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RCMA No-Colour Powder

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5 janay
Love this translucent powder! Very inexpensive and sets my makeup without giving me flashback.
2 Eilidh
The label says it causes no back flash but definitely does on my skin it lightens the colour of my foundation a lot, next time will probably get a coloured one as this one was pretty uncessesful
5 Ilse
I love this powder. You get so much for so little! It sets my makeup beautifully. The packaging isn't the best but I'll deal with it since the product is so great!
5 Stacey
Love this powder! I've used so many under eye setting powders, cheap and expensive and this one is definitely one of my faves!
5 Nina Barrett
I have used the same translucent powder for the last 15 years. I had heard amazing things about the RCMA no colour powder, I definitely wanted to try it and I am not sorry I did! It's absolutely brilliant! It finishes and sets my foundation without altering the colour and is so fine it makes my makeup feel lighter. Definitely recommend it!!
5 isabella
i have only used it once buts i'm pretty impressed so far!, it really does work nicely for setting down your under eye concealer , which helps with minimizing the appearance of creases. by the end of the day when your make up starts to look messy , still this power doesn't fail, not a crease in sight when using my lit up makeup mirror which really surprised me. i used it to bake under my eyes and honestly it worked amazingly well for me and quite easy to do to. the price is very affordable and for me the product exceeded my expectations greatly. i would 100% recommend this product to anyone an everyone in a heart beat ! completely worth the price and so much more! love it.
5 Beatrice
Colorless powder ideal for fixing foundations and concealer and for baking too. Ideal size, it will last more then others you had already and that's for sure!
5 Lauryn
Will never use anything else after trying this, it's a god send! Tried soooo many powders including Laura Mercier and it just doesn't compare. Leaves your skin looking so smooth and no flashback at all!
5 Adele
Just amazing!! This setting powder is brilliant and I love that its transparent so it suits all skin tones but it also helps your makeup last all day and stops and lines/creases appearing during the day it is also light and feels like natural skin which stops the heavy cakey feel! Also really affordable and lasts for a long time. Defiantly worth it
5 monica
I am in my 30', my under eye area is pretty dry, even though I use very heavy under eye creams, like Shiseido or Kiehl's. I used the Laura Mercier Translucent for years and I loved it, but lately it made my under eye area dry looking, even if I baked or if I set it with a brush, so I decided to buy the RCMA one, the Translucent one, not the No color one because I self tan and I am a NC40 and the translucent one is perfect for more dark complexions, the no color one is more suited for pale skin. This powder is so much better that my Laura Mercier one, it doesn't make my skin dry, I also use it to set my entire face, I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and it sets it perfect. I can also bake with it with my beauty blender and it looks flawless, I am really happy that I bought it and that it's also like 10 times cheaper that Laura Mercier.
5 Connor
I'm shook....I ordered this yesterday around midday thinking I would probably receive it mid next week and It's arrived this morning!! Incredible delivery service!! This is my first time using beauty bay and 100% impressed. The product itself came really well packaged and was really easy to open. The product is exactly as advertised and you really do get more than your money's worth! I literally couldn'the be anymore impressed!!
5 April
After seeing this on youtube and the girl saying laura mercier dried her skin and me having the same problem i thought for a fraction of the price i would give this ago and omg what a difference this makes absolutely amazing powder it sits on my skin beautifully. The only thing i would say that it does say colourless however i do find it makes my skin look more pale after applying so bare this in mine nothing a colour powder or bronzer cant fix :) Also you get loads but when i do eventually run out i will 100% purchase again.
5 Kirsty
Just an amazing setting powder, it even makes foundation I don't like on sit well. Lasts ages too.
5 Aliki
Great powder, I m happy I bought it!!
5 Ayesha
The hype is real you guys! Don't be sceptical with the limelight this has been given recently, it's all true! In love 100%
5 Ellie
This is the best powder I've ever used!! I tried lots of high-end powders but I had to say this one is better and much much more affordable. However the packaging is not so user-friendly in my opinion. Highly recommended
5 Gemma cronk
I love it there's no flash backs when you take selfies its so light a little goes a long way makes my foundation last all day I recommend it to try it its fantastic.
5 Anja
I love it so much for baking, it makes your under-eye area bright af. Your contour can slay and be sharp! I apply it with a damp beautyblender and patt it in, than i leave it on for a minute and then wipe the excess powder. My skin is combination-oily and the powder is great!
