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Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer Bon Bon

4.5 17 Reviews
Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer Bon Bon Zoom
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5 Chiara
Lovley product! I love this primer and I use the primer every day leaves a beautiful luminous finish. Excellent value for money! Recommended
4 Ann
Very cute production, lighter your skin.
5 Jodie
There is a lot of reviews on the web that make you think that this product is super glittery on your face but it really isn't the case. I almost didn't buy it because of those reviews but I'm glad I didn't listen. First when you pump it out it does looks really glittery (shimmers) but when you rub it in your only left with a few flakes of glitter here and there. At first this did worry me but once I applied my foundation this concern disappeared as it covered it. I've also tried this with a light coverage foundation and tinted moisturiser and its covered it completely with them too. As for its effectiveness as a primer I didn't think it would do too much for me when I purchased it (I bought it coz it looks pretty) but I've have been pleasantly surprised. It made my makeup look smoother, made it last longer and my skin hasn't reacted to it. Also I wore this with my bare minerals and it made my skin look even more amazing with this primer underneath so if your a bare minerals person then I definitely recommend this one.
5 Dongfang
Perfect. I love its pretty appearance. This primer can also lighten your skin. Really worthy for the price.
5 Anna Cy
Absolutely loooove this! it is super cute, nice smell, very light and it adds that required amount of glitter to your skin.
4 Lauren
Can't quite decide whether I find the product worthy of the price, given its quite steep. Nice primer, bottle bigger than expected and the top unscrews which makes a nice change for a glass bottle product! Feels lighter than a lot of the other primers I've used, not heavy at all and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. Make up goes on smoothly afterwards.
5 Ane
I love this!
5 Line Madelene
I absolutely love this primer!So pretty on my bathroom shelf and works so good on my skin :) Love it!
5 Jessy
5 Emma
LOVE ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! it is perfect, its not no glittery at all it just adds a fine touch of glitter to your face, its just an overall amazing product which you should diffidently purchase it.
5 Karen
Lovely primer that makes your make up last. It's not too glittery as by the time you have your make up on top it's unnoticeable. Lovely!
5 talya
ok, i'll admit that i mainly bought this primer for its cutesy looks... but luckily enough it's GREAT! really good for combination skin as it give a lovely glow on dry skin and a matte touch on oilier areas. a lovely buy (in every sense possible)! :-)
5 Amy
I am in looove with this! I was worried that I might be spending so much money on something worthless, but it absolutely isn't. It's larger than I pictured it, and so pretty. But how it works is the main thing, and thus far, the answer is - wonderfully. I couldn't wait to use it, and slapped it onto my moisturised skin, then forgot about it as I lolled about watching TV. I then noticed my skin felt wonderfully cool (rare for someone with sensitive skin like mine!) and looking in the mirror, I looked a little less red too! It goes on nice and smoothly and sits well under make-up. So lovely!
5 Amber Allen
Love this. got it when it was released in the summer and fell in love. Not as heavy or siliconey as other primers and a lovely fresh scent (the orange perhaps). I use it every day under a tinted moisturizer and my skin stays fresh and lovely all day. Extra points for not irritating or clogging pores.
1 lexi-mae
im rating it this because i find its too glittery and not good for every day use its very pretty and decorative but personally could have more thought put into it
5 Jenna P
Love it, shimmer without sparkle and perfect for the dewy skin look. I use with both liquid and powder foundation and it's great at holding it for longer. I've used every day since I received my order and I'm delighted that the bottle is still so full - a pea sized drop is all you need for a full face.
3 Maddi
I mainly bought this because it looks so cute, and in that respect I was not disappointed. However, it is very glittery and for someone that doesn't like sparkle everywhere, was not suited to me. Cannot comment on ability as a primer as have not used it often enough. Pleasant scent.

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