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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte Zoom
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4 Tamara
I really like this matte lip tar. It is not like other liquid lipsticks however, more like a matte lipstick not a liquid lipstick. The color HUSH is perfection, especially for me (pale pink undertone skin) . I would recommend that you get the lip tars in the doe foot applicator and tube rather than this packaging unless it is for a MUA kit.
3 Eloisa
Bought colour Ophelia, and found it much lighter than expected and not as matte. It is a very pigmented lip tar, impressively long wearing but quite drying. The small brush, part of the handy on-the-go packaging, provides a clean application.
4 Kirsten
I have both the tarred and the technopagan! I love the technopagan which is metallic but the tarred is much more liquidity and bleeds much easier unsure if it's a fault in the particular one I got so would probably purchase another colour to test! Love the metallic one would be five stars based on it alone.
5 Emma
I have been following OCC on Instagram for about a year and have wanted to purchase a lip tar for so long and then I found Beauty Bay and was too excited to order my first one. Chose NSFW in matte and lets just say this product does not disappoint! Its actually better than I expected the red colour is perfect (especially coming up to Christmas) with lots of parties and events to look forward to! Thank you so much for stocking this brand, can't wait to order more!!
5 Andrea
I bought Cha Cha which is a lovely peachy colour. This is such a favourite shade! It's turns goes on perfectly with the lip brush that is included and then turns matt. Liking the feel of it. Going to buy more colours!
5 Alexandra
I bought this in Hush and it's probably my favourite lip product I have ever purchased. If your beauty regime does not already include a lip scrub and balm, I would recommend investing in both as you get the best colour and long wear out of the OCC lip tar with a smooth, primed surface. The colour is wonderful and I love that the product is 100% vegan, I intend to expand my collection ASAP!
4 Sally
I have Black Dahlia Black Metal Dahlia - warning your lips need to be PERFECT for the lip tar to spread evenly and look nice. Definitely exfoliate and moisturise the night before. I did not realise at the time but you are meant to use the clear tar as a primer, which is annoying as it means shelling out double if you only wanted one colour. Colour pay off was good, not as matte as I'd like but very intense. If you're not confident with applying lip liner or lipstick with a brush maybe avoid.
5 Emma
The color is awesome! A nice, flattering brownish red. One problem I found when wearing it was the it started bleeding a little so I definitely recommend wearing the darker shades of lip tar with a lipliner. Avoid having any residues of lip balm or the like on your lips when you apply it too as that won't allow it to settle properly!
4 Sarah-Jayne
The pigment is amazing and the application goes on a dream. However the only negative comment I can make with this, is that it doesn't go matte enough for my liking...kinda looks like a regular lipstick.
5 sera
i got sebastian, it's a plum, grey, taupe color, It is a very special, cool edgy color. recommend !
3 Annie
Really nice pigmentation and beautiful colours, my problems with this product however is that it bleeds into the skin so easily and frequently, it doesn't last more than an hour without needed reapplying and it's a little tricky to apply! I still wear it though, I have the shades Harlot and Rollergirl and they are really nice but definitely a little more trouble than they're worth.
5 Squeakypencil
Love these lip tars! They are so pigmented and you only need a tiny tiny amount. Great lasting power, though if you get them on your hands it can be a bit messy. The colours are also pretty accurately pictured.
4 Sauleha
Best vegan lipstick. And great service from beautybay.
5 Alberte P
I really love this product! It's really long lasting and there is so much in one tube that it's gonna last a long time
5 Kathleen
Lydia is a good colour if you don't skimp. I find it stays put for the day and lasts well even when you are eating (does need some touching up tho).I have two of these now and want to get more. Rollergirl is the other I have and a lot of fun!
5 Kathleen
This arrived yesterday in Rollergirl and I am in love. Adore the brush, simple to apply and absolutely stunning colour
4 Yvonne
I ordered this in the shade Harlot and I expected it to be red, but in reality it's more on the pink side. Still loving it, though and I can still use it for Red My Lips. It takes a while for it to dry to a matte finish, but what surprised me the most wast the fact that it doesnt feel like a gloss while it's still wet. It holds forever on your lips and isn't that what we all want in a lip colour?
5 sera
This is one of my favorite lip products it's super pigmented, you just need a little bit product and remains long on your lips my first lip tar was with black friday, I chose momento but I got black metal dahlia of the metalic series, no problem this is also a very nice special and beautiful color, the included brush is also very useful I recommend to everyone
4 Emma
This is a great color! I was a little concerned that it wouldn't work with my skin tone but I absolutely love how it looks. It comes off more pink than purple looking on me but it doesn't make me look weird ;) It stays on very well and I hadn't had any bleeding issues with this shade as I always line it with the OCC lip pencil.
4 Ramla
I thought that this would be more matte when it dried although found that a smaller amount used went a long way. If you slowly build up, you may then eventually get what you expected.
5 Cerys
I am obsessed with Lip Tar. I've only bought three colours and I'm determined to buy them all now- after wearing it, it's the best lip colour I've ever seen. It's super lovely to put on (they provide a brush which is really nice!) and the colours are absolutely insane! They truly last all day also. I'm completely in love!
5 Esther
I love OCC lip tars, I bought the colour Hoochie which is a lovely bubble gum purple colour. You only need to use a tiny bit and they have real staying power unlike a lot of lipsticks/glosses. Great value, I recommend them to everybody!
5 Steph
So happy to be able to buy these in the UK! Best lip product I've ever had. The colours are amazing and it's great that you can mix them together to create your own shade.
I got this in colour Lydia, the colour is beautiful but it is not so matt, it dries in 40 minutes but it is still tacky after. I consider it to be a semi matt. It needs to be applied after a lip pencil to prevent it from smudge. The smell is minty and the texture is liquidy-creamy. I will recomend taking your time when apply it for a perfect result with no smudges and do not use too much product or it will be very shiny on the lips.
5 Jenske
I purchased the shade Vintage (which I just had to have because of the name and the fact that I'm obsessed with reds) and I love it! super gorgeous, long wearing and comfortable! I would recommend lining your lips with this product though :)
5 Irini
After 5 hours of drinking and eating, the bright color did not fade away! I appllied only one layer with the lipbrush (included) and a very small amound! amazing product! I strongly recommend it! will definitely buy more shades!
5 Rose
OCC lip tars are amazing!! These mattes are totally not drying on the lips and give the fullest, most beautifully bright coverage of colour, which by the way lasts forever on the lips and does not wear off. OCC lip tars are fairly inexpensive, and will last you a lifetime as you only need the tiniest amount.
5 Ayesha
Great and gorgeous product, easy to carry around in your handbag, easy to apply, I will be getting all the colours on offer. Great service Love Beauty Bay!
5 Maria
OCC's Lip Tar is a classic. For those looking for a long lasting matte colour, look no further. Lip Tar is a pioneer of the liquid lipstick trend. Its formula is highly opaque and a little goes a long way. It's also less drying then its counterparts and comes in the most amazing shades, which you can mix to get your own perfect customised shade. And if you're concerned with that, OCC is a vegan brand.

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