5 A
Heard this was a good dupe for Laura mercies translucent and honestly for the price and the amount you get it's amazing! It makes my makeup last 2x as long and keeps skin looking smooth and oil free! Just fab :)
5 Maria
Very easy to apply and good fixing for foundation !!
1 Sanna
Do you want to look like the mayor of Caketown? This is the powder for you. Good for setting undereyes but that's it...
5 Jodie
omg this powder is amazing! I'm only 20 but have terrible tear trough lines permanently under my eyes, when I try and bake over my makeup it always seems to draw attention to them. Tried this powder today and it's somehow made them almost disappear completely! I've tried and failed for years to try and conceal them! It definitely doesn't show a colour which is great, means you can use it to set the whole face as well as baking under the eye and sharpening contour. For the price you get so much product as well, if like me anyone is struggling to commit to spending 30+ on a translucent powder then give this one a try. I was really pleasantly surprised!
5 Furuzan
I have been using this powder for a year now and I am so impressed! It doesn't dry my under eyes out at all even though other setting powders do. I am not even half way through this even though I use it almost everyday! I have used many setting powders and this is by far the best one I have used.
5 Elisha
Would highly recommend this product, doesn't leave any white on the face, there's no flashback and it's very true to the label that is on it. Will be purchasing again when I run out, good value for money.
5 Viktorija
This powder is great. It is very finely mild and sets makeup beautifully. Plus it keeps your face matte which is always a plus. I have pretty oily skin and it managed to keep my face matte all day long. You should give it a try, for this price point you just cannot go wrong.
4 Emily
Just got this and honestly expected a bigger tub (i don't really know why it is not tiny at all) but the quality is second to none- go get it now!!
5 Alex
I love this powder, when I use it I do not look cakey and that is what I experience from other powders. The only drawback is the packaging. The lid means that you end up wasting loads of product. I love this powder. 10/10 would recommend.
5 Tugce
I've been looking for a good powder in a while. I found this and it's amazing. I've oily skin and without this powder my makeup wears off half way through the day.
5 Katie
This is the best powder I have ever tried, I was debating whether to buy the Laura mercier powder as I've tried it before and it looked great but was quite drying however the rcma powder is amazing, it's so finely milled that it doesn't cake up or ever look heavy or dry but it sets the under eyes beautifully as well as the whole face!!!
5 Lucy
I have eczema prone skin and tended to avoid powder because i was afraid it would fry me out, i tried a lot of powders and after a few hours my face crusted up. I had almost given up when i found this. It kept my makup on and didnt suck up all the moisture
1 Ana
It is extremely finely milled so a little goes a long way. That's pretty much where the benefits start and end. I wish I had checked the ingredients first, it contains only talc and silica which 1) are very cheap products and 2) cause horrible white cast in flash photography. It also made my skin feel quite tight and visibly powdery. Don't believe the hype.
5 Flavia
I love this powder!!! The only thing I don't like is the recipient,because some of the product is wasted when using it,but I totally recommend it!
5 Jasmine
I heard so many good things about this powder and finally got my hands on it, it's such an amazing product especially for how little you pay! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good translucent powder!
5 Maddie
Amazing powder and so much product for such a good price. Perfect for baking and keeps your make up in place all day. It doesn't change the colour of your foundation and is great for all skin types as it doesn't build up in dry patches and keeps oil at bay. Will definitely be re-purchasing!
5 Luisa
This setting powder is amazing. I can only vouch for the under eye area ( which is my problem area ) but this stuff is EFFECTIVE, super smooth on skin and lasts all day. Much better than the Laura Mercier powder, in my opinion, which i regret buying now as it was twice the price.
5 Lauren
Absolutely holy grail product in my whole makeup kit! Makes your skin look totally flawless and airbrushed no matter what foundation you use underneath. Use it to set my whole face and for baking and it's amazing! Would recommend it to anyone, it last you forever and its super affordable! When it's in stock grab it quick because it sells out super fast, you won't regret it!
5 Zara
This setting powder is absolutely amazing! affordable, works so much better than the laura mercier, it doesn't even come close. Do invest on this amazing product, definitely a must have! x
5 Rose
Again this purchase was due to YouTube but this product definitely hasn't let me down. It's my favourite powder of all time it's great baking and setting your whole face. The only complaint is the packaging so you need another container. Great product great price
5 Elisa
I really like this product and I think this is going to be my new go-to powder for setting my makeup. This powder has very good price point and the quality is really good. The amount of product is huge and you won't run out too quickly.
