyeing these up for months, but out of fear of a customs charge I avoided so, until I heard beauty bay was stocking them - would recommend!
5 iwona
5 Fateha
This was the first foiled eyeshadow I purchased from make up geek. Amazing ! Definitely lived up to the hype. Highly pigmented and doesn't budge off the eye. I purchase magic act. I went back for more after Thanks beauty bay
5 Alisha
I loveeeeeeee these foiled shadows.... So butteryyy n sooo pigmented... And when u use it wet the colour shows even more intense... Love it simply awesome
5 Amy
Omg beauty bay I praise you!!! Scrolling through the brands and come across makeup Geek, I wanted to cry there and then!! My fav eyeshadows, could only get them from USA. Thanks for making my day and roll on payday!

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