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Natasha Denona Green Brown 28 Eyeshadow Palette

4.5 11 Reviews
Natasha Denona Green Brown 28 Eyeshadow Palette Zoom
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4 Badra
Goodness these are lovely. I had a 5 pan palette and I was sold. So when the star palette was released I had to have it. As a birthday gift I gifted myself with this palette. I love it and I would recommend it to everyone. Just beware of the glitter fallout. Everything else is perfect.
5 Ivana
This palette is absolutely great! Eyeshadows are super pigmented and blendable . They are waterproof which is great because I have sensitive eyes and it is not rare that one of my eye stars to weep after I put eyeshadows on my lids and the makeup of my eyes starts to brake. After using these shadows no destroying of my makeup look occurs. As for me I would like to say that it is my best palette I have ever had!
2 Rebecca
I really wanted this to be my new favourite eyeshadow palette but when it came for the price that this is it so isn't worth the money I took a risk buying this and if I had a chance I would go back and buy a morphe palette which is the same amount of pigmentation but way cheaper DONT waste your money guys!!!!
5 Aneela
best palate ever
5 idafe
This eyeshadows are from other space
4 shelley
The colors are super vibrant and pigmented, they are so soft and buttery and blend like heaven, they work with all brushes so can come in use for practically everywhere, one downside to the butteryness means that it ism't shatter proof and i dropped in a couple of times, smashing two eye shadows in the process so if you are to buy, handle with care :)
2 rory
This was way too expensive for what the product is, though the eyeshadows are good quality, i found much better ones for 10% of the price!
5 Mummychummy
It's such an amazing pallet so expensive but I couldn't resist buying it All the shadows are super pigmented you just need a swipe
5 Grace
Incredible pigmentation and the most beautiful colours - I've never used anything quite like these before.
5 Rosie
Absolute eyeshadow perfection. This is well worth the price and so much more! The shadows are buttery soft and blend amazingly well, use lightly for sheer payoff, or build up for incredibly intense looks. I'm OBSESSED with True Gold as a flash of colour at the lower lash line, and the uniqueness of Pinja - a browny-greeny duochrome.
5 Jessica
The Natasha Denona palettes are great. I own the green/brown one, the pigmentation is fab and they are so buttery and easy to blend. Granted the price is steep but Natashas products aren't aimed for the everyday make up wearer, more like make up artists who use professional make up. If you are to buy then it's a top investment in my opinion, if you are unsure then purchase one of the single shadows to try!

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