5 Gabija
I love this powder! It's so cheap and amazing! It's perfect for quick setting and for baking. The only con is the packaging, but the product itself is amazing!
5 Erin Mcloughlin
Amazing! No creasing, no flashback, no making my skin orange!
3 Babayna
Love this powder, but when it first came on this site it was 16$ CAD, when I purchased it on the website it was 17,50$CAD and now it's 20$CAD ?! no no no... doesn't make sense.
5 Magdalena
I totally recommend, the best powder I've ever had! And super fast delivery to Poland!
5 Noor
Best ever!!! b
5 Sarah
This powder!! I have super oily skin and it just makes me look so matt without looking flat. It's so finely milled it makes my face incredibly smooth and it just sets my face so well, as well as that you get so much product! Although the packaging is a bit of a problem but I've just put it in a spare loose power tub
5 rea s.
Come on! Restock it!
5 Taniya
I recently purchased this powder. And I am completely in love with this. It is just so finely milled. Better than my Laura Mercier translucent powder. It is great for baking your face. Highly recommend !!
5 Dovile
This thing makes magic for my skin, i have very oily forehead but this powder makes it matte all day. I love it
5 Brooke
Love love love this powder! Sets my under eye beautifully! Makes my makeup matte but not too dry and cakey and has a lovely smooth to touch finish. Amazing to put on a small amount on top of primer before foundation too in oily areas of the face to fight away the oils pushing through throughout the day. Get so much for your money and amazing price! Packaging can be a pain at times but the easiest way to get product is to get a old loose powder container and get the lid and gently tip some of the powder into the lid so less product is wasted and doesn't end up all over the room!
5 Lauren
Great product,and super fast delivery!!
5 Leto
When I bought this power I had high hopes, and let me say I was not disappointed at all! The amount you get for the price is unbelievable, it's 3x the size of the Laura mercier setting power. but the most important thing about it is how light and satin it feels on my face, most powers make me looked cakey and give me a dry undereye, but this powder is so light and fine it's just like a veil over my skin! and as long as you don't mind that it has the slightest sent, it's the perfect power for anyone!
4 Anne
Great product :) ! But next day delivery was poor, arrived a day late meaning I had already gone back to uni once it finally arrived back at home.
5 Alexandra
This is a life saver! My fine lines are simply gone with this powder. It stays all day and the skin feels silky and matte at he same time!
5 Chloe
OMG! This powder is so good I own this and the Laura mercier and I would choose this one anytime it keeps my face matte for longer its not caked - almost invisable it has way more product in ands it's so much cheaper--- bargain!!!
5 Barbara
Its Amazing for dry skin! I bake with, set my face! 5*
5 Eva Asker
Best powder I have used! It makes your skin looks natural, flawless and matte at the same time; not that cakey look most powders give and super that it is not colored. Lasts forever too. And such a bargain for the prize!
5 Anneka
OMG this definitely the best setting powder compared to Laura Mercier and other high end make up brands. I have oily skin and this powder definitely keeps my t zone area less oily or even better no shine at all. I have tried other branded setting powders and sprays but this has to be the best hands down. A little goes along away and I apply it with my kabuki brush once I have applied my make up. Yes, the packaging is not that great and it is a bit messy but I put some in an acrylic pot with the lid with holes so it is easier to dispense rather than shaking it like you are cooking. I highly recommend this product who wants to set their make up without touch up or to have shiny skin- definitely worth the money and don't mind the packaging its about the product that counts! Also no flashbacks!
2 Juli
This powder settled into my fine lines, and made my under eyes look veeery dry.
5 Diella
I love this product no flash back and the fact that it makes your skin look photoshopped its an amazing powder for a cheap price my new everyday used powder.
5 Eleni
Top quality!i like it sooooo much!
5 Dana
Please re-stock!!! I need in my life!!!
5 Holly
Just got it today and absolutely love it!! I bought it on recommendation from Kathleenlights and Jaclyn hill and I am definitely not disappointed. I used it to bake under my eyes which are extremely prone to creasing and it left them smooth and crease free I can't recommend it enough great for the price
5 Alex
This product lives up to its cult status! It covers beautiful, isn't chalky on the skin and prolongs the life of your foundation! There is a reason why make-up artists have been using this powder for years! AND THE PRICE!!!! Amazing!
