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RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

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5 Anh
I have tried all of the Lip2Cheek and have found that they are much better suited as a cheek product as they can be quite drying on the lips. Smile is a lovely coral colour that can work for all skin tone. A little bit goes a long way and I have found it is easier to use a small brush to apply rather than using finger. I don't like dipping my finger into the jar as if you have slightly long nails, it can dig into the product and can be quite messy and unhygienic. The colour can be built up to the desired opacity, but it does fade to a natural flush throughout the day.
3 Lin
I have Beloved and it is such a lovely colour on my cheeks! I gave it 3 stars because I don't like how it looks on my lips. It is also rather drying.
4 Susu
I really like the color smile. It is a coral tone that i have been looking for a long time, but other corals or orange tones didn't suit my skin color. This is pink enough but still has the coral tone. I love this product. It is true that you need to re apply it during the day, but I like that so it is not a problem for me. If you want to have a paint on your face that lasts for the whole day then this is not for you. I like the fresh natural look it gives me. I used the orgasm blush from nars cosmetics before I stopped using make up (at least normal make up), and this reminds me a lot of that color on my cheeks. I give minus one star because my lips would need something more moisturizing. I would already want to try the other colors too!
5 Lulu
I tried several colours of the Lip2Cheek and I think they work better for the cheeks. On the lips the colour looks too pigmented and it is not very moisturising. On the cheeks it is more like a flush of colour (a little goes a long way as it is very pigmented). The colours suit most skin tones. I like modest and smile. The pot lasts ages as I need just a little bit of product. Unfortunately on it does not last all day and I have to re-apply.
5 jen
its a lovely product and I use the color smile. my skin has become so much better since I started using only RMS beauty make-up. LOVE IT!!
3 LK
Nice color, beautiful finish upon application, very natural with glow, unfortunately it fades really fast! One application doesn't last all day for me, it needs to be repeated, and since Im not someone who likes to re do my make up, this is not for me. Heard many good things about this product so was kind of disappointed. But gives it 3/5 for the instant result. I have fair mixed skin (oily T-zone, normal everywhere else)
4 Yulia
I have almost all of these colors. Convinient to be for lips and cheeks, beautiful colors but not really lasting product. I can say that all products by this brand absolutely don't last. I like the fact that it's organic and I bought a lot cuz its fav brand of Miranda Kerr but in reality this brand absolutely not worth the attention. All products I compare to luxury brands I use. Maybe among organic brands it's the best. But if to compare this product to cream blush by Chanel or even Bobbi Brown than RMS is not worth at all.

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