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Makeup Geek Kathleen Lights Palette

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Makeup Geek Kathleen Lights Palette Zoom
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5 Paulina
i loved it!
5 Lidiah
These colours are so beautiful! The darkest one is a little dark on me but the other two are such good quality and they're great for layering - I do a light dust for a really subtle shimmer for work but you can really build up the intensity for nights out
5 Liberte Taylor
This palette is absolutely amazing! The packaging is very pretty and sturdy, the actual product it's self is very pigmentented and buttery.Would 100% recommend
5 Vanesa
Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
5 Mary
This palette doesn't get enough attention! Such a beautiful palette, the highlighters are so pigmented. Recommend 10/10
5 Ciera
Been using this for 3 moths and its an amazing palette! 2 of the shades are a bit too dark for me (im just too pale!) but the gold shade is perfect! Beautiful glow, highly recommend.
5 Jamila
This is gorgeous!!! I have a dark skin tone and I thought I would only get use out of sunlight, but I can mix them up. The formula is so creamy and a lot better than the other highlighters I have! The price is good for 3 of them considering the other highlighters are about 19.25 each, the price is great! I feel like these colours are better than the other highlighters that makeup geek have. Thanks beauty bay for delivering so fast!
5 Lucy
This is my favourite highlighting palette ever!!
5 Jinah
This highlighter is gorgeous, and so pigmented and smooth. Buy it. My highlight is always poppin when I use this. Love pink color and pallette !!
5 Guro
Love the formula and colours, it's absolutlely amazing!
5 katie
Lovely formula, one of the best i have tried for highlighter and i have a lot!! haha! These shades are too dark for me though unfortunately!! None of them really work on my skin tone as i am so pale, lovely palette though and am a huge fan of kathleen lights.
5 Emma
Love this palette great pigment I also use this with a wet brush and use it as a eye shadow
5 Ella
Best highlighters I've used! I usually go for white/gold but all three of these highlighters work wonders. The formula is lush and I've used them all as eyeshadows successfully too!
5 Jasmine
I was gifted this item and even with my pale skin it looks amazing! I love to support Youtuber's and I think it's great that this palette has shades to suit even darker skin tones, but they really do work as highlighters on pale skin anyway! If all else fails, they're the same formula as Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows so can be used on the eyes !!
5 Olivia Simmonds
I love this palette! The shades are so pigmented, creamy and a gorgeous!! Highly recommend
4 Liubov
This palette is awesome! Powders are very pigmented, appears much lighter on the skin than they look in the pans. In reality highlighters are just like on the first pic/But my palette came broken and the customer service keeps silence for two months already.Like the product but very dissapointed with the service. Not gonna buy here anymore
5 Fatema
This is so nice really seriously I am so happy I bought this the colours are not as dark as it looks they come of beautiful on the face.(i am NC25 Mac skin tone if anyone was wondering) totally worth it I can't wait for beauty bay to add the seperate highlighters make up geek have come out with soooo excited. This isn't shimmery it's a wet look for sure flawless
5 Natalie
This palette is so good!!!They are so pigmented and the colours are really nice.
5 Talia
Im completly inlove with this highlighter pallet the colours are truly amazing and I cant stop using it
4 Jess
Love love this pallet, i wear either the gold, pink or both on my high points and the bronze on my eyes. BEAUTIFUL
5 MissyC
This blows every other highlighter out of the water, its vibrant, it lasts, its perfect, you really wont reach for any other brand once this is in your makeup bag. This makes my JS skinfrost look like im blending eyeshadow onto my face, THESE are exactly what a highlighter should be.
5 Nassera
This palette is really amazing!!! I prefer golden highlighters than pinkish but even the middle one is beautiful with pink in it. The formula is great and sweet, with this I have more of a 'wet' effect absolutely gorgeous !!
5 Beth
Absolutely beautiful, so silky smooth and pigmented
5 Ayesha
I'm light medium in skin tone and these are really nice and blendable and suit me very well on my skin. Great highlighters!
5 Ellyn
First time using this I saw Jefree star use this I saw how pigmented it was I wanted it and damn it's beaut spray setting spray on the brush before putting the product on it
2 Louise
The product it self is beautiful! The packaging reflects the amazing quality of the highlighters and I know i can always rely Kathleen's products, so the cost is defiantly worth it! It's just a shame that Beauty Bay's one job was to deliver it to me, and mine arrived smashed. Such a shame.
5 Jaret Ray
Amazing highlight! Works on any skin color. You can see it from the other side of the world. Totally worth the money!
5 Ashleigh
I absolutely adore these highlights! The packaging is adorable and I knew this was going to be a must buy after I watched Kathleen's announcement video that it was going to be released. The shades are beautiful although I can't wear nightlight as it's too dark for my skin tone it will be an amazing eye shadow! The pigmentation is amazing and gives a soft highlight when first applied but can be built up to give a much stronger highlight. The pan sizes are huge too you get 7g of product per pan so it's well worth the money! I love it!!
5 Laura
OMG its amazing!!!!!!!!!

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