5 Danielle Theophilus
I bought this powder 4 days ago and havnt stopped using it since. Doesn't crease under eye concealer and stays perfect all day. only downside is the fact it's not got a lid to tip some of the powder in. But the amount of product you get for the price is amazing. Have already recommended. Love it.
5 Rosh
Watched so many youtubers raving about this powder and that it is just as good as the laura mercier one. AND IT IS!!! Will definitely be stocking up on this. Thank you Beauty Bay.
5 Ellie
Fantastic! I've tried plenty of powders before, but this one beats them all! Gives you an amazing airbrushed look, and stays on for the whole day!
5 A.b
This is the best powder ever! Set my makeup for a night out and my makeup was perfect after hours of partying in hot conditions! Amazing!
5 Shaz
Really love this product! Keeps my makeup in place (especially good for baking under the eyes) doesn't look cakey or heavy and is better than the Laura Mercier translucent powder which is a lot more expensive! Recommend this product very much.
5 Jess
I could not say enough great things about this powder! It mattefies my foundation and I use it to bake my concealer. When I work 8 hour shifts, I come home and my makeup is STILL flawless. My contour and blush also stayed on better and it blends easier. When I used the $38 Laura Mercier powder, my contour would be patchy-looking by the time I get home. I have very oily skin, and my makeup does not melt off when I use this powder. Despite having darker skin, the powder still looks amazing. I recommend this product to anyone and plus you can't beat the price. I will definitely be ordering more of the RCMA translucent powder in the future!
5 Katie
Lives up to the hype-So finely milled and makes the face so smooth without looking powdery and cakey. Great on my dry skin too. Really prolongs makeup wear. LOVE IT!
5 Kara
This powder is brilliant!! I use mine every day, it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin and sets your makeup in place for so long, it also leaves your skin looking flawless!! I 100% recommend, this is my favourite powder !!x
5 Melissa
Heard so much about this powder being better than the Laura merciea translucent powder &i can say it is 100x better!! I have both and for the price difference you literally can't go wrong, you get triple the product in the rcma powder and I would say the actual product is better than the Laura mercier, more finely milled and doesn't make your face look like there is powder on it which the Laura mercier did, it makes my skin matte for the longest time even though I have the most oily skin going! The Laura mercies doesn't come close and I end up oily in half an hour of applying my makeup!! Such a bargain amazing quality deffo recommend!!
5 Monika
Is amazing ! So cheap.... last live time . Love it
5 Rók
This is the best powder ever. Look on Youtube, everybody loves it.
5 makeuplover
The BEST translucent powder out there for baking. Just as same as my laura mercier but a third of the price. Glides on smoothly and gives a perfect finish. Happy baking!!!
5 Nora
The BEST powder out there. Combo/oily skin, and works to set it all beautifully – while also working as a blotting powder in a pinch. No white cast, or residue, it just blends seamlessly into the skin. Not even the terrible packaging brings this rating down.
5 Elisha
Best setting powder, no flash back great for all skin tones and underrated! This over any loose powder
5 Laura
This setting powder is by far the best on the web it's amazing. Would recommend this to anyone. I can't live without this in my life. !!
5 Tasnim
LOVEEEE IT!!!! I used to use the Laura Mercier Translucent powder but because that one is quite pricey, I brought this powder and its amazing!!!
5 Tee
This powder is amazing for dry skin, if you love to bake but have dry skin this powder is perfect for you, has changed my life for sure!
4 Milagros
I m in love with it. Its works great, and its really cheap. The only con is the packaging.
5 LingRong
Great powder ever
5 ebby
This powder is amazing! fantastic price and look so good!
5 Maida
5 ella
5 Emma
This powder is amazing, a must have !!
I HATE THIS POWDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 Renata
This is the best setting powder I have ever used. I use RCMA no color powder everyday, mainly for baking under my eyes. Highly recommend. I hope to be back in stock!!!
5 Makeup your day
The best of the best ! Amazing stuff ! ??
5 Vicky
The best baking powder ever
5 Kayla
Best no-colour powder ever! Leaves no white cast and never looks cakey. This powder is perfect for people with all skin types, however I have oily skin and this keeps my face perfectly matte all day with little to no touch ups! Will be repurchasing for sure.

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