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Make Up Store Exotic Chic Microshadow

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Make Up Store Exotic Chic Microshadow Zoom
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5 Shubathra
Typically, when I purchase products online, I will be so disappointed when I receive the product because it appears so much bigger on the photos than in reality. However, this is totally the opposite! I was shocked to see how BIG this eyeshadow is. The baby holds 4 g of products and just for reference, a MAC Single Eyeshadow is 1.3g, so you are getting 3 times product for the same price that you pay for MAC eyeshadow! The quality of these eyeshadows are also insane.. its silky smooth, its pigmented and very easy to blend. I have quite a few of MUS eyeshadows but I really like their mattes, particular Savannah. Its a deep matte burgundy brown colour which is so nice. I have the eyeshadows in their new packaging (squarish) and their packaging is briliant! You can actually detach the pan from the casing by just pushing it from the back, without the need of complex procedure of depotting the eye shadow pan and you can put it into your z palette if you wish (but I don't think it is with magnet, so you probably need to stick a piece of metal at the back, but i am not 100% sure as I haven't tried it personally). I think MUS do sell their big casing separately as well (where you can put 4 single eyeshadows). And if at any point you would like to put it back into the single casing, you can do it by clicking it back. Its probably one of the most brilliant packaging i have seen from a cosmetic brand. I am truly impressed! Will recommend all to try it out!

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